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  1. When I did the 2017 world cruise there were binoculars provided in the balcony (deck 6), and suites (deck 7) only.
  2. I'm going to say no. Even if you're flight arrives on time, you have to count on at least 45 minutes to get off the plane and get all your luggage. Then you have to go through customs...the luggage and customs are two things you have no control over...it could all go well or all go to you know what. Then you have finding your transfer - and if the transfer is through Cunard you may have to wait until other passengers on different flights arrive - and then drive into London. Do you really want to put yourself through that kind of stress on your first day of vacation?
  3. It was obviously a rhetorical question. Though apparently not obvious to all 🤔
  4. I checked my account this morning and saw our world cruise cabin number was assigned for the 2021 world cruise. We had put a $100 deposit on it. The next question is how much is this going to cost???
  5. I'm sure they will gladly store your luggage until check in time while you go explore the city. We do it all the time...sometimes we're even surprised with a room being available!
  6. Of course I can't tell for sure but I did hand write 'please use cold water' on my laundry slip. The items came back fine, no shrinkage or fading so I thought at the time they had done as I had asked. Maybe just a question to housekeeping while on board about this would help ease your mind on whether they will use cold water upon request.
  7. I wonder if a grand asia tour is in the cards for 2021, maybe not with the wc going to Asia. Pralientje - I agree that's a lot of money!
  8. This was on youtube. It looks like they start with getting off the ferry at Red Hook (qm2) and then their return trip.
  9. Does the ferry run year round? Even in the dead of winter?
  10. This is exactly our situation as well. Good problem to have.
  11. Thanks for the reassurance. It seems so odd to carry two passports. I sure the heck did not want to go through the Chinese visa process again! Unfortunately my husband does need to get a new one from India because his Visa was only for a year (while they gave me a 10 year one).
  12. I know that you are supposed to be able to use your still valid Visa (ex. India, China, Brazil) even though you have a new passport. Again I know this is supposed to be okay but has anyone ever experienced this? Have you ever handed in two passports (valid current one and old one with still valid visa) into the cruise line? What has been your experience? Any problems either with the cruise line or the countries requiring a visa? Thanks.
  13. Is there information (rumors) that they will offer it again in 2021? We would love to do that itinerary.
  14. My worst nightmare realized! We were on the 2017 WC and while in Mumbai we bought decorated ceremonial knives (not at all sharp and in holders) as gifts. I knew they might be confiscated and worried I would forget about them in all the activity at the end of the cruise. On the bus back to the ship I bundled them together as tightly as I could so maybe just maybe they would look like something else going through x-ray. It did get a 2nd look by the guy on the machine, and had he asked we would of identified them for what they were but we got through. The funny thing is I almost forgot them anyway. I had put them and some other things we bought way at the back of the tallest shelf...almost missed them! Now I inventory things we buy and make sure I have them all at final packing. I've enjoyed your blog and wish you the best for your trip home.
  15. John and Diane - First let me say how much I've enjoyed your blog. Great writing and always entertaining. In a previous entry regarding your move to an oceanview cabin you wrote "On Deck 2, we had the Promenade Deck above us with walking noise, the cabins on Deck 3 are just too small, so here we are where we like to be (if we can’t have a verandah)." Are these really so bad on deck 2? We were planning on booking one soon. I realize the promenade is right above but I thought that would be more daytime noise when we wouldn't be in the cabin much. Am I wrong? I'd appreciate any input. I also thought deck 1 would have engine noise, is this wrong? Thanks.
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