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  1. Does anyone know where the cruise shuttle drops off in downtown Adelaide? I've done a search of this forum and haven't seen anyone else ask. I'm hoping it would be near the visitor information center. Thanks.
  2. We were able to make the $100 deposit. Our TA told us there had been no decision made (at that time) about the Grand Asia and they may in fact do another Grand Africa. It looks like it's between those two for 2021, but who knows.
  3. Thanks. We are actually Diamond level and have taken 10 transatlantics however we always had our car waiting for us in the parking lot so we never paid attention to the cabs or transfers. In the past we always did self disembark but I'm not sure we'll be able to handle the luggage down the ramp this time. I totally agree with you on the train times. 11:30 is not the best but it's the only train that goes directly from NYC to NH. Of course we could go through Boston on Acela but that's a pain especially on the weekends when there are fewer trains/buses running. That's our backup plan if we don't make it to Penn Station in time. Oh, and I know what you mean about Penn Station...absolutely the worse! I do know where the metropolitan lounge is, we've used it before. Thanks again for posting the information.
  4. Great info from you and underwtr. We hope to make an 11:30 train from Penn Station and I was worried about taking the Cunard transfer.
  5. Cruise NH


    There's been an ongoing thread about it... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2684805-film-crew-and-cast-on-board/
  6. An alternative to the expensive Passport Health people may be found in your local hospital. We were surprised to learn that ours had a 'Travel Office' that consulted for those going abroad and had all the necessary shots. An added bonus was that they had access to all our records and could update them as well. Also, after consulting with the Doctor and reviewing our itinerary and ages, she gave us a letter saying the yellow fever shot was, counter-something or other, forgot the official word but bottom line we didn't get the shots. They are not there to sell shots, they are there to give advice (and provide the shots only if needed). It doesn't hurt to check it out (and we live in rural NH not near a major city).
  7. A person on board reported on twitter that the one of the pods had to be looked at for some reason. They came to an all stop, it was dealt with and they moved on.
  8. One other suggestion...when my husband downloads things he forgets to look in the lower left corner of the screen where the doc shows and can be clicked on, renamed, saved elsewhere etc. He keeps expecting it to open in a new box...regardless of how many times I've shown him...😋
  9. From the Cunard Q&A site... With Cunard's White Star Luggage Service™ provided by Luggage Forward®, your bags are collected from your home and delivered to the ship, and then back home again. To schedule your shipment, please visit https://www.luggageforward.com/book/cunard or call Luggage Forward directly. From the US or any other location call +1 920 231 5114, from the UK call +44 2033 754769.
  10. If you'll need to do laundry after your trip, then opt for Springhill Suites/Residence Inn near the pier. The two hotels back one another, I prefer the Springhill Suites myself. The laundry facilities take credit cards.
  11. Who would go if they didn't broadcast football?😁
  12. On our 50 day Ft Lauderdale round trip (South America) last year we were upgraded to Diamond status in the middle of the trip. We were given to believe we would not be. It was a pleasant surprise. We were booked as one voyage, not two segments b2b.
  13. When I did the 2017 world cruise there were binoculars provided in the balcony (deck 6), and suites (deck 7) only.
  14. I'm going to say no. Even if you're flight arrives on time, you have to count on at least 45 minutes to get off the plane and get all your luggage. Then you have to go through customs...the luggage and customs are two things you have no control over...it could all go well or all go to you know what. Then you have finding your transfer - and if the transfer is through Cunard you may have to wait until other passengers on different flights arrive - and then drive into London. Do you really want to put yourself through that kind of stress on your first day of vacation?
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