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  1. Well, we all know what the situation has been this year and when it hit us in Spring, TUI as a consequence postponed the launch of the three ships. CC informed us of the new plans in August: https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/5536/ 26th November it still is according to TUI's website, the wording says cancellations before or on 25th November on this page: https://www.tui.co.uk/destinations/info/coronavirus But there is trouble on the horizon potentially as Germany has declared the UK a risk zone. There is a headline in the questions section on that page which gives you a little information when you open it out with a click. Will it work out for UK cruisers? Who knows... The experience will be an altered one as many Christmas markets have already been cancelled. Large New Year's Eve celebrations at this point in time look unlikely. notamermaid
  2. Oh, good. The azulejos I have actually not known for that long. I had heard of them before, but saw how they are made in a demonstration and hand-painting session in the "Verrückt nach Fluss" series on television not so long ago. A couple on the river cruise had an excursion to a painting studio! But I know nothing further about the region and I do not recall seeing that building in the series. So, over to others. notamermaid
  3. Before I return to Liszt, let us have a look at the river levels. For river cruise ships this has been a good year for sailing on the Rhine so far. Yes, maddeningly, when nobody can sail, the Rhine is giving us good conditions. So far this year, we have not had a single day of "low water" in river cruise terms. We experience that when the level at Kaub falls close to 78cm on the gauge. At that figure the navigation channel is only 190cm deep. There has also been little flooding. So, it has been a month since I posted the last graph, therefore here for reference for future years if you like, is the next one: This looks good and with the Autumn temperatures that we have and light rain forecast, the situation looks good going into November. notamermaid
  4. The exposed bells in the tower make me think of Southwest Europe. If the blue tiles are azulejos then I say: Douro river. Some cloister perhaps? And at that point I need to leave it, hear from you tomorrow. notamermaid
  5. Right, wild card! Who would like to post a photo? notamermaid
  6. Breaking news After Frankfurt on the Main a couple of days ago with their Christmas market, Nuremberg have just announced that they have cancelled the Christkindlesmarkt. notamermaid
  7. Thanks for the info, jazzbeau. Steering along the road without hitting the curb of politics is not easy at times, struggling to keep in the lane myself at times. Shall be even more vigilant in the future. notamermaid P.S.: Sorry about the road imagery, could not think of something with sailing and river cruises...
  8. That was quick. Nijmegen, I have never been there. Looks more and more interesting. I read it is Roman in origin. Did you go on a river cruise? It is not so often stopped at I think. Love the church, amazingly old. notamermaid
  9. Our clocks went back to Winter time yesterday. One may prefer to turn back the clock to June last year (reports suggest the virus may have first appeared in humans in August). Cases in Germany are rising dizzyingly fast. The building of the Robert Koch Institute (the disease experts) has been the target of an arson attack, little damage thankfully. Jens Spahn has sent a video message that he is doing okay. Europe is going downhill fast. Hospital patients have been transported from the Czech Republic and the Netherlands to Germany as we have more capacity. Yesterday a very dear person suggested that we could spent the next nine months in a permanent drunken state and regain normal state when this is all over. Or might a kind of hibernation be preferable? Would it be good to be able to see now nine months into the future in the crystal ball? Hang on, we shape the future, it is in our hands (from a science-based human standpoint I wholeheartedly agree with Mrs. Merkel in that), we know what we can do. What the crystal ball thinks now is not what we need to see in nine months time. While we sit out the rest of the year and wait, we can keep busy with dreaming about destinations and in this picture gallery I am sure you will recognize some. Beautiful and unusual clocks in Europe: https://m.dw.com/en/the-most-beautiful-clocks-in-europe/g-45211089 notamermaid
  10. A photo gallery by Deutsche Welle takes us on a short visual trip through Magdeburg, the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt. Quaint place? No! Old? Yes! Magdeburg is very much a mix spanning 1,200 years of history: https://m.dw.com/en/ten-reasons-and-more-for-magdeburg/g-55344826 notamermaid
  11. @vada_9 Thank you for the photos. I understand the construction now. Fascinating engineering. notamermaid
  12. A stone door frame, yes, I would assume that now. Most likely a lion, if it is Marcus (Mark) the evangelist that is with him then an ecclesiastical building makes more sense than a castle or palace. Seems a little older to me than baroque. Wish I could remember more about Cologne Cathedral, must be about ten years since I was in last. I would put this more in Germany than Austria, but that is just a feeling. notamermaid
  13. Sorry to read that and glad they were able to help you quickly. You can post so you are already on the mend I gather. Hope you regain your strength quickly. And cruise we will, no doubt, could just take a tiny bit longer than we originally thought. notamermaid
  14. Hmmm, happy angels playing instruments. Four of them on ceiling boss? I reckon a musical venue or designated ballroom in castle or palace. Age very difficult to say. Location or even river - no idea. notamermaid
  15. @vada_9 The steps is probably what got me confused. The photo shows a half open gate with a view of a closed gate. This kind of close-up photo does not really work at the locks I know. I thought you were at a ship lift. Does this work as chamber after chamber without real sailing in-between? Sounds more like English canal flights of locks than a standard European river lock. Fascinating hydrological engineering. Looking forward to QueenOfEverything's photo. notamermaid
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