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  1. LOL...my beloved cat (who has passed into kitty cat heaven a year ago) used to eat paper, plastic, plants...etc. Always "just lovely" to hear her starting her barf procedure in the middle of the night...that will really wake you up quick!
  2. At least he didn't turn into this new creature. Only in Florida. 😉 😄
  3. Yeah, tough kitty...though rather sad...since those rotten invasive lizards are full of salmonella. 😮
  4. OMG...I sure hope we are soon. Just that thought makes me long for those "good old days" of cruising even more. Cheers to you my friend!! 🥂
  5. Yup, same thing with Bucky...his Dad gave him a choice of sending his punk ass down the road or joining the Army! 😮 Passenger capacity (to keep us on theme)....with all the bail outs...sounds like the ships are getting lonely!
  6. Nah...that salt is supposed to go around the rim of that Margarita glass! 😄 🍹
  7. It's a snowball effect for us. If RCI cancels the 2021 Australia season (or to be more exact the Aussies don't want us down there)...gulp...there goes eight legs (over three months on Serenade) all at once. 😞
  8. I really don't think any of my remaining 2020 cruises will take place, IMHO. But sure would like to know if I can keep the ones in place for 2021. Next year is a very heavy cruise year for us....maybe...sigh. 😞
  9. Wow...you really took the tour! And to also stay on topic...just freed up some capacity on Harmony 9/27 and 10/4 today. Another two GS cabins now available. Just didn't feel comfortable trying to keep those. 😮
  10. Yeah, Bucky would agree with you there. Spent a two tour tropical vacation walking in the swamp/jungles there...maybe that is why he is so comfortable here in our swamp in Florida?? Hmmmm.... 😉
  11. Soooo funny! How about "Duck, duck, goose" too? 😄
  12. LOL...born right in the middle. Making me a solid Baby Boomer. 😉 Yes, we have plenty of pot holes around us here in Central Florida too..made me feel right at home when I moved here in the early 80s. 😄
  13. There is a nice snorkel tour (outside vendor) that will pull up to the beach right there. We were on it while on a cruise in Antiqua, with the boat stopping there on the way out to pick up guests at Sandals. The tour operator takes you to an island and does an outdoor lobster grill with sides for lunch. Wonderful!! 🙂
  14. Sandals would be a very nice alternative...nice one in Antiqua. Though..not just the Carib..there are so many other options to cruising indeed. In the meantime: --Just back from a week's stay in a condo on the beach in South Florida --Leaving Wednesday for a "road trip" of B&Bs up the coast. --Switched out my two week land trip followed by two week cruise in Alaska...to full four week land tour in August. --Traveling in "the land yacht" in September to Florida state parks. There is life after cruising....but I still miss it.
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