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  1. OP is talking about Radiance Alaska southbound with a departure time of 8:00 pm, muster around 7:30. And yes...have been in both DL and CL on Radiance southbound at happy hour, well before muster.
  2. They will close the bar in the DL before the drill, but lounge open. DL located on Viking Crown deck, turn left from elevator doors as you come out/ just down and forward from stairs on right hand side. Enjoy! 🙂
  3. Trying to eat in the MDR on first night southbound Radiance is kind of a mess for us, IMHO. We simply dine in the WJ to work around muster and sail away. Which we will do in August again out of Seward. My confirmation states sail away at 8 pm, which it has been last few years. However, second leg out of Vancouver northbound is the normal 4:30 pm.
  4. Nah...RCI website being glitchy? How could that happen? 😉 😄
  5. Have not had the pleasure of cruising on Grandeur yet, thus making up for lost time and have sailing in June, and another in September doing B2B. So sad to see yet another Vision class sister going away. Down from six to three now. 😞 So far has been chronological, thus following that pattern would mean next on chopping block: EN, then Rhapsody, then Vision.
  6. Thanks, yes I saw that. I was joking about the hotel, but poop does happen at times...ie: Viking boat being delayed, mechanical, weather, etc. Was definitely not planning on spending an overnight in Amsterdam that day. Should work out pretty sweet to just grab a cab, and being already packed...board the Viking directly from Jewel. 😉
  7. I must have been lucky. I got there last Saturday at 9:00 am, with flight not departing until 2 pm. We were at Jet Blue terminal. Lots of book reading, long lunch.
  8. IMHO...no...not worth it. Why pay all that money for a cruise, just to go to a "theme park"? IMHO, if theme park is what you are interested in, go to the "land of the mouse" (AKA Orlando) and save the money you would spend to go on a cruise. I am one that really misses the quiet and natural tropical island feel and all the wildlife we saw on our nature walks. All gone now. Theme park score one...Mother Nature...zero.
  9. I always remember Captain Johnny's term "A ship can carry a boat, a boat can't carry a ship". Indeed he would cringe when someone called his ship "a boat". 😉
  10. We are disembarking Jewel on 9/1/21, same day as embarkation on Viking for Grand European tour. Hopefully all works out and should go smoothly without having to "hotel it" inbetween. 😉 And thanks for the link, though did not show location of docking for either cruise. Oh well, can't be too far apart I should think. 🙂
  11. That is what happened with Alan on the Rhapsody last year. He moved to the DL when Kumar kicked the D+ out of the CL, telling me he missed his D+ friends. Unfortunately now they have switched and Alan is back in the CL. Will miss him. 😞
  12. Exactly ^. I don't think they even check how many upper tier any longer...IMHO it's now just automatic with each ship that still has a CL. Low numbers of upper tier on my last Vision cruise...but D+ still kicked out of now empty CL in the evening. RCI just needs to state it as new policy change and be done with it. We are not that stupid. 😉
  13. Thanks! That is the way it was set up the last few years we did Rhapsody at this time of the year. Though will miss Alan being in the DL, now that he and Kumar have switched places. Did they have the bar set up on a temporary table out in the overflow area as before? That seemed to work out really well, leaving the small DL for just "happy-tisers" and seating. We had access to the CL the last few years on Rhapsody, but preferred that layout and view in the DL for happy hour. We were hoping for same set up on Vision, but it was nothing close to that. The even more tiny DL is off to the side (not in the back corner as Rhapsody). Bar was set up inside the DL in the middle of the room, and no overflow into the back lounge at all. It was very disappointing.
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