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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Going to Normandy is on my 'list' ...could you share the name of the tour operator? He sounds like someone I'd like to do business with.
  2. Today I received three emails from Cunard apologizing for the delay in refunding my shore excursions from the 2020 World Cruise. They said the refunds have been processed and I should get them credited to my cc's this week. The amounts were $3450 for an African Safari, $290 for a Mauritus excursion and another one for $252 that I don't recognize but maybe port fees? I don't know. Nothing about the remaining days of the cruise for which I requested a refund, but I was glad to get these and hope the money does actually show up this week.
  3. I haven't received a refund but I did get a call (two in fact) from Cunard last week about the amounts for FCC and refund for the world cruise. The FCC amount for us, based on what we paid for our cabin, would be $12809 per person or $9607.17 cash per person. They're still looking into why I haven't got my excursion refund (over $3K) and they'll check on where my excess baggage refund is. According to the caller the UK office is supposed to 'load the fcc' to the system this week.
  4. I left my luggage on the QM2 when we were sent off at Fremantle. Fortunately for us the ship steamed to Southampton and we now have all our luggage returned to us here in the US. But... One of my pieces was sent back to the UK for having a 'prohibitive item' in it. The item was cash! In my haste to pack I had put an envelope with 95 pound sterling and about 5 euro in the suitcase. They're trying to catch drug money of course but my little amount got swept up in the crosshairs. Once back in the UK the money was removed and my bag was resent to me. Luggage Forward was great about this and kept me informed the whole way...phone calls everyday. The thing is, they can't send the money to me so I'm out of luck. They are going to try to credit my account but if they can't I asked that it be donated to a local food bank. I hope others don't wind up in the same situation or at least that it involves very little cash!
  5. Thank you for posting this Bluemarble...that is certainly our guy! He was not getting off that ship that's for sure. I noticed Roy posted that he understood that Southampton was the destination the whole time. That's correct but on the 1st day we were in Fremantle the Captain announced we would be heading to Mauritus and still hoped to dock in Cape town, etc. That all changed the next day but I think that might be what he was referring to in the article. It's interesting that the Costa ship docked with us in Fremantle on the 16th continued their world cruise (but with no stops) with their passengers on board. They just recently docked in Italy, their final stop. The Princess Pacific also continued on without stops, it's odd that different lines did things differently.
  6. For the life of me I don't understand why anyone would be concerned if 2 or 200 or 2000 people stayed on board after Fremantle. Cunard put a process in place and those people who were on board apparently followed that process and stayed. I'm just glad the ship is safely in Southampton, how people get home is their own business.😷 I do believe the QM2's experience informed the Amsterdam's response. The QM2 had a scant 24 hours to get this done while the Amsterdam had days. They are both under the same corporate umbrella so I wouldn't be surprised to find they learned from each other. One thing that the Amsterdam was able to do (as detailed by someone on their forum), was to provide an escort, someone from the ship's crew to accompany an elderly lady back to the US the entire way. If they did it for one, they might have done it for others. If the QM2 had had the time they might have been able to do the same. As it was I think they did a fantastic job in the time they had.
  7. Passengers from the Amsterdam who could not fly due to medical reasons were transferred to the Pacific Princess which was in Fremantle at the same time. The PP is on it's way to LA to disembark their own passengers who could not fly along with the ones from HAL and I believe some from the Seaborne world cruise as well. The Amsterdam is taking it's crew home instead of returning directly to the US.
  8. I wish those of you now 'wondering' how people could fly home from London but couldn't fly from Perth (and we don't know how many there are, we have heard from exactly ONE who has said she will be flying home from the UK) could have been there in the medical center with me the day before we all had to get off. You might not be so quick to question their motives. We had 24 hours notice to get off the ship and the stress level was VERY HIGH. Try to imagine if you had a serious medical condition under those circumstances. I know it's hard to remember now but the day before the announcement we were all off the ship, going to markets, eating at restaurants, it really didn't seem so bad then bang you're kicked off the ship and sent on a long journey home. For us it was three planes and four airports, London to NY is a breeze compared to that. In the end I chose to leave but I honestly thought, had I stayed, that we might have had a chance to take the QM2 home with perhaps a little delay in the UK. At that time, from where we were, I thought the situation might improve (yeah I know I was wrong). That said, I did also think there was a chance I would have to fly home from the UK had I stayed...maybe with a little medication help so it was in the back of my mind. Another factor was that a number of the folks looking to stay were by themselves. Imagine going by yourself through multiple airports with your luggage when you're not well. I was lucky to have my husband for support. A number of you questioned why shorter trips couldn't have been arranged. A lady down in the med center with us wanted to do just that, no more then 7 hour flights. She had a heart condition and the ship's doctor told her if she stayed and had a heart attack while on board she would die. I'm pretty sure she did fly home the next day but I don't know if she got her short flights.
  9. No entertainment, very limited access to public areas, no choice of dining. And then they of course brought up the prospect of someone testing positive and how that would look...confined to rooms for the duration, etc. A lot of the discussion was about how things would be in April when the ship actually got to the UK. I wondered if it would blow over by then but the nurse in particular talked a lot about how other viruses in the past have acted, SARS, H1N1 for example. She thought it would be worse by mid April...and I guess she was right.
