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  1. It's fine. I have a thick skin. I know I was wrong and admitted as much. If someone doesn't want to accept that I have owned up to my mistakes, I am not going to let it phase me. You can't please all of the people all of the time.
  2. I fully understand that prices are way overinflated, which is why I wouldn't book a sailing that is past final payment. We are looking at booking a January or February 2021 sailing, which would give us plenty of time to cancel/rebook when prices drop before final payment.
  3. Hmm, I just did it and it didn't give me the option... I already have my SO in there as a "past guest" so i had added him that way and it picked up his FCC. You may have to call in if it's not giving you the option online. 's
  4. Thanks! That last post seems to answer my question. I didn't want to pay more than a deposit for a January sailing I am looking at booking, but do want to get the 20% off.
  5. I'm not sure. Do you have their Latitudes number?
  6. It will apply to the other guests if those guests also have FCC on their accounts. I got to the point where I added my SO's latitude's info and after that screen, it showed the 20% off for him as well.
  7. Well, I had used some previously received FCC to book the cruise I was supposed to be on this week. I still have not seen *that* FCC credited back to my account after the cancellation. I first emailed my PCC about it last week and then I called her and talked to her on the phone about it Monday. She allegedly sent it up the chain, but I still haven't heard back. So now you know exactly why I am reluctant to apply this new FCC to any cruise that still might get canceled!
  8. For those of us who received FCC for canceled cruises, they are running a "deal" for 20% off on sailings July 2020 through December 2022 "when you use your future cruise credit." Does anyone know if you actually have to APPLY your future cruise credit towards payment at the time of booking or if you can just book with a normal deposit or CruiseNext and can hold off on actually applying the FCC until final payment?
  9. Trust and believe that I hope the president is right!!! I was just saying as much to my SO last night. But I wouldn't stake my life on it!
  10. We were booked on a 3/22 sailing and my brother never did the online check-in. On 3/20 they emailed him warning it was his final chance to check-in in advance.... for his canceled cruise. On 3/20, I also got notified that none of my upgrade bids had been accepted...
  11. I am supposed to be on a cruise right now. I was supposed to cruise on the 15th and right up until my cruise was canceled on the 13th, I was determined to sail as long as the ship did. I considered myself "low risk". I was very slow to take this thing seriously and I fully admit that I was very very wrong. But no one has the luxury of that level of self-delusion now. Especially not heads of state! We will hit a half million cases world wide today. The global death rate is still 4.5%. Even if that is artificially high due to lack of testing, the fact that there are many thousands dead already is undeniable. I am desperate to go on another cruise ASAP. When the cruise lines open back up, I will not hesitate to board. But if you think that is happening by the end of May, you are deluding yourself (and potentially millions of Americans depending on the range of your influence).
  12. Look, is what NCL sales reps were saying gross and a slimy sales tactic? Sure! Were they stating things without actual facts to back them up? Sure! But, first of all, it wasn't "NCL Executives", it was one sales director and we do not yet know how far up the chain it might have gone. Second of all, the facts of the virus were (and still are to some extent) unknown. If you are dumb enough to take medical advice from a cruise sales rep... or even the President of the United States... I don't think there's much hope for you anyway.
  13. NCL reps repeated exactly what the President of the United States was saying on TV about the virus not being able to withstand warm temps and that it would be gone with the arrival of Spring and now NCL is under investigation? https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/02/10/trump-rallies-new-hampshire-eve-democratic-primary/4716223002/
  14. Saw that, but I think that specifically applies to if you use the FCC received as a result of a canceled cruise to book a new cruise and then that new cruise also gets canceled. I think it's to reassure people who are using this new FCC to book sailings in April or May that still have a high likelihood of getting canceled.
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