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  1. Have only landed once when it was quite windy and that was enough for us. We were only saying today that we are glad that we aren't taking off or landing in these winds ! I'd have to have more than one glass of wine on the flight !
  2. I may be totally wrong with some people (some people are just plain rude) but I often wonder if some we class as rude are living with Dementia and need a little more understanding. Dementia isn't something that is obvious and can come on gradually. Strange behaviour that we think is a 'rude elderly person' could be someone more serious. Just a thought as I remember when my dad had dementia just how difficult it could be and if you didn't know him you would think he was just being awkward.
  3. What a shame --- in that case I am guessing that they may miss their first port? She can't wait forever ??!! Other flights from Manchester have gone today or is this a case that the plane can't land?
  4. Ignore the negativity. We had an incredible time on EDGE in August. I think she is probably now our favourite ship. Loved everything about her and would return in a heart beat when finances permit. Go and have a great time !
  5. LOVE Oceana, LOVE Britannia and LOVE Azura -- all very, very different but all had that one thing in common --- just a great feel and amazing crew. Sadly Ventura just didn't 'do it' for us. Long may the wide choice with P&O continue
  6. We thought that, but Azura has a much more pleasant outdoor deck area. She has 2 outside pool areas - one with a big screen. Ventura has an indoor pool area that we hated ---- Have to say that Ventura's Glass House was better but I think they have changed this and Azura's is better now I suppose we had a much better cabin for us on Azura (aft balcony) than the deluxe one on Ventura we really did not like. We had thought of trying Ventura in the same cabin we had on Azura to see if it was different. In many ways you can't explain why you prefer some ships to others --- we just loved every minute of Azura and really didn't not get the same feel for Ventura. We remain fond of Azura but still feel that the holiday on Ventura had very very few special days and was almost a wasted holiday (if that makes sense) ………. we waited a long time and can't say we have memories to cherish ... Not sure if that makes sense
  7. Yes I know, sometimes I wonder if I have wandered in to the …………… Still love CC though
  8. Love your sarcasm Sadly, all lines, all nationalities have 'them' ………….. and, dare we say it, even land holidays too have their fair share ! (You can't throw them overboard there though!)
  9. We always keep our cabin tidy. Couldn't cope with being in such a relatively small space among such a mess let alone the poor cabin steward. Though the overwhelming majority of people we meet on cruises are lovely we have met one or two who make you want to throw them overboard! One such obnoxious man was the one we met on Celebrity Edge last year. We were all squashed in a lift and as we shuffled back an American lady accidentally caught the front of his toe (in sandals). She apologised straight away and asked if he was ok. He then proceeded to make snide remarks about her injuring him and how it was not acceptable. Initially, we all thought that he was joking and smiled … he then continued to rant at her to say that it was not at all funny. Then we all knew that he was bring serious. It was very, very awkward …. if anyone has seen the scene from the 'Pink Panther' film when everyone is in a lift in an awkward silence it was like that! The rude man got off the lift and still made some sort of unkind comment to the lady as he left. She was visibly shocked, as was the other woman with her. (I do wonder if he would have done this if she had had a man with her, but who knows) I saw the woman about half an hour later at the Sunset Bar and made a point of congratulating her on the way that she had handled what was such an obnoxious, rude man. She really appreciated that as she had been questioning if she was in the wrong and had been so upset by it. I told her not to worry, that everyone else was on her side (perhaps should have said something to him but he was very agitated) and that we could always team together to throw him over the side ! It takes all sorts to make the world go around and, sadly, cruise ships are not immune from those who need to have a personality transplant …….. or just be towed in a rowing boat from the back of the ship !!!
  10. Have to say that we were not struck on the IOS but there were some plus points. Not our choice but we are a couple and when we first phones RCI they even suggested we try Celebrity as it may suit us better as we were not travelling with children. As for Butlins - if anyone has seen the accommodation recently at the newer resorts they will find that having one of those new apartments is not a bad deal ……...
  11. Just remembered - a quite spot is up about 2 decks from the pool area to a nice spot overlooking the pool. Far enough away to be quiet but close enough to enjoy the atmosphere
  12. We have to sail in the school holidays and have sailed on Britannia twice - once in August and once in May half term. We had a brilliant time. There is a quiet pool zone and we found that the mix of 'adults only' couples and families was a nice one. The children were well behaved and looking back we never even noticed them - other than to have a laugh as they enjoyed the Great British Sailaway. Britannia is a lovely ship, family friendly but a good choice for couples too
  13. We've done a couple of 2 night stays in Southampton before a cruise and love the place. Like the shopping centre and the history of the place. The Titanic museum is worth a visit and there is also a good aviation museum which isn't far from the terminal where the memorial for the Titanic is. We really like Southampton and would happily stay there again just to visit (even with no cruise)
  14. I probably need to apologise to Leon's as I always think of them in links with school trips --- though that may be from years ago now. (Perhaps decades!) Good on them as a local company if they are doing well :-)
  15. Leon's coaches ?! Do their coaches compare to Ellisons ? A bit surprised !
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