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  1. Thanks for posting this – I had not seen any details. I am considering a cruise in late summer 2021. The extra points are a nice bonus, but if the cruise has substantially gone up, I’ll look for something at a different time Not sure how folks can cancel and rebook, wouldn’t they lose their deposits? m
  2. There are other benefits to enjoy , not just a lounge for a couple hours in the evenings. It is a generous promotion, and especially for those who had 2020 sailings canceled and are sailing in 2021. (As long as it is for existing bookings also). It will be a boost to all levels, especially if the criteria to reach each level remains the same. It will be nice that so many people may have the benefits of crown and anchor society higher tiers. m
  3. I saw it on my computer but it doesn’t come up when I use my phone. No details listed. m
  4. If the offer is real, my guess is new bookings only, as a way to raise cash. Royal Caribbean has nothing to lose by offering extra points. They did it years ago (several years in a row) when they had the Diamonds in December event. Diamond members got an extra credit, (no points back then -we had one or two credits per cruise ) for cruises taken in December. edit to add Dash I see it on the website, but I don’t see any information regarding new or existing bookings m
  5. I have to fly to port, I don’t have room in my suitcase for a poolside mask, AND a dress up mask. It is my vacation, and I will wear whichever mask I want. m
  6. Found this from the 90’s. I’ve been cruising since the late 80’s but didn’t save cards then. I would love to see old cards. I have a variety. m
  7. Yes - it happens. Occasionally RCCL would overbook a cruise and contact passengers to try to persuade them to take a different sailing. Not sure how they determined who to call. I recall some on the M&M thread getting a call. We never did. People are not booted off, they have an option to accept or reject the offer from revenue. I understand revenue calls until they get the cabins to open up. M
  8. So your scenario has me paying more money to sail and my scenario has me getting some sort of compensation for not sailing I pick the latter. My schedule is flexible so with the right offer-I would take the money and go for a different cruise date. m
  9. There are a few threads wondering, if necessary, that if a ship is over capacity, what will be the process to reduce the passenger count? What about this..... Instead of Royal Up - create Royal Bump. Passengers are notified that the ship is overbooked and they want volunteers to rebook for some later date. There is standard compensation but then an option to bid what your want additionally. One passenger bids an extra $100 OBC , but another passenger for the same sailing wants $500 OBC. So, the passenger requiring the lower compensation "wins" the bump. Sound crazy - Airlines have done this in the past. Everyone is on equal ground. C&A status, accommodations, casino status etc., are not a factor. Of course this won't work for everyone. But, there are always passengers who have flexibility to travel, don't need airline tickets. etc. In fact, many airlines are currently allowing free booking changes. Those bumped are happy as they offered to be bumped and have received additional compensation. Could work? M
  10. I hope there is some line monitoring especially as one can often reach the elevator bank from two sides. Maybe one side will be roped off, forcing a line. So that works on ONE floor, but what about all the other floors. Perhaps they need an operator so the elevator does not stop at floors if there are still 4 inside. As for just 4 in the elevator, something tell me that patrons will simply not allow others to enter the elevator. We were just in a large office building with a 3 to the elevator rule. Of course it is just a fraction of the population of a ship. We walked up to the elevator bank, saw that others were waiting first, and let them them on the first elevator, even though it was the one closest to us. Then as folks walked up after us, they did the same. Something tell me that this could NEVER work on the ship! Some protocols look great on paper but will be difficult to put in practice. M
  11. How do you know that they don't have some issue that makes the stairs difficult? M
  12. Seriously, ( or did I miss some joke) are we now discussing the particular accommodations booked by certain C&A category guests? Who cares? Getting back to the concierges, we cruise ( cruised) often and rarely use the concierge for any services. We know the drill and it is just too easy to pick up the phone or stop by a venue to make a restaurant/spa/whatever reservation. Do seasoned cruisers still ask the concierge to make reservations? We are early risers and simply stop by guest services to get copies of the bill if on a ship that does not have that info available to us electronically. There is generally NO line. I can see that first time or casual cruiser who booked a suite might need a bit if hand holding. They may need to rely on the suite concierge for guidance. For the folks in the D lounge, not so much. M
  13. Wouldn't that be interesting for couples where one is over 70 and one is under 70! M
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