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  1. That's funny...all the Radiance sisters had a cigar bar up in the VCL....that was turned into the CL later. Years ago it was a cigar bar by day, and then a DL (new concept at that time) by night. Still had that stink at night. 😮
  2. Sweet! Bet you had a nice time! We are on our way back to PC...laundry will be going by 10 am tomorrow. And then the dreaded ironing. Uggh!! But need to get ready for Mariner and B2B2B Vision next month. 🙂
  3. We always tip the porters..but find it makes no difference/rhyme or reason ...when and how our bags get to our cabin. All bags simply tossed onto wheeled luggage racks in the order they are received. Tips pocketed.
  4. We floated down to DL with overflow here on Harmony a few times as well. Was quite nice, and no crowding just after first seating. Was nice to pop in for a drink just before we wondered into the Ice Show. You were right John, Harmony is wonderful...sad to have to leave tomorrow. Love CK on this ship. 🙂
  5. Really???!! Would you like to guess how much we Loyal Royals have spent over the years? I book nothing but suites...and have been cruising Royal since 2005. Don't even go there.
  6. CL still on all four Radiance sisters, plus Grandeur's Vision class sisters (what's left of them) Vision, Rhapsody, Enchantment. No changes there that I am aware of. Limited number of suites on those ships would keep the numbers very low should they change from CL to SL. Agree about the lost perk of free upgrades. Up bid fairy has killed the sweet (free) upgrade fairy and tossed her body overboard. 😞
  7. Machine on the fritz in the SL on Harmony yesterday. Was totally gutted, replacing with new internal parts today. And no...not ready to give up the coffee machine. I love to wonder in there at 6:00 am to get mugs of coffee used to wake up the sleepy head DH before breakfast. Out on the balcony with fresh cup of coffee...bring in the day. 🙂 No Lattes from room service. 😉
  8. Currently on Harmony. Was at Coco Cay on Monday. Definitely NOT cold there. Water, air...low to mid 80s. No worries...enjoy your cruise! 🙂
  9. I carry my luggage directly to the life "boats"....just in case. 😉 One of the captains once said "A ship can carry a boat, but a boat can't carry a ship". 😄
  10. I don't get it...and being "furious"?? A little over the top for sure. 🙄 It is only a few minutes difference separating boarding priorities. We are all going to get on the ship at some point. Why stress over it? What I find even more interesting...are the pax so desperate to get on the ship first...are the same ones so desperate to get off the ship first. Me first generation....very sad. 😞
  11. Agree....don't like the aft cabins on that class of ship, for that same reason.
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