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  1. Assuming that happens. If it does...I will be thrilled too. But I have a bad feeling about it going well.
  2. Yup, exactly. New bookings on new ship in Europe...will go fast once open in a couple of days. Then...almost a month later they will "do our best to transfer you to like cabin". Will there be any leftovers to pick over at all? Really bad way to treat those of us that are being kicked off the Allure. They should block off the amount of cabins for the number they need to transfer.
  3. I am guessing may not be necessary with the ship not at full capacity?
  4. We cheat every once in awhile and have Cave Man burgers. 😄 Yumm...good!
  5. OK...no travel pictures for the next 2 weeks. Sigh.... Fridge/freezer packed to the gills, clothes refreshed, dry goods in, Meds packed, Plenty of wine!...kayaks loaded on the Jeep, hooked up, fueled up...and hit the road yesterday at noon. Heading out to our first state park for the six week tour of the Florida Panhandle. Got up on the highway...and bus started to sputter. She refused to go anything over 45 MPH. Great...just great. And we had it serviced before we left for Maine. Worked fine at low speed...but no high speed...and even started losing it at lesser speeds. Made it to the next exit, circled around on the side streets, limped back home. Our excellent RV service located inside our community is closed on the weekends. Can't even make an appointment until tomorrow. Then...no idea how long until we can get it in...or how long the repairs. Depressing to then unload everything back out this morning. Have cancelled the first two weeks of our six week tour...hoping we may salvage at least a couple of reservations we have for later. Not sure...but important thing...made it home, and not sitting on the side of the highway. This had pretty much nailed our decision to sell the land yacht this winter. Managed to go drown our sorrows at favorite local sushi restaurant today for lunch. Sigh....Was good sushi though!
  6. Envious!!! Have a fantabulous cruise!! 🙂 Hey...Bucky's favorite ship brew!! 😉
  7. Grilled Veggie burgers (Incogmeato) and home made beans for dinner tonight...and yes...Brioche buns (love those!).
  8. Good friend of ours in Ohio told us they have 2 seasons. Winter and construction. 😮
  9. Yup..."not so loveable bugs" I call the car paint killers...AKA Love Bugs. They are coming out again...they are coming on again. 2-3 weeks twice a year (spring and fall). Uggh.... 😣
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