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  1. My DH and I have been on the Breakaway. As I recall, Spice H2O has limited shade. The loungers are typical of what you would find on the pool deck. The padded loungers are located in Vibe. There a smoking section on SpiceH2O located on one side of the bar. At times, the smoke wafts out into the seating area on the port side. I noticed that you have taken severalCelebrity cruises,some on M class ships that offer the adult only enclosed Solariums with the soothing pool. I would be interested to see how you compare the area on Celebrity ships and what is offered on the Breakaway. We have experienced Spice H2O and the Solarium on the Summit. We prefer the Summit area. YMMV Bon voyage !
  2. Looking at the video of the balcony cabin, I think it looks very modern,stark and uncomfortable. I cannot imagine enjoying the balcony while sitting in one of the chairs shown in the video. The hammock appears to be taken as an idea used on Aida ships. Appealing to some,uncomfortable for others. Perhaps, I am not looking at the design with a millennial eye. I am way past that age group ! My DH and I are at the age where comfort is most important to us. We will continue to be interested in Princess,Celebrity and Cunard. However, it is good that there are choices in the world of cruises. With so many of the new-builds and new designs, ie: Celebrity Edge and Apex, the Virgin ships and the Princess Sky and Enchantment there is enough variety to appeal to a wide spectrum of passengers.
  3. He can make friends on the ship just as he does at school. If he goes to areas where other his age might go,ie- the basketball court,ropes course,gym if he is athletic ,the pool or comedy shows he,most likely,would meet up with kids in his age group. It is a good suggestion to arrange for beer and wine for him as he can go to the bars and share a. drink with others. Another thought is, he may meet up with people your age. One of them may have a college kid as well and want to get the two of them together. I saw this happen on a cruise once where two mothers were met at the pool and started a conversation. Soon, they were planning how they would get their adult age kids to meet. A little match making was going on - LOL!
  4. Glad for you and your family that you could go on this cruise ! Wishing you continued healing and many good days in 2020. Your Spring Break Cruise is just on the horizon (no pun intended !). I will be interested to read about your adventures on the RCCL ship- I think it is the Oasis ? Always good to have something enjoyable to look forward to ! Bon voyage !
  5. Do all ships have tables for 2? One reason we have not taken a cruise with this line is we had the impression that we would be seated at tables of 6 or 8.
  6. Is Empress of the Seas sailing from Bayonne to Bermuda this Summer ? As it is one of the older ships for RCCL,does anyone know of the condition of the ship ? Are there any drydocks or refurbs planned ? TYIA!
  7. We have visited Bermuda during various times of the year. Many trips in July to celebrate our anniversary,but also for the Christmas holidays and February. I recall spending New Year’s Day enjoying the beach at the Fairmont Southampton Princess and using the pool and walking the beach during a stay at the Elbow Beach Hotel In February. We visited last in July 2018. I found the heat and humidity during that trip to be a bit curtailing as to our planned activities. This is something that didn’t bother me in my younger years. We have a trip planned for this March to stay and play golf at the Fairmont Southampton Princess. We are looking forward to a more comfortable climate during this vacation. If the ferry is no longer running from the Dockyard in October, one could take the ferry into Hamilton then switch to another ferry from Hamilton to St.Georges. Or, once in Hamilton, it is a short walk from the ferry terminal to the bus terminal to get the bus to St.Georges. The ferry schedules are available online. A Google search will get you to the correct web address. One of our first cruises docked both in St Georges and Hamilton. We appreciated walking off the ship and being in walking distance of interesting places in both cities. With the advent of the huge cruise ships, sailing through the entrance to St Georges harbor was impossible, therefore the Dockyard at the West End was developed as a cruise ship terminal to accommodate the ships.This location does cause cruise ship passengers to find transportation to other places in Bermuda. The most cost effective,but time consuming, are the busses following various routes. Ferries offer scenic views from the water. Usually there are cabs and drivers offering tours or drives to the beaches lined up as passengers walk off the pier from where their ship is docked. For the OP,re: high tea. This may be served at the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse complex in Southampton Parish. I am sure Trip Advisor could give more information about local places serving afternoon tea.
  8. From your post, it seems that may not be interested in having a beach day during your Bermuda stay. So, I have a few suggestions for you. My DH and I have visited thirteen times in the past thirty five years. Our visits have been on cruises and resort stays. We are so comfortable there,we consider Bermuda to be our home away from home. There are ferries at the Dockyard that will take you to Hamilton or St Georges. Hamilton is the capital where there are shops,museums,a harbor front.The Fairmont Hamilton Princess is a lovely hotel situated on the harbor. They may offer an afternoon tea. St Georges is an historical town with a number of sites along with shops and restaurants. Trips to either city offer pretty scenery and interesting places so that a good part of the day is occupied. You could return to the ship,relax a bit, then go out for a pleasant dinner. We recommend the Waterlot Inn, an historical inn that serves excellent (MHO) food in a lovely atmosphere. It is located down the hill from the Fairmont Southampton Princess. It is a restaurant enjoyed by visitors and local residents. You could check out other restaurant recommendations for afternoon tea and dinner on Trip Advisor. Enjoy your stay in Bermuda !
