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  1. Possible alternatives to Newcastle Liverpool Harwich - they used to use it Southampton Dover - has new facilities in western docks?
  2. The cruise you mention is a 75% supplement which is higher than I have ever paid on Marella. I have 2 cruises booked next year, one with a 33% supplement and the other with 61%, about what I normally pay on P&O. No idea why they vary so much, my last cruise with Marella this spring was a 13% supplement. Maybe check out other cruise lines.
  3. That's OK but maybe wear some trousers on top!
  4. ??????? or are you being sarcastic about my sentence construction
  5. I wore my M&S dinner suit on my long world cruise segment because it is washable and with 9 formal nights it was useful to put the trousers through the rinse/freshen up cycle in the laundry. don't tumble dry and they don't shrink or lose shape plus no creases except the ones that should be there
  6. On my suit there were no actual pockets only dummy ones. Then I found out the pockets are lightly sewn closed...doh!
  7. News to me. Explorer is going from Newcastle to Kirkwall and then on to Iceland
  8. Whale watch, you might not see anything and if there is anything to see it will appear when you are in the loo or having lunch etc. I also do a lot of sleeping, I am Olympic standard.
  9. Of course, I was moved and got compensation although I did not ask for it. This was on a transatlantic repositioning so there were spare cabins. however in the main season there are few spare cabins and it would be good to warn potential cruisers of the poorer cabin locations with the correct reason for the disturbance.
  10. On former Celebrity Century class ships, now with Marella, passengers have noticed that on deck 4 port side outside cabins about half way between the forward and midship staircases machinery is switched on overnight that causes a lot of noise and vibration. I have experienced this myself and it is a grinding noise that transmits through the hull. It starts at about 2am and may go on for an hour or more. What machinery that would only be switched on overnight that could cause this, could it be connected with processing food waste etc. Maybe grinding up all those bones from the galley?
  11. Apparently P&O may be replacing Oceana with Ventura for Malta based cruises which is logical because Ventura is larger with more facilities and Oceana has the least facilities of any P&O ship. IMO the Marella Discoveries and Explorers outclass her. IMO Marella have a problem with Naples as a home port, the airport just can't handle the flights. If Marella pull the UK cruises I will have to use another cruise line as I like a Norway cruise each year and two in the med is too many.
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