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  1. Presto2

    Replacement for Kelly Hoppen Rocker

    Looking back the main issue re the Silhouette aft cabins was the soot --- I remember the photos and reviews now .. Today, I would be more than happy to go back to Silly 8353 and her soot ………...
  2. Presto2

    Replacement for Kelly Hoppen Rocker

    This is a great reply to my post -- thanks yet again. Looking back when we sailed on Silhouette on her first proper cruise the reviews were terrible, but we had had a wonderful time and booked 2 other cruises after on her. I remember leaving her the last time with tears streaming down my face …. ahhhhh I suppose it is a shame that all reviews of a new ship always seem to be so negative - perhaps that is human nature. Us. Well we tend to go and just enjoy !!! Now that we have moved to that SV cabin we are so excited about the ship and know hat we will have a great time. CC and the info on here has helped us to make the decision to move cabins and we will always be very grateful to all of you who have helped us with this decision So, we will most definitely board with excitement ……. OHHHH Yessss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you xxxx
  3. Presto2

    Replacement for Kelly Hoppen Rocker

    The more I read about the Edge the more my heart sinks ……. The ship looks amazing (can't wait to meet Mr Edge) but the cabins' designs really seem to have let the ship down. I can't say that I have ever read so many negatives about the cabins on any new ship. Is it me or do Celebrity have to make some changes to make us loyal cruisers smile again? What a shame after all of the excitement and build up to her launch ………..
  4. Presto2

    Edge Cruise Veranda Misleading

    I think you wanted the Celebrity forum and wandered over here by mistake ..
  5. Presto2

    Cruise Program on TV Tonight

    We are very grateful to Venice authorities for putting a limit on the size of the ships. I think it saved Oceana's bacon …. they still need the 'little 'uns ' Have to say we love cruising and are happy on Britannia and the Solstice class but these huge ships are not cruise ships to me, they are entertainment factories on water. A long way from what we see cruising as -- sad. That's just our opinion I suppose but hope that the cruise lines remember those of us who don't want an AL hotel on water for our cruise ……………….. don't want it on land either ...
  6. Presto2

    Cruise Program on TV Tonight

    Totally agree - that is what put us off as well. Just too many people … I couldn't believe that Iona was going to be even bigger! I really hope that P&O keep a nice selection of different size ships to cater for all of us. If the only way forward is huge ships or very, very expensive cruise lines (smaller ships but at a huge cost) then we may have to return to land holidays.
  7. Just take care that you get the upgrade spirits. I like brandy and there were a number of occasions when we showed the cards and were given the classic brandy rather than the premium one. To many that would not mean much but it was noticeable. Keep an eye on what they give you ...
  8. We had an all inclusive Classic Package last year and as we had a lot of on board credit we decided to use it to have the Premium Package. For us it just did not work out and was a waste of money. I am sure that it works for others but our message would be for everyone to look at it carefully and pick the package that suits you.
  9. Presto2

    Replacement for Kelly Hoppen Rocker

    I would be more than happy to have one on our SV veranda rather than nothing at all other than those horrible plastic seats ...
  10. Never had this happen before. Thanks for the info though as it means that we will take more care. Glad that they have sorted t out for you
  11. We have sailed on Celebrity on the Silhouette and the Constellation. We have been Oceana, Britannia and Ventura on P&O. We have always sailed in the school holidays on both cruise lines and travel as a couple of 50 somethings ;-) P&O definitely has more of a British feel to it - from the passengers, the entertainment and the food. Far fewer Brits on Celebrity and it is nice to meet others from different parts of the world on Celebrity The drinks are far cheaper on P&O and you can take 2 litres of spirits per couple max. with you when you board. P&O drinks are UK pub prices. E.g. small Peroni 330 ml on Celebrity was $10 and on P&O a pint is about £5 We enjoy the sailaways on P&O - there seems more of a party atmosphere which can be avoided if you don't feel like it. There will be about 2 formal nights each week on P&O. Personally we love the formal nights when the vast majority of passengers dress up in their finery for the evening. Really don't get the Glitz and Glamour on Celebrity and didn't feel in any way special. If you want to avoid the formal nights though you can There will be tea and coffee making facilities (and biscuits) which are replenished twice a day on P&O in your cabin. We had them on Celebrity in August 2018 which was a novelty for us and am not sure if they are doing this more often. Speciality restaurants are far cheaper on P&O - from about £6 per person on Oceana, about £25 on Ventura (can't remember the exact cost). On Celebrity it is more like $50 cheapest Some people think that the speciality restaurants are better on Celebrity but we think it is hit and miss - there are good and bad on both dependant on your taste Fly cruising with P&O is much easier as you leave your cases at the airport and the next time you see them they are by your cabin. On Celebrity you have to collect them at the foreign airport and load them on to the Celebrity bus etc Food - personally we prefer the food on P&O in the Main Dining Room. It is more to our tastes and we were not impressed on Constellation last year. When it comes to the buffet, however, Celebrity win hands down - the buffet on Silhouette is amazing Ship excursions on P&O are far cheaper - even if it is the same excursion there is definitely a mark up on Celebrity Entertainment - we don't tend to bother with the shows so can not comment. Cabin stewards good on both Staff on P&O are more reserved but still friendly Celebrity is way more expensive if you are stuck to school holidays The in cabin entertainment on P&O is better - i.e. the movies on the new ships are new to watch but have to pay on Celebrity Solstice ships and larger ships like Britannia have a good sized adults only area. Solstice ship areas are beautiful though Celebrity have more areas on ships where only Suite passengers are allowed to go - not aware of this on P&O We love the Solstice Class (Silhouette) - they are stunningly beautiful ships. We love Britannia and Oceana remains one of our favourites. She is much older though so not too fair to compare the two. Did not really like Ventura that much and would not sail on that class of ship with P&O for a Med. holiday again. (Infact, we chose Celebrity for 2019 rather than Princess for our 25th anniversary as we did not fancy 2 weeks on Ventura's Princess sister ship) There are quiet places to hide away on both We love the outdoor area of the buffet restaurant on the Celebrity ships and the Sunset bars We have often wondered what we would do if we saw the exact same cruise itinerary, for the same price on P&O (Oceana or Britannia) and Celebrity Silhouette. To be honest, we really don't know what we would do as both have their pluses and minuses and we tend to just go an enjoy ourselves. It is also important to remember that when people compare P&O and Celebrity Celebrity's costs are way higher for the school holidays / high season at the minute so you are not comparing like for like.
  12. Presto2

    Leaving cruise early in Europe

    I don't want to bring Brexit in to this but mid way through your cruise the UK may no longer be part of the E.U. so I suppose we won't technically be E.U. citizens. If I were you I would phone P&O re this one or e-mail and keep a copy of their answer to cover yourselves.
  13. Presto2

    Cruise Program on TV Tonight

    Thought that parts of the ship looked nice but overall we really didn't like the look of her at all. Having said that, loved the programme - it was a real eye opener in many areas. What amazed us was just how few cabin stewards they seem to have. I'm sure they only said it was in the 100s.
  14. Presto2

    Is there a daily report from the Bridge?

    Well just read another thread and I think she joins us on the 17th August as we sail on the 19th....
  15. Not ever sailed with a lady Captain but are interested as she sounds fun. Looks like we will be ok on the 19th August then ..... hubby happy .. haha