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  1. I posted a similar question about”Reserved” cabins being noted on a British Isles cruise for Spring of 2020 on the Regal Princess. I tried booking a Deluxe Balcony or a Premium Deluxe balcony and it showed those categories as “Reserved”. I called Princess and asked the rep as to why I couldn't choose a cabin in either of those two categories. She had no answer. I then asked if Reserved meant Guarantee and she said yes. So,why aren’t they using the term Guarantee ? Some posters responded that they could book online for those categories and suggested it may have been due to the particular date of sailing I wanted. My DH and I further discussed this cruise and decided we would not proceed with booking it. We are in a mid-ship mini-Suite on the Sky for the March 7 cruise. I first looked at the available cabins on the Princess web site and did a dummy booking. I then called Princess and booked the cruise with the cabin that we wanted. This was done last November. I had no problems booking, there was no mention of Reserved. This seems to be a fairly recent issue with Princess. It is not something that I find favorable as I like to find an acceptable cabin before I speak with a Princess rep to book a cruise.
  2. Absolutely make two shirts ! Just thought of something. If your DH isn’t into wearing logo tee shirts, perhaps you could have a card, poster or banner custom made for the occasion. Also thought of this, call Princess and ask if they have a cruise catalogue that includes the Sky voyages for 2019-2020. You could put a bookmark where your cruise is listed. Wrap the catalogue In anniversary wrapping paper and give him the gift. Or, you could try to print out the Sky deck plans from the Princess website and highlight your cabin as well as places on the ship you plan to enjoy together.Wrap the pages together as a gift.
  3. I save the hangers from the dry cleaners and pack them for extra hangers for our vacations. Good idea about putting clothes on hangers so they are ready to be hung in the closet. I have been packing my hubby’s dockers-and dress trousers on hangers,but not polo shirts etc. I will try this for our next vacation. I also take Wrinkle Release by Downy to get rid of the few wrinkles that occur no matter how carefully I pack the suitcases .
  4. You could go online for a custom made tee shirt for him. The design logo could incorporate your 25th anniversary and the Sky cruise somehow .
  5. Umbrellas on Celebrity,Concierge class and I would think in the categories above Concierge. Not offered on Princess.. We take small folding umbrellas on vacations. Fit in the carry on and in my tote.
  6. Jumping in here,Kim as I just read about your disappointments found on the ship. My DH and I had two cruises on the Breakaway from NYC to Bermuda. As NYC is our home port, we thought it would be a convenient Summer vacation for us two years in a row. The first cruise was good,obviously,as we booked another cruise the following year. However,we were very disappointed in the second cruise. Not going into all the details,but I will address the crew’s attitude that you noticed and offer an explanation as to the lack of friendliness and availability of the crew. during yourcruise. During the second cruise, I was witness ,on two occasions ,to a crew member being chastised in front of passengers. It was difficult for me to see people being treated in a harsh way in public. The first time I saw this was in the buffet. A young server was being reprimanded in full view of passengers. The young lady took it from her supervisor, but I could see that she was struggling to keep her composure after the supervisor left. Apparently, the young lady was late to a staff meeting. I thought that issue could have been handled in a private conversation where the server would not be embarrassed in public. The second time was an instance between a man cleaning the stairs between interior decks and an officer, apparentlyhe was an officer, from the bars on his uniform. The cleaner was being reprimanded as people were using the stairs and the hallway near the stairs. Again,the crew member took the reprimand and continued his job when the officer left. If this is just a glimpse of how the crew is treated by the superiors on the Breakaway, such treatment could lead to low morale that affects the crews’ lack of friendliness and upbeat attitude toward the passengers. It is unfortunate if the crew and staff are treated harshly on the Breakaway. Passengers are aware that jobs on a cruise ship are difficult. It is my understanding that employees respond to fairness and respect. If someone needs to be corrected about their work,it is best handled in a discreet manner. From my working years of forty-two years, I know that a happy staff is a productive staff. By the way, I hope today has had some good hours for you and that your days in recovery get easier and easier.
  7. Yes, just booked flights to West Palm at the end of January to join friends at a Jensen Beach condo. Used points for outgoing flights paid for return flights. Price was okay. I may be dating myself, but I can remember $89 one way fares of Long Island to Florida. Remembering the “good old days “! Also wanted to book for early March to FLL, for a pre cruise stay before taking a cruise on the Sky Princess. The March 4 outgoing flight was possible to book as a one way fare,but couldn’t book the return. Not sure what to do? I am thinking we should book the outgoing flight and ,of course ,wait for the calendar to open beyond March 6 to book the return flight.DH says to wait. But,by then,the March 4 flights may be totally booked. Has anyone dealt with this issue before ?
  8. I have read several of your very interesting reviews with the exceptional photos attached. Wishing you a good recovery. Take your time to rest and heal- very important !
