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  1. To the OP What kind of boots are you thinking about wearing on your cruise ? Western boots, knee-high leather boots, ankle boots, rain boots (Wellies), hiking boots,construction boots ? Where and when do you plan on wearing the boots- daytime on the ship, dinnertime, going into the ports ? If you plan to wear them while you are on the ship, you may be comfortable wearing boots in the air conditioned areas of the ship. If you plan to wear the outside, I would think the heat and humidity would make wearing boots uncomfortable. I am unsure if you are male or female. Men wearing boots with pants or jeans may be more usual in the Caribbean ports then females wearing fashionable boots. Would you post here on CC after your cruise about your decision to wear boots- or not wear them on your cruise ? Bon voyage !
  2. Now cats are being brought on Celebrity ships? 🤦🏻‍♀️ fstuff1, since you are on the Silhouette now, would you consider asking someone at GuestServices if cats are permitted on board ? I am highly allergic to cats and would not want to occupy a cabin where a cat has been a recent “guest”. As others have posted, maybe the pet carrier contained a small dog. In that case, the dog ,most likely, is an emotional support dog and/or the passengers pet. But that is a topic for another thread......😳
  3. Good news,Kim ! Looking forward to a Christmas cruise should lift your spirits and motivate you to keep making progress. I am sure your family is looking forward to a much needed change of scenery. There will be many CC folks that will be looking for your postings about your Escape adventure !
  4. You may want to carefully look over the deck plans for the ship to see if there is a location that might interest you. Instead of the Bow of the ship, perhaps the Aft may be a better location with a view of the wake ? I haven’t sailed on the QM2, but did sail on the QE2 many years ago. I recall an Aft area of terraced decks with a pool,perhaps the QM2 would have a similar area.After the musterdrill and before dinner time ,it did seem to be a quiet area. I definitely would not appreciate a proposal in the Grand Lobby at any time,especially on embarkation day. As a reserved kind of lady, it would not be a private enough area for a proposal. However, you and your intended may not mind having other people milling about in the Lobby. Do you have a balcony cabin? That might be a good place for the moment,perhaps accompanied by a champagne (previously delivered) toast. As for a photographer, it may be simpler and less stress if you did the proposal, then schedule a photo session sometime after ? Both you and your fiancé might be a bit more relaxed for the photos and be able to enjoy the experience. As for a proposal in a restaurant ,I do see your point. But, that is how my DH proposed to me and we are married thirty-six years. It worked for us, but he was a bit nervous and I am not certain that he truly enjoyed his dinner very much due to stomach butterflies! Bon voyage !
  5. Taxi drivers may be reluctant to go to Red Hook because they may not get a return fare to Manhattan. If you are unfamiliar with transportation in NYC, I would suggest the ship’s excursion. It may be a bit more expensive, but you are guaranteed a return trip without concern, only that of being at the correct meeting place and time for the bus ! Macys is beautifully decorated for Christmas. As a matter of fact, they are unveiling the decorated windows tonight - Nov 21. In December, adults can go up to the floor where Santa meets with children. There is a viewing area for grown-ups so you can see Santa without waiting on line. Macys has the best Santa’s - the costumes are gorgeous! As others have said, there are plenty of cafes,delis and coffee shops in the area if you arrive before store opening time. It is not a far walk from Macys to the Empire State building if that is of interest to you. Also,Fifth Ave is close by. You can walk along Fifth past the NewYork Public Library on 42ndStreet. Continue going up Fifth to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree and skaters on the ice there. Continue further and you will reach Central Park. I hope you enjoy your visit to NYC,my former hometown !
  6. C-Dragons Yes, sometimes men wear hats indoors for religious reasons. You may be referring to gentlemen of the Jewish Orthodox faith that do this. However, I do not think these gentlemen would be wearing baseball caps,but rather black,felt brimmed hats. They most likely would be wearing a black suit and a white business shirt as well.
