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  1. I understand it's a known problem that is being fixed.
  2. I posted on this topic a month or so ago. Ironical really when every cruise line features Norway heavily in their itineraries next year at the expense of the central and eastern Med.
  3. I was on the Queen Elizabeth Maiden. We had special welcomes/farewells in all the ports, a gift of a silver medal each plus a book on the ship, a special cocktail party, and for entertainment, an artist (Sheree Valentine Daines) painted a portrait of the captain while we watched and in Funchal we had Lulu and Kiki Dee come on board for a concert.
  4. I don't want to eat alone so when travelling solo can't book the other restaurants anyway. Why can't they do like Saga and make up solo tables for them?
  5. So switch lines. Some are still building small(er) ships. After my recent cruise of Spirit of Discovery, going back to P&O is going to feel like a big let down I suspect.
  6. I think the current favourite, given the date of 4th July, is Meghan.
  7. What a summer of celebration it is going to be on Iona – so many very special events and so many firsts. Every single holiday really will be extraordinary on Iona. For those guests on the maiden voyage on 14 May they will be the first ones to experience headline performers under the stars in SkyDome; the first to see the glorious La Voix in Iona’s Limelight Club; the first to taste unique menus in the new restaurants and the first to try the new shore experiences in the Fjords. We are delighted to announce that guests on G010 on 4 July will be on board for Iona’s official naming celebrations. Guests booked on G013 on 25 July will be the first to see Marco Pierre White on Iona and those on G019 on 5 September can join Olly Smith in The Glass House or in the gastro pub The Keel and Cow. …. What a summer it’s going to be….holiday memories are certainly made of these….
  8. Never has been on P&O, only on Cunard, Princess, Celebrity, Oceania and Saga to my knowledge.
  9. So what are people's feelings about the naming ceremony and the consequent celebrations, being on the 4th July cruise now, rather than before the Maiden Voyage? Have to admit I'm a bit unhappy that we may not get the same level of special events now.
  10. The brochure or web site will show you which are tender ports - look for an anchor symbol beside the name.
  11. There will be lots of info in the Ports section of this site. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2-ports-of-call/
  12. I often use the MDR for lunch, especially if the seas are bumpy as the restaurants are usually lower down. I also can't carry trays as I use a stick. They could I suppose go the way of Saga and Fred Olsen where lunch in the MDR is a mixture of a small buffet and menu/ordered items.
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