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  1. All I have to do now is to get the ingredients and ……. remember how to make them
  2. When we first met I promised my now hubby that I would make him some lovely mince pies at Christmas. He is still waiting poor thing ….…… and that was 26 years ago . You never know, if this goes on a long time he may get his heart's desire :-)
  3. About 3 weeks ago (think it was) we went to Tatton Park thinking that it would be a great place to visit as the grounds are HUGE so there wouldn't be a problem. It was packed ! The next day they closed.
  4. Know exactly what you mean. We should have been in a lakeside lodge with hot tub from the 6th to the 10th and all we do is look at the weather and think how just perfect it would have been there in this weather. You are not alone Sue, there will be plenty of others thinking the same thing is they had plans. Take care x
  5. Hi, love reading posts like this - love your sense of humour ! (You were kidding 'eh ?!) Life in Stoke on Trent is just beautiful today. The sun has been shining and it is just lovely to hear the birds tweeting away. We are fully stocked up (sensibly I have to add) with enough food and wine / larger to keep us happy and even managed to keep myself busy today with some tidying up/gardening etc. Our ASDA order came on Sunday and we were well impressed. It seems that they have a different calibre of driver up here as ours talks to us (from a distance) ;-). We ventured to M&S foodhall on Monday to get some odd bits and the stuff we had not been able to get elsewhere. (The problem is we go in there for a few bits and come out with enough for a party …. yummy) This is only day 5 for us as we had been at work until last Friday, so we have some way to go before we go completely stir crazy. The upside of all of this is that the house/garden/cars have never been so clean and tidy as they are at the minute ---- and probably us as well ! We have so much stuff on to keep our hands protected that we must knock a germ out at more than 2 metres! We are going for a walk to the park tomorrow weather permitting (our permitted daily 40 minute one before anyone flames us) so will throw a quick snack or two at the ducks before anyone thinks we are have a 'day out' or anything. On Monday we went through and there were very few people and those that were there were just going through for their daily walk -- if that makes sense) All very sensible and how it should be. Stay safe everyone and like Andy and Michelle, keep your chins up (not that you have double ones) and keep smiling as much as you can.
  6. We did last April --- then we were with Celebrity in August (shhh don't tell, but Edge was amazing) ---- so things must have changed. Can't believe the difference that a year makes --- this time last year we spent Easter on Azura in Norway. The weather was like it is now and it was a simply perfect cruise. One thing for sure, all of this will make us all appreciate what we have more ….
  7. Were are booked on Oceana with a pre night stay in Malta from the 12th August. Sadly I can't see that happening and if it did am not sure how confident I would feel to be so far away from home at the moment ---- We have a 2 week holiday in Sorrento booked for August 2021 and can't say we are confident about that one either to be honest :-(
  8. Loving this thread - good to see everyone being positive. Sadly I can't think of anything silly to post but will work on it
  9. Does anyone think that we will be able to have a British holiday in August this year? We are more than happy to stay in the UK but am not sure that places will be open and, if they are, how safe they would be. We have a lovely lodge that we have booked again for May (probably wont be able to go) and would book it in a heart beat for August IF we thought it would be available / safe.
  10. Love it ---- we've done our muster drill earlier in the garden ---- every time we go for a walk not I will think of you FOR EXERCISE, FOR EXERCISE Stay safe everyone, from a beautiful sunny, warm Stoke on Trent. It has been such a beautiful day today - this is when I want to be by the sea.
  11. If you see something similar with a P&O Captain you recognise on it you can then guess that there are no more cruises for this year ;-) (Please don't take offence anyone for me being flippant -- retaining a sense of humour is a must in our household at the moment)
  12. Take care Avril - you are in our thoughts and prayers. It is times like this that make CC feel like a real family. Take care my CC family x
  13. Well, its a very quiet day here in Stoke on Trent. From our house we can see the main by pass in the distance and there are just a few cars on it. Very eerily quiet. We have been at work all week so we have been 'out and about'. Today we are staying in though and then hitting the garden tomorrow. Just hope we get that sunshine back - it has not shown up yet here. The supermarkets now have long queues to get in but we have some slots for on line shopping as by the time we get out of work everything had been taken. We went to out local M&S last weekend to pick some flowers up for Mother's Day (to take to the cemetery / crematorium garden of remembrance) and it was very quiet. They had a lot of food in and we stocked up for our meals for last week with no problem at all. Not many people in. Have heard that it is like that all of the time so may call in on our way home from work one day next week. Our local COOP corner shops are doing a good job and have kept well stocked up but they are only allowing a few people in at a time at the moment. Hubby had to pick a prescription up yesterday at our local (large Boots store) and was in a queue for 45minutes as they were only allowing 2 people in at a time. He wasn't allowed to buy anything other than to pick up prescriptions which seems a bit strange. Our cats now have their prescriptions and food and the goldfish have food too so all in all today is going to be a time to chill out and avoid the news. (That may sound daft, but someone told me that a Dr on the radio had suggested that it would do people good to avoid the media to keep their morale up. Having read of the press who seem to be loving this crisis I think it is a good idea). Soooo, it is Cruise Critic, Dr Who, Star Trek, Stargate SG1 and anything else that takes out mind off reality for a day. Will probably look at holiday destinations and look forward to a time when all of this is over --- whenever it may be. Stay safe everyone
  14. First of all, what a GREAT idea for a new thread. Just what is needed. Our 5 favourites: 1: Embarkation day and stepping foot on the ship for the first time 2: Opening your cabin door for the first time and stepping foot on your balcony and feeling like a child at Christmas 3: The first sailaway when everyone is in such a good mood and it is the start of the holiday - Pina Colada in hand 4: On the balcony after a sailaway in port somewhere, book and glass of vino in hand listening to the sound of the sea swishing and watching the port disappear in the distance 5: Seeing everyone on formal night in their posh clothes strolling on deck like a 1920s film--- are these really the same people we saw getting on yesterday?
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