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  1. Aww...thanks. I mentioned your comment to your bro...he was all for it. I guess he puts up with it more than I thought. 😄
  2. At least I know I can drive over to Tampa to board a smaller ship, which is more my style. 🙂 Love going under the Sunshine Skyway bridge anyway.
  3. Thanks. Used to be the Radiance sisters were all identical, (except balcony shower curtains, and GS 1556 that is non-exist on Serenade and Jewel). Will be odd to be in 1556 on Radiance again in Alaska, when that spot was part of the the Royal Suite on Serenade. 😉
  4. I think I am more stressed at home playing "catch up"....scheduling yet another remodel project, doctor appointments that get shoved off when we are gone too much, yard work, reorganizing and repacking...etc. 😉
  5. Hmmm...do you want me to do that? I guess I could if anyone would be interested?. 😉 I just now packed at least one bag....my water bag. 😄
  6. Hmmmm...strange change out. That is where Izumi is on the other sisters....so now I guess Izumi is aft of the WJ where Rita's was. Must be an odd set up. I don't like where Izumi is on Odyssey either...both would have too much pass by foot traffic.
  7. Thanks. Ironically, even though we turned Pinnacle awhile back, we are now booking with other lines. Not just for the fact of not informing us about changes in a timely manner, but mostly the cut backs on what seems like everything, and yet the pricing has gone way up. It is just not the same cruise line as it was. Sadly, after 20 years of being "Loyal to Royal"...we are no longer such. 😞
  8. I remember "Sea View Cafe" on deck starboard side, which is now Izumi on all four sisters. Really good onion rings... 😉
  9. Still called Rita's Cantina on twin sister Serenade. But it became just a bar on the side there, no food, and the tables were simply occupied by pax from the WJ. Recently, just after sail away for the WC...they turned it into a health drink/fruit and veggie smoothie bar. Actually very good! But has not been an actual Rita's for some time, though the signage is still up. Kind of a failed venture.
  10. I can definitely agree on RCI not coming out with announcements of change in a timely manner. I knew for weeks we were not going to Manta Ecuador on Serenade due to major unrest with drug wars. Several ships, including RCI's own Silversea had cancelled that port weeks before. Upon inquiries at the GS desk, they assured me Serenade was still going there and my tour was still good to go. Hah. They finally announced the cancellation just a couple of days before we were to arrive there. But I had already cancelled the tour online prior to it. I can only hope the new itinerary logistics will still bring Serenade to Barcelona on July 10. But so many things can happen. I will just deal with it when that date happens. Hope you can get your schedule worked out.
  11. Serenade has a newly added smoothie bar with energy drinks, veggie and fruit smoothies. Soooo good! 🙂
  12. This was your quote: All of the Radiance OS are under the pool deck. I am pretty sure the OP was talking about noise from the pool area deck directly above with bands playing, late parties, scraping chairs etc. The OS cabins, as @orville99 also verified are all under the WJ area of deck 11 not the pool area. I just disembarked twin sister Serenade in a GS...which is forward of the centrum. I did hear a lot of noise from the pool deck, loud music, parties, and scraping chairs/loungers at all hours of the night. Very annoying at 2-4 in the morning. @Kathooloo...was that what you were concerned with? You won't have to be concerned about the OS cabins...much better location than the GS cabins.
  13. In my situation...I DO know. I was on board when that Alpha call was made on the last day. Verified it was the death later. If I had never known about it, I would not have changed cabins. But since I did know about it, and WC cruise agreed with me, having no problem switching me to another cabin, (and actually was happy I did want to switch for some reason)...it is a done deal.
  14. I simply chose not to be in that cabin as personal choice....we are not all alike. I am happy you would have enjoyed it. WC desk totally agreed with me. They had no problem switching me out to another cabin just down the hall which they did within two hours after I emailed them.
  15. Thanks! I came up with that title one night after a couple glasses of wine. 😄
  16. LOL...except not a happy place when we are having a lot of rain, wind, and they close the deck up there...which happened a lot. 😮
  17. OS cabins are not under the pool deck...they are under the connected portions of the WJ.
  18. Do realize this is nothing new for those of us that had massive cancellations due to Covid. I had Radiance booked around Australia that was cancelled not once, but then after restart...cancelled again. I had to cancel flights and hotels...twice at that time. And definitely was not new knowledge that we would have to reroute on Serenade, being discussed for weeks before I left the ship in LA. No one thought we would end up going through the Suez Canal. It was simply a matter of logistics as to where they would go and when. I have flight and hotel booked for rejoining in Barcelona. I am prepared that those things could change if that does not happen (depending on if and when Serenade arrives).
  19. I go to my bank in advance for smaller bills before each cruise. And when I cruise in the Med, or other places in Europe...I have my bank order Euros for me in the denominations of my choice. Pretty easy. I should think pax in other countries can have their banks order U.S. dollars as well.
  20. Me too. Not happy with all of these mega theme park ships, that just keep getting bigger. If I want Disney World...I will go there. 😉 And unfortunately RCI seems to be running the sweet little ships that are still left in the fleet ....into the ground to pay for the big ladies. Even Serenade had so many things broken on the ship, it was a total shame. IMHO....That ship should have been sent to major dry dock before the WC. But RCI does not want to put any money into the little ladies. 😞
  21. They made that into the kids Arcade. Never once saw any children in there, and in fact the children's pool area on the starboard side was rarely open.
  22. See you then! 🙂 Already looking forward to reboarding in Barcelona. 🥰 Really enjoyed meeting you on the ship. Probably seems strange with you, Bucky, and I not occupying our regular seats in the MDR now. 😉
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