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  1. Thank you, Biker19. I have tried to search by a poster’s CC user name,but it doesn’t seem to work. In the past, I thought this was possible,but then CC had some changes to the web site.
  2. It took some scrolling to find this thread again. I wanted to find some cruise reviews that I haven’t read yet as they are a pleasant diversion from what is going on in the world. I am hoping this post will put this thread on page one again as others may want to be entertained by reading posts of past cruise vacations.
  3. Did you try a search on Google for this particular cabin?
  4. Thank you, cajun-crazy. I did find a thread on the Royal Caribbean board that had links to many posters that included reviews of cruises not only on RCCL, but Princess,NCL and Celebrity. I have been enjoying reading several of those reviews!😊
  5. The way things have been going since February, my DH and I probably took our last cruise on the Celebrity Summit to Bermuda in July of 2018. Due to us being in the “vulnerable” age group with some health concerns, I can’t envision us as being comfortable going on a cruise any time soon. We began cruising in 1987 with a cruise to the Bahamas on the Big Red Boat. Since then,we have cruised to Alaska, many Caribbean islands, a Canada/New England itinerary, many times to Bermuda and a transatlantic voyage to England. We enjoyed all of them. However, our last cruise two years ago was our most disappointing. This was due to our pre-teenage grandson having extreme anxiety about being on the ship and my DH’s lack of patience for his behavior. It saddens me to think about that last cruise not being the pleasant family vacationed both my daughter and I had envisioned. Maybe we will get a chance to have another more successful cruise in the future. But, the situation regarding the Corona virus in our country,the US, needs to improve greatly before cruise lines return to offering cruise vacations IMHO.
  6. zdad59- Not selfish or self promoting at all.You are contributing to an interesting thread. i see that the last review you posted was of a cruise on the Summit last February. Since this cruise was after the refurbishment of the ship, I will be interested in reading your report. My DH and I have sailed twice on the Summit, in 2010 and 2018. Both times we enjoyed cruises to Bermuda. I am hoping to see photos in your report of a improved but familiar ship.
  7. Thank you, Dani ! I remember reading that review from Jim_Iain on the Celebrity board. Since there was a link to Bimmer09 cruise reports (usually Princess, Celebrity and Azarama) posted here, I thought some readers of this forum may have links to those posters I mentioned in my previous post.
  8. There are a few reviewers that I do not think have been mentioned. I do not have links to their postings, but I do recall their user names. Perhaps someone reading this may have links. Shadowmeboy -usually NCL Mr Met - usually, Princess Jim_Ian - usually Celebrity I am not sure about the user name. The poster is a gentleman from California that writes about cruises taken by him and his partner, Ian. Pescado Amarillo- usually Princess. She has a blog with the title,Yellowfish Cruises on blogspot. She and her DH spend most of winter doing B2B Cruises.
  9. CHSH1979- Thank you for that comprehensive list of cruise reviewers/posters. It is helpful to have so many listed in one post. Once a review link is opened, more of the poster’s reviews can be found by looking at the list of reviews under their signatures.
  10. Thank you, CoasterGuy. But there were many posts that included links to various posters,for example- Bimmer09 and Singingalot. I can’t seem to find those posts. Maybe I am mistaken that people contributed to this thread with links to their favorite review contributors.🙄
  11. Yes, but where is the link to Mitsugirly and others ? Or, am I recalling incorrectly that a number of links appeared in various posts here ?
  12. There seems to be missing links to reviewers that had been mentioned here. Bimmer09, Singingalot and Mistsugirly are a few of the posters that I seem to recall being mentioned on this thread. I cannot find their names here. What happened ?
  13. Using an air mattress does explain the photo that you posted. I have heard that some passengers drag out a cabin mattress to sleep on the balcony in the ocean air. That concerns me because doing that could cause the mattress to have mildew. As an asthmatic, I wouldn’t be pleased if I went into my cabin and found such a situation. As for your DW- happy wife,happy life !😉 PS I am still curious as to how you got the air mattress onboard. I am thinking that it was deflated, packed away with an air pump so you could inflate the mattress once you were in the cabin. That took some effort on your part though. As for me, I would rather pack extra pairs of shoes !
  14. To the OP + Why not call Princess and ask your question about the difference in balcony categories ? To Renmar- From a photo you posted, it looks like you took your mattress and put it out on your balcony to sleep outside. Did you return the mattress each morning to the bed in the cabin ? If you left it out on the balcony did your Steward say anything about it ? The mattress could have gotten damp from being outside overnight and may result in having a musty, unpleasant smell for the next occupant of the cabin. Just curious .😯
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