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  1. Our little beeline (Or perhaps other aliases) has quite the imagination. Just the comic relief I needed. Maybe we should submit topics for future threads we’d like to see. Who needs Netflix when we have cruise critic! m
  2. The refunds for RCCL cancellations for LAST March/April/May were SLOW coming, 60-90 days. We had some recent cancellations and we received the full refunds in about 2 weeks. The fastest was last summer when all we paid and wanted refunded was the refundable deposit. (Can't recall if the crusie had even been cancelled yet.) Refund came in 3 days! OP - it seems it has not yet been two weeks. Give it another week and contact them if you don't get the refund by next week. Good luck. M
  3. Thanks - I've heard similar. I appreciate the concierge list you've maintained throughout the years. M
  4. I know a few friends who are learning that some crew friends are asked to report to a particular ship this summer ( June). Has anyone heard of any concierge/customer service staff receiving employment papers? Thanks, M
  5. This cracks me up What does your C&A status have to do with doing some hand laundry? M
  6. Got confused. I see that the OP states he/she was D+, ( and Now I read "almost Pinnacle" which is ...ummm.... D+) Of course the original post was not about the wash and fold perk but the self serve machines. OP - - I don't get it. It appears you already had conversations that there were no machines on board, why ask? And already answered - the Wash and Fold perk has been a D+ perk. It is limited to specific types of clothing. enjoy your B2B cruises.
  7. No self serve laundry on Royal Caribbean. It would be terrific if back-to-back cruisers got some type of laundry perk, but currently, it is not offered. During each cruise, there will likely be a special for about $30, for a bag full of wash and fold laundry. It is not for fine or delicate clothing but more like men’s swim trunks, , T-shirts, PJs, socks underwear etc. When taking a back to back cruise, we basically pack for one cruise, rinse a few things out, use the wash and fold and air the rest of the clothing. enjoy.
  8. The question was not about the D+ laundry perk. Since the OP was asking about self serve washing, it is likely he/she is new to RCCL and is not a diamond plus member. And yes, diamond plus get a free bag of wash and fold on any cruise five days or more. m
  9. My bad. You are correct. They are not the same. (Understand that everyone I know who has been diagnosed with Covid, suffered some medical issues. Three have died.) To clarify - Can't sail because they won't get a vaccine or can't sail because they are Covid positive? Or maybe there is no difference. M
  10. I don't see why they need to relax the refund policy. Before Covid, many passengers were diagnosed with an illness or disease and had to cancel a cruise. (I speak from experience). Many lose their $$, some have insurance coverage and can get the cruise fare back. I paid for insurance when I booked and got back all my money just a week or two prior to sailing. (I did lose the money for a non refundable pre-cruise hotel room. ) If anything, perhaps the cruise line can offer to transfer funds to a future sailing. M
  11. In every situation that could be offensive, there is usually a disclaimer that the show contains curse words, adult themes etc. The performers at the live comedy club on Oasis class ship will use curse words. It is an adult only show. However, when they do a performance in the main theater, the jokes are family friendly. The Quest game is for over 18 and that is mentioned many times at the beginning of the event. The production shows/ ice show/diving show are ALL family friendly. The Broadway shows might have an adult theme ( G
  12. We enjoyed Hooked on Symphony because it was a new restaurant for us. The others are on other RCCL ships so we had been there before. I also like ( although I may be in the minority) El Loco Fresh. It is rarely crowded for breakfast ( especially at the beginning for the cruise) and i can get breakfast burritos or huevos rancheros. Pace yourself! We have not had the UDP but our friends who do all tell us they need to pace themselves as there is simply so much food. Especially on sea days when they have an option of both lunch and dinner at a specialty restaurant. Halfw
  13. I didn't mention the C&A discounts for Wash and Fold or dry cleaning as I figured if the OP had that status, he/she would likely know the discounts. M
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