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  1. wouldn't that be something!!!! All C&A members with 0 points. Guess no crowding in the lounge! m
  2. I hope this has been posted already. By the way Sandebeach that snorkel drawing story is fantastic!
  3. Forgot about the amplification. OP, now more than before – oasis over symphony and save $1800 m
  4. I’ve been on both. Ships are very similar. Symphony is newer, and in my opinion has some of the best entertainment in the fleet. Not sure that it’s worth $1800 more though. good luck m
  5. Glad you didn't incur additional expenses or virus exposure. stay well M
  6. You accepted the current FCC offer. The fact that there was a better offer the next day is not relevant. M
  7. Likely better (cheaper) to lose the 5% than to have the staff tied up giving out $$. M
  8. No - you accepted the FCC offer at that time. You original offer will stand. You will not be able to get any cash refund. Sorry to be the messenger of bad news. M
  9. I suspect once the casino learns that they are losing the 5% fee by non-prime/signature/masters players getting cash out of the machines, they will figure out a way to change that process. m
  10. Seeing fewer dedicated libraries for quiet reading. I've always been able to find a quiet place to read during the day, not as much in the evenings. During the day, many lounges and other public areas go unused. M
  11. As I said, if I drank the vodka with mixers ( like Ocean Spray) it might not make much of a difference. My Vodka of choice, and what I drink, at home is Cîroc. M
  12. Honestly can't recall but libraries on ship are shrinking. Best to bring or download a few. M
  13. If you don't use mixers, the vodka is pretty harsh. I know they say, ( who ever they is) vodka has no flavor, but that is not the case with New Amsterdam. I drink vodka martinis and can't drink one in the lounge. So I'll order a lemon drop or cosmo and the mixers make it drinkable. If I order a lemon drop in the lounge, then get one later, on my dime and my choice of vodka, the drink tastes completely different. Cheers M
  14. too funny - Don't forget High High status, High High High Status, as well as Very High Status, Very Very High Status, and Very Very Very High Status. M
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