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  1. Your are in far more danger driving on the highways, than the rare chance of getting eaten by a shark. 😉 If sharks are present, simply stay out of the water, and by all means...don't make little splashy noises that sound like wounded fish. 😮
  2. Friendly: Nurse Sharks, Whale Sharks. Not so Friendly: Great Whites, Tiger Sharks, Black tips, Hammerheads...etc.
  3. The problem is that .....they were probably already obnoxious, loud mouth, staff abusing bores before they even got to that level. 😉
  4. I have some swamp land here in Florida to sell. 😄
  5. Oooh...that's because you are special!! 🤗
  6. I would pick "scam"....has happened to me each time I made a minor change the last few months. 😡
  7. They had to do something since they can't mysteriously charge us for mini bar usage we did not use now. 😉
  8. Leftover from the supply at the WJ the day before. 😉 I keep the cabin plate resupplied from stock in the WJ for Bucky the cookie monster.
  9. I was just joking about the pin. 😄 Though when I finally did see one...it is a pretty little piece of glass being green, over the clear glass on the Diamond pin. 😉
  10. Happened again just a few minutes ago. I called to change to a better cabin location on one of my B2Bs...and warned the rep on the phone not to add Vacation Protection package. His response..."Oh but you already had it added to your confirmation". 😡 Me: "No...I did not. I booked that myself online and checked off NO on the choice, plus double checked that it was indeed not on there. For some reason it seems to mysteriously appear each time I would make a change...why is that?" Agent: "Oh..I will remove it". Make sure you recheck it if you make changes...no matter how minor.
  11. Perfect...would love to cruise with you again! Yes, please pull down my signature and pick one...or two..or three! 🤗
  12. The rumor is that someone at RCI messed up. Was supposed to put in a level at the half way mark at the unnamed D+ level. That was supposed to be Emerald, from what I gather.
  13. And hope we get to cruise with you when you make it over the threshold! 😄 That would be a great party!
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