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  1. No, I'm not correcting you. It may well be because we both had one so - one each in effect. The pre-registration is a well-kept "secret" anyway. It's not widely advertised and I only found out about it chatting to previous Saga cruisers.
  2. I only had one £90 pre-registration but booked two of the new cruises a couple of weeks ago - unless it was because my friend and cabin mate had one as well?
  3. You can book them through some TAs but just be aware if you use a TA you cannot then book excursions or complete any info online yourself. Everything has to go through the TA so it is easier to book direct. Also with Saga, if the prices later drop for your grade of cabin, you will get OBC to compensate - like the US lines do.
  4. Not just rock bottom but I understand Carnival offered them an interst free mortgage/loan to take them.
  5. But in the fjords you want daylight sailing time, not overnight surely?
  6. I probably shouldn't admit it here but I am a total convert to Saga. The new ships are beautiful, a perfect size (betwen Artemis & Oriana) and I love the different itineraries as these are my primary decision when booking. For example, on a Baltic cruise 2022 there is an overnight in Stockholm and a call at Kemi in Finland. The cruises are all-inclusive now and post Covid, private car transport. Yes - they look expensive upfront but once you have costed in the balcony grade (they are all-balcony ships), free wi-fi, all drinks, free ice cream available all day, no gratuities and now some excursions, they start to look good value.
  7. Plus Pacific Princess which they have been trying to offload for years.
  8. I thought the 2022 itineraries intersting. Have booked two - the Black Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. I really wanted to go back to the BAltic but not back to St Petersburg again.
  9. Well, for those of us hoping to cruise this year, I understand some P&O crew have had stand-by notices, so something may yet happen, perhaps for Christmas.
  10. Thread drift is fine on this post but not where someone has asked a specific question etc. One newby's legitimate query got totally hijacked by two people and that isn't fair to them. Politics is off limits and will be deleted as will any hint to TAs. Here are the Guidelines if anyone has forgotten them. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/guidelines/
  11. Pacific Princess would also fit well into the Oceania fleet, who already have four other R ships. They are basing one ship in Southampton for several cruises next year - testing the market maybe for those who don't want to/can't fly.
  12. Float out on schedule https://newsroom.saga.co.uk/news/sagas-spirit-of-adventure-floats-out-ahead-of-sea-trials#:~:text=The%20latest%20addition%20to%20Saga's,in%20Papenburg%2C%20Germany%20this%20morning.&text=This%20comes%20a%20year%20after,of%20Discovery%2C%20in%20May%202019.
  13. I asked today when I switched my cruise from 10 October (cancelled) to the new Inaugural cruise and as told - no masks required.
  14. How suitable are your ships for people with mild physical disabilities? Accepting shore excursions may be off the agenda, would you still be able to see enough to make the cruise worthwhile please?
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