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  1. Just feel like the press are thinking that it is all about the Benidorm AI crowd and not thinking about the well off Yuppie brigade .. if you know what I mean ....... Well its beautiful again here to tonight .... anyone guess where the view is ?
  2. Sorry to buck the trend again but been to Cheshire Oaks Outlet Chester today and it was all very civilised. Everyone in masks queuing if needs be at a distance .... and now back in to North Wales where it all feels very safe and sensible. I hate to say this and will probably get flamed but it may be your wealthy ones who think they are entitled. We have seen many of those on cruise ships who think they deserve to be there and be treated as of special ignoring staff etc etc. Now for the 'time to be flamed' bit .... all of those entitled ones we've come across were what we'd call Yuppies from the South with a bit of money and an attitude to go with it. I am no saying that everyone is the same but its not just your Benidorm AI who can be annoying...... The Yuppie crowd are closer to Devon and Cornwall so perhaps they come from that general part of the UK. Ouch ... sorry.
  3. Well we have been up the Great Orme in Llandudno today and everyone was very sensible. Walked in Colwyn Bay yesterday and people stood aside to let one another pass at a distance or went the long way round. There probably will be some being idiots but on the whole everyone is doing a good job of respecting everyone else. PS It has been beautiful here ... so pleased for the Welsh tourist industry as everyone needs it at the minute. The scenery was absolutely stunning too ...again have to say that we won't take it for granted in future.
  4. Well we have some FCC and also have a cruise booked for April 2021. Can't see is doing that one as it is the flying that worries me more than the ship ......... looks like we will try to move it to as far away as possible or cancel. Would be interesting to see when the cruises for 2022 come out as it is usually early September.
  5. Have to say ... please don't shoot me ..... that I really feel for the cruise lines and hospitality industry at the moment. It must be a complete living nightmare for them ....... who would ever have seen this coming this time last year???
  6. Probably because too many people are not using common sense and wisdom .....
  7. Mmmmm they have now decided that our bedroom is better than theirs ........ will let them off today though as it is baking hot here so anywhere cool is what they need. Think we will be sleeping on the beach ... Not sure if I mentioned that a heron has moved in to the area .......... guessing Harry followed us to Wales !!!!!!
  8. Well we have decided to bring our 2 indoor cats to the caravan for the first time... was really worried .... End of day one after a faultless journey over they have taken over the accommodation and are sussing out the best seats .........
  9. We have a cruise booked on Azura fly / med for hubby's 21st (cough). It is a wonderful itinerary and a lovely ship / cabin, but at the moment, our beautiful caravan in Wales is winning hands down and I can see us either cancelling the cruise or moving it. We have cruise credit from our cancelled cruise on Oceana (sigh) this August, so will still be planning ahead. Very sad, but life goes in and just blessed to be happy, safe, healthy and have an amazing 'bolt hole' in Wales. Could be far worse.
  10. That's sad ---- so many happy memories of lots of family holidays and more recently our holidays in Devon --- mainly Paignton and more recently Ilfracombe. We have booked a break for Oct 2021 to keep the faith with Devon ------- Helle Bay --- and am sure it will be fine. Stay safe and may the visitors continue to keep themselves safe and respect the safety of those living in the area.
  11. Hi just seen this - we didn't see that at all and felt safe. Llandudno was busy so we avoided the busy parts. Our caravan site in Llanddulas was just beautiful. Have to say, as we left Wales to come home, the A55 was very busy going the other way. I do hope that people continue to use sense as it would be unfair to make the Welsh feel worried.
  12. Well, not wanting to sound like a cheerleader for Wales, but we have just come home from our 2nd mini break in North Wales and loved every second. We will be going back to our new static home next week for 2 weeks and could not feel safer than 'over the border'. Thanks to the Welsh folk welcoming us and keeping us safe and for the tourists there who were using common sense. Ok, it wasn't wall to wall sunshine but the sun shone, some showers and a lovely fresh sea breeze. We won't take it for granted again and at this moment in time really can not see why anyone would want to go overseas when there is so much on the doorstep and there is far less risk .............
  13. Just seen that others have replied to this Sorry should read all before I post. You think I'd know that by now ... just so pleased she has a future.
  14. That is a lovely name .... pleased with that 😀
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