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  1. You cannot prioritize your bids. The best you can do is bid more for the cabin types you are most interested and less for those you are less interested in. Higher bids definitely increase your chances. It would be moronic for NCL not to take the highest bids. They are in business to make money. On the NCL web site, it will tell you which cabin types are sold out. Though the processing of bids and the assigning of GTY cabins can shake things up. You pay what you bid if you win. If you bid $100 per person, you will pay $100. It doesn't matter what others bid. Also note that if you win your bid, your credit card will be charged immediately and your new cabin will be assigned. There is no going back.
  2. No. The TV lineup is extremely limited. I suggest you record it or just watch it on HBO Go when you get home.
  3. I am hopeful that our week on the Breakaway won't be too crowded. It *is* a holiday week with Labor Day in there, but it's also the first or second week of school for most schools in the US, so I suspect there will be fewer children on board. Also, September is smack dab in the middle of hurricane season and I know some people try to avoid sailing that time of year.
  4. I posted about my ongoing saga earlier this morning on the MSC boards:
  5. I was thinking about actually direct booking an Aft Balcony this time for this reason. I have been coveting the Aft Balconies on the Breakaway+ ships for a while, but haven't bitten the bullet and plunked down the extra cash. The smaller balconies on the Breakaway might be the "excuse" I need to convince myself to do it.
  6. But I did exactly as you describe. I did not CHANGE my booking. I created a whole new booking. New confirmation number and everything. And then, mysteriously, my 10% discount just dropped off the booking a few hours later in the day. This is why I am in terror about upgrading my drink package if/when this 10% discount thing gets resolved. Then I really WILL be making changes to my booking and I am worried this whole thing is just going to start all over again.
  7. Thanks! I will try that email. Can't hurt to at least send them all the info I've already shared twice over the phone! I think I am giving this until the end of next week to be resolved and then I am cutting my losses. I am getting to crunch time for flight and hotel reservations and I don't want to put them off for too much longer.
  8. I ruled out sailing on the Epic long ago. I just don't think I could ever get used to that bathroom layout.
  9. I doubt either of them are worse than the Gem! We sailed to Canada and New England on the Gem last June out of NYC. It was snowing the first night of our sailing and remained cold the first couple of days. Everyone was packed inside like sardines. The buffet was the worst because we couldn't use the Great Outdoors. I've been on the Escape through a couple of bad storms (one in October and one just last week) and it definitely wasn't nearly as bad as the Gem.
  10. We'd only come out ahead of our initial booking if we canceled our current booking and re-booked yet again, back to the original balcony +Fantastica we booked. Remember, because of the discounts, we had decided to upgrade to Aurea. It came out to be a little bit more than our initial booking, but we felt it was worth it. Without the 10% discount, it is significantly more than our initial booking. Not sure I would be happy to have to cancel and re-book all over again just to get what I initially had in the first place. I get what you are saying that we were "happy" with our initial booking, but as they say, "you can never go back."
  11. Thanks for all the details. We don't have kids and aren't pool people, so not all of it is applicable to us, but I think you have reaffirmed most of what I was thinking. It seems like they are similar enough that it will be hard not to compare, but different enough that we will find new things to enjoy and appreciate on the Breakaway.
  12. I've never needed a TA before. I've sailed five times with NCL so far and never had any significant issues around customer service aside from when they changed the itinerary around the inaugural transatlantic of the Encore. When they did that, it was quite a while before they got us updated final pricing on our booking. I ended up canceling that one anyway, because I didn't like the new itinerary. They were very generous with their pricing discounts to those who had booked prior to the change though. I think my initial booking for the 11-Day version was something like $1549 per person for our mid-ship balcony. In the end, we would have paid under $1000 per person for the 9-Day, but we weren't interested in sailing from England to New York City in November. Everything else that has come up with my NCL bookings (changing perks, getting OBC for price drops, cancelling/rebooking, etc.) have hall been handled with minimal effort through the Personal Cruise Consultant they assigned me after my first cruise.
