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  1. Hi, what time of the year and where to? There are LOADS …. we'd be here all day typing them in. Let me know and I'll get back to you. (Very surprised you haven't had a brochure terrierjohn …. not sure why we've had one, we're only on a low loyalty tier!) Unless that's the reason ??!!!
  2. It is a full brochure - 195 pages with full deck plans etc etc. Its the thickest P&O brochure I've ever seen. ;-)
  3. Oh just seen this thread - sorry that I started a similar one above - perhaps the moderators can just close it for me? We are looking and have seen a cruise for April 2021 that we like the look of. Have never pre registered before - what does this actually mean and can we book the cabin we want with this option? Confused on this one.
  4. Well, after what seems a long wait our brochure came through the post this morning with cruises to 2022. Looks like the rumours on here have been right and lovely Azura is off Med fly cruising and lovely Oceana is coming home :-) Off to browse now - a nice way to spend a relaxing Saturday :-)
  5. Having read this forum before our last cruise and the constant criticism of the new EDGE I would have said 'Yes'. Having had one of the best cruises we have ever had, on probably the most beautiful modern ship (with probably our favourite cabin ever) we have ever sailed on, then my answer is a massive "NO!" :-)
  6. We've always thought that there was plenty of space on Oceana and have done 2 weeks on her in the Summer a few times. (We always tend to take loads of stuff too -- always just on the limit weight wise for the cases)
  7. That's great then --- we keep ours as a souvenir--- sad I know. If P&O are reviewing the plastic issue we can not criticise though. Not sure how a paper flag will wave but good on P&O if this is true
  8. If they have we have some saved from last time so will take our own !!!
  9. When I go to a pub for a meal or a restaurant in the UK I like to give a tip as a thank you if service has been good. I really don't care how it works on a ship now but we will treat the ship as we treat a pub at home or a hotel abroad. Thinking about it for us it is NOT tipping. It is a GIFT -- a thank you from us to another person.
  10. For the cabin steward we leave it in an envelope with a nice note on the envelope and our names. We usually put our Christian names on it rather than the formal version as by then we feel like friends. We let them know we have left them a thank you to make sure that they get it. 'Funnily' enough one year we had had good service from the cabin steward and his assistant. We left a tip in envelopes for both of them as we were very aware that the assistant was doing so much. Sadly when we mentioned to the cabin steward that we did not know his assistant's name but could he pass the envelope on he was not well impressed. It was very strange. At that moment we 'went off' our cabin steward ... For other staff in the restaurants and bar staff hubby tends to put notes in his hand which are passed over to whoever as he shakes hands as he thanks them for their service. By this time I am getting all emotional and weepy as it is our last night and I don't do 'goodbyes' well !!!! I really am useless on the last night ………….
  11. That's interesting. Would love to do the Canary Islands again as the last time the weather was dire (August too). Now if they teamed up with Jet2 it would be a great partnership
  12. If I've said this before, please forgive me, but in August on Celebrity EDGE (NOTE NOT P&O) we tendered to Mykonos. Other ships did not and left. We did an excursion where we sailed to a few beaches that morning. It was very windy and choppy on the way out ……….. on the way back it was scary (and I like a rough sea). Believe me, when that little boat turned side ways as the waves hit it as we turned to harbour it really felt that it was at a 45 degree angle. Scary. The weather had changed and it was by the grace of God that we all got back to the EDGE safety ….. and thanks to the professionalism and expertise of the Captain and crew. The weather can change so quickly and credit to the Captain of the Azura he did not put people at risk and decided that it was better for them to stay ashore (with the criticisms from the press) than risk them coming back to the ship. People who moan about things like this really do not seem to understand that 'nature' / the 'sea' can not be tamed by even the best Captain. A cruise is NOT a land holiday - do your homework people.
  13. I think it is sad that they don't issue them. We love to receive ours through the post and sadly we put all of our tour stickers on it and have saved them all. We also love the Captain's Logs that we get at the end of a cruise. Bet they will be next. On Celebrity we don't get them and having to download your brochure and print your luggage labels on to card etc etc isn't the same and is a right pain.
  14. I'm not trying to be awkward but if a cruise line catered for one individual's tastes in the MDR (going off menu) surely it would set them a precedence. I.e. catering for anyone / everyone who had a special taste / likes / dislikes. I can't see that it would work and to be honest, is it fair? Disabilities is one thing, just being a fussy eater to me should not mean that they cater for that individual's taste. To the OP I am sorry to sound negative but there are some nights when I have thought that I was not blown away with the choice but have made the most of it and picked 'something'. We've also done the buffet if not too impressed. On another note - there is also the Beach House where there are great choices to fit what your hubby likes. Give it a go
  15. The important thing is safety. We were on a boat trip from Mykonos in August. The ship had docked and was safe but during our boat trip the weather changed. It was quite unnerving getting back to the harbour. The sea conditions can change so quickly and I am sure that they will get them back IF it is safe to do so
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