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  1. We likely will, but our current FCC doesn't cover the full cost of the sailing. Also, we still have an outstanding issue with some missing FCC and I definitely don't want to give NCL any more money until that is resolved.
  2. I also agree about the 120 day final payment. We are scheduled to sail in January. If the final payment period isn't shortened, we will likely cancel when it's due in September. Too much uncertainty over what could happen in the course of 4 months and I wouldn't want to have more money on the line with NCL. They already have a lot of our money tied up right now in FCC.
  3. I have been wishing I bought more shares back when it was under $10!
  4. My next cruises is scheduled for August 29 out of Seattle. I can book a flight to Seattle for tomorrow if I want to.... Domestic flights are still happening. Not that I have any intention of taking one in the immediate future!
  5. I am scheduled to sail on August 29 to Alaska out of Seattle. I think the chances are slim that it will actually happen, but we have until the end of May to make final payment, so we have a bit more time to decide for ourselves.
  6. I had two sailings booked that got canceled. One of the sailings, we used some previously awarded FCC to book (we got FCC for a price reduction on our Bliss sailing in December and used it to book a sailing in March). While our CruiseNext certificates and out-of-pocket money was awarded back to us as FCC, we have not seen that spent FCC come back onto our accounts. My PCC has assured me up and down that we will get it back, but that still hasn't happened. So currently we are missing that $345/person FCC, plus we should conceivably get 125% of that, so really $431.25/person.
  7. I fully understand that prices are way overinflated, which is why I wouldn't book a sailing that is past final payment. We are looking at booking a January or February 2021 sailing, which would give us plenty of time to cancel/rebook when prices drop before final payment.
  8. Hmm, I just did it and it didn't give me the option... I already have my SO in there as a "past guest" so i had added him that way and it picked up his FCC. You may have to call in if it's not giving you the option online. 's
  9. Thanks! That last post seems to answer my question. I didn't want to pay more than a deposit for a January sailing I am looking at booking, but do want to get the 20% off.
  10. I'm not sure. Do you have their Latitudes number?
  11. It will apply to the other guests if those guests also have FCC on their accounts. I got to the point where I added my SO's latitude's info and after that screen, it showed the 20% off for him as well.
  12. Well, I had used some previously received FCC to book the cruise I was supposed to be on this week. I still have not seen *that* FCC credited back to my account after the cancellation. I first emailed my PCC about it last week and then I called her and talked to her on the phone about it Monday. She allegedly sent it up the chain, but I still haven't heard back. So now you know exactly why I am reluctant to apply this new FCC to any cruise that still might get canceled!
  13. For those of us who received FCC for canceled cruises, they are running a "deal" for 20% off on sailings July 2020 through December 2022 "when you use your future cruise credit." Does anyone know if you actually have to APPLY your future cruise credit towards payment at the time of booking or if you can just book with a normal deposit or CruiseNext and can hold off on actually applying the FCC until final payment?
  14. Trust and believe that I hope the president is right!!! I was just saying as much to my SO last night. But I wouldn't stake my life on it!
  15. We were booked on a 3/22 sailing and my brother never did the online check-in. On 3/20 they emailed him warning it was his final chance to check-in in advance.... for his canceled cruise. On 3/20, I also got notified that none of my upgrade bids had been accepted...
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