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  1. Agree. I have changed it.
  2. Before anyone responds to this post, please read Cruise Critic guidelines, which you all agree to when joining the forum. Thanks. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/guidelines/ Re the incidents on Ventura, it is my understanding that the Captain did get involved and persons were put off the ship.
  3. https://www.pocruises.com/content/dam/po/pdfs/Accessible-and-Medical-Fact-Sheet-2018.pdf
  4. Since the problem seems to be US fuel embargoes, and they are targeting oil tankers, I can't see any serious threat to cruise ships. Having sailed this part of the world a few times, the anti-piracy precautions are very stringent with a naval liaison officer on board.
  5. The OP has her answer and this is becoming a slanging match so am turning off comments.
  6. There is a simple solution to that - I make a beeline for them, interrupt politely and engage them in conversation! I think many are scared to talk to passengers!!
  7. Technically this would be OK, but you may feel a little out of place given the majority tend to go for dark suits or tuxedos.
  8. Yes, you will always pay more for an unobstructed view.
  9. This not only affects shavers though. I use the bathroom shaver socket to recharge my toothbrush so that would be inconvenient in the cabin. Another thing to remember to pack - a shaver adapter.
  10. I would imagine the most likely scenario is that there are a few defibs situated around Britannia (and other ships) but out of sight. Given that you are never more than a couple of minutes away from a crew member, they would have trained staff with access only. You wouldn't want passengers taking them or potentially interfering with them.
  11. Yes they do, as far as the pick-up area for certain.
  12. They are openly aiming at the 21-35 market, according to some of their publicity.
  13. Check out the ports section of this site. The excursions for this cruise are VERY expensive but also one of a kind - like husky or reindeer sledging. It will of course also depend on weather conditions and snowfall.
  14. The truth as you see it Dai. Please allow others their opinions.
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