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  1. Much of the West of Germany has returned to level 1 storm warning or even no warning. The weather has brightened up. Kaub now at 116cm. No further rise apart from the odd centimetre expected. Which means it is still relatively low but not a problem for river cruise ships. Barges at this level sail with "half load". notamermaid
  2. I hope everyone has returned safely. It has been quite an eventful 36 hours but the storm has eased now somewhat. Strongish winds remain and there is still a warning for the mountains of the Black Forest and the Breisgau (Freiburg, etc.) till late at night and in the East of Germany for a bit longer. There was a tornado in Emmerich near the Dutch border yesterday evening and in the Netherlands there have been mini tornadoes today. Unfortunately the danger is not over for the coasts as they expect a storm surge. The water has already pushed up the Elbe and has flooded the Fish Market in Hamburg (they get that occasionally, so know it, but is always a little worrying). Kaub at 100cm. notamermaid
  3. Yeeaahh... Not so good. Mind you, situation in my country not brilliant either. Basically, I just do not want to sort out going through Belgium, France, a Eurotunnel terminal with unvaccinated children prancing around (as joyful as that could be in normal pre-Christmas excitement) and fully vaccinated adults constantly using the terminal toilets because the train toilets are closed. I would go from exposing myself to 100 people in four days to 100 people in an hour. I feel I am not ready for it. I doubt I can in November or December. I really need to have another search for the canal and aqueduct photos. Not sure which folder they are in on my computer, they are not on my camera anymore. Organization admittedly lacking a bit. notamermaid
  4. @SCBarker Nice to hear from you. Hope Strasbourg was great. Are/were you docked in the Strasbourg docks or in Kehl on the Rhine from where you crossed over into France? notamermaid
  5. That is very understandable. I cannot even get myself to planning a trip to Alsace. And I am too afraid to go to Britain. If I could transport myself to a village in Northern England without a plane or a wobbly ferry or a crowded train I might, but Kent? I will have to admit to my dear people there soon that I will not be coming for another while. Currently considering three nights in the Black Forest or another three nights near Würzburg. notamermaid
  6. Ahh, I seem to remember it was you who mentioned that you like the Plan Incliné at St. Louis Arzviller in Alsace. Am I right? There is by the way, another one, absolutely huge monster, a proper vertical lift in Belgium. Strepy-Thieu, a modern replacement of a small older type. The old one is now heritage/museum status. Come to think of it, I should go into more detail on this some time... Must admit though that the Arzviller hill climb lift looks kind of more appealing in its engineering. I have stood at the top, but not been in a boat on it. Seen Strepy-Thieu from a distance. notamermaid
  7. Note that this a Viking US policy because they can do that. In Britain so far this was not allowed under EU regulations (consumer rights, etc.) Have not heard if this changes. No company in the EU does that as far as I know. 30 to 90 days is standard. Even promotional offers do not have a one year before wanting full payment policy as far as I know. The promotion may play into your booking with Viking but I tend to find their promotions misleading (this also does not happen in the EU). What may seem like a massive reduction/offer may not be so favourable when you do the detailed pricing calculation with another line. The British and US website differ a lot from each other. Personally, I find the telephone rep a bit cheeky, "commitment from passengers?!". I do not want to go deeper into that topic... Just a bit of background to explain why I go with @Coral that I would never book with Viking. If you can accept the policy for yourself and keep your booking you can look forward to a great cruise. There are thousands of happy customers of Viking for good reasons. If not, you may want to take the advice and cancel, there is much on offer elsewhere, especially on this popular route. Or indeed look at Viking again later in the year, but be prepared for your favourite date to be sold out then. Oh and, by the way, we usually recommend the stickies, the pinned threads on the title page of this forum, to new cruisers. Which I am doing now 🙂. So much helpful info. And talking of helpful - there are many people here on the forum eager to help with other questions you may have. Ask away! notamermaid
