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  1. It was to discharge grey waste. No pax on board any more.
  2. Welcome Avril. That's the best thing about cruising.
  3. That much?? A friend ordered about the same amount as you and £7 worth arrived. On the other hand it's a great time to be on a much needed diet!
  4. During the current crisis Cruise Critic are relaxing rules on off topic discussions - however it would be good to try and keep them on this thread rather than confuse threads on specific issues. So, to start things off - Day 5 @ home. I am self-isolating as in the vulnerable group with health issues so lots of spring cleaning accomplished. Fortunately I am a weaver, well stocked with lots of yarns, so hope to finish lots of stock ready for Christmas !! Loads of panic buying in this area so waiting to see how much of my booked Asda shopping I'll actually get come Wednesday 😞
  5. This belongs on the roll call for this cruise so I am clsoing this thread.
  6. Welcome to Cruise Critic. Check out the Ports section of this site for more tour ideas. Be prepared for the addiction to strike.
  7. Following a knee replacement, my surgeon did provide a fit to travel letter at my request. i guess it really depends on your medical condition and how much it may affect your cruise. Would your GP not provide one if you paid privately?
  8. Bar Harbour has Egg Rock Lighthouse off shore.
  9. Not in my experience. All the expensive suites are fore and aft on the upper decks. Ie, the worst plac possible in rough seas.
  10. This thread has more than run its course and I am now closing it.
  11. Kayaking probably counts as water sports and, like skiing, usually needs extra insurance. P&O wouldn't cover this unless proven negligent in some way.
  12. Please do not post multiple threads about Corona virus. Please use the existing one.. Thanks
  13. Happened on an Artemis cruise I was on in 2007. Hamburg pilot had to stay on board until Oslo. Can't believe he was too upset!
  14. Laptops need to be removed and scanned separately, tablets don't. Other than that you can take pretty much anything - except of course knives, weapons and unlimited booze.
  15. These are arranged via the roll call thread for each cruise. You can email P&O events to organise a meet, although nowadays there is automatically one for various fora in Horizon for the first sea day.
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