  9. Kudos2Fly You may have answered your own question. You wrote that you are hardly a Disney fan, and the grandkids are at the age where they,most likely,are not interested in the characters and may even be a bit embarrassed if it was suggested that they get the characters’ autographs or have a meet and greet with any of them. So,why spend for quite an expensive cruise if no one in your family group would really want to be part of the atmosphere on a Disney Cruise ? For the fare price of a Disney 3 day cruise,most likely to the Bahamas, you apparently got a comfortable balcony cabin on Carnival well within a reasonable price range. I am nor certain ,but one thing that Disney does that affects their high fare pricing is that I think some added- on fees that other cruise lines charge are included in the fare. Disney cleverly markets to their customers the magical “Disney “ experience which is Disney’s explanation as to why they charge quite a bit above other cruise lines for cruises with similar accommodations and itineraries. Enjoy the Carnival cruise ! Your grandkids are fortunate to have grandparents who invite them on cruises. You are also fortunate that you have grandkids who want to spend time with you on their vacation !
  10. I am not certain if this waiter is still on the Summit as we were on the ship in July 2018. However, I would recommend a gentleman named Enik ( spelling ? ). He was very attentive and gave us prompt service. He was especially good with the two children,ages 11 and 7 who were with us. One evening when the dining room was not particularly busy, he showed them some napkin folding ways to make a boat and a bird. They still remember how to do this and were showing us at a recent New Year’s Day gathering at our home. We were talking about him and remembering him fondly.
  11. jp2746- You mention the Regal or the Royal,but you did not mention itinerary. I am thinking that a port intensive cruise may be good for your family, such as a cruise to Alaska, Canada/NewEngland or a European cruise. Such cruises would offer dozens of experiences without spending too much time on the ship as sea days are limited. There are activities onboard during the day,many in the Piazza (atrium) area that may or may not interest your son. However, you could arrange for an Ultimate ship tour which includes the areas of the bridge,theater, galley and a few other areas. Sometimes there are putting contests. egg drop challenges where passengers create devices that allow an egg to land safely from a certain height or a floating boat challenge where passengers create vessels that can stay afloat in one of the pools. Of course there are trivia contests and bingo also. There is a Sports Court area with basketball and other games. Some may be organized,while some are pick up games. In the evenings, movies are shown on an outdoor screen on the pool deck. It is called MUTS. Perhaps your family may enjoy shows in the theater in the evenings as well. You mentioned food on the cruise. While there is a buffet and poolside grill on the ships, there is also a complimentary,sit down Italian place named Alfredo’s where pizza is on the menu,. There are also a gelato area, and the International Cafe that serves specialty coffee and tea for a fee along with items such as sandwiches and pastries which are complimentary. There are specialty restaurants,fee based, namely the. Crown Grill (steak house) and Sabatini’s ( Italian). I suggest going on the Princess web site to check out what these ships have to offer. Wishing you a pleasant family vacation !
  12. I am responding to the OP based on a limited experience of what I observed on a Breakaway cruise. On two occasions, I saw two employees being reprimanded in full view of passengers. One was a young woman servicing tables in the buffet and the other crew member was a man cleaning the area around a staircase. If these people needed correction,it could have been handled by their supervisor in a more private area- ie. an office or crew area to avoid the embarrassment of being called out in front of passengers. This may be how staff was handled by management on the Breakaway during our cruise or the Gem during the OP’s cruise and not on other NCL ships that has caused a noticeable “sadness” or lack of enthusiasm on the part of the crew that has been noticed on these two ships. Lack of respect for workers by management in any business could be a reason for low morale of the working staff.
  13. Don’t mean to hijack the thread but, both Celebrity andRCCL sail out of Bayonne,NJ. These cruise lines offer a change from NCL out of NYC and Princess out of Brooklyn.
  14. I agree with the poster who suggested changing the furniture. Armchairs in the Observation lounge and padded one person deck chairs on the Waterfront venues maybe a better choice.The couches are inviting to people to stretch out and nap. The Observation Lounge could also be better used as a place for entertainment,lectures,games (trivia for example) so that people would engage in some activity there rather than sleeping. It would offer another space other than the crowded Atrium for entertainment activities. Celebrity Summit has ( it could have been changed after the recent refurb) a forward facing lounge area outfitted with armchairs. During the day,we found it to be a quiet place to read and/or watch the sea. No couches there,so no people laying down for a nap. Also, IMHO, the unlimited bar package offered by NCL, maybe creating a situation where passengers over imbibe and feel the need to sleep off a day into night of too much drinking . Perhaps NCL needs to look at the drinking packages offered on board their ships to eliminate people using the public spaces to recover from over indulging.
  15. We were on the Crown Princess several years ago when there was a service held for Palm Sunday. It was led by a crew member who was also a Christian minister. The service included readings from the Bible, hymns and a short talk given by the minister. It was held in the Explorer’s Lounge. I thought it was held because Palm Sunday is a significant day for Christians. We have been on many other cruises where I do not recall that a Princess organized Sunday service was arranged for passengers. As noted above, if a clergy member such as a priest, rabbi or minister is onboard and wishes to celebrate a service, it would be included in the Patter.
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