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  1. I just saw that the 2023 world cruise will be on Zuiderdam. Was there any discussion on the subject? I have been away from the boards for the last two months after the passing of my husband. Can someone share the link to the discussion?
  2. Please remove hflors from oct 3 2022 Zuiderdsm cruise. My wonderful husband Bob passed away on July 14th. Helen
  3. After HAL told me to "take it or leave it" after our December cruise being cancelled. I am now keeping an eye on a Feb cruise I am booked on for it to be cancelled. I don't ck it every day. Just waiting.... When I see the number of cancellations I go in and check if its one of mine.
  4. I feel bad for you. The same thing happened to us for our long awaited 50th anniversary cruise. After the TA called a second time the rep for hal basically said. "Take it of leave it". We decided to leave it. The whole cruise for us had already been spoiled. The point of my post is to say there are other cruise lines out there. Maybe the other cruise line will appreciate our business...
  5. I think there have been some more cancellations today7/8 the number is 500..
  6. Thank you for your reply. E 733 is an aft ov cabin.
  7. When we board in ft lauderdale we drive over the morning of the cruise, then go and have lunch at our favorite greek restaurant just north of the port. We have a leisurely lunch and arrive at the ship about 2 pm. No crowds at all. One stop at the counter for our boarding passes and we walk on board. Sometimes if we get to ft lauderdale early we will drop luggage at the ship before lunch. One time when we dropped our luggage all of our luggage was waiting for us in the hall way when we boarded later that afternoon.
  8. I have a cruise booked on Island Princess cabin E 733. Has anyone stayed in this cabin? Does anyone have pictures?? Thanks in advance for any information...
  9. I tried to download the app on my tablet. The screen said it wasn't compatible. What can I do now??
  10. Just wanted to share my happy news. After hal's "take it or leave it" stance we decided to leave it. We have found a ship and a cruise more to our liking. We again have an aft ocean view cabin and are once again looking forward to our anniversary.
  11. Same here I was on volendam 20 day cruise and now I am on rotterdam 21 day cruise no stateroom number just "F". I went from a deck 7 aft cabin to a deck 1 port or starboard. These are undoubtedly the worse cabins on the ship..... I guess being a 4 star and booking very early mean nothing to hal!!! I am totally disgusted!!!
  12. Wow, I feel bad for you. I also was on volendam for the cruise before and the holiday cruise to celebrate our 50th anniversary. We have been notified that hal is rebooking us on rotterdam. I don't wantt to get excited as I am worried that hal will eventually cancel rotterdams cruise and move us all on to eurodam like they did in europe. Right now we are in a wait and see mode..
  13. So are you saying that HAL is knowingly selling cruises that they know up front will not sail??? Thus taking deposits and final payment knowing the customer will not get what they paid for??
  14. Hal needs to STOP selling cruises unless they have permission to sail for the ship they are selling the cruises on and permission to dock or tender in the ports listed on the itinerary. In my case last week when I heard the volendam's TA was cancelled and the passengers were being put on the eurodam I started to get worried. I called HAL less than a week ago and spoke to a rep about my cruise on the dec 15th. HAL assured me that my cruise was a go since volendam was scheduled to have maintenance done in the Bahamas from dec 9th until she left to come to ft lauderdale. Now I realize the whole conversation was a crock of bull. Now I look at Rotterdam's and there is nothing before Nov 3rd. Where is she now and how will she get from europe to ft lauderdale??? Another question is that rotterdam is a brand new ship I would think that for her first holiday cruise she would have been booked solid yet there are enough cabins available to re accomodate passengers from volendam with less than 6 months to go before the cruise. Rotterdan holds 2668 passengers. volendam holds 1432. And as of right now rotterdam had plenty of available cabins for this cruise. "Me thinks I am being sold a crock of bull". The time has come to start looking for something else.
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