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  1. Then you were ripped off The air credit is usually a lot more than that
  2. it is not the practice of agencies in Canada & probably the USA to take clients money & pass it on it usually goes direct to the cruise line or tour company which is why many of us on this side of the pond are confused by the delay in refunds & the animosity to the cruise lines Regional differences JMO
  3. We have 2 masks each once back in the car we take them off when we get home they go directly into the sink & washed & rinsed with hot soapy water If DH has to go out again that day he will use the other mask & same goes for washing on return home I would not even think of wearing several days before washing 😲
  4. well maybe Here is an article on them https://www.thomasnet.com/articles/plant-facility-equipment/are-n95-masks-washable-reusable/
  5. I read this on another forum but seems to be the case for UK bookings with different cruise lines/agencies I replaced the travel agency name with XXX so not to run a foul of CC 😉 "XXX are not the only TA who add a further 30 days from receiving the refund, before returning it to you, as XXXX confirmed they do the same. So it is the cruise company refund period plus potentially another 30 days if you used a TA"
  6. Using O air (not part of O life) for a TA is usually a better deal (at least for us it is) I would add the air now then you can decide later if you find a fare cheaper & cancel the air prior to Final payment As Jim noted you can ask for the flights/routing you want at 270 days from sailing & once you & Oceania agree to the flight details pay the non refundable deviation fee of $175 PP As for the O Life perk do the math to see if it is worth the price You can take the air with or without the O Life perk If you do ship's tours then that seems to be the better perk to choose The Beverage Package is wine by the glass /beer for lunch & dinner only..however you can upgrade to the Prestige Package for $20 pp/pd once onboard The key is do the math & do what suits your needs the best JMO
  7. I am not sure but maybe they could ask a different agent & see what the deal is I was thinking they only charge 1 port fees/taxes Maybe someone you sails solo will comment
  8. I think this is still the case If Oceania cancels the cruise they are still paying commissions to the TA If you are looking at getting a refund I believe there is a certain date you have to ask for it by Check that date so you do not miss the window for the refund
  9. Why not just ask for them to have the ice bucket filled at night then tip at the end of the cruise Usually it is done anyway What cruise line? What do you mean you are going to bring drinks? Usually most lines do not allow spirits to brought onboard
  10. As others have stated go for the itinerary & how long you are in port longer the better Usually people come back eat & relax so they can get up early the next day & start again so the ship activities are not as important Smaller ships also can get into some ports that larger ships cannot Check the ports & what there is to do ..if only going to hit the beaches then yes make sure the ship suits your needs JMO
  11. Did you use O air? The difference seems too much to be port fees/taxes
  12. Maybe a protest against wearing a mask 😎 Sheer fabric does not prevent the virus from get in/out but she can say she has a mask 😉
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