  7. As to the issues of wearing baseball caps at table, mis-behaved children and video chatting in a restaurant ,these are all the result of too much entitlement and too little manners. In a recent People magazine article, there was an editorial essay regarding kindness. It mentioned the use of computer technology and social media causing a disconnect of people to other people in society. Using text messaging instead of a phone conversation, sending thank you messages and invitations through texting or e mails instead of mailing such correspondence, online shopping instead of going into a store are all examples of the impersonal way people interact with each other. IMO, this disconnect is contributing to the sellf- absorption, entitlement and lack of regard for others we see happening today. Not a good development !
  8. On cruises since becoming Platinum, we have always been able to go to the lounge for pre-dinner drinks and select appetizers. We knew it as PES with ,supposedly , Blue card suite passengers welcomed as well as Elite passengers. Is this something new for Elites only ? After awhile,we did not attend the lounge because we felt we didn’t need the extra calories before dinner and we no longer drank alcoholic drinks. The lounge no longer appeals to us, but we realize it is an appreciated perk for others.
  9. Hi Kim Very good to read about your progress and that PT has been successful. Standing in the shower is a great improvement ! Keep up the good work ! 👍👍👍 I thought of you today as I was gingerly maneuvering around the hoses being used by the man who was steam cleaning our carpets. The hoses were all over our driveway and on part of our front walk and steps.🤦🏻‍♀️ I really shouldn’t have been outside, but I needed to put something in the mailbox at the end of the driveway. When I went back to go through the back door, it was locked ! I had locked myself out ! I couldn’t knock on the door for my hubby to unlock it because #1 he wouldn’t have heard the knock over the carpet machines,#2he was on the opposite side of the house and #3 he doesn't’ t hear very well...at least when I am talking to him! ! 😳 Anyway.... So, I had to negotiate those hoses to get in by the front door which was open to let the hoses go on the cleaning equipment in the house. I kept thinking about you and went very slowly and carefully to get into the house. You have passed on a good lesson to those of us reading your review/blog. Wishing you continued success and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
  10. JimmyVWine I read your post about emotional support dogs providing a service for people with anxiety issues. May I respond with a flip side to that idea? What if a person had a negative experience with a dog that caused them physical harm and subsequently developed a fear of dogs. They become anxious in the presence of a dog. What if that person was told by an owner of a “support animal” that they owner would set the dog on anyone on the ship ? Certainly the level of anxiety for the person who had a fear of dogs would rise. How could that person deal with the anxiety ? How could they enjoy there cruise? The number of people bringing their pets,not service dogs, onto planes,trains,cruise ships and into stores and restaurants have escalated over the past number of years. People take advantage of situations where service dogs are allowed and push boundaries to satisfy their wants. Royal Caribbean has taken steps to eliminate emotional support animals on their ships. Southwest limits the amount of cats/dogs allowed in their planes.More travel related entities should step up and take steps to stop the abuse of the policy of allowing support dogs to accompanying their humans by those who feel their pets must accompany them 24/7.
  11. Hello Norris We have taken one cruise to the Western Caribbean on the Regal Princess a few years ago. The one recommendation I can offer is in Cozumel. We had lunch at Pancho’s Backyard located on the main road across from the water. They serve very good food and margaritas. I am not sure if they have Guinness, but they must have a selection of Mexican beer. I recall that there is a lovely shop attached to the restaurant ( or maybe it is nearby). They had a nice selection of merchandise and a relaxed approach towards customers. This was much appreciated as we walked a distance on that main road and shopkeepers were almost grabbing us to come inside their stores. I think you might find more info and reviews of Pancho’s on Trip Advisor. I recall Seven Mile Beach as a very pretty place with fine,white sand. As for Roatan, it was pouring rain the day the ship docked there,so we did not get off the ship. We have sailed out of NY harbor many times and it never gets tiresome for us. I grew up in the NYC borough of Queens and started visiting Manhattan at a young age with my mother with shopping trips and our annual Christmas show treat at Radio City followed by a lunch at Schrafts. After college, I worked for several months for Lord and Taylor before securing a teaching position. My DH and I have lived on eastern LI for the past 35 years. For many years,we made frequent trips into the City to enjoy Broadway shows, opera at the Met and some favorite museums. In our retirement, we seem to have switched our focus to visiting other places so we haven’t been to the City recently. Anyway, I think I have rambled on a bit. My DH has been reading your review. He is still in the London part ,pre-cruise. I heard him chuckling today as he was reading. He appreciates your humor. We look forward to those Sky photos! I would also like to hear about Carol’s take on the re-designed Sanctuary. I have seen renderings and photos of the furniture/cushions and they do not look comfortable. Maybe they are better in person.
