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  1. My Allure TA November 2020 (over a year from now) had everything from JS and up sold out already when I booked...months ago. Now the whole ship is sold out. 😮
  2. Have also repriced several cruises 3 or more times. Especially the ones I booked far in advance. Lots of time between booking and cruising on those. 😉
  3. I did that for Harmony cruise in 2020. I had one GS cabin booked, then decided to change to JS cabin. For the money I saved I booked two weeks, same cabin B2B. 😉
  4. My JS Gty cabin was not assigned until 5 days prior to cruise date. I was assigned a GS cabin....good things come to those who wait. 😉
  5. Yeah, I remember those events on Freedom fondly! Great times. And "until now"....I enjoyed the trail mix. Uggh...🤢
  6. Agree...and most of the time I forget to print my name on them...and when or if I do, it is just the last name.
  7. LOL! Yeah, sometimes the sun does not shine either. We just hope for those shiny days. 😉 We have been lucky with mostly with hits...though 100% of the time...good conversations, good times we have enjoyed. If we don't like the food.. there is always plenty of it all over the ship to hunt up, we don't starve. 😄
  8. Unless I am wrong...I believe peek a boo bridge is on all Voyager class ships...I remember it on EX and Mariner also.
  9. You are most welcome. 🙂 This will be our first time on Grandeur, and first time flying into Baltimore. I am guessing choosing Grandeur to turn Pinnie is a good choice, from all the great comments I hear about the little ship. I just love the Vision and Radiance class ladies! 🥰
  10. Well yes...that could complicate matters indeed. 😉
  11. LOL!! 😄 Or rub their hands on their pants. 😮
  12. Agree....Once I put down my plate on the table...I walk over the the sanitizing station or wash station to do my hands again. Just because we do it on the way in, does not mean someone might not have done so...or has sneezed/coughed in their hands just before they touch the serving utensils ahead of you indeed. 😮
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