  9. ShonaTay56 You are correct that my DH and I have enjoyed a number of cruises on the Summit before the drydock refurbishment that occurred this past Spring. We were considering another cruise on the Summit for this Summer,but as I read reviews posted on CC and saw photos of uncomfortable furniture on the balconies, we decided to take a resort vacation in Bermuda later this Fall instead. We have enjoyed aft cabins on the Summit-that used to be furnished with two loungers, a large table and comfortable chairs for dining at the table. We enjoy breakfast and late night snacks on those large balconies. I saw some photos of the furnishings on those balconies post refurbishment. Gone is the large table for dining, a rather small table is the replacement. There is also no coffee table in the cabin with the new design choices. Where is one to have room service ? I agree that “you can’t please all the people all the time”. However, from reading other’s reviews ,looking at their posted photos and reading the comments posted here on this particular forum I question whether in fact form over function was the directive of the Edgification design. As for us, the new design, if it remains in place, is not something we would be comfortable with on the Summit. As MsLutoff suggested in her response here, perhaps some of the design features will be changed going forward depending on customer feedback. If that occurs on the Summit,we would gladly return for a cruise to Bermuda from NJ as it is a convenient port for us that does not require a flight. Luckily for travelers, there are a myriad amount of choices available to enjoy a vacation and/or discover places in the world. As for us, we are anticipating a cruise on the new Sky Princess in early Spring 2020. We have also considered a cruise on HAL and American CruiseLine river cruises. We may also consider a Celebrity cruise on ships that have not undergone Edgification yet. I see from your signature that you have not been on a Celebrity ship that has undergone Edgification. You do have a cruise on the Equinox this coming September. With that in mind, I may suggest a very good review posted on the Celebrity boards by Mr Met. He and his wife recently sailed on the Equinox after the refurbishment. Apparently, not the full Edgification was done to the Equinox,possibly due to time constraints of the recent dry dock. From reading his review, it was apparent that Mr Met and his wife had an enjoyable cruise. I do hope you enjoy your cruise in September. Bon voyage!
  10. Call Princess for info re room category.
  11. Just a question -I noted in your signature that you have completed two cruises on Princess ships,this recent cruise being one of them,so the arrangement was not marking a grand number ( 500 or 600 ) days of your sailing with Princess. From the background in your posted photo,it appears that you were in an interior cabin,not a suite,so the arrangement was given not for you cabin category. This causes my question. Did you inquire at Guest Services or the Princess Circle Host as to why you received the lovely bouquet ? Good that you enjoyed them, but ,perhaps they were intended for another cabin and were mis-delivered to you ? If your name(s) did not appear on the enclosed message, that would have given cause to question the delivery. My DH and I have sailed with Princess since 2004. We have reached Platinum level,close to Elite. We have never received any flower arrangement from any department on the ship. I am saying this because it is an unusual experience,one that can not be expected on a future cruise.
  12. Perhaps I was naive in thinking that questions I posted about the new (failed?) design elements of the Edgification of the Celebrity ships would have been directly answered with sufficient explanation you the Celebrity CEO. From Ms Lutoff’s reply to my post and others following,I understand that the design is what it is,but any changes to a design flaw ,possibly based on passengers’ feedback,will be part of the construction budget and, I assume, will not be directly passed on to an increase in cruise fares. At least, not for now. I read a few of Ms. Lutoff’s replies on the forum and realized that she,or some assistant, is echoing the company’s line on various Celebrity initiatives, programs and business policies . Not surprising really. The apparent attempt of Ms Lutoff to reach CC members was a publicity idea that at worst went bad, or at least, seemingly, missed its purpose. Unless ,and this is a hopeful thought, ideas and opinions written by the participating CC posters on the forum may be considered by the CEO and Celebrity execs as they make decisions going forward. As I noted ,this is hopeful thinking.
  13. Use a credit card. Paying by credit card,depending on the company issuing it,can offer you travel protections ie- lost luggage ,hotel and/ or meals compensation. A credit card can also help you with charge disputes or fraudlent activity should any occur.
  14. Sorry to hear that Southwest is pulling out of Newark airport. If I were the OP ,flying in from SanDiego, I would consider another airline that does service Newark. The ticket cost might be more than Southwest, but considering the costs of renting a car or hiring a car/driver and extra nights in a hotel, flying another airline might be cost effective. The OP mentioned staying at a hotel near LGA for a couple of nights. LGA is located in the borough of Queens , about a 30-40 minute drive into New York City. There is not much to do for a traveler staying nearLGA without needing an Uber,cab or public transportation to reach a desired location. I am thinking of sightseeing in NYC. Also, traffic and roads can be difficult to deal with for a visitor not familiar with the area. IMHO, the OP has two choices here- fly another airline to Newark or fly to Florida and take a cruise from there. I am certain RCCL has ships that are comparable to OTS that embark from a Florida port.
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