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  1. Hello all! I haven't been on much lately. Our new puppy has been keeping me pretty busy. Thanks for the daily. Sending prayers to all the people on the care list. And congrads for those on the celebration list. Ut oh puppy needs to go "out" bye for now. Helen
  2. Please remember that WV has under two million people and Florida has just under twenty two million plus we are in the middle of snow bird season and most snow birds are seniors. And just guess what all the snow birds want? Our governor is prioritizing our seniors, and that means our snow birds. 1.9 percent of our population is a large number then you will need to add the snow birds. I don't think we are doing a bad job here.
  3. Thank you Bill and Marianne for updating us. I have wondered for months how everything worked out for the two of you. I will miss your blog when January comes, but I will hope for one in 2022. Looking forward to your next adventure! Helen
  4. Good morning all. I also wonder how did we manage without a microwave??? I just love the thught of St Nicholas, brings back lots of happy memories as a child. I guess there won't be any mitten trees thus year. The meals sound wonderful. I have never heard of "instant pot lasagna" I need to check my cook book! The saying seems appropriate for this year! Sending lots of prayers for the people on our list. Congrats for the people on our celebration list! On this day December 6, 1884 the Washington Monument was completed. It must have been an awesome sight to watch it
  5. Thanks for the daily updates. Santa's list day reminded me of when I was a child. This time of year writing up your list to santa was just so important. It took days to compose!! How fun it was!! I have not owned a pair of brown shoes in quite some time. Here in Florida its mostly sandels and flip-flops. My brother in law is the best darn bartender. Somehow his drinks always taste better then when I make the same drink. I guess some people "have the touch"!!! I am sending lots of prayers to our list. Also sending lots of congratulations to our celebration list!!! Hoping ev
  6. Good Monday morning fellow dailys. Those are an odd collection of days. Personally this really should be "stay at home year"! Anyway theingredients food sounds great to me. I also love sangria!! I am sending prayers to all on our list and a special prayer for Roy. Dealing with family members like you have is a challenge. Its sad when people don't know when to stop talking. Anyway good luck Roy. On this day in history November 30, 1874 Winston Churchill was born. I hope everyone stays safe and have a great day. Helen
  7. Good morning to all our "dailies". It is hard for me go believe that advent is here. I have never square danced, but like most things I would like to try. Customer is wrong day sounds like this whole year to me!!! Pork chops with onions and apples sounds wonderful to me! I don't know about the drink, I need to see the ingredients on it. I am sending prayers to all the people on our list. Today in history November 29, 1929 explorer Richard Byrd flew over the south pole. My guess is he didn't stop go take any pictures. Oh well. I hope everyone has a gr
  8. Can you give more details??? It sounds good.
  9. Good morning all. All three days are good with me. I love french toast. I uae to write all my christmas cards. One year myself and all my siblings did I guess what you would call a chain christmas card to my parents. The card was sent to each sibling. You signed the card and then attached a story of your favorite Christmas growing up. On Christmas eve we all got together and presented this card with the stories to my parents. That was a lot of fun. Of course there were eight siblings so we had alot of stories to write! Both the meals are good. I am waiting for the ingredients fo
  10. Good morning all!!! Good news for us dd tested negative!!!!!! Soooo happy!!! Now waiting for ds and family. I have never been a "black Friday " person way to many people for me. This year we are going to be a "buy nothing". We just talked to our children. Things are so uncertain we all decided no gifts this year. Everyone was fine with that. Bob and I bought our christmas gift for the two of us back in September. Actually its a Christmas, birthday, Anniversary etc. gift for the next year!!! We pick him up today. Its a Cavalier king charles puppy named "jos
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all our group!!! I can celebrate all our days for today! The saying is very appropriate for us now. I wil pass on the menu. Turkey will be on our table today!! Prayers to our list and congrads to our celebrations!!! In November 26, 1941 President Roosevelt signed the bill making the fourth Thursday. Also on this day the Japanese task force left Japan for Pearl harbour.. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!! Helen
  12. Thanks for the daily!!! Such a great was to start the day. I can celebrate all the days especially family caregiver day. When my father was sick before his death me and most of my sibling took turns taking care of him. We did it in one week shifts. There were supposed to be two of us, but the day before we were to leave my sister backed out so I went by my self. By the end of my week I was exhausted. It is a lot of work making sure a person's last days are the best they can be. Both menu suggestions sound good, but no chicken for us today since we will be having
  13. Could someone comment on the differences between a HAL cruise and an Azamara cruise? Thanks in advance Helen
  14. Hello all from south west Florida! Houston, I think that cold front found us!! 62 F on my lanai right now. Way to cold for November! I like the first two days. I always had a unique talent, the problem is I am still looking for it. Evolution day is what this world is all about! Actually DB Cooper was on my list of what happened on this day. Forgive me if I do not honor a criminal. The saying for today was written for my husband. Never reads the directions unless forced to. The menus look good, but I think we are going to have shrimp and scallop scampi for dinn
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