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  1. OMG is right!! Poor Eric! That's terrible! Not only breaking his leg...but his reputation! Guessing he indeed never lived that one down. Funny story indeed, but probably not for Eric! 🤕😱😜
  2. Congrats on getting close to the Pinnie club. Hopefully...someday...we can begin our love of cruising life again soon. 🙂 That is our next project, the "early american yard sale 😜" office set up. Soon to be next demo time! Tear up old carpet, paint, put down "wood look" tile, and do all new shelves, and a pair of desk combos. I hear ya' on the cancellations. I am at 28 cancellations to date...and fully expect to lose the three I have booked for May. One is an overlap with Mariner on the 10th"...knowing the Hawaii 11 night will be cancelled. If RCI pulls their
  3. Yes we are on 12/5 with you!! Well...supposedly. 😉 Hope to "sea" you there! Will be 2nd leg of our B2B with 11/28. Yes, Allure has been here for a couple of days now. We were going to try to go see her, but we are deep in the middle of bathroom #2 remodel. Just finished the unplanned guest bath remodel...just in time to have lost use of the main bathroom. 😮 If...and big if...we EVER get to cruise again...that next cruise is when we turn Pinnie. Talk about carrot on a stick! Was supposed to have turned last May on Grandeur.
  4. Ordered a love seat to match our Stressless (Ekorne) recliners in early November, supposed to be here by now. They are telling us mid March or later now. 😣 Took 13 weeks (normally 4-6) to get our bathroom cabinets.
  5. I hardly notice the seat, as it stays folded up. But....when I broke my foot (first night of Brilliance cruise a couple of years ago 😞 )....I sure could have used it! Still have the ugly portable plastic medical seat out in the garage somewhere...time to ditch it! 😉
  6. LOL...looks like she is doing it right to me!! Is there any other way? 😄 😄 Thanks for the laugh!
  7. Hoping to get another chance to try it...have not been there yet, but noticed rave reviews!
  8. They were closed when we tried to go there months ago...(Covid outbreak) was supposed to be for our anniversary dinner. 😞
  9. Oh yeah...Katie had her own chair also. 😉 When she was having trouble getting up there, I had kept the chair slid out and sideways to make it easier for her to get up there. I still see her (even two years later) in my mind's eye sitting there. Miss her terribly.
  10. The kitchen was the first thing we tackled when we bought this down sized house. Did total gut out, removed worthless second door and oversized window...which gave me much more counter space, a pantry, and more cabinets. Well...actually that happened just after the unexpected replacing of the roof the month before. $$$. Five years later...we are finally getting to the bathrooms. Guess you can see where my priorities were. 😉 Then again, if cruising was still on...they would not have been touched and still in their past condition. Had heavy cruising itineraries t
  11. Sooo cute!! Purring and biting at the same time...but they are "love bites"... Probably only cat lovers would know what we are talking about. 😉 Thanks for sharing.
  12. Nice!! We also had the full tile job done in there, along with complete ADA features including fold down seat and multiple grab rails, plus "rain shower". Not that we need the ADA thing ...yet...thankfully. But just thinking down the road. 😉
  13. We pulled the rest of the double vanity out today...oh boy. 🥺 The tile under it was worse than we thought....soo everything on hold now until we pick out new tile tomorrow. No doing that ourselves, have a very good local company we have used in the past...but he can't get out here until mid February, to do so. Bucky was worried, with how things are going lately, that it would be months. Weeks to wait on it, I can handle...best to do it when the bathroom is now empty and not work around the installed vanity.
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