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  1. This not only affects shavers though. I use the bathroom shaver socket to recharge my toothbrush so that would be inconvenient in the cabin. Another thing to remember to pack - a shaver adapter.
  2. I would imagine the most likely scenario is that there are a few defibs situated around Britannia (and other ships) but out of sight. Given that you are never more than a couple of minutes away from a crew member, they would have trained staff with access only. You wouldn't want passengers taking them or potentially interfering with them.
  3. Yes they do, as far as the pick-up area for certain.
  4. They are openly aiming at the 21-35 market, according to some of their publicity.
  5. Check out the ports section of this site. The excursions for this cruise are VERY expensive but also one of a kind - like husky or reindeer sledging. It will of course also depend on weather conditions and snowfall.
  6. The truth as you see it Dai. Please allow others their opinions.
  7. My friend picked up a very good tour in Reykjavik to the main sights on the quayside.
  8. The dress code on Aurora is more closely adhered to than on the larger ships but trousers and sparkly tops will be fine. It's a wonderful cruise - hope the lights perform for you.
  9. When I book on board I always transfer the booking to my TA to take advantage of further discounts. Sounds like that is what has happened.
  10. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2019 with lots of lovely cruises.
  11. Currently Robert Camby is one of Oceana's captains.
  12. P&O operate the waitlist so no queue jumping. Hope you make a quick recovery.
  13. We had champagne fountains on Aurora's world cruise last year.
  14. It crossed my mind that IF it is happening, it might be in response to the launch of Iona. After all, servicing that many cabins twice a day is going to be a challenge.
  15. There is a whole Ports section on CC to help you. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/456-caribbean/
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