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  1. we have sailed the R ships Regatta & Insignia several times but not to Alaska They are small & comfortable for us If you could share your concerns or questions then we can be more specific
  2. just book your own air most cases by the time you add in the deviation fee to the air credit you will at least break even or save some $ JMO
  3. 1ST O Life has nothing to do with flights 2nd book your own air & fly in a day or more early do you really need a 5* hotel ??? 3rd do not book the hotel packages from O they are way overpriced usually most places you can get a hotel cheaper & transfers for a lot less JMO
  4. I doubt they will be sailing but you could book a refundable hotel if you think there will be a shortage PS do not bother emailing Oceania even in good times it will take months for them to reply if ever JMO
  5. yep that is the one LOL Maybe a more southern route would work better 😁
  6. Maybe I will never know for us it is better to take the O airfare for transatlantic cruises Not sure I will be doing another one after our last experience LOL
  7. When we did the TA last year it was cheaper just to use O air both segments as we had to fly to NYC then fly home from LHR added PE for the return portion We do not live near the port so that was best for us Usually we just take the air credit then book the flights we want sometimes we get a deal on PE or BUS sometimes not Neither one of us enjoy econ even on short flights 😁 it is only money & our comfort is more important to us YMMV
  8. If you dock in Miami yes the Domestic flights from there to other airports in the US & Canada would not be PE People could always just book the USA to BCN portion & get the PE seats ( if available ) then book whatever you like from MIA to your home city I think they will give you a credit for 1/2 the airfare ... someone will know for sure
  9. You need a flight home from Miami??
  10. Just to add You may want to check out booking your own air if you are doing R/T to Europe We did the PE only from LHR to YYZ it was fine & cheaper then trying book your own We did R/t to AMS & BUS was cheaper than PE on the same flights still pricey but worth every penny to us YMMV
  11. yes when you pay CAD it is more due to the exchange
  12. usually it is per segment on the over water portion you can choose your flights with the air deviation fee and if O has a contract for PE with that airline I do not see a problem once you agree on the flights the deviation fee is non refundable
  13. I would be confirming the port city is allowing people to enter the Country or is it only open to citizens of that Country. If you need to fly to a different Country what are the requirements when you arrive ? Do you need to quarantine ? Do you need a negative Covid test ? JMO
  14. It is a personal choice I would not want to be held to taking ships tours so I will hold off until thinga are more normal & hope the cruise companies are still in business On a side note we were watching a program on some cities that are now tired of tourists overwhelming them & this season just shows how the cities can be without all those cruise ships in port 😉 just saying
  15. What is Elite status? When do you get that?
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