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  1. First cruise we celebrated our 20th. We celebrated our 40th on a tahiti cruise, our 45th. We went to the med. For our upcoming 50th we hope to again cruise to tahiti!!! I love cruises for special occasion!!
  2. Saw this thread and thought I would check the pricing for our cruise booked for Feb 2022. On April 18, 2020 I paid $9988 for my cabin total. I just checked the cabin next to me same cabin class. Today May 4, 2020 price is $13,118 total! That is a jump in price of $1500 pp for a cruise almost two years away. I will keep my fingers crossed that we are able to go and celebrate our 50th anniversary!!!!
  3. Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense. By "home" I mean where they were flagged from. I guess I thought the ships were "flagged" from the Bahamas. That is why when I saw the map of a lot of HAL ships at anchor off the coast of the Bahamas I thought they were there until cruises started up again. Thank again for the explanation.
  4. Why is this Statendam here in Ft Lauderdale?? I thought all HAL ships were back in their "home" countries.
  5. No, not a typo. We won't ever drink that much, but we will be on a 32 day cruise. So this is a AWESOME bonus for booking!!!
  6. We booked a 2022 cruise with HAL. Free gratuities, 15 alcoholic drinks a day pp. Unlimited non-alcoholic drinks. Also a free dinner in each speciality. We are 4 star so we already get free laundry. Our only expense will be wifi! We pray this virus will be long gone by the time we sail!!!!
  7. Glad you booked. I think it will be a great cruise!
  8. I just booked a 32 day cruise for myself and dh who is 76. Hal said nothing to me. If this becomes the rule I think world cruises and grand voyages will become a thing of the past!
  9. I neglected to mention that our 40th anniversary was spent on the rotterdam also on a hawaii / tahiti cruise. We also did the vow renewal ceremony and enjoyed the experience. I am sure we will be doing it again...
  10. We are sailing on the volendam. The cruise is round trip from San Diego. Thanks for all the good wishes!
  11. Ok so our 50th anniversary is December of 2021. I have been looking at a cruise to hawaii / Tahiti for some time and I thought I had found it, but alas tge timing of leaving in Oct. 21 and returning in Nov. Just doesn't fit our schedule. So dh says why don't you look for after our anniversary. Well what do you know? I found the perfect cruise. It leaves on Feb. 1st of 2022 and lasts 32 days! Perfect timing for us. So I called HAL yesterday and booked the cruise. Now I know everyone I know will think I am crazy. Here we are in the middle of a pandemic, but I don't care. I am happy to just think that we have something to look forward to when all of this if finally over. Yes, I know there is a a chance that we will not be able to go, but I will worry about that if and when it happens. For now I have something to think about and look forward to. BTW. There is a promotion going on. Included is, gratuities, 15 alcoholic drinks and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks per day, and dinner at pinnicle grill and canalita. Heres hoping we can go when this mess us finally over!! Helen
  12. We did this cruise for our 40th Anniversary on the Rotterdam in 2011. Am hoping to do it again in late 2021 for our 50th!!
  13. 42 day ft lauderdale to and from the Mediterranean back to ft lauderdale. World cruise would be my dream cruise!!
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