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  1. Thanks. Although not actually called a Christmas market, it conspicuously looks like one . I dunno, Glühwein in October? Even for Bayreuth with slightly cooler temperatures than along the Rhine that feels a bit - wrong. It is still going to hit 20 Celsius there next week... I prefer my Erntedankfest time with Autumn colours and all and quiet days in November, then get into the real festive mood that I prefer to drag out into the New Year a bit. At this point in time I purposely steer round that big display of Christmas biscuits in my local supermarket as wide as the alley allows me to. I could get Christmas festive mood and display in abundance if I took a trip out to Rüdesheim to that infamous shop... so far I have never been (to the shop). notamermaid
  2. Hello Deedeedac, welcome to cruisecritic. I try to post every few days or so and daily when the situation is critical either way (drought or flooding), but of course you can follow yourself by looking at the website of the BAfG, they have a good map: https://www.bafg.de/EN/06_Info_Service/01_WaterLevels/waterlevels_node.html You move the mouse over the dots (currently mostly in green all over Germany) and the gauge station's name shows up with the current level. When you click you get more details. Green is good, although that is a statistical level. Orange is low, but does not mean it is too low for sailing as, again, it is a statistical value. However, that colour does indicate problems arising at that moment or soon later at some gauges. You can also get an app in German language: https://www.hochwasserzentralen.info/meinepegel/ Note: the figures given are never the depth of the navigation channel, but of the gauge at a certain point at the side of the river. For navigational purposes those figures are "translated" into the respective depths for a certain stretch of river. The Rhine is fine right now and is likely to stay so for quite a few days to come. Have a great cruise. notamermaid
  3. Thank you for all the info, AnhaltER1960. Indeed, it is not easy to manage the logistics on the river. The situation is promising for the next few weeks, but as always the river does as it pleases. Will see how Autumn progresses. Just to add the pleasant sounding figures: Dresden 124cm, Magdeburg-Strombrücke 94cm. notamermaid
  4. Ah, the "crossing Europe" itinerary. I am sure you will have a great time sailing through the countries and varied countrysides. The Rhine is likely to look its Autumn best next week - and hopefully the week after. The Danube could need a bit more checking. Both G.M.T. and I will be around in the background on the Danube thread and report if we come across something that we think is note- or newsworthy. notamermaid
  5. rafinmd, That is quite a journey! Have a great time on the ocean and river. Looking forward to hearing how you are getting from Southampton to Amsterdam. Will certainly have a look at the Maryland cruisers forum. notamermaid
  6. Hello xo-cruzar, Happy to help. Now you need a fourth passenger for the cruise after that and you could have a kind of relay, "pass the cruise critic baton"... Do not take me too seriously, I blame my ideas on being glad the working week is over and I have a weekend off! So where are we as regards weather and river levels? Our weather is unsettled but likely to steady itself next week. Today I just managed to avoid a downpour with mild storm. I saw the clouds in the distance ("oh oh") and would have got soaked within seconds. The whole thing was over in 15 minutes and my street was a mess of water not draining off with heaps of leaves all over the place. A warning for similar incidents to happen is in place for Basel towards Freiburg (as of 2200 hours local time). More rain will sweep the area tomorrow and the day after, but moving a little towards the West. Monday should see less rain. River levels will rise from tomorrow well into Monday, in the Middle Rhine valley at Kaub from Sunday onwards. Kaub is currently at 180cm and could well rise to 210cm on Monday. Have a good weekend everyone. notamermaid
  7. Good question. On the German website it lists what they include in "all-inclusive" and the excursions are not mentioned among these. They are listed under a separate header called Ausflüge. Paying for excursions separately is a standard among German lines, so I reckon this is the case here also. When I have looked at prices in the past they seemed reasonable. I was pleased with the excursions I had booked on my cruise. Some people may not like this approach but the advantage of it is of course that you can tailor the on-shore time according to your needs and interests. notamermaid
