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  1. Counting Azamara Zeniths there are around 500
  2. Alakegirl


    Just like at the airport, paper Xpress passes are a good backup in addition to the app
  3. Use the same procedures you did wen you were Elite, the discounts will just be morenow
  4. It’s just that this board gets so crowded with non Celebrity things.......hotel questions, weather questions, rental car questions....i for one would like to see it stick to celebrity topics and reduce its clutter
  5. You need only to do the first cruise. The second Xpress pass is redundant
  6. Putu is an extremely common name in Bali, traditionally given to the firstborn son. I have known at least three waiters named Putu, and one bar waiter with that name. Perhaps if you have a photograph of him someone would recognize him?
  7. Equinox. But take a regular verandah, not concierge, since there is not much extra value in Concierge class. Use the saved money for lovely specialty dining or some other special experience
  8. Everything that makes the site easier to navigate is much appreciated
  9. As i remember, there aren’t any canapes on embarkation day.
  10. I can’t figure out why the OP would think that there should be any sort of compensation. Compensation for what? It’s a free program. You don’t pay to join. You weren’t cheated out of anything. No one was injured, no one was hurt, no one missed out on something they were supposed to receive. The rules of the program were clear and the OP said that they understood the rules. So compensation for what????? what am I missing?
  11. Was your friend on a Celebrity cruises? We have never known Celebrity to staff dentists on their ships
  12. recent experience? Any experience would be from at least nine months ago, wouldn’t it?
  13. It is not. The Luggage Valet is offered in Seattle, Fort Laud and Miami only
  14. I thought they had reinstated them, but this is sad news if they have changed their minds again
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