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  1. I think Princess? conducted a survey that showed the more cruises passengers had taken the less their onboard spend. as a lot of the profit comes from the onboard spend they don't really care for those who have completed hundreds of cruises and spend nothing.
  2. I once had compensation for the weather. we sailed in circles for 2 days outside Shanghai because of a severe storm. Then when we docked it was at 1am to refuel. We were not allowed to leave the ship. They refunded the cost of our Chinese visas. This was P&O Aurora on a Sydney to Singapore cruise. I have never heard of anyone on a UK cruise line getting a refund of port taxes. They are not listed on the invoice?
  3. They could have had a 40's theme night on Arcadia as they had Vera Lynn songs and gave everyone a little flag to wave, honest!
  4. Green and red! I remember Arcadia on jacket required evenings, the dining room looked like a tramps convention with lots of very unimpressive jackets in evidence such as 30 year old blazers with genuine gravy stains, boating regatta jackets in every colour and even the occasional rain jacket.
  5. Good idea, all P&O ships already have at least two main dining rooms. One could be fixed tables and dinner suits etc and the freestyle one 'dress to impress' - oops, can of worms
  6. The same on Marella, they call it Dress to Impress night although there is no compulsion. Lots of people dress up including some with tuxedo. Having done lots of formal nights my dress to impress stuff is now a fancy shirt and black chinos
  7. OK, please list those problems and your experience of them
  8. Big problems? Don't think so, just the expected glitches when a ship has changed ownership and undergone a refit where the expected duration was decreased by 2 weeks. The result is a lot of stuff is being finished off as they go along such as fettling the safes, replacing shower curtains with doors, fitting sun awnings over decks etc. someone reported that on a bridge tour the captain pointed out the 'fettle' board which 4 days previously had 80 items on it and now had 12. It also takes time for the crew to gel into a team as they are a mixture of experienced staff and newcomers.
  9. Because you will be tipping twice! . The crew wages will come entirely out of company income so what was called the tip is being paid by you in your fare or onboard spend. This leaves two reasons to give a cash tip to individual crew members. As an award for enhancing your cruise experience over and above what is expected or because you want to enhance their income because the pay is low. but not low compared to where they come from. I remember the bar keeper who was earning more money aboard than he could earn back in the philippines as a trained accountant The crew are not stupid. I once gave the steward an extra tip because he was retiring at the end of the contract. Apparently he had been 'retiring' for years!
  10. On Oceana the formal night dress code applies to the main dining rooms and one bar, the rest of the ship is evening casual. I could see this being applied to the rest of the fleet. The P&O site still lists Oceana's Yacht & Compass and the Glass House on Azura/Ventura as having a formal dress code, my experience aboard is this is not true.
  11. I have done the Floen skylift independently by booking in the tourist office opposite the berth. The coach runs every half hour to match the frequency of the lift and you can catch any coach back. The second time in Olden it was raining so I did not take the trip. I presume if you had taken the ships excursion you would have experienced a wonderful drippy cloud day
  12. There will still be tipping threads. There are on Marella forums and they have included the 'tips' in the fare for at least the 11 years I have been cruising. I typical question might go like this. "I know tips are included but how much do you tip the cabin steward etc etc" Answers include: tips are included in the fare so no need to tip I tip if the crew member has really enhanced my cruise experience Don't bow to peer pressure, no need to tip just because others do so Don't believe others when they say they tip large amounts, they may be boasting to boost their self esteem The crews already get an increased salary which is why they are happy and efficient The tipping culture is not American where the tips are expected to make up poor wages
  13. You can buy a day ticket for the Vaporetos (water buses). It costs €20 , Route 1 for the grand canal Use the people mover to go to Piazza Roma which is the hub for the water buses Walking is also easy in Venice - get a good map This site has loads of info https://europeforvisitors.com/venice/articles/vi-index.htm
  14. The Italian does have 2 menus which alternate but they are very extensive so plenty of choice for multiple visits
  15. The OP was from the UK which has specific consumer law dealing with 'package holidays'. If you book a fly cruise in the UK where the flights, transfers and cruise are provided by the cruise line it is a 'package' and the provider is obliged to do their utmost to provide your holiday, So if your flight is delayed and the ship has to sail they are obligated to get you to the next port, at their expense. I have taken a lot of fly cruises and the flights were always on the day the ship departed apart from the flight to Australia.
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