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  1. Must check my insurance, did your policy specifically mention pandemics?
  2. I don't think that would be practical. the test is not 100% accurate and as I understand it if you are infected but the number of virus in your system is low (viral load) it will not register on the test. A few days later the viral load may have increased and the test would be positive. In my case I have 3 weeks before the balance on my Norway cruise is due. I will make a decision then about cancelling. Another question is are you more likely to be infected on a cruise ship or going to the shopping mall? Obviously if containment has proved ineffective, and the government recommend self quarantine, travel restrictions etc then cancel? Just monitor the reports and try to filter out the alarmist ones, difficult to do I know.
  3. Depend on the ship, IIRC there were dozens available on Britannia. As far as the main bars are concerned as long as the usual selection of bottles Spitfire, Doom Bar, London Pride etc etc is available I will be happy.
  4. The on tap beer on ships is generally not 'drought' beer because traditional beer is live and the ships motion would make it cloudy by disturbing the sediment. Best to buy bottled stuff
  5. Well that told me then! Here was me thinking that because the ship is moving there is no way the most 'expert' dealer could spin the roulette wheel as there is no way to predict the semi random accelerations and decelerations the ball is subject to. The only skill in roulette is knowing when to walk away from the table. As for big betters, I have seen plenty in my time. I always wonder why they don't learn to play the game properly. On my last cruise there were a number of blackjack players making maximum bets and it was obvious after a few minutes play they did not know what they were doing. The casino were happy, it was like taking candy from a baby. I had a result one cruise, had a problem with the blackjack rules and it ended up at the casino head office. a few days later the casino manager apologised, I was right so they changed the rules to what they should have been. It pays to know the rules, literally in this case as they passed over some large chips!. Perhaps they thought I was a 'ghost' gambler. As I don't bet large I am hardly likely to get a free voucher
  6. My thoughts as well, the Wail tried it on Marella because they have a ship in Asia, zero reaction to that report on CC. Was the Wail really concerned or just wanted to sell more papers.
  7. Never heard of that happening on P&O and I am a regular at the blackjack table. they used to buy you free drinks but that seems to be no more. Maybe on American lines
  8. Check out chengkp75's posts on various forums here. He/Her is the fount of all knowledge on cruise ship mechanicals including aircon, on account of being a Chief Engineer on a cruise ship!.
  9. So it turns out the popular misconception is that the quarantine was to protect the passengers when it was to keep any infection aboard away from the Japanese population, which is of course what quarantine is all about. The cabin isolation may well have been an attempt to limit the spread amongst those aboard and maybe the medical experts new this would only be partially successful.
  10. plenty of availability for dec 20 and jan 21
  11. Apparently the Westerdam has been granted permission to disembark passengers in Cambodia. My final balance payment for a cruise in June is due next month. I will defer a decision about cancelling to then. I am in the at risk group because of age and medical issues but am not worrying about at the moment. Anybody see the two repeat documentaries on BBC 4 last night, very interesting. One about a simulated pandemic in the UK. 43 million infections after 3 months and over 800, 000 deaths. The other about the 1918/19 Spanish flue pandemic. Started in Kansas not Spain and killed at least 50 million worldwide. That virus mutated after a few months into something that could kill in days. Apparently a serious viral pandemic is just about the worst thing that can happen, however it is comforting to know that government planning reflects this and at least I now know why the authorities are reacting in the way they are. Don't sneeze or cough on anyone and KEEP WASHING YOUR HANDS. ps - I was surprised to see someone wearing a face mask in the supermarket this morning.
  12. Explorer 2 has dress to impress night once a week. The Captain will introduce the senior officers etc but apart from that dining arrangements are normal. There are no sittings in the dining room, just turn up and ask for a table. Dress code is posher evening casual, you can go suited and booted if you wish but not required.
  13. The walk from the airport to the coaches is about 300 yards, 12 yards more than the length of the ship, no nearer because coaches are not allowed to pick up outside the terminal. No UK cruises in 2021 because of new Norwegian environmental restrictions in the fjords although Marella would not admit it if you asked them.
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