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  1. OK, I am going to butt in here, even though I probably shouldn't, but want to clarify a few of the guidelines. Posts making political comments will be deleted. Anti vaccine posts will be deleted. Posts quoting deleted posts will be deleted. Posts questioning board management will be deleted. Moderators are unpaid volunteers. We do our best but do have other things to do. Whilst there is a degree of leeway during the pandemic, and thread drift is normal, anything completely off topic will be deleted or moved to a more appropriate board. Finally please don't forget there is a whole section for
  2. There is a FO cruise transiting in Sept/Oct 2022 - I am booked on it.
  3. From a highly reliable source, Azura is in Newcastle for maintenance and ease of crew transfers.
  4. Most insurers required you to have them to mitigate costs incurred.
  5. Happy New Year everyone. Was almost like being in Madeira here last night. Never seen so many fireworks all over the town . Here's to a better 2021 for everyone.
  6. I've been to Israel twice with P&O, on Oriana and Oceana from Southampton. Unfortunately they ceased all eastern med cruises a few years back when things got iffy again in Turkey. Saga is returning to Istanbul next year and hopefully P&O will follow.
  7. Merry Christmas to all Cruise Critic members. Let us hope 2021 will see a return to cruising, and remember the large numbers of crew on board the laid up ships who will miss being able to celebrate as they would wish.
  8. I was lucky. The latest order I could get before Christmas was last Sunday and not only did Asda deliver everything with no substitutes. but it was all very long dated - at least until Boxing Day. No intention of going out now till next week. Hope everyone gets all they need today and tomorrow. I do feel for the poor delivery drivers though. It's not their fault if items are missing.
  9. The film company, Firecrest, are based in Glasgow. There are 3 Azamara ships laid up in Glasgow so suspect it could have been one of them for some of the shots. Otherwise most of it was on a RCCI ship. There are a few laid up on the south coast.
  10. Shopping is delivered but yes, I chat with my postie who is more than happy to discuss his 7 month old, and my Asda delivery drivers - mostly about their unreasonable customers who always moan!! People are people wherever they may be in the world. Don't you?
  11. That will explain it then. Personally I like to chat to crew, find out where they are from, etc. Not to treat them as invisible servants.
  12. The waiters I referred to were not pretending by any means. They remembered my name as I did theirs as well as which cruise or ship we last saw each other. Same with a lovely passenger services girl who spotted me as I stepped on board and greeted me by name. That is a very cynical comment.
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