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  1. It was sold however it is still cruising for Royal this year
  2. There are no available cruises that I can find online until March 27. Is Grandeur OK? I ask because I have a cruise booked at the end of Feb. and I did not think it was sold out.
  3. All the cruise lines you mention are mainstream cruise lines. On average they are probably slightly better than Carnival and RCL the two companies that own Holland and Celebrity but not premium cruise lines.
  4. I noticed vibration when I sailed on an inside aft cabin.
  5. Do they serve the regular Chops lunch menu at embarkation if you are not doing the Key?
  6. I sailed on the Insignia loved eating meals on the stern. Great cruise.
  7. I believe the BSE allows you to add things to original bookings without changing the original fair, just paying for the new items you want. We just added the beverage package+wifi+gratuities for $40 per day
  8. My experience, for what it is worth, is that on most cruise lines is that they ignore alcohol brought in from ports, except if you have it delivered to the boat directly from a shop that offers duty free.
  9. I think calling RCL will provide a correct answer about 50% of the time.😁
  10. The price is about $75 for just the one person who drinks soda. Breakeven is about 3 sodas a day.
  11. On one of my Princess cruises and on a Cunard cruise I ended up with prepaid gratuities and no idea how it happened.
  12. What is the emergency airport info in the planner used for? I have a trip planned where we will probably spend a few days in the area post trip and wondering if we should put our home airport or the destination airport.
  13. I think it is the new BSE reaching a peak. This is because it is a great sale and can be applied to previous bookings. I applied it to a booking I made a year ago. I don't think it helps that the travel agents are also calling Princess about the BSE even though they shouldn't have to.
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