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  1. As long as we're doing feel good, and nothing wrong with that, I filmed this a few years ago. Does make you happy.
  2. So glad we can tickle your funny bone. We just struggle along with our lack of understanding.
  3. I gotta say...all of this future planning by any of the cruise lines is so speculative at best. We don't have a clue what the situation will be for now and into the distant future. A year from now? Maybe...but who knows.
  4. It's still going to be the bottom line...the total cost of the cruise purchase. A $500 new promo offered with a cruise price increase of $2000, just NCL manipulating the feel good effect to soften the increase . Marketing 101. I've checked some cruises I would have liked for about a year from now. Prices very high.
  5. Tell her that even though she isn't going, she still is going to derive the super satisfaction of knowing that she is lending NCL an interest free loan for 90 day or more after they give her the official word....and how much they need the money. Otherwise, between Canada being closed and NCL already publishing the earliest possible sailing dates for their ships well after her proposed cruise, can't think of what else you could say.
  6. No way in the world would I give Cambodia or any other country, including Mexico expecting to ever see it again.
  7. Total dishonesty in the advertising. I used to be a major fan of NCL, 23 cruises with them. I'm becoming very suspicious of them. Chapter 11 and keeping the money is not unlikely I'm afraid.
  8. I tip a buck a drink if at the bar, two bucks to a server for each delivery if sitting out at a table. I do it only because I like the very hard working folks that make me very, very happy. I have no idea how much of the built in tip they actually get. In the total price of a cruise, this amounts to very little extra for me, but helps them a lot. I do not expect any extra service and am not bribing. I do it because I like to....makes me happy to help them just that little bit extra.
  9. My theory. Yes, they are industrial strength with the laundering. Do not send anything in that is expensive, delicate. They will be treated harshly. That's just the way the laundry works. Only laundry the basics that cannot or doesn't matter if they get abused. Expect some harsh treatment. Or don't use it. But......we're a long way right now from laundry issues......I wish.
  10. As each day passes, the uncertainty of all this becomes....well....more uncertain. There are no correct answers. NCL's wishful thinking and our speculation, just that....."here's what we hope to do, what we would like to do". But for now, don't book anything with an assumption that it will actually happen. My opinion.
  11. Well...although it appears that the Joy will still be sitting in Manila bay in the middle of July unloading crew, NCL is still selling tickets on her for Alaska cruises starting Sept. 7th, with a stop in Canada. She is still listed on the NCL site with Alaska cruises for the whole month of Sept. And I just got an NCL email reminding me to book quickly because the 5 bennies package is only good until June 30th.
  12. What was vs what will be, if or when, only guesses. However, my last cruise not long before shut down, yes, a laundry special during the week. $25 to stuff the bag.
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