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  1. it has been free for a couple of years & no problem in most areas
  2. yes for those that want to take their own bags off they are called first The problem we had it was also Good Friday so maybe Immigration just took their time getting on the ship If you have a port stop in the UK before Southampton it may be a moot point
  3. 2 per restaurant https://oceaniacruises.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005477653-How-many-dining-reservations-am-I-allowed-in-each-specialty-restaurant- You can always ask daily for more seatings
  4. IME it is rare to see any updates when the ship is in drydock
  5. what update are you looking for ? As long as they do not push back your cruise all is good
  6. it was quite confusing Maybe those with luggage were the self disembarkation group as they would have been called first I went to deck 5 about 7:30 am the line was out to the grand staircase when our colour was called after 8am the line was from the lounge to the aft elevators then circled back to the Grand staircase & around the lobby we were staying in Southampton so just sat & waited until the line was closer to the forward elevators we got off after 9:30 am
  7. I would check the prices of BUS/FIRST to do your own I found to upgrade to BUS (lie flat seats ) with O it was cheaper to book my own ..this was with AC maybe UA is a cheaper option though do the research before you commit JMO
  8. Prestige Package $59.95 pp pd never seen them on sale https://www.oceaniacruises.com/value
  9. thanks for the update Kitty any photos of the new Barristas area ?
  10. I would get in the line for Immigration asap even before they call your bag tags then once the bag colour is called just get off the ship We got off last month the line was long & slow to get through immigration on the ship We had AC flight at 2pm & they took our bags by 11 am when we arrived it is a long hike to the Gates so I would not dawdle too long on the way
  11. not always We had to hand our in on our recent TA cruise then collect them before a F2F with officials in Ireland & again in the UK
  12. Are you sharing the cabin with them? If not it is probably not doable Do you not have the same O Life offer?
  13. Donna sorry for your loss Do take care of yourself Lyn
  14. Just cheese or all dairy ? Have it noted in your file about the dairy allergy & they will look after him for all meals . La Reserve You can have a word with the Chef a few days ahead of time .. if there is meat on menu they will probably adapt the course for you
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