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  1. the roll call tool will only find upcoming cruises Once the ship has sailed just scroll through the listings for that ship or you can bookmark the rollcall (I think) or do as others have suggested look at CONTENT I HAVE POSTED IN
  2. LHT28


    I for one do not care for the photos on the side of the forums do not want to see "the girls" falling out of the bikini tops or people standing taking selfies etc... I have a link to my photo page if people want to view them they can go there no need to MAKE people view them JMO
  3. LHT28

    Celebrity Edge Dec 1 sailing

    maybe you have to be signed into CC to get the roll call list ??? https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2516562-dec-1-4-edge-2018/
  4. I just tried a booking online it does not give you the cruise only fare in the calculations maybe once you get to the payment page it does but I excluded the air & olife it was still higher than the pricing on the cruise page So I guess the answer is to call O or a TA that knows the ins/outs of Oceania booking 😉
  5. maybe they have a shuttle from the port to the rental office Have you tried calling one of the rental places ? Enterprise usually pick you up & take you to the office to fill in the paperwork
  6. I just tell my TA what I want & she makes it happen Why not just call O & ask for the pricing for the cruise only
  7. LHT28

    You may be on a b2b?

    yes I try to do the B2B before the GV type cruises for the credits 😉 Maybe I will get a free cruise before they change the rules again LOL
  8. You can book the cruise with 3 options with air & O Life with O Life & No air cruise only no air or O Life You have to do the math to see what works best for you
  9. LHT28

    You may be on a b2b?

    If you compare the pricing for the 2 separate cruises to the 14 day I think you will find there was a discount in the price They seem to be doing a lot more combination cruises whether they are classed as GV or not I am not sure
  10. LHT28

    La reserve...changes ??

    Your friends could call & ask to be waitlisted You need to cancel before 36 hrs or you will lose the fee I would do it at least 48 hrs just to be sure of a refund
  11. popular hotels are the Holiday Inn Premier Inn West Quay Novatel have a look on trip advisor for options that suit your budget
  12. LHT28

    You may be on a b2b?

    IME usually there is a tour(s) ( not free) for B2B cruisers you get a notice a few nights before the end of the 1st segment as well as an invitation to dine in the GDR on turnaround day if leaving the ship get an "IN transit" pass so you can reboard when you want You can usually just open the doors to the hallway where your cabin is the Housekeeping staff know you are remaining on for the next segment
  13. What part of the website statement are you asking about ?
  14. LHT28

    Start new roll call

    why not just join the existing Roll call ? https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2548173-14-day-holiday-thailand-amp-vietnam-december-22-2018-january-5-2019-sin-to-hk/
  15. LHT28

    How do you remove countdown clock

    Go to your profile click on USER I.D top right then ACCOUNT SETTINGS then on the left SIGNATURE remove the clock & SAVE