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  1. In West Quay in Southampton there is John Lewis, Coast, Phase Eight & Monsoon. There is a Debenhams a few minutes walk away that sells Quiz. Labels in Bishops Waltham is a dress agency that often has nice evening wear. Dress to Go in Botley( appointment only). Tiffany's in Stubbington. Charity shops in Winchester might be worth a look. Facebook market place. Also I found googling Prom Dress brought more results and shops will be getting some in around now
  2. Holland America send out a Cruise Welcome book which contains PICTURES of suitable attire. Perhaps P&O should do that?
  3. Lots of restaurants list the dress code under FAQs. Yes I can find examples, it just takes time and patience.
  4. We had to ask for our voucher as it wasn't in the cabin. Loyalty Cruise desk on board sorted it. We only realised when I another passenger told me we should have had it.
  5. Hi The cost for us was about £225 each with SPB in 2018 for 2 full days lunch and we saw everything except the inside of the Faberge museum. P&O cost more. There were no children on ours so I can't comment but it should be fine especially if they like history or art. I would do it all again tomorrow if I could.
  6. Terrible news. I am aware that Holland America have cancelled all excursions using Taquan Air from Ketchikan until the official investigation is complete. I would think other cruise lines will do the same.
  7. P&O will send you info about dress code for each port. There is info also everyday in Horizon. My OH just wore jeans on the days we went to mosques. Some mosques will lend ladies a clean abaya ( but not the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi). We were there in March and the weather was only really hot on one day as the breeze other days kept the temperature down. I wore long shorts and short sleeve t shirts on non mosque days. I wore long trousers or maxi dress in the mosques and took a long sleeve plain shirt( Linen in my case) and scarf to wear Cathy
  8. Also the offering for children on P&O is good. I haven't travelled with children myself but I notice they are well looked after by the kids clubs and seem to enjoy it and passengers with children on the ships have never said anything negative when I have chatted to them. Kids food is available in the buffet in the early evening if that's of interest. Iona is all freedom dining so you can both eat in the MDR any time it's open in the evening. ATM drinks prices on P&O are comparatively cheap - compared say to Cunard who I'm cruising with soon. BTW yes Cunard is a bit more formal, but again children are well looked after. Cathy
  9. Hi Martincath Yep, my boss is the worst in the whole world! We have the EU to thank for our paid holiday allowance, but as the whole Eu thing is a bit of a dangerous topic I will leave it there.
  10. Billions of vacation days... I wish. We all moan we only get 20 days, less for me as I'm self employed! I guess 20 days seems like a lot in some countries. 2 weeks in one place would be good, I'm just trying to cram a lot in al at once
  11. Wow, Martincath that's brilliant advice. Lots of choice of things to do and eat .It's certainly made me feel more prepared for decision making Regards Cathy
  12. Hi I have found almost identical tours but more expensive. The main one is an Exclusive Bear and Wilderness Tour from Icy Strait. Alaska Shore Excursions thinks we will be tendering (it's listed as a possible tender) so we need to allow at least an hour to get off by which time the tour will have left. This is the one tour I really wanted to do as well!
  13. Thanks, mapleleaves, if I knew where to look I would!
  14. Hi We are thinking of using the aforementioned Tour Company on our cruise. On the website they say the tours start 30 minutes after the ship docks which for us ins 2pm in Juneau and 7am at Icy Strait Point. Has anyone any experience of using this company? The DH is worried they won't wait for us if we can't get off the ship fast enough if passengers going on the ship's tours get off first and we are made to wait. Thanks Cathy
  15. Thank you Martincath 1 So my husband likes Indian & Chinese but not seafood, apart from Fish & Chips. I just like to eat food I would not cook at home or get from a takeaway with a preference for French and Italian. We both like burgers! I am not intending to splash out on food, but I do like to be looked after. I don't really know how much things cost so maybe C$35 -40 for 2 courses? 2 Jetlag- noted, thanks for the advice 3 Westcoast seems to now be the obvious choice 4 I had missed the additions to the HOHO so will investigate further to see what is the best option for our 2 days. From TripAdvisor I noted the most popular seem to be Stanley Park, Granville Island Market, Gastown, Capilano and Grouse Mountain. I am not too bothered about wildlife as I am hoping to see some on the cruise. Seaplane trips are way over our budget. I am quite keen to plan this trip as we for our last holiday we did a cruise and stay in Dubai and wasted the time in Dubai due to poor planning so missed lots of stuff. We both dislike planning this sort of thing but now I have learned I really do have to put the hours in. Cheers Cathy
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