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  1. We are sailing from Barcelona to Barcelona from Oct 19 - Oct 30. Then from Barcelona to Lisbon from Oct 30 - Nov 7. So you are on the sailing after that.
  2. I thought about the dry dock possibility, but this cruise is only for 11 days, and the sailings after that are still booking. 11 days is kind of a short time for a dry dock? Who knows?
  3. We are booked on the infinity on October 19, 2021 from Barcelona for 11 days. It's still on the Celebrity's website but it's showing no cabins available on all categories. I know it was supposed to be a transatlantic cruise before, but Celebrity changed it to a cruise on the Med, and there are a few more cruises on that ship after that before the season ends. So I called Celebrity and asked them if Infinity is still sailing on the Med. The agent said yes, but the reason why it's showing no cabins left to book, is because they are doing something to the itinerary, so they close the booking. I
  4. Thank you everyone for replying my post. It definitely helps us get an insight of Azamara since we have not cruised with them before. Thank you Grandma Cruising for posting the daily programs. I noticed that the music and dancing venues are scheduled in the evening for either 45 minutes or an hour at a time, and then the lounge is used for another function. Just wondering after the Karaoke event, do they reopen the lounge for more music and dancing? I must say we do enjoy the big production shows with the elaborate stage sets on bigger ships. But we have an open mind and would like to experi
  5. Hi folks, we have travelled with various cruise lines including Celebrity, Princess, Cunard, Disney, Royal Caribbean, HAL, NCL, Costa, MSC and Carnival. We are looking at an itinerary with Azamara Quest for next January to South America. We have never sailed on a small ship before. We looked at some footages on YouTube to get an idea of what the ship is like. We enjoy doing some ballroom dancing and wonder how many dance venues are on this ship. We noticed there is the "Living Room" lounge that offers a live band and some dancing. We also saw the "Cabaret Lounge" on YouTube, and there is a st
  6. Hi folks, we are attracted by the ports offered for the Oktoberfest cruise on the Island Princess. Just wondering if anyone has been on an Oktoberfest cruise with Princess before. We would like to know if there are going to be a lot of "Oktoberfest" related activities onboard during the cruise. If that is the case, it might be too much of a theme cruise for us, because we are interested on this particular cruise in September because of the ports it is visiting, not necessary because of the theme itself. We enjoy doing some ballroom dancing, and we have always enjoyed on varies Princess cruises
  7. Thank you so much for replying my post. Wonderful pictures, that gives me a good idea of how she looks after the refurbishment. Thanks again!
  8. We are considering a cruise on the NCL Spirit for next February. We have sailed on her twice before. I understand that she just went through a refurbishment this February. Does anyone have any pictures of the ship after the refurbishment they can pose? I am particularly interested in the Atruim area, Champagne Charlie, the Spinnaker lounge and the other lounge that was at the back of the casino. (I think it's called Bliss?) In essence, all the public areas that have music and a dance floor. Any other information are welcome on this ship. Thank you. Stay safe!
  9. Thank you all for replying my post. I will be checking out these sequence dance instructions on Youtube!
  10. Thank you everyone for replying my post. I am searching up all these sequence dances that are mentioned on YouTube! Is there someone who "regulates" how many dances are going to be sequence dances and how many are regular ballroom or Latin dances. When a new song starts, how do people know if they are supposed to do a sequence dance or a regular dance?
  11. Hi Folks, we have sailed on various cruise lines but have never sailed with P & O before. We are considering a 14 day cruise in February to the Caribbean. We enjoy ballroom dancing and have seen the Crystal Room on You Tube. Could you please tell us if there is ballroom dancing every night on the ship . We are from Canada and are not familiar with the Sequence Dance that the British folks enjoy, although we have seen it while we sailed on Cunard a few times. The ballroom dancing in the Crystal Room, is it mainly Sequence Dances or it's just a small part of it? We enjoy doing ballroom danci
  12. We are considering the Constellation for a 10 day cruise on the Croatia side in November. Just wondering if any folks have kept the recent daily schedules they can post so I can get an idea of what entertainment activities are offered in the evening. Do they still offer an one hour pre-recorded ballroom music tape during the evening? We enjoy doing a bit of dancing after dinner. How many dance venues with either a live band or DJ are there? What type of music do they play? Any other info on the ship is welcome. Thank you in advance.
  13. Thank you for your reply. If we take the train from Cobh to Cork, once we get off the train in Cork, how far is the train station to the city center? Is it walking distance? If not, how much would a taxi cost? How much time should I allocate to visit Cork? Just looking at the architecture of the buildings, browsing the exterior of the shops...etc. Don't think we will spend any time inside museums this time. What are the interesting things to see in Cork?
  14. Hi folks, we will be visiting Cobh (Cork), Belfast, Waterford (Dunmore East) with Celebrity cruise in August. Wondering if there will be local vendors selling you tours or taxi rides to visit the local attractions once you get off the ship? Any ideas what is the cost for 2 people in a taxi from Cobh to Cork, return trip? I read somewhere that in Belfast, there are local vendors in the pier once you get off to sell you tours? We have been to the Giant Causeway before, so might be interested just to take a taxi tour to visit Belfast city itself. We will be docked in
  15. Thanks for the dailies. This is a great source of information for us. Just wondering, if I want to backtrack to read a daily that was from a previous day, is there a way to do so on the link? Because when I click on the link, it gives me the schedule for the current day, but I missed reading a couple of days back, and would like to backtrack and read them if I could access to them. Thanks again!
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