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  1. My fiance recently had a bad reaction to a prescription medication and ended up needing an ambulance ride to the hospital. We never saw the hospital bill because that went straight to his insurance, but the ambulance bill was sent to us and then reimbursed by his insurance. For the 2.4 mile, 7 minute ambulance ride where they administered no medications or IV's, it was $868. So your two medical center visits and medications for $800 doesn't sound unreasonable to me...
  2. I have never been charged the $10 for an "oversized vehicle" in all of the times I have parked there and I drive a Jeep Cherokee. I have also only ever sailed out of NYC on 7-day sailings so far, so have just paid the weekly rate of $200. So, for me the savings has consistently been $80 per trip. Really up to the individual if that's worth it to them. We only ever take one carry-on sized roller bag and one backpack/shoulder bag per person and we are only 40 years old. So a few blocks' walk is easily worth saving $80 to spend on board. Now, if I had mobility issues or a lot of luggage for some reason, I might decide the extra $80 is worth it. Also if the weather was going to be rainy/snowy, I might consider paying the extra....
  3. Thank you for this! You are right. I was able to book Six on my December 1 Bliss sailing finally.
  4. The Brew House does usually have a few larger bottles of beer that are over the $15 limit. You can always just pay the difference if you are interested in any of those. Otherwise, all of the drafts and MOST of the bottles are covered.
  5. PS: I never understood the privacy claims. You have exactly as much private area on your balcony as a normal sized one... maybe even more because of the extra privacy of the longer wall from one direction. If you stand out at the deepest part of the railing, people on the shorter end of the balcony can see you, but if you are seated in a chair back towards your door, they can't see you any more than they can see you when you are seated in a chair on a normal balcony.
  6. I always stay in an angled balcony (except for my first cruise when I didn't know better and my most recent cruise when I sailed in an aft balcony). You get half again as much square footage as a normal balcony, because it is twice as "deep" on one side than the other. The deeper side can accommodate a full sized lounger, so if there is not already on there, I ask my room steward for one on the first day.
  7. I was on the Escape for the Super Bowl in 2018 and on the Bliss for the Super Bowl in 2019. For both, they had it on any screens in any of the bar areas, on the big screen near the pool, and on the big screen in the Atrium. On the Escape, I believe they also had it on the big screen in Spice H2O. Of you click the youtube link in my signature, you can see some video my SO took of the Super Bowl on the pool deck on the Bliss last year.
  8. I always park at Pier 83. It's still super close and it's a LOT cheaper.
  9. Is that "Captain Niklas, From! The! Bridge!"? I always loved the way he says that whenever he comes on the intercom.
  10. I haven't been on the Epic, but every NCL ship I have been on has one of these in the balcony rooms: It uses pouches like these:
  11. Angled balconies on the Bliss definitely have room for one lounger on the deeper side. The default arrangement on the angled balconies is the typical two chairs and a table, but if you ask your room steward on the first day, they will replace one of the chairs with a lounger. I do it on every cruise (I always book angled balconies!).
  12. Not as an upgrade option were you could combine the inhabitants. You would be offered upgrades from each of the individual connecting rooms. If you won an upgrade to a 2-bedroom from one of those rooms, you would still have the original second room.
  13. I don't begrudge you enjoyment of your vacation. This is on NCL for putting the smoking area in a places that has a lot of "through traffic" and is in the middle of a space that is meant for public relaxation and lounging. On the -away class ships, the jogging tracks are a joke and a lot of people use the Waterfront for walking laps. People use the waterfront as a quiet place to sit and read and enjoy the ocean air. I personally love walking along the Waterfront on my way between the front and back of the ship if the weather's nice and I want some fresh air versus taking an indoor route. Dropping a smoking area in the middle of that will have a serious impact on the enjoyment of my vacation. Smoking areas should be restricted to corners of the ship where people can more easily avoid them. I have no issue with those areas having a bar or lounge space as so smokers can enjoy those things. Like the old smoking area in Spice H2O... I could just avoid it. It wasn't on my way two/from anything.
  14. Okay, this news about allowing smoking on the Waterfront has me pretty upset. I was coping okay-ish with the diminished public deck space and how that meant that more of the sun worshipers might be encroaching on my quiet spaces, but now they smokers get my Waterfront? This might be the straw that broke the camel's back for me.
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