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  1. Was just going to post something about this. It may not be PandO but the whole cruise community will mourn tonight. So so sad for everyone concerned. Thoughts to our fellow CC members on the RCI thread .... thoughts and prayers to everyone affected .
  2. Was thinking about her today and said a little prayer for her family. Unlike you I never met Vtcruiser but we shared so many memories and posts re the Edge before and after we sailed on Edge that I saw her as my friend. So many fond memories of the build up to Edge leaving France and that Polar Bear, horse etc … ha ha. I remember her wanting to find out about my balcony issues re noise and her posting when we got home as she had missed us I genuinely shed many tears last week when I heard the sad news. Was so shocked. Such is the good thing about CC … we make many friends across the waves , many who we consider as friends...…… a proper community. I still feel a great loss ---- I want to post about Edge and get a reply from her ….. Just so sad --- she will always be missed by us Prestos and her family forever in our thoughts. When we return to Edge we will raise a glass and stoke Mr Edge for her...……….. Prayers and thoughts go her family == hope they get these across 'the pond '...
  3. Ah, that is when P&O was the major cruise line / sister company and not Princess. How times have changed. Shame that Carnival have chosen to put more money in to Princess and not honoured the P&O name.
  4. I thought Oceana was a Princess ship and that's why she has a lovely atrium - rather than the bland P&O ones
  5. So pleased that other CC members came to her defence before me She was out first 'proper cruise ship' so yip, you know me well, I have a soft spot for her. I will forgive you mentioning the words 'bean tins' as it is Christmas
  6. The last 2 week fly / med cruise we did in August was one of the best cruises we have ever had. Know that she will not disappoint !
  7. Oh my goodness, have just wandered over to the Celebrity Boards and found this terrible news. In some way I've always seen Vtcruiser more as a friend as we shared many threads, all the excitement of the launch of EDGE and her trying to find out about the cabin we had planned for our anniversary cruise in August. She was always happy to help anyone and share her passion for CC and the EDGE. We are deeply saddened by this news and I think we are not alone when we say that, though we never meet, we feel like we grieve for a friend that we have known and met. Our heartfelt deepest sympathies and prayers go to her family. The thread about EDGE cabins will stay there for a long time as testament to her passion for CC and this forum.
  8. Have just been thinking about Oceana as she is our next cruise and read through this thread. We sailed on Celebrity's new ship Edge last year for a special anniversary and I have to say that the ship, cabin and buffet / dining options were incredible. (They even had the triangle things ;-)). We thought she was the best ship we had ever been on and the whole experience faultless. (It cost us a fortune though!) Having said that, we are still really looking forward to returning to our beautiful Oceana and P&O in August. We wanted to make sure that we make the most of it while they still have her in the fleet. As long as they don't run out of Pinot Grigio I'll be fine ;-)
  9. On Oceana the buffet area is at the front of the ship - despite being on a number of cruises now I'm still happier calling it the back or pointy bit so if this is what others have said just ignore me ;-)
  10. Just the mention of Camp coffee has made me relive my past and made me so nostalgic ... memories of my childhood and late parents. Ahhh .... PS They hated real coffee ......
  11. Sorry to ask again - which cabins have these canopies ? Is it A and B deck in the photos? They are HUGE and very ugly Would not be happy with those at all. Would prefer the soot ….
  12. Hi, in 11270 on our first night there was a vibration which we thought was the cables from the TV against the wall of the cabin. It was annoying. We mentioned it to the cabin steward and he told us to tell us if it happened again. I didn't but looking back we thought it may have been because we were going pretty fast on the first night. (Either that or the cabin steward asked someone to look at it for us and fixed it) Been back a while now - seems a life time away that we were there :-(
  13. He was on our last cruise on Azura and we really liked him. He was very visible and seemed like a really nice bloke. (On threads like this we always want to mention our favourite Captain, Andy Willard - great Captain :-) )
  14. Just been thinking about this. Hubby and I are the same age but our taste in food can be very different. I have become much braver thanks to my P&O holidays and hubby is very proud of me trying everything that I normally would not have eaten. Having said that, when it comes to spicy food we are very, very different. I can not cope with anything remotely spicy and hate Indian food with a passion. I have tried but it just isn't for me. That isn't to do with age but my taste buds :-) PS Try the liver -- yum yum
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