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  1. On Ventura once I observed that the union flag was being flown at the stern when we were in port. The problem was it was upside down 😨 after about 15 minutes a little man came and sorted it
  2. Of course the biggest determinant in how many are 'sent back' is what resources the country puts into actually checking the status and how efficiently those resources are used........no need to say more☢️ Meanwhile Britannia is the ship of choice 😈
  3. No, that's chartering the ship, happens all the time, however you can't force a company to charter their ship if they don't want to. If it was registered in your country you could requisition it instead against the wishes of the company.
  4. What cruise ships could they requisition? They would have to be UK flagged cos requisition of a foreign flagged ship would be an act of piracy?
  5. On the Hurtigruten forum it is reported as 41 crew and 21 passengers as of today.
  6. How about Acomb? Yakum or Yakem or Aspratria in the olden days spatrie
  7. Interesting read. I think it applies to the starting 'experimental' cruises and there is no mention of testing? What it does say is if you travel from a high risk area as designated by the German government you will not be allowed to board and that restriction is applied from 30 days before the cruise departs. A bit like our air bridges, here today gone tomorrow.
  8. Plus those tests will have to be carried out every day or two especially if passengers disembark at a port. Also the test might be negative but only because your viral load is not large enough to give a positive result, but it might be large enough the next day. Apparently it only needs a few viral particles to start the infection rolling. I read that it is about 18 particles for Norovirus and about 1000 particles for COVID-19
  9. Quite a lot of disposable readies has accumulated so what do I do with it > new double glazing - bit nervous about strangers tramping around the house though > new roof insulation, ditto with strangers > new guttering - nobody seems to want to do that job > new garage side door and associated rain porch, need a craftsman for that > an electric bike to extend my exercise range to 10 miles or so, not sure I won't fall off, been over 40 years since I cycled to work, over 2 grand, maybe next spring > pining for a fieldscope to supplement the binoculars, thick end of a thousand for that one
  10. I will cheer you up, P&O know how they will have to deal with a COVID-19 outbreak in the Caribbean. They won't tell us though because we won't go on the cruise if we knew 😈 What the should NOT do is if the situation arises resort to obfuscation. Other cruise companies have the same problem
  11. From the BBC news site today https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-53676702 😟
  12. If you are using microsoft edge open the link, right click and there is a translate option
  13. however Aida, Costa, TUI and P&O will have to fall in line with the European Maritime Safety protocols which it appears are just as tough as any US ones.
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