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  1. The first one visits ports in Italy, the next one goes to Italy and Greece. People will be allowed off with extra protection in place. There's a whole raft of protocols in place but I'm a bit too far a into a bottle of wine to find them atm🍾
  2. Starts on 16th August, just one ship at first. Citizens of countries in the Schengen Area can go, which excludes the UK. Cathy
  3. Italy has removed its advisory against cruising so MSC could restart soon-ish Cathy
  4. Oooh ginger sounds interesting. I just think Cunard scones are really bland- a bit of spice or sour milk makes them delicious.
  5. One of the worst I have had is on Cunard. Scones with no flavour. A few months ago Cunard posted the recipe in one of their newsletters. So bland, but the Americans love them. M&S is terrible too. One of the best I had was at Lainston House. It's near Winchester so if you can ever come to Southampton to cruise again you could try it but book in advance. Sometimes the best ones are to be found in a local indie cafe, with fresh locally made bread, home made cakes/ patisserie and of course scones. Now cream or jam first anyone? Cathy
  6. It was posted on the P&O Cruises Chat This is the Life Page this morning. It was missing from the Southampton Cruise Ship Schedule Cathy
  7. Someone on face book is reporting that Azura's TA on October 16th has disappeared. Cathy
  8. You are right. On occasion I've had to remind people in the arcade but everyone has been fine about it. Interestingly, customers complain about shops where it is not enforced Cathy
  9. Hi Ady You are right. How can ask customers to wear a mask if I don't? Although I do take it off when behind the screen. We go to great lengths to make customers feel safe. Business is better than expected, not as good as it used to be , but I'm happy if I can pay my over heads. And although it doesn't feel right to say, this we have been able to source face masks and they have really helped us. We opened for 5 days a week in June, increasing to Sundays this week and Mondays so full 7 days from mid September. Fingers crossed there won't be a lock down and we should make it through. Hope all is well with you Cathy
  10. Not sure how we got on to Harrogate but it's one of my favourite places. DH was born there and we still visit family, usually combining it with the Home and Gift Show but sadly not this year. Betty's is over rated IMHO. We quite like a Turkish Restaurant, I think it's called Istanbul Grill. I can report 100% compliance with masks in my shop, including staff. We are in a little arcade and occasionally people forget to one on but quickly catch on.😷 And for those of you who are reps/ agents, I admire the driving you do, hundreds of miles for a minimum order, and never complaining Cathy
  11. ATM, Iona cruises don't start until 24th October. Perhaps that is the first day of Autumn this year? If Iona arrives earlier, perhaps there will be a maiden prior to 24th October? it's all academic until the FCO change their advice about cruising which I can't see will be any time soon. Cathy
  12. Sheila Hancock was on Oceana last year as a guest. Also Marco Pierre White a couple of times when he was working on board. Bobby Davro, also working on board, very friendly chatting to everyone. Bobby was on our first cruise a 2 nighter to Bruges in 2011. I then thought all the entertainers would be someone I had at least heard of! How wrong was I! Cathy
  13. One indication could be around return flight information on the Caribbean TAs, the first one leaves on 16th October. I can't remember how many weeks in advance the info is released. If it's 8 weeks prior to departure then this brings us to August 21st. So has anyone on the cruise been given the flight info? As P&O seem to cancel from 8 weeks in advance may be Aug 21 is when the announcement will be made. of course there is the little matter of FCO advice against cruising, which I can't see changing any time soon Cathy
  14. Carnival have issued a denial, according to fb Cathy
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