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  1. Why don't they provide one which is effective against norovirus but just don't tell anyone edit - i checked the ecohydra site. they do sell their stuff to the NHS I will repeat, hand washing is the best thing to do. it is not killing the virus, you are washing it off and it goes down the plug hole!
  2. The authorities in the UK will jump on any false claims printed on health products yet the Boots Ecohydra hand sanitiser I use has effective against norovirus written on it! As I understand it the problem with norovirus is you can't cultivate it in the lab so you can't test products to see if they kill it. Apparently there is a related cat virus that you can grow in the lab and test. I believe the anti viral agent works by disrupting the virus protein coating. Not the ecohydra product label does not say how effective. I do not rely on it but use it as a backup if hand washing is not possible
  3. Unless the hand sanitiser has anti bacterial and anti viral properties. Of course washing your hands is best but in the buffet it is best to also insist of having paper napkins with which to handle the serving utensils. Testing them has shown after a short time they can actually have traces of excreta on them
  4. And in my experience is the opposite of yours!
  5. That's a bit controversial and I got a fair bit of flak when I mentioned it. Another reason is the older demographic can have weakened immune systems and are more prone to infection with the infection lasting longer. Then there is the transmission problem. Someone gets the bug and is confined to their cabin, but their partner is not!. so they stagger around the cabin leaving germs everywhere and their partner then transports those germs all over the ship. Older people might also touch surfaces such as handrails more often. Should you confine all those in a cabin? Apart from the howls of protest you have the problem that the partner might not show symptoms until days later. They could fix an anti bacterial/anti viral dispenser in the cabin and insist the partner used it before leaving the cabin. some would still avoid using it. Why do longer cruises seem to have more infection? because on shorter cruises the secondary infections are showing their symptoms after people have gone home
  6. Yes I can, the single supplement on HAL was nearly double the one on Marella and I was comparing single supplements, not the 'quality' of the cruise line. Vitalsign was interested in the apparent high cost of single supplements on Marella and I pointed out that they are not high compared with other cruise lines. As for type of cabins, almost all Marella single cabins are actually doubles designated for single occupancy. Cruise lines have different ways of handling solo bookings. Marella restrict the number of designated cabins to about 30, after that you can get another cabin, even a balcony, but only if the cruise is not selling well and you will pay a higher supplement. I believe P&O, my other cruise line, have a maximum percentage of cabins they will sell to solos and I doubt that they will tell you what that percentage is. There must be a way of restricting the number of solo bookings otherwise they might end up with a ship with much lower numbers of passengers and that would be bad news for the revenue stream.
  7. Ignore card counting, it is difficult to learn and, although not illegal, they will show you the door when they catch you doing it. not very practical on a ship as there is no other casino to go to. Also it only gives you a very slight advantage so to make any money you have to make large bets!. You also need a large bankroll, many thousands, because you might hit a bad patch which can last for months. I avoid any blackjack type games. Say 'fun' blackjack. It is just fleeces the customers of even more money than normal blackjack which the vast majority of passengers on british cruise ships either don't know how to play or think they are playing pontoon.. To buy chips put your money on the table, do not try to hand it to the dealer as this could be considered a bribe. Use the correct terminology and hand signals, do not use stick, twist or buy one, the correct terms are stand, hit or double. Use hand signals, a horizontal wave above your hand for stand, tap the table or scatch for hit, place your bet for a double next to your existing bet. Never touch your cards. when you are finished say 'colour up please' to the dealer. They will then exchange your chips for large denomination ones which you can take to the cashier or you can keep them for a later evening. BTW blackjack is not a team game, it is you against the dealer, watching the other players might be entertaining but you can play a perfectly good game even if you are blind, the dealer will tell you what the cards are and you don't need to know what the others players cards are anyway. Finally, the casino is a prime source of infection with all those people handling the chips and cards. Get yourself a hand spray with anti viral properties and use it. I use boots eco-hydra and wash my hands soon after leaving the casino.
  8. When I flew to Naples with Marella on a TUI flight the luggage was not bonded but it was for the return flight. I did not know P&O had fly cruises to Naples, I thought it was Malta
  9. The buffet could have been a Crows Nest, it has a largish bar and there is a dance floor under the carpet. Or there was, then they invented evening buffets.
  10. Well the rules are straightforward but to play an optimum game you should learn something called 'basic strategy' In comparing any hand you are dealt with the dealers up card, the one face up, there is a optimum call to make, stand, hit, split, double etc. This enhances your chance of winning and lessens your chance of losing. Over many thousands of hands you will still lose as the casino has their 'house edge' where they make their profit. With playing basic strategy blackjack is the best game in the casino as the house edge is less than 1%. There are over 200 possible combinations in basic strategy, you can learn them in a month or two, just like multiplication tables we learnt in the olden days. Eleven elevens always got me, the answer is not eleventy eleven.
  11. They obviously did not know launderette etiquette! It is quiet acceptable to put some ones finished washing in a basket but not to throw it on the floor. If there are no baskets available it is OK to put it on a safe, clean flat surface. Be sure you are there when the washing is finished, no leaving it while you go ashore for the day. On one Oceana cruise the baskets all disappeared. People were taking them back to their cabins and keeping them there. dire threats were issued via the horizons news. This is a fun story. Someone was waiting for a machine to be free and one machine had an out of order sign on it. Then a man came in, took the sign off and loaded his washing in the machine. Then he left taking the sign with him. I have lots of Launderette experience, 3 years in college and 12 years in a London flat.
  12. no stranger than other boards, you should see the American sections here, criticism and argument seems the norm. I have posted lots of useful information on various forums, not just cruising ones and thanks is not a common reply.
  13. The Marella 19 day inside single price is very reasonable. It works out that the single supplement for one person occupying a double cabin is 35.6% (3115 x 1.356 = 4223.94). The HAL single supplement is 66.6% and my P&O cruises have attracted single supplements of up to 70%. the lowest single supplement I had was on a Marella Explorer transatlantic where the single supplement was 13% some cruise lines charge 100% single supplement just like booking a hotel room for one in a double room. Why do they do it? because there is less revenue generated from a solo cruiser, especially potential onboard spend. It is all down to revenue generated per square metre of cabin space.
  14. By pressing the lift call button which is the one just above the light but looks identical!
  15. Some people can take no notice of that, or anything else that does not apply to them cos they are special.
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