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  1. Yup, I am 6/5....but she is much...much younger. 😉
  2. Agree. Maybe RCI could come up with a survey about what features we liked from both...then combine them into a new Italian restaurant of their own ...that is not part of a chain. Oh what am I saying...that just makes too much sense for them to do something that simple. 😮😉
  3. Brilliance is part of the series called "Radiance class". Sister ships are Radiance, Serenade, and Jewel. Indeed each of the beautiful sisters still maintains a "Concierge Lounge"...has not converted to SL...thankfully. 🙂
  4. Which did you like better? I like the food at Giovanni's....but thought the set up and service was better at Portofinos.
  5. Usually second night (first full day) which would be Monday, and then night before last...indeed Friday.
  6. Unless you rent a cabana...then they are "free". 😉 Hi Bill. We will be there early June. Sister has rented a cabana as a birthday treat for me. OMG...another birthday ...so soon again!! Gotta stop having those! 😮 OP: Really great pictures...thanks for sharing! 🙂
  7. I miss Portofinos....would love to have that one come back. Alas...change is not always for the better that's for sure.
  8. Pins have earned it (just try to imagine how much money they have spent with Royal to get there). A couple in a full suite that drags in their family of 6-8 booked in non suite cabins as guests...those are not earned and are more than likely the real reason you may not get a reservation time of choice. BTW...this thread is about guests of suites pax not being allowed in.
  9. LOL...that's for sure. No expiration date on those leftover small bills. 😄 I just put the extra (assuming there actually ARE extras 😉 )....back into my cruise pack.
  10. Agree totally. Makes total sense to me as well.
  11. I find some ships to be very stingy at GS to break down 20 dollar bills for one dollar bills...even though those bills are going into crew member's hands as tips. Years ago, I make now sure to hit my local bank for a pack of ones (or two depending on length of cruise). Much easier than begging. 😉
  12. Sweet suite deal John! You are really good at digging up those bargains! 🙂
  13. We make reservations in advance when we get the email from the SL concierge. Have never had a problem making and receiving our usual 6:30 dining time. It works perfectly for us...showing up in the SL around 5:30 (never busy then or nuts like the over crowded DL), some cocktails before dinner...then host comes over to let us know our table is ready right on time. 🙂 Sure...maybe not the world's best food, but a whole lot more relaxing than the noisy, crowded MDR. 😮
  14. LOL...very funny! 😉 Of course you already know that cabin 1100 is the BEST on the ship for Alaska inland waterway, with 9256 being a close second. Enjoy!! 🙂 Nothing but the best for Royal DS!!
  15. Simple supply and demand. The demand out weighs the supply here. Things had to change.
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