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  1. Would you be refunded if you test positive? On longer cruises what would happen to you if you test positive in the middle of the cruise? Lots of questions.
  2. Since I have been booked on Volendam's hawaii/ tahiti cruise for the past 6 months I don't feel like this a big game of dominoes. It feels more like a pile of crap and I just got dumped on!!! If Zuiderdam is so great how come she isn't doing the south american cruise??
  3. The last e-mail I received from HAL informed me that my December cruise had been cancelled. 😞 I am still not happy about that e-mail!
  4. I have been booked on a 32 day Hawaii/ Tahiti cruise for almost a year. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it sails!!!
  5. February 1st 2022. I really don't know if it will go or not. I have my fingers crossed. That is about all I can do!!!
  6. Update. Sent in a request for a refund. Hal says it will take 90 days to get put back on my card. We are hoping to do something locally to celebrate our anniversary...
  7. Yes we spent our 40th cruising hawaii and tahiti, our 45th cruising the Mediterranean and god willing we will be cruising our 50th again to tahiti and hawaii. The 49th was just a little bonus cruise for us. On top of the virus we have also had a bad year. Oh well looking forward to 2021!!
  8. I am very sad. Hal just e-mailed me that our dec 9th cruise has been cancelled. It was to be my 49th wedding anniversary,..... 😞 😞
  9. Thanks for the update. Love looking at the ships positions. I just wish I were on one of them!!! Stay safe all!!
  10. Since Rotterdam will be HAL's flag ship will she be doing the yearly world cruise???
  11. My heart hurts with the sale of Rotterdam. We did our 40th anniversary on her sailing the south Pacific in 2011 and again sailed her to the Mediterranean for our 45th anniversary in 2016. She won't be there for our 50th. We will be on the Volendam if we are even allowed to cruise then. It is so sad to see these wonderful ships with their style and elegance leave. I sailed the Koningsdam once. That was enough for me. Beautiful ship, but lacking in both elegance and style, also way too many people. Just too crowded... Oh well, life moves on....
  12. Sounds like a new way to get more money out of tourist!!!
  13. Thanks for the update. I enjoy reading it every morning. Each day when I read the name "Gulf Bridge" I always think to myself. If only the luggage from the Amsterdam could talk. What a story that luggage could tell us!!! Oh by the way for some of us today is "Pioneer day". Just a fyi...
  14. I also miss eating in the dining room. I miss the elegance and the conversation with new "friends". I miss the wonderful views of the passing ocean as dinner is served. I miss the decision of seeing the show, catching a movie, or hitting the casino! I miss the indulgence of everything being taken care of for me. But most of all I miss the sounds and the smell of the ocean as I walk on the promenade deck and a bit of spray hits my face. I sit here wondering if those days will ever return.
  15. I am booked on a 2022 cruise on Volendam. I booked it with some cash and some fcc's I had. I got a great price considering it is booked under the "have it all " promotion! The price today has increased over $4000 per couple. When I looked at the pricing details it said deposit $1750 due today 7/20/20. Balance 10 thousand, and some odd dollars due 07/25/20!!! I had to look at it twice! Then I got to thinking about it and called my TA to make sure my "balance due" date is still November 2021. She said that is still the same, but cancellation date is October 2021. I am a bit shocked to think HAL would expect passengers to pay in full for a cruise that is 18 months away! Just my humble opinion...
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