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  1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! I was thrilled too to be back on the water and I am missing it already. I’m trying to convince DH we need to go again before 2021!
  2. To reach Honfleur the riverboats actually leave the Seine and enter the English Channel for 5 minutes or so then enter the port so not sure why April is an issue. Le Havre is the industrial port that doesn’t close so maybe the Honfleur port doesn’t open that early? I was on the 11 day Gems of Normandy and the Seine in August on the Scenic Gem and docking in Honfleur was one of the main reasons we chose Scenic. Going to The Somme was another.
  3. Yikes! Glad to read nobody was hurt. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I just searched on Danube cruises of 14+ days. The following dates came up leaving from Amsterdam: September 30 - standard itinerary October 9 - varied itinerary October 14 - standard itinerary October 16 - varied itinerary - on the Scenic Jasper October 21 - standard itinerary November 6 - varied itinerary
  5. I know from my experience that not all cruises show up on their website unless you specifically search for it. I was looking at Christmas markets and only the 8 day trips showed up until I searched for longer voyages. scenic is an Australian company and we really enjoyed or Seine cruise with them in August. If worried call their customer service line for North America 1-866-689-8611
  6. Thanks so much for this reply. Christmas markets would really be wonderful and we would hope to do it sooner but it all depends on DH’s work schedule. But he has his heart set on the Mekong for our 25 anniversary which is New Year’s Eve 2023 so time to work on getting me more able to handle the conditions. We may bring our kids who would be 22 and 19 at that time but have to think about that. They would be very respectful and love the trip but I know others may not like that they are on-board. I have a condition that has permanently affected the nerve in my left inner ear so my balance is compromised and I need to use a cane. I am very realistic about what I can and cannot do and would never want to hold anyone back. It is kind of like permanent vertigo which I have been learning to control/live with for the last 4 years.
  7. We want to book a Christmas markets cruise but hesitating because of water levels and with my medical condition bus trips are not possible. So it may be in Asia or south of France.
  8. Yes the river boats do a safety drill before leaving its embarkation point. There are many ways to get out, wide hallways plus emergency alarms all of which were lacking on the dive boat. There was only one exit via a narrow ladder-like stairway through the galley, or so our news reported. The bunks were all closely packed and only the 5 crew awake could escape. What a tragedy. I’ve only been on one riverboat so others can put your mind at ease but what I saw was wide corridors, wider stairs, exits to outside on both sides of the lobby.
  9. That is too bad. I saw my mum just cut the amount of weeks she needed from the 30 day sheets that were supplied. Sorry for my autocorrect typos but at least you could understand what I was trying to say. Enjoy your cruise.
  10. We put them on at the hotel the morning of the cruise and borrow a stapler from the front desk. I don’t fly with them on as they can be ripped off. If you are not going to a hotel then hole punch them at home and bring elastics, string or zip ties to attach in the airport before you go to the port.
  11. I have had to transport injectables across the boarder before so brought a letter from my doctor as I would have lost my pregnancy without the daily heparin injections. Everyone read that letter, even the ship. Most pharmacies now will put prescriptions in daily blister packs for you with the Rex attached. Why don’t you request that service for the duration of your trip? It is free, or is here. It made life so much easier for my mother as she just opened one blister package a day. Much easier to transport.
  12. I enjoyed your posts very much. I hope one day to do this cruise. Safe travels today and glad you could find a flight into Tampa.
  13. Hi Mark, I have a food issue with cream so I understand intolerances. The boat will speak to you after you board if you disclose your issue on the preboarding documents. If you didn’t, just tell your waiter first meal or speak to the Hotel manager and they will ensure you are looked after. I didn’t notice gluten free bread but I wasn’t looking for it. Enjoy your trip. Scenic really does take care of everything for you.
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