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  1. Great that you have family around you. 🙂 Gwynedd had escaped a lock down to date hasn't it ? May be wrong. I spent 3 years at Uni in Lampeter - I loved every second of my time there many moons ago. My parents lived in Halkyn (near Holywell) for 22 years so Wales always feels like my real home in so many ways as we seemed to spend more time there than in Stoke on Trent. Ironically, when my dad died we were sorting old papers out and discovered that my great grandmother was from Mold so I was well chuffed ! (I am a singer so attribute that to the bit of Welsh in me ;-)) I have a good friend who lives in Pembrokshire so we are keeping in touch We have recerntly bought a caravan in Llanddulas and feel for everyone there. Just love Wales, love the people, the culture and everything about it. Wales is very much in out thoughts at the moment and can not wait to return again. Take care and stay sane ----- can not wait to return when we can ........... just hope it isn't when we bring a daffy in March !!!
  2. Hubby says that we are the same time as you - will have to take some stuff out - nothing major. Proper Autumnal day here with rain, windy, leaves blowing etc. Really want to have a walk around the park so hope it clears up over the coming days.
  3. Can I ask where about you are? Really feel for the Welsh at the moment -------- take care and stay sane. Stay on here - you'll find loads of people to chat with over the coming 16 days (now)
  4. Glad all ended well - an extra fuss tonight and a decent sized bone for your dog. (And a stuff drink for you).
  5. PS Give it a week or two as they are changing areas for Christmas. Just love the new range of stuff they are offering at a decent price and love the new look of some areas. It feels loved again 🙂
  6. It is looking loads better now and they have some nice stuff. I miss the olden days too when it was family owned as it had a special feel about it
  7. This made me smile - I've just written the opposite !! Have you been recently?
  8. Oh no - will look that out next time we are out and about 🙂 Must admit we have been to Bridgemere the last over the lst month a couple of times. It has been taken over by Blue Diamond and I have to say that it is 100 times better than it used to be with Wyevale and far cheaper 🙂
  9. Oh no - better empty the stuff I've put in ours then .... thanks for the tip ! PS Throwing it down here too. We were going up to Astbury Garden Centre but have knocked that on the head and decided to have a lazy day.
  10. Oh yes, remember Scriv - glad that she is ok 🙂 It is lovely to have you back - good to see the 'old' names appearing again --- and don't mean that in an age way !!!!!!!!!!! Now how to we get Dai back ??????
  11. It won't make any difference to us at all as we have been living in lockdown regs to be honest apart from working in schools and havng to go to work with those regulations. I suppose as we do not have our elderly parents 'with us' now we are in a positon that we do not now have to worry about them. (I hope this comes across well and hope you know what I mean) . I feel so much for those having to work who have vulnerable family members and elderly family members ... nightmare. Can not imagine how we would have coped with elderly parents with terminal illnesses or in care homes / dementia care amidst all of this. My heart just goes out to anyone in this situation Anyway, for is we are on half term break for a week so we can stay in our 'ark' for now and relatively safe. Stay safe everyone and take care
  12. A beautiful Autumn day here in Stoke on Trent. The garden looks really nice as the Autumn colours are starting to appear. Half term here now and it feels odd that we aren't going anywhere 😞 Normally in the past we have gone up to Blackpool for 3 / 4 days for the lights and stayed at The Imperial but there is no chance this year & he caravan is out because of the Welsh lockdown. We were thinking of going to Cheshire Oaks shopping but the rate is pretty high there so we are not keen. Have booked a day at Tatton Park for my birthday next week, so hoping for good weather and that the place stays open ! Off for a walk to our local park tomorrow so will take some pics as the Autumn colours are looking stunning. If nothing else we are having an enforced rest !
  13. Have to say we love bonfire night and usually still have fireworks at the back in our own garden. (We have fields behind so its quite open). Have to say, this year I feel like I need something to look forward to - even just a few sparklers may help. Am guessing that people may go completely OTT with the Christmas decorations on the outside of their houses too, but I wuldn;t blame them. We all need something to 'life' the mood at the moment.
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