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  1. Apparently they blew off the dock yesterday. Divers haven’t retrieved them and apparently they can damage the ship if we try to dock. That is OK, as we were at Coco Cay on Tuesday. This itinerary had us there Tuesday and Thursday m
  2. Thanks for the update. Wonder how many will carry straight rum, vodka etc drinks out of the lounge to add to the one swipe virgin frozen drink so that they don’t have use 2 swipes. Then, I can imagine the rule will change back to enforcement of no drinks allowed to be carried out of the lounges. Even though I rarely drink frozen drinks, I like the idea of the enhancement. I think many won’t like to basically get just one drink because they have to use 2 of the 3 swipes. hope it works out. m
  3. Yes—I messed up on that one. Got my ships confused. While sitting in the solarium today I realized there is no cafe. I believe I was thinking of the small cafe on Brilliance. SORRY. m
  4. Thrifty99- I understand your concerns or disappointment however, I and saddened of your comments of the Loyalty Ambassador conversation. He is a terrific person and I fear your comments may have hurt his reputation within the company. m
  5. Why? Just turned around and yes, she is pulling out. Did they let passengers off this morning? Where is she going? m
  6. Also heard about Navigator. I think we were with her in December. It wasn’t crowded today with majesty Maybe we can meet each other tomorrow ( yikes just looked at the tine, I guess I mean today). We have breakfast in Chops, are you generally there? m m
  7. We are on mariner and arrived at Nassau at nine tonight. We were scheduled to arrive at 8 AM tomorrow morning. Earlier this evening Captain told us that there would be high winds tomorrow so we came in early. Today we shared coco cay with majesty. m
  8. As suggest by the previous poster........Menu? There isn’t even a building yet. I was there today. No over the water cabanas either.
  9. Ok-I’ll add a tipping comment. We visit the lounge just a few nights during a seven night cruise. Therefore, we tip per drink order since we don’t know if we’ll be back the last evening. M
  10. The ship casino will generally open about 7 or 8 pm, even if your departure from Nassau is later. As noted, it will be closed during the day. If you like a casino, check out the Baha Mar on Cable Beach. enjoy m
  11. Perhaps they want to be with D, D+ friends or family in the D lounge. Perhaps the coffee machine in the suite lounge does not have decaf, but the machine in the D lounge does. Perhaps they know the concierge or prefer a particular server. Perhaps the D lounge is closer to their cabin or closer to where they need to be next. I’m sure there are many reasons. m
  12. if I ever get bored, that is my cue to stop cruising. m
  13. Many of us remember when Majesty, Empress and others had no lounge, nightly event and NO vouchers. If we sailed some ships with a lounge, you had the benefit. If you sailed others, you did not. m
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