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  1. Were you waiting for your refundable deposit refund? Those come back in less than 2 weeks. I am told if it is just a refundable deposit, that it is a different protocol and is basically automatically generated. good wishes m
  2. Actually, it is simply D+. I am amazed at what some people expect. m
  3. So agree. I grew up in Philadelphia, before my parents moved is out to the western suburbs. Nothing was better than tasty cake. We buy them occasionally here in South Carolina, but I’m sure that the recipe has changed, or perhaps maybe our taste buds changed. They are not as good. m
  4. The OP is not speaking of a balcony cabin but is speaking of a window cabin that views Central Park. They are all on deck 9 we have never been in that type of cabin but have 9647 booked for a cruise next year as I wanted to be a little closer to the aft staircases m
  5. Indeed. I requested a refund for every cruise RCCL cancelled and received FCC for EVERY one. Had to then call back ( or the TA for one) and request the refund. Then of course had another wait period. I did finally get all the refunds. The cruises were from March-May . Good luck M
  6. Not too funny to me. I just bought a 10 pack of the disposable masks they appear to be sewing.
  7. Yes - They have an abundance of extra funds and are using this time with no revenue to spend millions and millions to upgrade ships with the hopes that the company will somehow remain in business and one day ships will sail. 😀 M
  8. Thanks for the heads up. i’ll follow up on mine. My policy runs from February to February. Didn’t use it much this year! m
  9. yes - we use allianz. not 75, but not far off. The plan covers all travel, not just cruises. Last year we had a flight cancelled till the next day ( while we were at the airport gate) and the insurance covered ground transportation, dinner and breakfast. The airline paid for the hotel only We also had a cruise last year that was cancelled shortly after we boarded the ship. Insurance reimbursed for flights home over the RCCL reimbursement, hotels, and all the expenses to and from the departure city. m
  10. more reasonable than free? All the chairs and umbrellas are free.
  11. There are more than ample complementary umbrellas and chairs at the pool, lagoon and at all the beaches. There is basically an umbrellas for every two chairs. Before the "new Coco Cay" umbrellas had to be rented, now they are complementary. Occasionally the umbrellas have to be closed due to high winds. We've been to Coco Cay when 2 Mariner class ships were docked and there was still ample seating. OK - first row at the pool or at the beach was filled, but there were certainly chairs/umbrellas available. Cabanas are very nice and offer nice benefits. But, if the only reason to get one is to get a shaded beach chair, it is not necessary enjoy M
  12. We sail Mariner and Oasis class ( whichever ship happens to be in PC) often. Really - we like both ships and while Oasis class is great, Mariner has almost everything we use ( and lots we don't use) on a ship. I've never noticed and difference is ship movement, but I don't have an issue with that. enjoy
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