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  1. Yes, arrival time is approx. 3.30am UK time, 7.30 am Dubai time
  2. Interesting.. we were told not to go to our cabins at all. There was a sandstorm so going on deck was not something I could do for long so we waited ion the café. Some passengers did not realise there is a monorail at DBX to take you mots of the way. However don't be put off, just put it down to the experience or tag a couple of nights in a hotel in Dubai pre cruise and that way you will get to see everything
  3. Hi Gatwick is the same, leaving London at 8.25pm and landed c7.30 am Dubai time. Dinner served c 10-11pm and breakfast 1 am (UK time). If I were to do it again I'd go on a day flight and stay in a hotel overnight before joining the ship. Cathy
  4. I suspect you will be able to check in as soon as your cabin is ready. You could check when you arrive. You might be able to leave hand luggage somewhere on the ship if you want to go off. BTW if you are doing the Emirates flight c 8.25 pm from Gatwick be prepared not to get dinner till 10-11pm and breakfast at 1.15 am and land at 3.30am. We were on the ship by 9am using the ship's transfer. I have just done this flight and we were very tired due to lack of sleep and it took more time to recover than expected. I didn't do the QE2 tour but I heard good reports of it and you should be able to see it from QM. Cathy
  5. That's what I thought. However cruise personaliser has closed for our cruise when I went to book some trips so we are now waitlisted. We had an email from P&O to say it would be sorted out on board so I am hoping we can use the obc to pay for them. Cathy
  6. Hi I am looking at booking some excursions on our forthcoming cruise. Some are waitlisted. If these become available once we are on board will we be able to use our OBC? Thanks Cathy
  7. If you do decide to get a tux, M&S quality should be fine. There are reviews on their website. If you come to Southampton, there is an M&S there which you could get a cab to, although the Hedge End Branch has a much wider choice. You will definitely need a cab there and back, about £25 each way. Cathy
  8. After what happened with the trip I booked and paid for through Cruise Personaliser that never appeared I am pretty sure there are gremlins in the works
  9. Thanks guys, looking forward to our cruise now and yes we have secured the trip we wanted by booking by phone... and what a long and torturous process that was.. but never mind, all sorted now
  10. We have result. We have been refunded (or will be in 5-7 days), been given an apology and extra obc. The IT department are going to investigate to make sure it doesn't happen again. Thanks to all of you for your support Regards Cathy
  11. May be gremlins, but P&O have had over 48 hours to sort this and I'm still waiting. Meanwhile I have lost confidence in the system so I won't be booking any more trips till I get on board. Fingers crossed they will not be full!
  12. Thanks for your comments. I've never experienced this before either. I only went back into cp to book more trips then discovered the one I have booked is missing. It's made me wary of booking through that system. I did have a TA, who sadly is no longer trading but at least the Customer Advisor at P&O did his best to be helpful. And at least the trip is not sold out so fingers crossed it will be sorted. I'll let you know.
  13. Hi Last Saturday I bought and paid for an excursion on our upcoming cruise. I printed off the screenshot showing I had paid. My credit card statement shows I have paid. However it is not in my cruise personaliser and when I called P&O they have no record of it. I now realise I did not get an email confirming the purchase. The advisor at P&O is emailing various departments to find out what happened but I might not hear back before we sail. Has anyone any experience of this and how was it resolved? Thanks Cathy
  14. hi There is info coming through now on fb - Oceana This is the Life and an Arabian and Gulf P&O page. Hope I have not broken any rules by mentioning these but info is scarce. HTH Cathy
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