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  1. My daughter used these for our granddaughter (she was 2 at the time) on the Oasis and they worked fine. She also used them at hotels as well.
  2. From the VHF communication, there does seem to be some kind of trouble.
  3. We just returned from our first O cruise a few weeks ago and I posted a brief review noting that O is now our new favorite cruise line. It's not perfect, but it manages to hit most of our hot buttons of what we want in a cruise.
  4. We're at a point, after 35-something cruises, where we have very little loyalty. We used to mostly sail RCI and then Celebrity where we finally achieved Diamond/Elite status. But, of late, we are sailing more HAL and Oceania with the latter being our new favorite cruise line. We're having fun trying new lines and new ships! No cruise line, in my experience gets better over time. While some things such as size of cabins and more balconies are a positive thing, service and food quality have gone down on them all. That didn't have to happen. But, if the changes were not made, few of us would be willing to pay the additional costs. The good news is that there are many choices and, depending upon how much one wants to pay, there are lines with better food and service than the mainstream and premium lines. I saw on "Cruise Industry News" that there are 117 ships on order for the next year and beyond. 18 of those go to Carnival Corporation, 17 go the Royal Caribbean brand, 10 to NCL Holdings, and 12 to MSC. Even more choices in the years to come!
  5. I'll go try it on and leave the red flannel lumberjack shirt at home!
  6. We sail mostly the Caribbean as the ports are nearby to us here in Florida. But, I used to travel quite often to Alaska on business yet have never taken an Alaskan cruise and are considering doing so. Now, we have never been on Cunard so we have some homework to do before we would book something. We are looking at the Queen Elizabeth for this coming summer. We recently completed an 11-night Caribbean cruise on Oceania and enjoyed it very much. Just from the little research that I've done so far, I can see that Oceania and Cunard differ in some significant areas not the least of which appears to be the level of formality which is fine. I have not worn my tux for the past few years and will put on a jacket and tie for our upcoming Thanksgiving cruise on HAL (but not the tux) for the two gala nights. I read somewhere on this board that 70% of the gentlemen were wearing tuxes on a recent cruise (don't remember the itinerary). I haven't seen that on any cruise for a very long time. Alaska is a different (and wonderful) kind of place where tuxes and even jackets and ties are less common than perhaps other parts of the U.S. and Europe. What will it be like on the ship - will the dress be similar to what I see on the "what to pack" section of the Cunard website? If so, that's cool. I might have to lose a few pounds though to fit into the tux!
  7. She just put it in the shower and filled it up there. It worked out really well! My wife and I were in one cabin and my daughter, older granddaughter and the toddler were in another one. She did pretty well at the dinners surprisingly enough. The trick, as you already know, is to keep 'em occupied with stuff!
  8. We brought our daughter and our granddaughter on the Oasis when she was 2 and a blowup bathtub (who knew they existed?) came in handy as the cabin just had a shower. If you don't have a tub, that might be nice to have. She also ended up catching something in he kiddie play area (we think) so any medications that you might need you'll want to have as well. There's probably less chance of that on HAL than there would be on RCI maybe.
  9. But, don't you still need an active Internet connection for that?
  10. We're trying Canaletto on the NA for the first time in a few weeks and will be in Tamarind twice. How strong is the wasabi taste on that tenderloin?
  11. All the cruise lines that we have sailed (DCL, RCI, X) for Christmas (i.e., on the ship during Christmas week) have done a great job with decorations, music, and events. I'd be surprised if HAL was any different.
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