  8. The storm unfortunately also affected a river cruise ship during the night: https://www.rhein-zeitung.de/region/aus-den-lokalredaktionen/koblenz-und-region_artikel,-sturm-ignatz-fahrgastschiff-faehrt-auf-der-mosel-bei-koblenz-gegen-bruecke-_arid,2324547.html A ship coming from Cologne on its way to Luxembourg, hit the railway line bridge over the Moselle at the Koblenz suburb called Güls. A sudden gust of wind pushed it too close to one of the pillars so that it hit one of the arched spans of the bridge. After examination and emergency repairs (see photo) it could sail on to Cochem. The bridge has been established as being safe. Name of ship not disclosed. This morning the main railway line on the left bank between Cologne and Koblenz was closed due to a train colliding with a tree branch on the rails. For several hours traffic was diverted via the right bank. In the far North of the country near Kiel a tornado caused major damage. notamermaid
  9. @Second seating Mont St. Michel is a magical, mystical place. I am sure you will love it. I like this story of the angel flying back to the island in 2016 - with a helicopter: https://www.dw.com/en/angel-back-atop-frances-mont-saint-michel/a-19285761 More recently, the Abbey was bathed in light with an accompanying music event. Perhaps not to everybody's liking but certainly an interesting idea: https://www.dw.com/en/light-and-music-show-on-mont-saint-michel/av-59302050 notamermaid
  10. Storm has increased in Bavaria, force 9 in the valley today, the Bavarian Forest is worse. Pfelling at 299cm, notable rise expected in the early hours of Friday. notamermaid
  11. Well, I certainly did not sleep well, a mix of storm and full moon effects. It is still stormy but it has moved on to the East, the heaviest gusts can now be expected in Thuringia, towards Dresden and into the Czech Republic, reaching force 11. Still expect force 9 to 10 near Breisach in the hills for example for much of the day. Not a good day for a Black Forest excursion. Branches and the occasional tree blocking country roads have been reported. Kaub at 92cm. Steady rise expected from this afternoon. notamermaid
  12. Lovely. I am sure it will do you tons of good. Have a great time. notamermaid
  13. Strasbourg confirmed as of 19 or 20 September by the lady mayor, German newspaper additionally confirms on 5 October mentioning that the plan is not to check vaccination status, i.e. no such restrictions. Supposed to start on 26 November but no events programme online yet: https://noel.strasbourg.eu/en/ Basel I do not know/have not checked. notamermaid
  14. Returning to Europe, let us have a close look at another German river - the Weser. This is a somewhat curious case as the river is navigable for 430km but hardly sailed by river cruise ships. It is suitable for goods transport and has been altered to accommodate such ships, it is a federal waterway. The river runs from South to North and drains a mountain range in the middle of Germany, then goes through the Northern Plains to meet the North Sea at Bremerhaven in a wide estuary. The river is seen as having two sources and rivers that form the river. They are the Fulda and the Werra, although historically the Werra has been seen as the upper part of the Weser (both names are related). The Fulda, by the way, also gives the name to a large town on its banks. They meet at Hannoversch Münden (Münden is related to Mund, which is also used to say that a river has its mouth or "mündet" into another river or the sea). From Hannoversch Münden* downstream to Minden the Oberweser (Upper Weser) is navigable for small barges but river cruise ships are not mentioned in the literature. With the maximum allowed dimensions being 85m by 11m for the vessels very few would fit the regulations. But there may be another reason I do not know about. It is much used by the regional leisure industry otherwise, though. Excursion boats even go up the Fulda. *Hann. Münden is seen much and the accepted official abbreviation/name of the town In Minden the river becomes interesting for river cruise ships. Let us get the basics out the way with the wikipedia page's map: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weser#/media/File:Weser_basin_topo.png (page itself not nearly as good as the German one) then in another post we will virtually travel along the Weser a bit till we meet the aqueduct at Minden, the second largest in Europe. notamermaid
  15. Pfelling is now at 303cm. A recovery that will last? Around Munich and towards the Danube the weather is better than in the majority of Germany, i.e. less storm now and in the next 12 hours, but increasing tomorrow. notamermaid
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