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  1. msjazzymiss

    Maui Luau

    I've waited too late to book the Old Lahaina Luau for my upcoming cruise with stops in Maui on Sept. 27 & 28. I've searched the internet and came across the Feast at Lele. Recommendations please. If you been to Lele is it as good as OLL and if not can you provide any suggestions? Thanks you
  2. Thank you for your responses. Really appreciated and will definitely book with Roberts Hawaii.
  3. Looking into booking with Shore Excursions by Roberts Hawaii for my close approaching RCCL Ovation of the Seas cruise. Has anyone used this company & if so would you recommend them? Also, any recommendations for a luau while in Maui?
  4. Thank you all for all the great suggestions.
  5. Sailing in the Ovation September 20th & the ship will make it’s first stop in Seattle till approximately 4 pm. We have not booked any of the ships excursions but would like to see a few of the local sights. I’ve never been to this fabulous city, but have heard only good things. Need advice on public transportation, docking location, possible tour vendors. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  6. I plan to stay at the Residence Inn pre-cruise in September 2019. I’ll be able to provide information on the hotel & vicinities upon my return.
  7. I originally booked one way flights, leaving Orlando to Vancouver on American and returning from Honolulu to ORL on Delta. At the time I booked it was less expensive to book that way. I cancelled my outbound flight on American and book a flight for the 19th on Delta. I lost a few dollars, it now I have peace of mind knowing I’m traveling the day before sailing.
  8. Can anyone tell me if the casino is open on the Ovation while in Hawaii? I’m not a gambler but my cruise partner is.
  9. I’m taking the same cruise and originally booked my flights for Sept. 20th, the day of the cruise! We’re flying out of Orlando to Seattle, with connections (also on AA). I stressed about making it to Seattle in time and what could happen if we missed the ship. I decided to take a loss on the original tickets and booked new a flight for the night before the cruise on. It’s a late night flight, but I’m not stressing anymore. I booked with Delta and the cost of the one way flight was minimal.
  10. CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎊. I’ll make Diamond after my 10 day Ovation cruise in December 2019. Like many others I don’t have an allegiance to any particular cruise line, so it’s doubtful that I’ll get any higher than Diamond.
  11. I’m sailing on the Ovation of the Seas September 20th. I tried to book entertainment but it’s still not available to book. I’m about 69 days out before sail date. How far in advance will I be able to secure onboard entertainment?
  12. Thanks to everyone for your words of wisdom. You spoke & I listened, booked flight leaving the day before. This is my dream cruise and I decided it was worth the extra money to book a earlier flight. Used frequent flyer miles which brought the price down & used my Marriott points to book a hotel. thank you all!
  13. Thank you, I’m beginning to feel I should have booked my flight for the day before sailing. I’ve been planning this cruise since last year and I would hate to miss the ship. I’m going to look into changing my flight.
  14. I’m cruising out of Vancouver the RCCL Ovation of the Seas on September 20th. When I originally made my flight reservations I booked my flight for the day of the cruise. The flight arrives in Vancouver at approximately 11:30 AM. Not being familiar with customs in Canada, any idea how long will it take to clear customs & How long to travel to the port & what is the best mode to get there? any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. I cruised on the Adventure of the Sea back in April. I would say the ship may not be as fancy or modern as the newer ships, but by no means is it a “rust” bucket. I had a balcony cabin and I only observed very little rust. Considering the age of the ship it’s in pretty good shape. I would definitely sail this ship again.
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