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  1. Regular loungers on Labadee are plentiful and complementary. Many elect to tip the local attendant who brought the chair over, set it up and wiped it down. RCCL is not selling chairs and nickel and diming anyone. M
  2. Interesting to read the first few pages of this old thread. How things had changed! Hoping to get back to cruising soon. M
  3. How would you move from one ship to another without packing your things? Of course you need to pack up, get off one ship and get on another ship. m
  4. We did B2B/s2S in whatever you wanna call it a few years ago. We were in Port Canaveral. Not only were we on our own to get from one ship to the other, RCCL recommended we walk from one ship to the other. Of course, walking across the water is generally not possible. m
  5. Sandc4e- Beach Club fees are often different prices for individual sailings. We have several cruises booked and the Beach Club price is different for each cruise. One is just under $100 /PP and another is close to $200/PP with the others falling somewhere in between. . You can reserve and then if it goes on sale for your cruise you can cancel and rebook it. m
  6. We packed duffle bags of OTC meds for our 2 cruises to Cuba. We had specific suggestions for the second trip and dropped the bags at local neighborhood pharmacies My husband and went through two different immigration lines so the items would not be seized. When asked, we told them they were “gifts”. We were told donations were often confiscated. M
  7. It was common years ago. Our first cruise was on Carnival in 1988 and there was a passenger list. I recall it was passenger name and home city. m
  8. Your B2B2B will yield 70 points? Great. Hope you are driving to port. They are heavy. If you collect blocks, maybe you can pre arrange a trade with someone on your roll call or FB group page. m
  9. I don't know anything about hot tubs/chemicals but read this thread with interest. After reading - I would stay out of the hot tub if there was ANY chance I was allergic to the chemicals. Full disclosure - I don't use hot tubs at all. M
  10. I wasn't thinking if B2B cruises. Many reach a new level on a B2B and are awarded the higher level on the NEXT leg. I have not experienced or know of mid- cruise tier changes that what many of you are mentioning. The only exception I know of is when one reaches Pinnacle. Pinnacle status is generally recognized on the cruise when one reaches 700 points. The awarding of benefits to that or the next cruise seems to vary. In fact, the specific date and ship that one actually reaches 700 points is engraved on the crystal stratum. Years ago when we received ON
  11. It is rare to be awarded new level benefits in the middle of a cruise. m
  12. I have no idea. In the past few years, they’ve asked us to remove our carry-on wine and examined it carefully. If I recall, my husband had to remove his belt. m
  13. They have NEVER inspected any of my canes-from US. Ports. Of course, no problem if they want to inspect any of them further. Two are hollow and come apart and one does not. Baltimore is the most cautious port (they will inspect carry on wine bottles) , and they never batted an eye. Maybe there is some sort of cane that is a red flag for security. m
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