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  1. So the cruise on 2021 is now on the Jewel of the seas, do they assign me a cabin or do I have to rebook a cabin?
  2. Thank you it was hard to see from the pics
  3. I was curious if the balcony obstruction was problematic
  4. Any thoughts on this cabin vs a owners suite for 4 people? Noise? Balcony etc thanks
  5. fully refundable through the 27th of April
  6. hello all- Final payment is due in one week. thoughts on a late July cruise in the baltic? if i don't pay final and the cruise does sail can i rebook? tough to decide with limited infromation Thanks
  7. some GOV, it seems, enjoy restricting movement and have other motives to keep things closed. NOV 2020, oh look economy sucks, 2021 wow the economy is booming compared to 2020
  8. TA said no ---but i was curious that my air was cancelled and no one told me.
  9. July 26th Europe cruise JOS, debating cancelling before final payment. Realized they cancelled the airfare for the cruise and didnt tell me.
  10. when the cruise is cancelled i will be refunded cost, shore excursions, airfare booked through Royal. the deposit will that be given back as Future cruse credit? Thus i can apply the deposit to a future cruise? Thanks
  11. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/02/royal-caribbean-draws-down-revolving-credit-lines-due-to-coronavirus-pandemic.html
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