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  1. Gonna need to grab some emails and texts when in port here. Is the cell service good? I'll have an international calling plan of course, but need to know if the service is good.
  2. Trying to see what cell phone service looks like here ... I'll need to do an international calling plan to get service but I'm going to want to do a little email and texting while in port. What's the service look like here?
  3. I would love to be able to make coffee with my AeroPress in my room each morning. Anybody asked for a kettle on the Explorer of the Seas? Yes, yes - room service will bring you a carafe of hot water but it's never hot enough and it takes a while for it to come round to my room. If I had my own kettle...
  4. Googling but can't get a definitive answer ... we get off the boat at Ashdod and Haifa is that a take your passport with you situation? I don't like carrying my passport around but of course, ready to do so if Israel requires that.
  5. This thread well demonstrates why things go south on Internet forums... I'm the OP. Here's the post that started it all: Looks a little close. We'd sure get home sooner but I'm concerned that I'm going to miss the plane... We'd carry off our own luggage (of course). Think we can make it? Ever done this? Notice I didn't ask if YOU WOULD do this. I didn't ask if it would be stressful. I didn't ask if it is the kind of thing YOU would like to try. I didn't ask if in YOUR OPINION this is a dumb thing to do or for you to let me know YOU THINK this is dumb. I didn't ask if I could control every variable, including Elvis and meteors, on the way to the airport. I I asked if (1) I could make the plane and (2) have you ever done this. A lot of folks here took up a lot of bandwidth answering how they would proceed in this situation. What I wanted to know is (1) can it be done and (2) WHAT IS YOUR EXPERIENCE TRYING TO DO THIS. Mega thanks to those who answered my questions. Particularly shout out to BNBR for all his helpful posts. If you are wondering what we decided we have rented a swimming camel. We will jump from our balcony even before we dock, climb aboard and he will swim us to the airport where a swarm of trained African honeybees will pick us up and deposit us on the tarmac by our plane. Yes, I'm concerned they will lose our luggage. Thanks everyone.
  6. not gonna lie ... am going to be seriously disappointed if we don't get an impromptu Elvis concert with bonus meteors!
  7. Planet Perfect doesn't seem to be the planet I currently reside on ...
  8. Oh if things go wrong we are ABSOLUTELY blaming you! "That guy on CruiseCritic GUARANTEED us that we'd make it and they'd bump us to first class and the flight would be diverted to Paris where the airline would pay for a week's vacation there due to the inconvenience." You are on the hook now!!!!! JK ... gonna have to think on this ...
  9. you're killing me Smalls! LOL had this all worked out and decided it's a "no" and now I'm back in the "well maybe we could..." the dog says DO IT!
  10. We do have TSA - Pre. Would NOT leave home without it! The ship is the Explorer of the Seas. What class ship is that?
  11. well... because I don't want to sit in an airport for 7 hours (that is stressful too!) waiting for my flight home if I can get home sooner. Why wouldn't I? MY DOG IS WAITING FOR ME! #youArentMe #YouDoYou
  12. Thanks for the feedback. It's a Sunday morning departure... this is the kind of thing you look at on your computer and tell yourself "yeah, we can make that" and then on day of departure there are delays and long lines and you miss your flight and you're thinking "why did I try this? #dumb" so thanks for the advice. looks like it might happen. but prolly best not to try it.
  13. thank you. that's pretty much what we were thinking too. that's a little close for comfort!
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