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  1. Here is a short geography test (moan...) Now seriously, this is important, we really need to pay homage to this place this year (alright then...) The Rhine borders on or flows through Switzerland, France, Germany, the Netherlands and ...? Austria! And ...? Liechtenstein! Somewhere on the Alpine Rhine there is this little place - the sixth smallest country in the world according to German wikipedia - that celebrates its 300th year as an independent country this year. This is Liechtenstein on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liechtenstein And here is an article by Deutsche Welle: https://www.dw.com/en/300-years-of-liechtenstein/g-47168856 notamermaid
  2. Indeed. And the report of the BAfG authorities speaks of stagnating or only slightly falling levels for the coming seven days (counting from yesterday). Pfelling is currently at 352cm, a big drop which was to be expected after the high volume of water the Danube carried from rain in Bavaria and further upstream. Rain is forecast to start during tomorrow and increasing till Tuesday (some rain clouds have already swept over Bavaria today). So more water is coming down the tributaries and the Danube itself before the level has a chance to drop much further. notamermaid
  3. Thank you for the info, Kenster. Starting in Linz is quite unusual. Avalon really does things differently on this itinerary. Looking forward to your views on this trip. Have a great time. notamermaid
  4. Not really, but I am more confident about there being few problems than I was a week ago. Here is why: foodpolice told us on 8 August in post #340 gailellen12 told us on 8 August in post #342 The river level at Kaub where the first problems always arise is currently at 184cm. When we have a hot spell - as GeorgaRambler has pointed out - the level will fall. 10cm per day can happen then. While it is theoretically possible to reach a figure of 84cm in 10 days these does not automatically happen in the absence of rain. Even last year on hot days we have had days when the level fell by only 4cm in a day. A hot spell is not in the 14-day trend. The weather is unsettled and dryer days are followed by rain. Rain of note in the catchment area of the Rhine is forecast for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The Rhine has Lake Constance as a natural reservoir. This is filled better this year than last. 326cm last year compared to 390cm this year, as published by BAfG on 8 August. At currently 403cm, this looks even better for the next few days. schda, you wrote: "I am a bit suspicious of opinions that project favorable water levels beyond the next week or two." I can fully understand that. After last year, I was quite sceptical. Especially after rumours of a repeat of last year's drought came in. This has not materialized. The very prolonged problems of last year will not happen as they started in the third week of July. It is mid-August and we are nowhere near the low levels we experienced then. This does not mean we will not see low levels. I expect we will see a low at Kaub at some point - by that I mean a figure of 93cm or under. But how much lower than that and for how long, involving ship swaps and cancellations potentially, noone can say for sure. It is good to read that the captains on the water are confident about the coming weeks. For now, I am happy that August is much better than last year and there is the prospect of September being much less eventful than last year. notamermaid
  5. Build it and they will come... ... to Forchheim! Or will they? The officials are not sure at all how much the landing stage for river cruise ships will be frequented. But they obviously saw the potential for their town to profit from the popularity of river cruising and the new docking area was inaugurated at the beginning of August: https://www.wiesentbote.de/2019/08/10/neue-kreuzschifffahrtanlegestelle-in-forchheim-wurde-eingeweiht/ Forchheim is officially in the region called Upper Franconia and is on the Main Danube Canal. I have never been to Forchheim so had a look at Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forchheim Not bad, not bad at all. It looks appealing. And with the landing stage being a cooperation between RSR dockings and Scylla AG the marketing people already have a firm foot in the door to attract river cruise companies. Others have never had to do much marketing and are struggling with the increasing demand - the blessing and the curse of being a World Heritage Site: Regensburg and Vienna. More on that another day. notamermaid
  6. Have a look at the British company Riviera Travel if that one may suit you. notamermaid
  7. Your first question: it is good to have some cash for small amounts that you have to pay as vendors might implement a personal rule of "credit card payment over 5 euros only" or similar. For details on the markets I am sure others will answer you soon. For the docking locations: they can be near enough for walking, but some may be further away. This depends on town and which market you want to see. For that it will be helpful to others to know the itinerary you will be on (the towns). Shopping after dinner can be tricky as more often than not you either sail or the markets may be closed. This varies from market to market. The hours should be known to your CD and can usually be found online on the towns' tourism websites. Have a great cruise. notamermaid
  8. Looking in disbelief at the river level at Pfelling today. Much rain was forecast of course, but I am surprised at the amount. The river has reacted with a sharp rise, just over 100cm in 24 hours! The wave has just reached Passau but as of now the level there is 537cm which still leaves much headroom under the infamous bridge (the dreaded figure is 630cm). The forecast suggests the level will stay under 600cm. notamermaid
  9. A wine village close to Koblenz is Winningen. Most of the year it is a bit more on the quiet side (but not sleepy) yet every year it has a large wine festival. This year the villagers will celebrate from 30 August till 8 September. Winningen's international claim to fame is that the village is the birthplace of August Horch, the founder of Audi car manufacturing. I have seen a few more river cruise ships docked in Winningen lately (marinetraffic spottings). Apart from the village being very pleasant this also makes sense because of its close proximity to Koblenz. Has anyone been to Winningen and would like to tell us about the experience? notamermaid
  10. Slightly misunderstood you then, I suppose. Hope the info you need is online soon and you get the shuttle info. In general I find 60 to 90 days is a bit short notice. Many people prefer earlier planning, as expressed here on the board. notamermaid
  11. As the others have said, generally you should not have a problem. There may be a few places however that only accept the PIN method, or places that only accept EC cards. It will be displayed or ask before you order/buy something. Small outlets like bakers may only accept cash. notamermaid
  12. You are correct in that you disembark quite a distance from Luxembourg city. The port will likely be Remich - check the details of the itinerary - which is on the Moselle part of Luxembourg country, very close to Germany. Have a look at Google maps to see what I mean. Have a great trip. notamermaid
  13. I have had a look at a popular online travel agency in Germany. Till the end of the year (including a New Year's Eve celebratory cruise) I can only see eight river cruises listed that sail down the Elbe from Magdeburg to Hamburg or vice versa. So cruises along the Elbe or the Canal - see AnhalterER1960's explanation - are few. They are all either CroisiEurope or German lines. I can see the potential though for North America customers with different marketing - we have discussed this before. Tangermünde is a stop on the CroisiEurope itinerary and looks a nice enough place to me. The architecture and history connections are interesting. If one is interested in architecture, the brick gothic style of the regions there is fascinating and the flat plains make for an interesting contrast to the hills upstream. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern straddles the Elbe and as a region of lakes is so different from West Germany, i.e. the Rhine, I recommend visiting even if only to see how diverse Germany is. But Schwerin I have been told is great. It would be far out from a river cruise, but still doable as a day trip. By the way, one ship employed on the downstream route is the Junker Jörg, the former Viking Fontane. notamermaid
  14. Thank you, foodpolice. The fortress looks impressive. According to the regional news 170,000 people attended the 3-day event (including those not directly present at Koblenz)! To water levels. The experts had anticipated a sharp rise at Maxau but the predictions have been adjusted and now we will likely see a rise to 530cm only. All in all this looks very pleasant and holds the promise for a good couple of weeks for sailing. With the unsettled but warm weather I dare say that the outlook for September is looking ever better. notamermaid
  15. Mike R 2018, good to read you had a great cruise. And thank you so much for thinking about me on your travels. I shall retire to bed with a smile on my face and hopefully sleep like a child that has been told a beautiful bedtime story. 🙂🙂 notamermaid
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