  8. Yes, I have had a good browse on their German website, "window shopping" and the US website as well. A lovely short German Christmas market cruise looks really good. The Düsseldorf to Trier Summer itinerary that they offer in German and Dutch is also nice. Of the English language ones I have posted one in the Elbe thread. One thing I forgot to mention yesterday is that their ships are of various size - for the Elbe a special size is essential of course - but also on the Rhine the sizes vary. And for the Seine they use the Jane Austen who will be redeployed for 2020 from the Rhine ((cry, disappointed)). The Jane Austen is 110m so can dock in Paris city. Smart thinking, but then I expect no less from Scylla. Smile. notamermaid
  9. Music, drumroll, excitement all around 🍾 🎆 Okay, perhaps not that much . But Anglophones can you now book an Elbe cruise going from Hamburg to Dresden, yes, quite different - and it is not with CroisiEurope. Scylla with their river cruise company Viva Cruises are trying to establish themselves on the North-American market and are offering a cruise on the Junker Jörg (ex Theodor Fontane): https://www.viva-*****/us/cruisedetail/?id=61&startDate=2020-05-02&endDate=2020-05-09&dur=7 Fontane, ring a bell among the veteran river cruisers? Yes, the Viking Fontane! Well, she was never really called the Viking Fontane, that was her marketing name. Naaa, she was called that, you might say. She was never officially renamed by Viking. Here is the proof: https://www.seereisenmagazin.de/jahrgang2010/Ausgabe-6-2010/viking-fontane.htm notamermaid
  10. Or how would you put it? Scylla is a long-established company behind many ships on the rivers, those are chartered out - whole seasons, part seasons or years - to river cruise companies and operators, you will no doubt recognize these names: Treasures, Grace, Joy sailing for Tauck and the George Eliot and Oscar Wilde, among others, sailing for Riviera Travel UK. They have also teamed up with German companies, like NickoCruises in the shape of the NickoVision. https://scylla.ch/en/ships Last year Scylla moved onto the market with their own river cruise company Viva Cruises, based in Düsseldorf: https://www.viva-*****/ Here is the article that deals with the move onto the North-American market: https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/viva-cruises-launches-to-north-american-trade-under-joni-rein/ Well, they all want a slice of that big, fat American river cruise market cake... I have had a look at the offers on the German market and must admit they look appealing, especially knowing cruises are on ships (some) designed for the Anglo-speaking world. In my humble opinion: Not bad, not bad at all. notamermaid
  11. Mimosa09, Thank you for the photo. Yes, that is goldener Oktober in a typical German forest of mixed deciduous trees (with a few conifers thrown in I think). More mixed weather is coming your way, with rain on and off depending on where you happen to be sailing on the day. But the temperatures will remain mild (15 to 20 Celsius in the afternoons) till the end of the week. More rain will fall along the Rhine than the Danube in the next few days, nevertheless the amount for the Danube should keep the level a good bit over 300cm at Pfelling for the next few days. Enjoy the canal and the Main river towns, as well as the Rhine gorge and cities later. notamermaid
  12. Had a look on marinetraffic and you on the Jewel are indeed not much ahead of the Pearl, a bit more than one river bend only! Oh and the Amakristina is right at the Scenic Pearl's tail. What fun to watch, better than television. What a busy river. I suppose you could hold a sheet of paper up with your cruisecritic name on when you see the Pearl again, perhaps you get a name in return... Anyway, have fun in Cologne, big city with enormous cathedral! notamermaid
  13. This is all about a certain Norwegian and his ships: https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurendebter/2019/04/15/meet-the-man-who-started-viking-cruises-in-his-50s-after-being-fired-losing-millions-and-surviving-cancer/#64a095772652 As regards the subject of world leader, granted, that really seems true in number of ships. Who might be second? I think it could be CroisiEurope with 47. If you have other info please let us know. notamermaid
  14. Pat, I remember know that I forgot to comment on the thread in which you told us. I meant to send my wishes, sorry. So here is to a full recovery to happen as soon as possible. Hope to hear from you again with the good news that you have rebooked. 🙂 All the best. notamermaid
  15. My pleasure, djh1959. After all the anticipation it is good to hear from you saying you are enjoying your cruise! I see on marinetraffic you are leaving the canal and are about to enter the Rhine, which is called Waal in that stretch, heading towards Nijmegen. I expect that means you will sail through the night and wake up in Cologne. Prepare yourself for a spectacular sight! Wishing you many more enjoyable days on the river. notamermaid
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