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  1. hello puppies- That is very frustrating. Perhaps you could try to call Princess again to check on the status of your cancellation request ? I put up my information to try to help others that are still waiting for a refund. It would be interesting to know how certain people are getting refunds while others are still waiting. I put in the request in the middle of May, you put in your request in March. It seems that you should have received a refund before me. Apparently ,there is no rhyme or reason to how Princess is going about trying to satisfy customer requests. Hoping you get satisfaction soon from Princess.
  2. Yes, I realize that our situation was different than those customers whose cruises were cancelled by Princess. At the time we cancelled! I thought our request would be added to the general line of refund requests from customers starting through March and moving forward. The rep that I spoke with was working from home. It took a bit of time for her to get our information and request entered into the program. She did tell me that the credit may not appear on the next credit card statement and that it may take a few months to see the credit. I can empathize with those customers who have made final payment and are waiting for a full refund. I am certain that it is frustrating to be waiting for thousands of dollars to be reinstated to the initial form of payment. In my other post, I suggested that my information might help other customers as something to be brought up to Princess. If certain people are getting timely refunds,why can’t all refund requests be handled in a timely manner?
  3. Princess cancelled their Alaska season several weeks ago.
  4. Cherylandtk- We received a refund for our deposit of $200.00 Full payment was due by early August. My husband was certain that we were not going on this cruise due to Covid-19,our ages and my respiratory issues. He did not want to wait for final payment to cancel,so I called Princess about two weeks ago. As I posted,we were surprised to get the refund credited to our credit card in the short time frame given what I have read here about the delays in Princess customers’ refunds. We are Platinum loyalty level on Princess,but I am not sure that this has anything to do with getting our refund. Good luck to you !
  5. I have posted on the other thread about refunds,so I will be brief. We cancelled a Nov.5,2020 cruise from Brooklyn to the Caribbean about two weeks ago. It was our decision to cancel,the cruise still appears on the Princess web site. I was told by the phone rep. that Princess was posting refunds according to the sail date of future cruises. Since this cruise is in Nov.,I was surprised to see a credit for the $200.00 deposit on my credit card today. Amex notified me of the credit via email. After reading so many posts of people waiting for a refund,I was surprised to receive ours in a rather timely manner.
  6. The Nov.5 ,2020 cruise we were taking from Brooklyn to some Caribbean ports has not been cancelled by Princess,but by us. We have received a refund today.This may not be the situation for many other posters who have paid the full cruise fare on a cruise which Princess cancelled and are waiting for a refund from Princess. I wanted to post that we have been notified by email of a credit for the refundable deposit by Princess today. I had called Princess about two weeks ago about cancelling the cruise. In light of others’ frustration about not receiving refunds,I wanted to mention this credit to our account. For those continuing to have difficulty securing a refund,my information may help if it is mentioned in any request for a refund.. Actually,after reading many posts about the refund situations, I was a bit surprised that such a credit was posted in a fairly timely manner.
  7. Royal Princess has very small balconies.Instead of sitting looking straight out at the sea, my DH and I had to sit parallel to the balcony ‘s railing,facing each other. We found the balcony to be essential on our cruise to Alaska as scenery abounds there. I agree with other posters that the best balcony location is mid-ship,Caribe or Baja decks. The balconies on Dolphin deck are fully open to other passengers and to sun or rain. Princess does a wonderful job with Alaskan cruises. They have been doing them for years !
  8. Princess got at least one thing right,IMO. They cancelled their Alaska season a number of weeks ago. As for Bermuda, they had all tourists leave by March 19. They also closed the ports and would not allow anyone not aBermuda citizen to enter the country. The numbers of Covid-19 in Bermuda were kept very low because of their actions. As pink845 has posted in this forum,Canadian PM Trudeau realizes the closing of the Canadian ports to cruise ships until Oct.31 has been done to protect the health of those living in the port communities over the economic concerns affecting these communities.
  9. That is absolutely upsetting and disgusting. What were those people thinking? Or were they thinking at all? The virus will not diminish if people continue to be blatantly disrespectful of the protocols to prevent the spread of this devastating virus. The death toll in the US has passed 100,000. That is more than the number of fatalities of the Korean War and the Vietnam War combined.
  10. I had a phone call with young niece today and she was telling me how upset she was after seeing those pictures from Missouri. Yes,she is a millennial, but she gets it. Apparently ,people in her neighborhood in Arlington,VA are being very cavalier about Covid-19 precautions. She is so bothered by this,she plans on retreating to her parents’ vacation home in Maine and work from home there. During another phone call with a friend who had traveled to Iceland in February and became very impressed by that country, I found out that they have had the virus,but now,there are no cases of the disease.How was this accomplished ? Everyone worked together to banish Covid-19 .Of course, Iceland is a much smaller country than the US,nevertheless, it was the community minded citizens that displayed the discipline and respect for others that caused them to be rid of the virus. The US could use a dose of resolve that has been evident in Iceland to banish the disease here.
  11. Thank you, yogimax for your positive comment concerning my post that is on page 2 of this thread !🤗 You are on one end of LI and I am about 80 miles east of you on the North Fork. Because of where we live, we get it about the Covid-19! We are respectful of this virus because we need to be respectful. There are days during this quarantine that I despair of every traveling again. My DH and I enjoyed taking cruises. Now,we are doubtful that we will choose this kind of vacation ever again. I am looking forward to the day when I can hug my friends and family. We had a grandniece born this past February that we have yet to meet in person. Photos a re just not the same ! If everyone would be mindful of this virus and take precautions so that it is not spread,the sooner we will all be able to engage in the activities that we enjoy in our lives again.
  12. DCL could certainly ban them. Before a passenger goes on the ship, they would be notified by DCL of the policy not allowing these gift giving customs. Then, if a passenger does not adhere to the directive about the fish extenders, the steward/stewardess could remove them or they could direct the guest to remove them. This would be done out of concern for the health and well-being of all the passengers.
  13. Brazil’s Covid- 19 numbers hav spiked during the past few days. Even if there were no State Department warning about travel to Brazil, who would choose to travel to Brazil any time soon because of the health crisis in that country?
  14. Highly doubt it ! My husband and I are closely complying to the Stay-at-home guidelines for NY state. We go to the market every two weeks for groceries,wearing masks and gloves,making sure to keep social distance. We go for rides in the car to one of our local beaches,wearing masks and keeping social distance if we should see anyone come into our walking range. We keep in touch with family and friends with phone calls, texts and video chats. We are making virtual visits without doctors instead of going to their offices. What we don’t do... We haven’t gone to church,played golf or visited with friends either in their homes or ours. We do not go to our local pharmacy,they deliver both prescriptions and OTC medications to us. We do not go to the post office,we purchase stamps online and our mail is both picked up and delivered by our mail delivery person. We did not travel to Bermuda in early March because of the effects the virus may have had for us during that vacation. We are not eager to travel by plane or cruise ship for a very long time. Just as yogimax posted,we understand that this virus is no joke,neither is it fake news. Living on Long Island ( one of the last regions in NY to attempt Phase 1 of reopening soon) we are well aware of what this dastardly virus can do. When we see photos of people at crowded pools and beaches in states that have opened without following the CDC guidelines,we cannot understand how people are comfortable being in these places. It is disheartening to say the least.
  15. They may not react favorably to me if I was the carrier who caused them to contract Covid-19. Just saying !
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