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  1. Thanks for the info. Do we ask for the sparkling wine in a sky suite now as in aqua and concierge?
  2. Do any of the suites get complimentary champagne?
  3. No, suites were not "revolutionized" on Equinox.
  4. I believe the cost of alcoves is in your cruise planner.
  5. How do you mean a "big difference"? Just his personality or obvious changes in service, staff attitude, etc?
  6. Do you remember who the concierge in the Suite Lounge was? I'm wondering if it was Nadja. She was on NV for a number of years. She is my favorite of all concierges we have cruised with and I haven't kept up with where she is now.
  7. Also interested. We sail in 5 weeks. The service under Captain Kate was spectacular. Hope it remains the same. Very upbeat service people all over the ship.
  8. Who was the concierge in the Diamond lounge, please?
  9. What data are you trying to access? If you are speaking of check-in or documents, those are not available until about 45 days before your sail date.
  10. If I understand correctly, you say previously you could view the OBC on your reservation on line. If that is so, that must have come from Celebrity, as others have noted travel agent OBC will not show on their web site. So if it was there before, and is gone now, definitely call Celebrity. I have twice seen Celebrity OBC disappear from future cruises. When I called, the credit was re-applied to my cruises. They seemed puzzled as to why it "fell off".
  11. Yes. Ship OBC is good for anything purchased on board as well as gratuities.
  12. Be advised that the port at Tampa can be closed because of fog in the winter months. Many cruises have been delayed either in embarking or disembarking, sometimes losing a day off either end of a cruise. Flying all the way from Sweden, I would opt for San Juan. Especially if you have never been there.
  13. I assume you are talking about the large balconies near the "hump" on Radiance class. The nearest Celebrity cabins to those balconies will be the 1A balconies on the slant of the hump on S class ships. Those are in high demand from those of us who learned the hard way! We are Pinnacle on RCI and have become X devotees. But I had a couple of small balconies before I learned this trick. The cabins are of about the same size. However, some balcony cabins have bed by the bath instead of by the balcony. IMHO those cabins appear more spacious.
  14. Been in 9638 several times. Never heard the piano. Did have loud thumps once as if children were jumping off the furniture! Love the location.
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