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  1. On a lighter note the lifts on the 'ancient' Marella Dream have an interesting button layout. One gentleman was cursing and stabbing the button ' the bl**dy lift won't obey me' he said. Hoping to be helpful I pointed out that he was trying to call the lift by pressing one of the lights!. I wonder if building it like that was done for 'a laugh! Better on Marella Explorer (ex Celebrity), the lifts are speedy and efficient with a nice program that ignores your button press if you want to go in the opposite direction to the one the lift is travelling. The mounting frustration has passengers realising that there is no point calling a lift from a deck above by pressing the down button if you want to go up.
  2. davecttr


    here you go https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/12/science-soap-kills-coronavirus-alcohol-based-disinfectants
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    A thought about the heat melts fat bit. Apparently you need at least 60C to dissolve the outer shell. Don't wash your hands with water this hot as it will scald you. Which magazine mentioned recently that several domestic washing machines had 60 Degree programmes that did not reach 60 degrees! The bit about it not actually being alive is weird but true. I wonder how viruses managed to evolve?
  4. davecttr

    *** Lets Smile ***

    apologies to those on the P&O page who might be confused about my 'age of Arcadia' post, can't edit it. I was not implying that Dame Kelly Holmes is 15 years old 😕
  5. davecttr


    Aaargh!. 2 metres is 6' 8". Shoot them Mr Mannering, go on shoot them😀
  6. The current Arcadia joined the P&O fleet in April 2005 and was named by Dame Kelly Holmes. She is 15 years old this april
  7. I think that hotel chain have now backtracked, putting it down to some sort of error
  8. Apologies, the French government are not commenting here is the report https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/coronavirus/frances-macron-threatened-uk-entry-ban-without-more-stringent-measures-report/ar-BB11wzzL?ocid=spartandhp
  9. Just watched the Andrew Marr show and one report was about when the government suddenly changed strategy after reading the Imperial college report on coronavirus measures. apparently Dominic Cummings was a believer in 'herd immunity' and as BJ is reported to be very influenced by his close advisers it makes you wonder? Cummings changed his mind which is a good thing. We had an increase in lockdown on Friday with the closure of pubs etc. Reuters is reporting a French newspaper citing sources in government the Macron told Boris on Friday morning that France would shut its borders to travellers from the UK if we did not act more decisively. The French government are not denying it and no comment from number 10 apparently. so who is running the country. IMO the virus.
  10. davecttr

    A suggestion

    Yep, after this is all over? I was already intending to visit all those places at home I have never visited. You can go a long way with a Senior Rail Pass and a Wrinklies bus pass. However I am still two cruises short of my 50 bucket list. Maybe taking the ferry to the Isle of Man or Ireland will substitute.
  11. according to cruisemapper it is anchored of Freemantle in Oz
  12. Indeed, lose your deposit, luckily the deposit for my October cruise is £70 and the January cruise is £80. as I mentioned elsewhere, I think? not visiting Costa every day, not going down the social club and not putting money in the fruit machines will more than compensate.
  13. no Marella bookings planned as after reaching 50 cruises next winter I was going to concentrate on visiting all the parts of the UK I should have visited years ago. Moot point now but I would still like to get to 50 cruises
  14. Marella planned to have no sailings from the UK in 2021, mainly because of tough new emission regulations in Norway which the ships could not meet?
  15. with virtually empty hotels maybe they would be better for non COVID-19 patients if for no other reason than you can't get a cruise ship near Birmingham etc. Ok for cruise ports if you can staff them and the ships have a galley while most hospitals bring their food in. When I was in hospital in Kent the meals came from Wales. The modern kitchen in the hospital was only for staff and visitors.
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