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  1. Quite frankly, I’m surprised that the room attendant would leave the magnet hook in the room. I thought anything left by the prior occupant was to be cleared out. Perhaps he/she didn’t see it. M
  2. Perhaps, but.......You can sit at the pub or schooner bar and listen to music and not order anything. What is the difference? m
  3. It is rare that the points are not posted, and a new category if appropriate posted, within 10 days following a cruise. If that is the case, your friend should speak to the loyalty ambassador. The LA can call Miami, verify the information, and your friend will have the proper level. m
  4. We did a cruise from Dubai that stopped in Muscat and Salalah, and then went on through the Suez Canal to Israel, Greece and Turkey. We thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and stops in the Middle East. Our cruise was on the Rhapsody which is a different class than the Jewel. In my opinion, the Jewel is a nicer ship than Rhapsody. While we usually book independent tours, which we did in Israel. Greece and Turkey, we booked Cruise tours for our two stops in Oman enjoy m
  5. I’m sorry OP – I thought you were shocked annoyed that your mother made purchases on board but I see actually, it was fine. Have an enjoyable cruise. m
  6. Yes-the mother used someone’s account (on purpose) to make a purchase. And in addition, the employee who knowingly made the charge to someone else’s account should probably be disciplined. Quite honestly, I’m not even sure how that purchase was able to be made. More than once I’ve left the cabin with my husbands sea pass card instead of mine, and I’ve never been permitted to make any kind of purchase in the shops bars etc. with his card. m
  7. I don’t know where the no flip-flop rule came from but it is certainly not anything that is enforced. I was on a two-week cruise, with limited shoes and my evening dress sandals broke on the second evening. That left me with a pair of sneakers, slippers and flip-flops. I basically wore flip-flops every night, even with my cocktail dress. Nobody cared, not even me. m
  8. I hope that it gets worked out for you, but I seriously doubt that it is “ the cruise lines sneaky way to create more revenue!” Guest services can issue a Sea pass card that is only used to unlock the cabin door. We have use that when we needed an extra room key. I am sorry you have these issues with your mother. Since she committed fraud in the shops when she used your account to make purchases, perhaps you can return the items. m
  9. Yesterday I saw a post regarding a new early arrival program at Coco Cay designed for those who already had water park tickets. It was in the $30 range and you received breakfast on Coco Cay and an hour of "exclusive" water park use. I can see folks signing up for this to also hold a few chairs. M
  10. Just one ship, even an oasis class ship is no problem for Coco Cay. With the pool, water park and all the beaches, people are all spread out m
  11. I have seen at least 20 pinnacle recognitions, and as far as I know in every case, the person turned pinnacle some time on that specific cruise. This is in the last several years on different ships. The only case that was different, was a passenger that turned pinnacle on one ship, but was having family and friends sail with her on her next sailing and asked that the recognition wait until the next sailing. m
  12. Seems we often have to remind staff/crew that we are due benefits. We’ve never had to go get the block. We generally make a point to meet/greet the loyalty ambassador so if we are due a block, we mention it when we meet. When we mentioned the block, the last time we were due one, the LA asked if we wanted it then. Most often it shows up in the cabin one night. We keep up with our points and know when we are to receive a block m
  13. Complementary? prior to 11AM? without a drink package, without sailing in a "super" suite that includes alcohol? In other words, for a passenger in a "simple" suite or pinnacle If you tell me "yes" that will be terrific news. M
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