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  1. I actually had an unusual experience where booking with my "big box" travel agency caused me to have twice the deposit cost as it would have been had I booked with Celebrity online (same overall cost, but more upfront). I was booking a "Celebrity Suite" on a 9 night cruise. I had $900 in FCC deposit from cancelled cruise which is what the deposit was when I tried to book online. Unfortunately the travel agent didn't have those suites available in their system so had to call Celebrity to do the booking. Celebrity rep then told TA that the deposit was $1800 rather than $900 and said that the web
  2. Well, I also REALLY want to go on my Alaska cruise April 30 and won't cancel unless Celebrity does or I'm sick -- so here's hoping!!!
  3. I appreciate this question -- been wondering myself. Currently booked on April 30 Alaska RT Seattle. I still very much want to go (got a great price on a Royal Suite). BUT -- if for whatever reason Celebrity has to cancel, I would hope that I would get a full REFUND instead of FCC (to give me more flexibility if/when i re-book a trip)
  4. Thank you for this -- so tired of the entire board filled with Coronavirus!
  5. I would also love an answer to this one. Can't seem to find it. Thanks!
  6. I have read a few very negative reviews on the noise from the pool deck above. You might want to research or consider another deck if available.
  7. Just booked a royal suite on the Millennium. I booked 6134. Any trouble with noise from nearby stairs or elevator? thanks! (first time in one of their big suites)
  8. Just grabbed a Celebrity Suite on the April 30 Alaska RT from Seattle. First time in this type of suite, but great price for an Alaska cruise suite!!! Prices are already up a little just from yesterday.
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