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  1. The bottom line is it's an individual decision. How much you THINK you'll drink, and you need to be realistic, consider port days (it's easy to get three, four, or even five drinks a day when you're at sea or on the private islands, but line up some port days and it may be more difficult), and at what cost does "convenience" factor in. As far as tasting a drink and not liking it, I've done that WITHOUT the package. Guess what, I had a couple sips, didn't like the drink, and so I threw it away and got another. The cruise I had the drink package, I was always trying
  2. Is your goal to "break even" (or benefit)? Is your goal to just "not worry about the cost (even if it costs you more)"? A couple things to keep in mind... * When you figure out the average number of drink you'd need to consume each day, don't forget to factor in if you plan on getting off the ships in port (private islands don't count as a "port" since the package works there too), and how many port days there are. Sure, it might be easy to drink 4-6 drinks when you're on the ship all day, but if you're off the ship for eight hours (for example), can you still get through t
  3. I guarantee you he can be reached 24/7 as can the heads of probably 100% of companies. Just because you or I can't reach him doesn't mean he's out of contact.
  4. Right. You want to make a bet the lawyer made them do that? I honestly have no idea how these kind of contracts are written. But saying "we believe grandpa is at fault" basically submarines the case. I'm just guessing. I've thought since the start RCI should have zero culpability, it was all the grandfather. I'm disappointed the parents, who have some legal background, would get suckered in by an ambulance chaser to begin with.
  5. Oh, I totally agree they "should have known better" before signing with the ambulance chaser. But, I'd rather believe they really couldn't get out of the contract than they really thought Royal was at fault.
  6. Thank you! That's what I was trying to find out. I still don't plan on carrying my phone around. I'll either have a waterproof camera or DSLR for pictures.
  7. I do think the family signed with the lawyer when they weren't "in their right mind", and I'm going to assume that contract would have had them pay for his (and his employee's time) if they decided to drop the suit before it went to court. That's why I think they never dropped the suit. I'm guessing (hoping) an appeal won't actually be filed. The claim that it will is just "lawyer speak".
  8. And if you don't have Royal's wifi? I'm not paying $11/day just to open a menu.
  9. Regardless of how your phone reads the codes (and yes, on my Samsung, I just have to point the camera at it), it has to connect to SOMETHING (whether internet or an on board server) to call up the menu. Disconnect your computer from the internet, then try to go to cruisecritic.com. Same thing.
  10. If you don't have wifi, how do the QR codes work? On the few cruises we've been on, there's been a few people wearing lanyards at the start, then every day there would be more and more people. Convenience trumps looks.
  11. Did you use the same TA when you cruised with your ex that you did with your girlfriend? I'm wondering if the TA entered the ex's C&A number for the girlfriend.
  12. You know, people keep bringing this up as a way to justify the cost, but, unless you are drinking alcohol (assuming we're talking the Deluxe package), you are WASTING money. The refreshment package gives you EVERYTHING that's in the Deluxe package with the exception of alcohol. At least for our upcoming cruise, the Deluxe package is listed at $70/day and the Refreshment at $30. That's $40/day difference solely in alcohol. So, about four alcoholic drinks every day to make up that difference. Is it doable? Yup. And relatively easily. But I wonder how many "light
  13. Do you think a cruise line would be able to survive long term only selling 50% of the berths at the prices they're currently charging? Look at the airlines. They limited capacity, some longer than others, but I don't think any are. Same with restaurants, stores, etc.
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