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  1. Lavazza and Starbucks are not included. But Irish Coffee from O'sheehan's and The Local definitely are.
  2. Bookings through CAS are eligible for the upgrade advantage program as well as those booking directly through NCL. Many TAs also participate, but the big box store you are referring to is a notable exception.
  3. The actual terms only specify that you are limited to one entre. No limit on apps or desserts. However, some people do get told different things by their servers on board. The confusion mainly seems to come from the differences between the specialty dining package and the free meals for Platinum Latitudes members. Those meals do limit diners to one app, one entre, and one dessert.
  4. There's certainly no magic formula, but understanding how the process works, what factors go into a winning bid, and getting a picture of what bids have won under which circumstances in the past can definitely help you make an educated decision when placing bids. On every one of my sailings, I think I have had a very good sense of what kind of bid (if any) could win my desired upgrade thanks to all of the data and history in this thread and its predecessor, along with tracking pricing and inventory on my specific sailings. Unfortunately, for most of my sailings, the total needed for a successful bid has been too rich for my blood. But I think in every single case, I could have won a bid had I been willing to bid what I strongly suspected would win. The main down side of this thread is that it clearly illustrates that winning bid amounts are very specific to ships and sailings. Unless the person is willing to put in the leg work of tracking inventory and pricing on THEIR sailing, it's highly unlikely they are going to just be able to pop in here and ask "what do I need to bid to win this room?" and get a very accurate answer. There is definitely no EASY magic formula. And, as much as I don't mind answering general questions about the upgrade process, I simply do not have the time to do all the research needed on every individual sailing to be able to help people out when they ask what a winning bid should/would be for THEIR sailing in their specific situation.
  5. If you aren't big drinkers, you may want to consider turning down the Free At Sea drink promo, as even though you get the package for free, you have to pay a 20% service charge on the value of the package, which comes out to about $20 per person per day. If you think you won't each drink more than $20 worth of drinks per day, you may be better off just purchasing individual drinks. Also, it's worth noting that the free drink package does not include specialty coffees or bottled water, but it does include "virgin" drinks and soda from the soda gun at any of the bars on board. I personally always get my money's worth out of the drink package, but I tend to drink a lot on vacation and I don't care about bottle water (the ship's water is excellent!) or fancy coffee (I am fine with the free coffee in my room or at the buffet).
  6. Yep, all of mine have ENDED horribly as well. They stopped serving me drinks and made me get off the ship!
  7. Just got off the Escape to Bermuda June 2nd-9th. We had a great trip! My parents booked last minute to sail with us (6 days out). They booked a GTY BF and were assigned a BB on deck 13 which they were thrilled with! Hopefully you will have similar luck. It only took about 24 hours to get their cabin assignment. I am sure no matter what assignment you get, you will have a fantastic time. There really are no "bad" balcony locations on the Breakaway Plus class ships. We've been right next to the elevators with no noise issues... right below the pool deck... right below Spice H2O... really they have all been fine.
  8. I've never sailed without a drink package thanks to the advice of a friend before my first cruise. But if I had a dollar for every time I have heard a story from someone saying something along the lines of "I stupidly didn't buy the drink package on my first cruise and ended up owing $900 or $1100 or even $1500 at the end of the cruise, so I learned that lesson the hard way," I would probably have enough money to cover drinks on a Virgin Voyages sailing. 😋
  9. Ah yes. You have to read the fine print to see that the sail away rates don't include the free at sea perks. Easy to get tripped up on that if you are new to NCL.
  10. Did you actually select the offers when you booked? Did you book online or by phone? Did you select a SailAway rate (MX)?
  11. Adult Beverage Package = Premium Beverage Package = Ultimate Beverage Package They are all different names for the same thing. While the naming is a bit confusing, nothing about the package itself has changed. The only *new* concept is the "Premium Plus Beverage Package" that was recently added. I honestly don't know how that package is reflected on eDocs and Vacation Summaries once purchased, since I have not bought it. The basic package has continued to work just fine for me.
  12. I believe the dry dock is October 2020, just before the TA from Southampton to Port Canaveral.
  13. Noooo! I was considering the October 2020 TA on the Escape after dock because it's my favorite ship in the fleet. I will be very disappointed if they do this.
  14. Everything still looks normal in my vacation summary for my Encore sailing in April, but you are right that when I search for the sailing on NCL's site, nothing comes up right now.
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