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  1. We had a similar experience on RCI not too long ago where we removed a woman's towel (a cruise line towel) that had been sitting on a chair for hours and hours. She let us know that she was not happy! I ordered a beer.
  2. It's our first time on O next week. But, on all other lines, it has always amazed me to see the "chogs" up at dawn putting their stuff on lounges only to re-emerge from their cabins many hours later to actually use the lounges. I really hope not to see that happen although it appears to be universal.
  3. Isn't the downward trend of all cruise lines a known fact? I don't know of any cruise line that has improved over the past 20 years. So, we've moved from primarily sailing RCI to X and now are looking beyond those in attempt to have a certain level of quality in food and service. The good news is that there are options and, with a little research, values can still be found within the chosen segment (mainstream, premium, etc.).
  4. We're Elite on X and are taking our third HAL cruise next month earning just our second star. We're really like Aqua Class on X but the cost is not always in range for us. But, even not considering Aqua Class, it is the cost that has us considering HAL more now. The food in the MDR and the buffet are pretty much the same on both lines. I can't agree with what was said above that the MDR on HAL is equal to Blu. We actually enjoy the entertainment on HAL a bit more than X as we really like Lincoln Center, BB King's etc. If the prices were closer to be being equal, we'd probably chose X though. But, as of now, that is not the case. We're at the point now where we have little loyalty to any line and will book whoever gives us the most value for our buck with the possible exception of Carnival.
  5. She did the same thing the week before. Yet, if you watch her leave from Key West later today, 10/6, (unless it's different than last week) she will need no assistance from a tug. I wondered why the tug was necessary from Terminal J as well. We'll be on her next Saturday and can maybe find out.
  6. We're on the same cruise and it will be our first one on Oceania!
  7. Thanks - I'm usually up fairly early and try to get things done before everyone else gets up and online.
  8. I teach online as well and have to work from ships. I don't need streaming but do need to keep in contact with students via the various platforms. I've been purposely avoiding O because I've heard the Internet can be "iffy." But, I have a backup plan in place for our upcoming cruise and will see how it works out.
  9. We'll be on the Insignia soon for our first O cruise. To afford cruises, I teach online for a few universities and have to stay connected while aboard. I don't need a lot of bandwidth for what I do and streaming is not required. But, I do need to connect daily to see what those pesky students are doing (or, in most cases, not doing). So far, the best Internet to be found has been Voom on RCI. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the former Internet quality and speed vs. the newer Wavenet service on Oceania?
  10. ricka47


    I've been following some of the threads over on the HAL board (and to some extent here and elsewhere) lamenting how much better cruising was in the "good old days." I'll grant that some things have changed for the worse and that cruise lines generally do not get better over time. This is primarily to keep the costs down for the company and to continue to make cruising a good deal when the price-to-value ratio is considered. Certainly, that pool in the picture with the railing surrounding it and the rust around the edges doesn't make me want to go back in time!
  11. Right, I'm more concerned about what is overhead rather than under. That bacon smell will get me out of bed! Not my wife - she's a vegetarian.
  12. We just got our GTY assignment for our 10/12 cruise. It looks like 6062 on the Insignia has the galley below it from what I can see. I'm up early, so a little noise from below won't be a big deal. But, my wife sleeps a bit later. Has anyone had any experience with the port side cabins on deck 6 that appear to be over the galley?
  13. OK, I booked it. Besides me, my wife and granddaughter will be in the cabin. The system didn't ask who the other person in the "couple" was - it just shows my name. So, if my wife goes without me, what shows that she has access?
  14. The pounds just melt off? Well, we'll have to do that then - thanks!
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