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  1. Agree 100%. Take every day as it comes. River cruising is so popular now and there are so many boats that congestion at locks can cause delays.
  2. It not something I've concerned myself with beforehand. On Viking you get a daily schedule placed on your bed when they make up the room during dinner with expected arrival times at he next day's ports , and time the boat will depart. It's with that we know how long we'll have to explore a town. But, there are so many included and optional tours of the various locations there seems little free time. Some evenings people will walk into the town we're moored in to have a meal or a drink. We just take it as it comes. Viking doesn't have pools or cinemas but we've never found our day other than packed full of things to do and see and in the vening ther's usually some entertainment in he lounge. There aren't any 'sea days' like on ocean cruises, there are always sights close by left and right and towns to stop at.
  3. Suggest you look at the Passage to Eastern Europe Roll Call forum; there is a lot of info there and people posting live as they do the trip. (link below) I'm on this cruise in June but I am not taking either extension package but the standard cruise includes 2 nights in a hotel in Budapest and one night in a Bucharest hotel on the BUD>BUC route
  4. Thanks @sharkster77 Mrs P enjoyed her meal at Manfreddis and they did go out of their way to cater for my unableness to eat cheese and I did enjoy the special wines but all-in-all I thought it was an import from ocean cruising we were better without.
  5. I've been on the Provence cruise but the only menu's you get a personal copy of are the 'Captains Gala' dinner and I've kept some of them. Perhaps you could say what's behind the question? There are different choices at all three meals, depending whther you eat in the main dining room or the lounge/Aquavit Last year - I don't know if they are doing it this year - the evening meal in Aquavit was a set Italian meal 'Manfreddis'. I don't know if the menus stay the same all season. I know the chef has some freedom to cook using ingredients in season and buys at markets along the way....r
  6. First ti,e we did the U-Bahn was with Viking to the market where we tasted a selectionof foods from various stalls. We then were free to sightsee and made our own way back. U-Bahn is easy to use with ticket selling machines in English. Our mooring has been close to the bridge , thus only a short walk from the U-Bahn station
  7. We didn't have as much OBC and we spent it all on optional excursions. If you drink cocktails or spirits then the drinks package may be worthwhile, but everyone in your stateroom must have the package. While the package covers some 'premium' wines it doesn't include the more expensive wines and as you can buy good wines locally and have them with meals with zero corkage or fuss using the package just for wine doesn't make sense to me, but if I had to use up free OBC then I'd be tempted. If Jazzbeau's suggestion works for you then that seems best. Otherwise look at optional excursions and their costs and see how many you want. Unless Viking changed policy in 2019 then you can't use OBC for gratuities on river cruises
  8. Thanks. I look forward to enjoying Ukraine wines. Other Viking cruises which have locally sourced wines are: Douro, which had various local Portuguese wines (and the boat was crewed by a Portuguese company in Viking uniforms - so seems similar in operation to Sineus) The Bordeaux cruise had different wines every day from the appellation we were in.
  9. What wines are served with meals? Talking last night with the couple we are travelling with we were wondering (and hoping) they are local Ukrainian wines.
  10. We are on this cruise on 6 July, travelling Odessa to Kiev. We booked it a few days ago, even though we are on Viking the month before, because 1) Discounted price 2) Last year of this itinery. We didn't fancy the long coach trip between the 2020 port Tulcea, via Constanta, to Bucharest, 225 miles. Google maps says 4h05 by car so it'll be longer by coach 3) Didn't fancy 2 nights in a hotel at Bucharest
  11. Thanks for the info. That's a change then in their policy from all the previous years, including our cruise last April. But Viking seem to be moving to a 'gratuities included' model. That's what our June 2019 trip has and the other trips we're looking at in 2019 and 2020.
  12. I agree with all who said that siaze of cabin is not really an issue as you spend so little time in it. I get the point about using a veranda when the sun deck is closed, but problem with veranda (apart from size, radfting & etc) is that you can see only one bank. Its much more comfortable to sit in lounge or in the open area at bow and see both banks. We hardly used the veranda when we had one, and we spent almost no time in our cabin except for dressing, washing and sleeping.
  13. Oh Yes!! So relaxing, no worries, good choice of food, nice wine, and sightseeing trips included. If you like wine I can recommend very highly the trip to Morwald Winery in Austria. They supply Vikings house wines of Gruner Veltliner and Zweigelt. Owner/winemaker Erhard Morwald leads the tour and gives a very generous tasting. Erhard is very amusing, a real treat. That was our 7th Viking river cruise; our eighth is on June
  14. It was BA , and decent flight times. A 13:35 departure from Budapest gave time for a lazy breakfast on board 12:40 BA962 LHR> Munich BA867 to LHR 13:15 Budapest>LHR
  15. Suggest you look to the flight schedule to help you decide. We went on Viking last year Passau to Buda and there was a longish coach trip from Munich airport (1h45 ish). Quite interesting in daytime and at start of trip, but at end if they want you off boat before new guests arrive and at airport 3 hours before flight then that's an early start. Budapest airport is very close to city centre where boat docks. Also since you have to journey from/to Wales....
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