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  1. I prefer a seat to a lounger and was happy to see that Iona has lots of seats along the prom deck
  2. loungers or the people who are lounging, or rather NOT lounging? I think the screens are there to shelter people from the normal howling gale and noticed that the loungers protected by the transverse screens had towels clipped on them first
  3. ..... and you can get of the ship to explore and even go on an excursion. They sometimes have excursions that take you direct to the airport as well
  4. Also on Iona you may need to choose Select with no cabin upgrade to avoid the catastrophe of being 'upgraded' to one of the cabins on the prom deck.😱
  5. So that was an assault then, was the disgruntled woman arrested on return to the GB?
  6. OMG, green beans, with Brocolli? I thought P&O had cornered the market with green beans as they seem to be the main vegetable with every meal. IMO the colour of the vegetable choices should be different. That broccoli should have been cauliflower. I always try to have different coloured veg as for me it makes the meal more appetising. I wonder if P&O would beat this one. Our staff restaurant once had fish and chips on the menu, the only veg on offer was Brussels Sprouts. SPROUTS, you have got to be joking, fishnchips need peas or baked beans, even cold baked beans are good! for steak? chips or a nice side salad
  7. The problem is a lot of people at any one time do not want to sit in the sun or in their cabin. would you go on holiday and sit in your hotel room? The ships do not have enough seating for everyone especially if it is non revenue earning space. Remember Tiffanies on Oceana, a perfect example of gods waiting room. Or the lounge section of the main bars on Azura and Ventura which was similar. Lots of people staring into space all day. They solved that one by converting the space into very noisy single cabins. The coffee bar is also a problem but people can and do make a coffee last hours, come to think of it there are a few culprits in my local Costa, especially irritating when they are busy. Can't find a table in the buffet? You will be surprised how many passengers will not move more than a few yards from the servery and moan about the crowds when they just need to walk a bit further. If you have a series of wet sea days or it is cold people won't be sitting on their balconies either. Can the problem be solved? No
  8. I notice that Iona and Britannia are scheduled for the same departure day. they have both been using the 106 birth so Maybe they might be thinking of swopping them over
  9. I would be surprised if each Canary Island required individual tests. There are frequent ferry and local air services between the islands, I just checked the flight radar and marine traffic and those services are running as of this moment. Once you have called at the first Island visiting the others would be like taking a local ferry.
  10. Or another hobby, take a stroll along the shady side of the prom deck and put all the towels in the used bin 😈
  11. What I noticed about Iona was the promenade deck had large numbers of loungers and chairs compared to other P&O ships. Maybe this is to make up for the apparent lack of space on the higher decks. The blue towels were distributed along the deck with 'bins' for used ones. This method may be just for COVID but if it replaces the old single towel per person in cabin I expect to see a sea of blue every day!. We even had blue towels clipped to loungers on Iona's Scottish cruise and there was a slow stampede across the ship as the sun changed position. They have to go back to the one towel per person otherwise in long north/south sea days, say to the Canaries, both sides will be completely towelled all day.
  12. Those worms in the middle would put me off. Are you a Klingon?
  13. Britannia accessible cabins are grouped together and the 4 that are on their own are next to suites. Iona is similar except the suites and in both cases leaving passengers isolated in the original cabin might result in two adjacent accessible cabins being moved. Zones are the best way to do it with the added advantage that you can keep other passengers/crew from walking past the 'sick' cabins. edit - Iona has accessible cabins on the prom deck, can hardly be used due to the adjacent keel and cow and prom deck itself a couple of feet below. There is also an accessible suite, don't know what they will do with that.
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