  12. Hello CupKayke Thank you for taking the time to write this review. We took a Canada New England cruise a number of years ago where the ship did not reach Halifax because of an impending hurricane headed to the area. The Captain returned the ship to NYC which became a port day. There are no guarantees for weather ! Good that your DH and you enjoyed your vacation despite some rain and high seas. I noted that you heard the Princess ship play a song on the ship’s horn as it was leaving a port (Halifax or St John?). The song is the theme from the Love Boat show which was on TV long before your time, I think. The show featured a Princess ship- possibly the original Pacific Princess (smaller ship,no balconies !). Princess began playing that song when the new class of ships - Royal Class- began sailing. It may have also coincided with a special anniversary for the cruise line. The Godparents for the second ship of the Royal Class, the Regal Princess ,were members of the regular cast of the Love Boat show. There is a special display of photos of the cast as they were on the show and as they were at the time of the Regal Princess christening. It is near the GuestServices desk ,so it is visible to many passengers. You could Google the song if you like. When we are on the any of newer Princess ships,we smile when the Captain plays the horn !
  13. When I first read Scottee25’s post about wearing swim trunks and flip flops to the MDR on a cruise 20 years ago, I thought he was pulling CC readers’ legs. I still do. Even if it was his first cruise as a twenty-something not-knowing-much-about-cruises kind of guy, certainly he had been to a restaurant in his twenty-something years. Did he ever go to a wedding or prom where appropriate dress was expected? How did his girlfriend walk into the MDR with him that evening ? Was she also wearing a swimsuit and flip flops? I would think nor,but you ever know ! As someone who started cruising in the late 1980s, I am well aware of how cruising used to be. Our first cruise on the Premier lines’Big Red Boat was by no means on a luxury,upscale ship such as those on Cunard ships. However, men wore jacket and ties to dinner ,some wore tuxes, on formal night. Ladies were dressed in gowns or cocktail dresses. I remember I wore a black and gold lame dress with a peplum,for those of you who remember that style ! We were in our late twenties for that cruise. We seemed to know how to dress and enjoy the cruise. Subsequent cruises into the 1990’s also found passengers dressing for dinner. If Scottee25 actually did appear in the MDR dressed as he described, perhaps it was due to too many cold beverages on the pool deck. That seems the best explanation for such a choice of wardrobe.
  14. Hello Norris My DH and I were looking forward to experiencing the Sky Princess as we have visited the ports on the itinerary many times and did not plan to get off the ship very much. Cruising on a new ship is a pleasant vacation. We have been on the Sapphire, Crown and Regal during their first year of each of their sailing histories. So,we anticipated enjoying the Sky Princess, but,for now,we will enjoy your photos and commentary after your January cruise. I have been looking at the repositioning cruise for the Sky next November, sailing from Brooklyn (a home port for us) to Ft Lauderdale. One of the ports is Aruba,which we would enjoy visiting again. I haven’t discussed this cruise with DH yet,as we will need to see how our travel budget looks for next Fall/Winter. No snow here on LI, actually today is mild with sunshine. That is not going to last long though according to tomorrow’s prediction. Hoping your snow does not reach us as the landscaper has not gathered up the leaves for a Fall clean-up yet! Take care !
  15. Agree, ghstudio. To the OP After speaking with the steward and not seeing any change in service times, I would take up the issue with Head of Housekeeping and/or Guest Services. Whether or not the ship is understaffed is Celebrity’s responsibility. I do not think expecting your cabin to be cleaned in an acceptable time frame is asking too much.
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