  13. Definitely will miss Pincho. I missed it on the Bliss even.
  14. I am beginning to wonder how anyone manages to successfully sail on an MSC cruise. It sounds like the actual cruises are pretty good and I was really looking forward to trying our first one in September. But at this point, I am just ready to give up completely thanks to their truly and utterly TERRIBLE customer support. I had heard it was bad. But reading about it and experiencing it first-hand are very different things. Here's a run-down of my experience so far: Booked the Sept. 7 sailing on the Seaside in a Balcony cabin with the Fantastica experience under their "All In" promo, which includes WiFi and the Easy Drink Package via their website. That all went super smoothly. With the launch of the Bellissima they ran a promotion where if you did the virtual tour, you could get a 10% discount code to apply to a future cruise. I did the tour and got my code. I found out about the status match option and since I am Gold with NCL, I thought i would go ahead and do that. This is where things started to go sour. Gold on NCL somehow only matched to ONE point on MSC. One point! It takes 2200 points to go from "Classic" to "Silver" on MSC. They gave me ONE point. I am hardly well on my way to any sort of status with them. I tried to rescind my match, since it is one-time-only, so I could wait until I was maybe a higher level with NCL, but they would not let me. I am stuck with my ONE whole point. The only "up side" of my ONE point is that I now qualified for the 5% off Voyagers Club discount. So now that I was to receive 5% off for Voyagers Club and 10% off with my Bellissima code, I decided to call up and cancel my initial booking and re-book with my new discounts. I tried using the "Call Me" form on the MSC website. I filled it out twice and never received a call. So I called them and after about a 20 minute wait, I spoke to an customer service rep and got my booking canceled. I then logged into the website with my new Voyagers Club account, proceeded through the booking, this time picking an Aurea Balcony since I wanted to use the money we "saved" through our discounts to upgrade our experience. Got to the screen where I had to enter my Bellissima discount code. It went through. All was correct. Totals looked good and I booked. I received my reservation confirmation email with the PDF attachment and everything looked perfect. Both discounts applied and the totals were all correct. This was at 3:48 PM. At 9:00 PM, I suddenly received a new booking confirmation email with the same reservation number. I opened the attached PDF and now, all of the sudden, my booking no longer has the 10% discount for the Bellissima promo. It only shows the 5% of for Voyagers Club! Since it was now after 9:00 PM, I had to wait until the next day to call customer service. So a long wait time and a long, confused conversation later, I was assured that they would escalate my issue and I should see the 10% discount code reapplied to my booking with 5 business days. That was on the 20th of March. I waited and waited. Still no email update and every time I logged into the MSC site, my booking was showing the same info. Decided to give them a little extra time because I had heard that the 10% was causing them a lot of headaches. Went on a scheduled cruise with NCL on April 7, figuring I'd follow up when I got back. I got back this past Sunday and was back to work on Monday. I filled out the "Call Me" form on their website three more times. Still no call back. Finally, last night I had the time to try to call again. Over 20 minutes on hold before I got a rep. I had to explain my issue to her all over again. She had me forward her my original confirmation email... the one with the correct totals. She was completely confused. She looked up my previous "ticket" in the system and it had not been updated/worked on/acknowledged since the 20th when it was initially created. She told me she would create a NEW ticket and escalate it. She made me no promises about a timeline for a solution. And that was it. So here I am a full month closer to the sailing and no closer to a resolution. I don't know if I'm supposed to give them another 5 business days or another month to get this resolved? I still want to upgrade to the Premium Drink package prior to sailing to save the service charges, but I am TERRIFIED to make any other changes to my booking if they do actually get this resolved. It's just such a disaster. Wait times are insane. No answers are given. And no resolutions are implemented. I just sit in limbo with time ticking away trying to decide if I should risk booking airfare for a cruise I might not even go on. In the grand scheme of things, the 10% off only amounts to about $212. So probably not worth all this hassle. But it shouldn't even BE a hassle. I don't want to REWARD them for their failure. I shouldn't have to pay them MORE to suck whether it's $5 or $1500.
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