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  1. Same here - just wish we had had the advice re the afternoon tea before we did it. It was pretty new then and was a real disappointment. Would rather than say what we think that to let someone think that it is all wonderful. At the end of the day, on CC we all read the advice given for and against and make up our own minds.
  2. Liked the Epicurean, it was lovely and a great experience. To be honest, the last time on Ventura we just fell in love with the Glass House ! We were not expecting that but can't wait to return on Azura this week. :-)
  3. Personally I wouldn't bother to pay for this one. We have no allergies and hubby has a very sweet tooth. It was the first day of our holiday on Britannia (I.e. we had not been eating for days!) but neither of us finished the afternoon tea and both of us found it far too sweet and not 'balanced' (if that makes sense). Save your money and look elsewhere.
  4. Unless you are like me and can't cope with anything remotely spicy. Its all down to your individual taste buds so I always play it safe. My husband still can't work out how I can find some things spicy when he can hardly taste anything ;-)
  5. You are not alone ----- I only have to sniff anything that resembles a spice and I can't eat it . Ha ha
  6. For those of you who will be celebrating Easter with us this weekend this is a picture that has been all over the news in the UK. It is the inside of the cathedral after the fire. I find it very touching
  7. Have a great anniversary and hope that your mum enjoys her meal :-)
  8. Don't worry, I am the same - I really, really hate anything remotely spicy so was a little worried about going to Sindhu. Would never normally eat India food of any description, but decided to give it a go as other CC members told me that the staff will help with choice and hubby wanted to try it out. Have been twice now and each time I have explained that I don't really like anything spicy and staff have been really good at recommending food that I would enjoy. 2 lovely meals down and the food recommended has been excellent. From the last time the thing that sticks out is the soft shell crab !!! We are already booked in for our cruise this weekend :-)
  9. Oh well, we were hoping for Captain Andy Willard but I suppose we will have to live with Captain Howarth, hope for a good Easter Sunday Service and no strange smell ;-)
  10. Thanks for that info ---- we booked so long ago (Dec 2107) and we just can't wait for this one -------- Pina Colada and a glass of champagne at sailaway is in my dreams …….
  11. Many, many thanks for that one docco We booked this cruise in December 2017 and are a little worried as we didn't like Ventura. We are desperate for a holiday and can't wait to be onboard. The recent threads re the condition of Azura are a little worrying. Will keep you all updated re the ship, the décor and that smell when we get back All I need to know now is … who is the Captain????? ;-)
  12. They keep opening up options re the tours. They say limited one minute and then the next more appear for the same tour. It had disappeared off our cruise personaliser and then appeared again for more bookings :-) I am guessing that they put on another bus !!! Whatever, the videos on YouTube look amazing ….. Looks amazing Happy this evening
  13. We can now go armed and ready with this info when we sail. Just praying that the aft of the ship is calm, full of sun and no strange smells !!!!! (And that is for the EDGE too !!!!)
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