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  1. Yea. Without that, we're just not going to go until restrictions lifted. Can you imagine looking at 5 ships docked at Cozumel, and not a single guest being allowed to wander and shop the downtown. And imagine the merchants looking out at the ships with the captive passengers on board. There's no point in doing port stops I think. In fact, sea days only might be the first cruises.
  2. My super sadness for the Costa Maya stop is Maya Chan will not be available. Love that place and the folks there.
  3. The cruise lines stocks had a good bounce up yesterday, with NCL up $2 and RCL up $4.62. That must have been a result of the Florida announcement. However, none of the ships are any closer to sailing regardless until this virus thing is resolved. All the same questions of how still remain.
  4. Our local Walmart removed the one way signs but also did a complete remodeling of the store, relocating merchandise and then widening the isle by moving the display further apart. Was quite a process. Publix has a sign at entry saying masks are "required" to enter the store. Doesn't say suggested. However, our county removed the mask mandate for the county yesterday. Went to Publix today and at least a dozen or more customers were wandering around without a mask looking smug. The store personnel can't challenge them.
  5. I don't wish to cruise if a mask is required. But mostly I don't want to take a chance of getting quarantined away from home for up to 2 weeks if the virus occurred on the ship. That's not scared. Just first, a fun factor missing with the mask, and the other, an extreme inconvenience that I just can't afford. So, I'll wait.
  6. Until there is a cure/vaccine, it is all pretty much a logistics impossibility...or at least so cumbersome and user unfriendly as to make a cruise under those circumstances very undesirable to most of the potential guests. With all that's proposed, no way would I pay money for it. I just read the first 70 or so proposed protocols. Bless their hearts. But to implement all of that would be a workload impossibility I think for a ship load of passengers. And, just little things like where do we line u for our daily temp check, so much that would just not be compatible with the terms "relaxed and fun". Nope. But thanks for trying..... I guess.
  7. Was our last cruise on the Dawn, last Feb. She is a wonderful ship with a wonderful crew. She did one more cruise after this one. Wish we could return to these better days with the Dawn.
  8. With the election approaching, cruises and cruise ships are way, way down the list of priorities for any elected official I'm afraid. It's going to be up to the cruise lines to get themselves going again, proving it is virus free and controlled before anyone will be listening.
  9. Opinions and opinions. As I said, no correct answers. Only speculation and wishful thinking. However, no port city is going to be required to tolerate Cruise ship issues. They are going to just say no. But, my opinion. Time will tell.
  10. There's no correct answer, only speculation and opinions. But I see those as two totally different events. To be diagnosed contagious at you local community doctor's office and told to go home and quarantine, easy to control. And in fact, you will probably be at home when you get your test results. However, I just don't think any port city will allow a ship to dock with between 2000 and 4000 passengers on board, even if only one has shown to be contagious, then will allow all 2000 to 4000 others who could also be contagious now, extreme example, to just freely exit the ship. Would they say to them to "be sure and not enter the airport or any transportation area, don't interact with any of the community, do not use any lodging facilities, just find some way to get out of our town...we trust all 2000 to 4000 of you to do this". Don't see that happening. Two totally different issues. Don't have an answer, but this presents a big, big mess to be resolved before cruising resumes.....my opinion.
  11. But can you? I think you would be ushered to a quarantine location. May be one of your choice. But I can't see them just turning you loose. I think you would be taken from the ship in quarantine status at that time. I think there is way too much that just sucks at the moment...and remains without a workable solution.
  12. I just read again today that 50% of the US say they will not get a vaccine shot. I guess that just leaves more room for the rest of us on cruise ships.......if that becomes a requirement.
  13. Are the speciality restaurants open for dinner or supper?? 😐
  14. Hotel or ship, it would still be an expensive and miserable and very inconvenient experience. With a case on board, and then the requirement for all persons to quarantine, regardless of location, no way. And it could happen so easily.
  15. I think one of the biggest issues that will have to be addressed before cruises resume is if a case is discovered or reported on a ship while cruising, will that ship and all persons aboard have to be quarantined for 14 days. If that's the case, back to square one. Very few of us can afford to be held hostage for 14 days.
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