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  1. they would need to remove revenue producing cabins to do so The O class ships were built & the lounges were part of the plan
  2. near the top of the page click on FIND A CRUISE use the filters to narrow down the ports
  3. You may have to up your budget but check what is included in the pricing also The cabins will probably be smaller than on main stream lines but then the ships are smaller & less lines 😉 It is a trade off
  4. No Concierge lounges on the R ships On Regatta there was a shaded area on the spa deck so maybe on the other small ships also
  5. Shoot yes Coral Way 😁🔍
  6. Hyatt place 17th street is close to the mall by Embassy suites maybe some bars open in the plaza ?
  7. sounds like a good deal for 4 of you but others may comment on UBER or other shuttles
  8. Orv Click on the Coral Gables trolley map on the 2nd link it shows port of Miami and in the inset it shows the route around the port area
  9. Do they even do Florida? They look like tour site for Belize ...am I missing something? why not just use a local service ? Where are you going to/from?
  10. I am thinking we did the same in Portland We had a private tour to Dorchester/Swannery & time in Weymouth I enjoyed Weymouth a lot
  11. YIKES I did not realize it was snarky 😱 just that Med cruises are port intensive so most are off the ship more than on during waking hours Sorry I offended you
  12. I would agree on your last statement 😉 Not sure the helicopters would be flying in winter but I am afraid of heights so never checked I would call just to see what they say & remind them that NF in the winter for 3 days might be a bit much 1 night to see the lights would be nice The train probably departs on the Canadian side I have family in the area so making the drive in the winter months from Toronto can be sketchy at times
  13. Did you have a immigration meeting in Portland?? It was years ago when we were there & do not remember if we had any immigration then no problem getting off in Dover the next day This year we were in France the day before disembarkation
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