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  1. On that ship, the lifeboats are directly below the cabins on deck seven. Life boats have a covering that juts out right about the level of your balcony, so if you sit on your balcony you cannot see straight down to the ocean. You can certainly see out to the ocean with a beautiful view. The obstruction is at the foot level. Sorry if I can’t explain it very well, but you might be able to Google it. I’ve enjoyed this kind of cabin many times and have never been bothered by the obstruction enjoy m
  2. No telling what if anything they will do. We took the last weekend sailing of the Sovereign many years ago. They had a huge party, big 3-D cake, champagne toast, and everyone received a certificate as well as crystal block. Many of the crew had been together on that ship for years. m
  3. Did a TA on brilliance a couple years ago and the few nights we visited the concierge lounge we had no problem getting a nice seat at the bar. We went in about 7 PM Don’t know the situation prior to then or when the happy hour opened as we never went in that early. We like that lounge set up. In fact, we often prefer to sit at a bar and that is why we don’t go to the lounges that frequently, but have a cocktail at one of the bars around the ship. m
  4. We were at Coco Cay yesterday. Seas were clear and the beaches were lovely. A little bit of seaweed piled up towards the end of the day, around 2 PM. m
  5. We were on the oasis in a balcony cabin pretty much across the hall from the arcades. We could hear the arcade machines on the way to our cabin, but never inside the cabin. Actually, we didn’t realize the noise was coming from the arcade until about the third day. We thought maybe someone had their TV on loud volume. Again, no problem once inside the cabin. enjoy m
  6. We were on Harmony last week. All the information about tours, events and meals was on a television. Very easy to maneuver and see the information. Sorry you missed it. m
  7. We are on Harmony now. It is second formal night. I would say about 25% of the men are in a sport jacket or better. Everyone else is anywhere from shorts and T-shirts to slacks and a collared shirt. M
  8. There are just a few blowup decorations here and there. Seems like they’re adding a little bit every day. I don’t expect any kind of full-fledged Halloween decorations. We are also on next week. M
  9. One item at 175, another at 340 and a third at 525. The list expands as you get to the second and third gift. M
  10. Of course you get three or four options of tours/meal, and you can select those that work best for you. Not everything offered is of interest to everybody! Just one of the unwritten benefits of cruising! Years ago we received an invitation and then they asked us to respond. Nowadays, it is the check off card so they can bet get a better idea if who might like to attend. Just a heads up to any travelers, we are on harmony, and some of our assigned tours/meal information is sent to us via the television messages M
  11. I’m sorry for your wife’s medical issues and wish her a full recovery. I went through a similar situation three years ago. I had to curtail travel for about a year, and had to cancel a cruise four weeks before sailing. When we booked the cruise, we purchased cruise insurance. That purchase allowed me to receive a 100% refund of our cruise expenses. While you may not think the refund policy is fair, many people pay for travel insurance. If the cruise line provides any kind of special situation for you (Or others who do not buy insurance) then what is the reason for passengers to pay for insurance. I know that many on this board believe that passengers should “write to higher ups“ to try to get some better resolution. If one did not have homeowners insurance and had a house fire, would others be saying “oh I’m so sorry, you should write to the company where you don’t didn’t buy insurance and maybe they will help you” I’m not saying all this because I am heartless. I am a cancer survivor, and spend one day a week at the hospital volunteering in the cancer center helping other patients. I am realistic, and believe that one should purchase insurance to cover unexpected situations. Most importantly, best wishes for a full recovery for your wife.
  12. Are you saying the D+ meal with an officer was a dinner in chops? The pinnacle meal with an officer and the 340 D+ meals are generally different. M
  13. Perhaps we can stop arguing about the dress code. The OP is on the ship and is offering up good information for those who would like it. M
  14. We’ve been fortunate to attend this type of luncheon numerous times and only a one or two were the regular dining room lunch menu. Most of them have a special menu. One ship, it might’ve been the freedom, had a brunch for the group. M
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