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  1. Because of the advice on here we always take anti bac wipes with us and wipe areas down when we get to our cabin...… light switches, door handles etc etc. I used to think it was stupid to do this, but it has kept any bugs and germs away from us so am not complaining We also use the foam hand wash that is 99.9% safe and covers noro virus for 6 hours PS We are not paranoid, just think it is better safe than sorry PPS This is the stuff that we were recommended to use by fellow CC members. It is supposed to be the same level of protection as they have in the hospital. The make is serenity - good stuff https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=serenity+antibacterial+wipes&crid=3OL714OYZJ6&sprefix=serenity+anti%2Caps%2C158&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_1
  2. Hi, just to add that I have never before or since had swollen feet or legs in any hotel or ship. I really do think it was the water for me. Never affected hubby but we are all different. E.g. The air con never affects us, but it gives others a cough. I think it is helpful for the OP to know what affects others just incase it is the trigger for them. :-)
  3. Am also guessing that you will get noise from the sailaway parties at the end of the day in some ports. I suppose it all depends on how much peace and quiet you want. Re being under the pool area, we are late risers so would not be too keen on the noise early on.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. Just to clarify for the O.P. we always buy the pack of 6 1.5 litre bottles that P&O sell and are available in your cabin. When we get off we always buy some on land too - that is usually much cheaper if you are happy with bog standard cheap bottled water. Have never had a problem with swollen legs / feet since and no tummy upsets so will stick with it.
  5. I think that you will struggle to get all of that done in one day. It will be a real whistle stop tour and you may end up seen lots of different things for not a long time. We did the Rome on Your Own tour once. the coach took us to a drop off point (for us it was the Vatican). We then got a taxi to the Forum, took ourselves around that and the Colosseum and had a picnic close by. We then walked back to the Vatican, seeing the sites as we walked back. We then had a look around the Square before we got back on the coach / did a little shopping We did the one where you go to the top of the Rock and then on the way down you look at the underground caves / caverns. It was an excellent tour and the cavern was incredible. We were also lucky as it rained when we were inside ! Cadiz is easy to do on your own - a lovey walk around to the beach (I think). Cartagena we did ourselves, I think I am right in saying that in Cartagena there is a great Roman amphitheatre to potter around (if you like that sort of thing). Livorno - am not a fan of Florence to be honest. We did the Florence and Pisa tour but the weather was DIRE ( i.e. there were storms all day and when you have been outside in a Mediterranean storm all day in your shorts and t shirts you know what 'wet' means!). I suppose that put a dampener on things (literally). If we returned we would do Pisa, not Florence. Have also done a wine tasting and a horse ride before now and that was nice. Cost wise I am not 100% to be honest. Re the Rome on Your Own, it was not expensive - for us about £30 each I think maximum.
  6. For some reason I 'liked' this and was meant to press 'quote'. Just ignore me ;-) Are you saying that even the bottled water they sell is the same stuff as comes through your tap? I am confused as that sounds like something that Del Boy would do ...
  7. The only time I had this was on a Celebrity Cruise where the food was salty and I had more of the ship's water than normal. By the time I got home my legs were swollen too - they were like tree trunks! Since then I have avoided the ship's water, always had bottled water with my meal and in the cabin. Have also tried to avoid having too much salt as much as I can. I used to take some water retention tablets you can get from Boots, ( a herbal remedy) but I have not needed them. juts know that they exist
  8. I'm the same and need to drink caffeine free drinks and have never seen caffeine free soft drinks. They do have decaf coffee in your cabin and if you look in the buffet there are usually decaf tea bags. Why they don't put these in the cabins as well is a mystery but at least they are on the ship :-) I usually take half a dozen back to the cabin (and take some of my own incase the ship runs out) PS You could carry a few large bottles on with you. Am sure that this is allowed.
  9. Totally agree ! We are on EDGE when Captain Kate arrives, 19th August. I hear that she is around the ship quite a lot so if we see her I will remember this post and speak for all of us, politely of course :-)
  10. I can't believe that I have just found myself getting excited about the idea of a light weight camping footstool from Amazon. Hubby just gave me a look that said it all ……… "Are you for real?!" It made me stop and think (again). You spent thousands of pounds on a cruise and end up buying a portable foot rest for your thousands of pounds balcony. If you have paid additional for AQ or CC I fail to see why they are removing this perk Someone somewhere really has to address this ridiculous issue. It makes a mockery of the Celebrity name and if it was a less well known cruise line or a hotel we would probably mock it for the situation we are now finding on even the newest ship, EDGE. Thinking about it, people with a disability of some kind can say that it is having a really negative impact on their cruise experience if they have booked a specific grade because they know what they can cope with. On a different note - on our Silhouette cruises I put my feet on a table ----- BUT, at least I had a sun lounger type chair to relax in. Now the new ships don't have that luxury … just those silly low backed chairs.
  11. Good decision. LOVELY ship and have had 2 lovely cruises on her (have been on celebrity too so can compare) Good points re Britannia: + Love the atrium - wish they would have some music though + The Blue bar + The staff + The freedom dining restaurant + The Beach House + The buffet is nice + Sindhus + The quiet adults only pool area + The sailaways were good for a laugh + Cheap drinks and great cocktails + Good food + Friendly fellow guests + The formal nights + The lovely modern cabin + Great bathroom + Cleanliness + Epicurean The select dining restaurants are a fraction of the cost of Celebrity and equally as good to us Could go on and on
  12. We will as we would in any restaurant / bar at home when we leave a tip :-)
  13. Well, I wandered over in to this thread at my peril and made the suggestion that 30 minutes was not a long period of time to be away from a sunbed. Looking at some of the responses it is obvious that this topic makes the dress code discussions look positively friendly. I still think that 30 minutes is not a long time in the great scheme of things, but each to their own opinion. Am wandering off again now to talk about EDGE with my EDGY friends
  14. I'm a bit of a sunflower ----- love the solarium for the pool but want the sunshine. We hardly ever see the sun in the UK so to be on a holiday where we can feel the sun on us is a once a year experience normally :-) Have to say … I am guessing that we will be on our balcony most sea days this year. (PS For those that are not, I still think that the 30 minute rule is too short ……….. just saying)
  15. I never knew that 7am on a cruise actually existed. PLEASE don't tell hubby as I like my lie ins ;-)
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