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  1. There was an earlier post someone had payed more than the 15% dep which had been converted to 125 %fcc and the difference overpaid refunded to them. Just a thought
  2. Thats what I saw yesterday and today is now working so maybe fingers crossed will work tomorrow for you
  3. Yes checked it on my pc this morning and is up and running so checked my tablet and it looks as if everything is up and running correctly so job done
  4. Just had a look at mine .Seems they have changed the site again see my details ok but there is nothing on the past cruises part and no future cruises listed guess they are working on the new set up
  5. According to the wife you will have missed the boat she says its the 20th May 2021
  6. how are P and O going to get their staff with 96,000 daily cases in India .Must be a nightmare to get them tested and quarantined to be able to join a ship never mind the passengers
  7. Mine was only for a deposit for cruise in September took about 10 weeks from cancellation date by p and o and my cruise still shows on my cruises .So could be awhile before it shows . The only way you see it when it's sorted is to log on and try booking a dummy cruise and it appears in blue at the top . It initially says about expecting to see it and they say they are working on it .Hope that helps .
  8. Looked this morning FCC being re instated so guess they were working on the site yesterday trying to fix something
  9. Well that didn't last long looks like its back to square one on the FCC was showing Friday now disappeared in a puff of smoke !
  10. Well we hung onto last minute to pay balance our TA gave me an extra 2 weeks right upto the p and o last date for paying .P and O cancelled on the Thursday .We were due to pay on the following Monday .That was early June for September cruise.My TA gave me the advise as she thought P and O may cancel and she wanted me to have the £100 deposit back .We initially booked onboard £50 each and transfered booking to TA. I just left it with P and O and as I posted got 125 % yesterday when I loged onto the P and O site and do a dummy booking shows as £125 for both of us hope this helps
  11. Yes thats what I got yesterday so must have had it updated today so somebody must be working through the fcc what order is anybodys guess be it Z to A or A to Z
  12. sorry on one point yes they sent me the email that everybody got to choose fcc or refund didnt do anything as I was taking the deposit as fcc
  13. Hi no nothing from p and o . I log onto the p and o site with my log on details go to do a new booking and its on top of the page in blue as I book a select price just accept cabin fill in names etc and you can check the price on a drop down price and see both discounts coming off price once you have done that the drop down shows zero fcc as I would have used it hope that makes sense
  14. Hi Jean took it 12th June for my September cruise Azura cancelled by P and O .Tried to do a dummy booking working on both our numbers so looking good for the future .
  15. FCC now showing on my account all £62.50 from my £50 original deposit booked onboard 2 years ago .Guess the wifes will show under her number
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