  10. Well I don't know how rigorous it turned out to be. This was the process that I went through...first you had to inform the pursers office of your request for medical dispensation. Around noon on the 15th (everyone had to leave on the 16th remember) someone delivered the medical waiver to your cabin for you to fill out. This waiver released Cunard from any legal obligation should you get sick or injured on the trip home. It required your signature and the doctors/medical professional's as well. You had to present yourself to the medical unit between 3-6 that afternoon for evaluation. We went down around 2:40 and it was already packed with people. I don't remember what time I was actually called in, maybe 5ish or so. I had to meet with a nurse first. With her you explained your situation (severe anxiety in my case, I hadn't flown in 30 years) and she bluntly told us what it was going to be like on the ship should we stay. The nurse flat out told us they couldn't force us to leave. In the end I agreed to see the doctor, but my impression was that if I said okay, I understand the situation but I want to stay then I would have been allowed to. Of course I didn't test that. After another wait I went into see the doctor who again went over the conditions on the ship after Fremantle. She was actually pretty good in bucking me up for flying and in the end she gave me a prescription for anti-anxiety medication (and the pills) and I left. When we walked out of her office we saw no one was there. It was after 6PM and everyone else had been told to leave and they would get a call. There must have been hundreds more people waiting because I know some people were up in the Royal Court Theater waiting their turn. Were all those people called? I have no idea, I suspect many of them are the people currently on board. The medical unit could have been seeing people the next morning but I have no knowledge of that. It would have been cutting it pretty close. As it was I didn't get our flight request in until 7pm on the 15th but I had all our flights reserved by noon the next day (16th) and we were off the ship by 3pm. It was a very stressful couple of days!
  11. Cunard has posted a form to fill out if you want to forfeit the 125% FCC. I know we were given that figure on the truncated world cruise but I'm not sure how this applies to anyone else, or even how it applies to us on the world cruise for sure. Regardless I thought everyone should see it. https://www.cunard.com/en-us/request
  12. In Captain Ricky post above he quotes the original HAL corporate letter regarding people staying on board who have health issues...That verbiage is almost exactly what was read to us by our Captain on the QM2. It's interesting that the actual (delayed) letter signed by the Amsterdam's Captain distributed to guests left that paragraph out. Could it have been the Captain's decision? I'm not saying he wouldn't have had good reason but the Amsterdam does seem to be the only ship not offering that option. I agree with Captain Ricky in that excessive and perhaps needless stress was added to an already tough situation on the Amsterdam. As to the strange Durban approach by the QM2 talked about earlier...There is someone on the QM2 right now posting on occasion and they said high winds caused them to divert from Durban during their initial approach. Hopefully they will be able to get in when the weather permits. As always my thoughts are with my former shipmates in hopes they get home safe and sound.
  13. I don't know where you got the impression that I thought things were great on the ship and I know they aren't home. I went through the medical center process (I'm afraid of flying but went anyway) and they told us that public areas would be closed, dining options limited and that they really didn't know how the refueling would go. They made it sound as dire as possible, still people chose to stay and I use the word 'chose' loosely as those who stayed could not fly for medical reasons. My only point in the original post was that different Carnival Corp cruise lines handled the same problem differently. I met a lot of the folks still on the ship and they are in my thoughts everyday. I wish them and the crew well.
  14. I think it's interesting to see how Carnival Corp handled it's different cruise lines in this matter. We were on the QM2 (Cunard). Our ship's situation was different in that we were already in Fremantle when at 7:45 AM on March 15th the Captain came over the PA to tell us the world cruise was ending and we had to be off the ship by the end of the next day (16th). We didn't get a multi-day warning to pack or prepare ourselves. Cunard did everyone's flight arrangements. You had until 2PM to get your preferences in (on the 15th), but we didn't get ours in until near 7PM but still received our flight arrangements by 11:30AM the next day (16th) and had to be off the ship between 2-4 PM. We flew out that night Perth/Sydney/LA/Boston. If they couldn't get you flights out then you were put up in hotels. There were some glitches with that I hear but I think it was eventually sorted out. In addition, somewhere around 250-300 people were allowed to stay on for medical reasons. They're on their way back to Southampton now. I don't know why HAL took such a hard line with that. I've been on a HAL world cruise, loved it and I like HAL as a cruise line but I think they handled things the worse of all the Carnival Corp lines, for what reason I don't know. For those who are tech savvy like Pete this was not bad at all but for a lot of folks, maybe most folks, that must have been a nightmare.
  15. I was one of the ones going down to see the doctor to stay onboard the QM2. In the end I decided to brave the flight and now I'm home...but this post isn't about me (except to say I've traveled all over the world without flying, it can be done). While waiting for the doctor we spoke to many of the other passengers wanting to stay on the ship and were able to follow up with some of them later. These were not all 'fear of flying' people. There are genuine medical reasons for not being able to stand the pressure inside an aircraft. Of the Americans we spoke to the attitude was...well they'll start doing transatlantics again sometime, as soon as they can... then I'll go home... One women we spoke with (American) has friends in the UK and relatives in Denmark. She planned to wait it out. I will admit there was one Brit we spoke with who did not go down to medical but wasn't going to leave. He told us he paid to go round trip Southampton and that's what he was going to do. He also said that he would strip down to his underwear if they tried to force him off to make a scene. He was laughing as he told us this. We have no idea if he's still on the ship. The last we saw of him he was lounging on deck 7 after lunch on disembarkation day. He wasn't even going to go down to the pursers office to tell them he was staying.
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