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  1. IIRC it was September for the cruise in January
  2. A few years ago I was looking at a 14 night Caribbean cruise. The TA asked if I liked sea days, yes I said. They offered me a 24 night return cruise to the Caribbean for £130 more than a 14 nighter with flights , yes, £13 per night. It was on Oceana and we called at the Azores on each crossing.
  3. Drain smells in the bathroom are usually caused by a dry drainage trap. There is one in the shower and should be one somewhere else in the bathroom. Apparently pouring some water down the drain should reseal the trap.
  4. What craft beers? only 2 available and one of them has so many hops it is revolting IMO I think Marella should increase the variety of popular bottled beers as Old Heckled Spen gets boring after 19 days, if it lasts that long
  5. Why do these design companies design furnishings etc which are not suitable for normal human beings, are they only concerned about fashion and 'image'. You know the sort of thing, seating designed for people with 12 inch hips and bar stools designed for six foot people with very long legs.
  6. Originally sponsored by a publication called 'The World' ?
  7. You will get your cabin number when you get the labels to put on your cases, usually when you arrive at the destination airport. You attach the labels to the cases, take them to the transfer coach and they will be delivered direct to your cabin
  8. If you allow pre booking of tables on freedom dining what about the people who book a time for every evening and just don't turn up on some evenings. Freedom dining should be freedom dining for everyone. Maybe you should pay £50 deposit per person which is refunded if you actually turn up
  9. I have a feeling that P&O UK was somewhat a cash cow for Carnival. Difficult to prove as Carnival don't publish individual profits for their cruise lines. The drop in the value of the pound means a drop in Carnivals dollar profits and their accountants won't like that. The response will be to cost save as much as possible whilst repositioning P&O UK to be a mid to low mass market operation and introducing economy of scale through new huge ships. If that does not work they will have to shed capacity, either by moving a large ship elsewhere or disposing of Aurora/Arcadia/Oceana. My money is on Oceana leaving as, although I like the ship, she does not have the facilities of many rival ships of the same size. As far as an increase in marketing is concerned I am being bombarded by email offers and paper ones as well.
  10. Ah! they have finally admitted that the Glass House is evening casual on formal nights. It always has been although the P&O site listed it as formal. Same for Azura I presume.
  11. Apparently there was research by Princess? that showed the more cruises passengers took the less their onboard spend. As onboard spend is a very significant part of the profit there seems no logic in rewarding people for reducing the cruise lines profit plus new cruisers have to help pay for those perks. To answer the original question. I have a high status with P&O and no status with Marella who do not have a loyalty scheme and it makes no difference to who I cruise with.
  12. Marella do as well, I took a repositioning cruise last spring from the Caribbean to Southampton including a free coach back to Gatwick.
  13. As far as I understand it the plane seating is either 2 or 3 rows of 3. The don't allow a couple to book the isle and middle seat in an outside group of 3 unless the window seat is already booked. This means they have lots of single isle seats left so a couple might sit on opposite sides of the isle. Single passengers have it better if they don't mind which row they sit in.
  14. Gin with angostura bitters is the traditional pink gin. The latest pink gins are basically just gin with fruit juice added, I presume to mask the favour of the gin, IMO a fashion thing. How about taking some of those squirty concentrated fruit juice things with you and giving your drink a squirt!
  15. Prosecco and Cava in the AI Strongbow Free safes Cases under bed yes Best deal for laundry - a bag of washing laundered and folded for £14.95
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