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  1. Rain is definitely not cold here. 😉 Kind of like stepping into a warm shower. Humidity is at "instant sweat" level...
  2. Don't feel alone...15 cruises cancelled for me so far. Have 12/6 still booked, but don't give it hope that it will go. Will be waiting on announcement and yet another wait for refund. Very frustrating. And no, I have not booked any new cruises since the shut down happened.
  3. Arrived on Marathon Key in the "land yacht" yesterday for our 2 week stay. View is from my "dash board desk" that I am currently typing on, and 2nd is picture of our site from the back facing out to the Gulf of Mexico, which is a drive in forward site on the seawall. Bucky's Jeep and our kayaks we hope to use once the winds come off. Breezy with off and on rain today.
  4. LOL...so funny of course...we don't play golf. But I am assuming you love using your cart to get around the community as we do. Ours is a Club Car, 4 seater. Great for taking to the couple of restaurants we have, the post office, visiting, or just a trip to the recycle area. Also love just puttering around the community within the blistering 15 mile an hour speed limit....whooo hooo! 😉 We also have a long nature trail that is golf cart, bicycle and pedestrian only. See lots of wildlife.
  5. Community garage sale...on a whim..and should never cruise the community garage sale in a golf cart with a glass of wine. 😉
  6. If they cancel my entire Aussie adventure...I may just be looking into just sticking to local cruises for next spring...including Rhapsody and Harmony. Assuming even THEY go at all..sigh. 😞
  7. I don't use mine to make bread,.... just dough for homemade pizza, and garlic bread. (Cook those in regular oven).
  8. Nice!! Wish I could sign myself up for one of those deals! Congrats!!
  9. One thing for certain...it will be a totally different cruising world until Covid-19 finally goes away...which IMHO, will be around for much longer than any of us expected. Bummer.... 😞
  10. I agree...and I am afraid that slim may have just walked out the door. 😞
  11. Oh but of course!! 😉 🤪 Still...sure would be nice to meet up with you on 12/6 though. Sigh...in a perfect world.
  12. I received refund today for cancelled 11/29 Harmony, in three different refund amounts representing 1. final payment of cruise itself, 2. taxes and fees, 3. prepaid gratuities. Still no sign of 500.00 deposit refund. Not unusual for them to break it all up. Just happy to get most of it back already. They are getting a bit faster on refunds now...thankfully, since I have another doomed cruise final payment to make for one of my January cruises by Monday. 😞
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