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  1. Davekathy, Is this on Youtube or Netflix, please?
  2. Thanks for all the info. I know the deck plans show these venues, but deck plans aren't always up to date. The cigar lounge on LB is quite nicely appointed. Too bad I don't smoke cigars! If smoking becomes banned in the RCL casinos, that will be one good thing to come of covid19. One of the reasons we have lately cruised only X is the smoke free casino. Card room on LB is where concierge club used to be.
  3. Is this area near the front of Liberty still a cigar lounge or has it been turned into something else, please? How about Vintages? I know there were plans to change that to a differently themed bar. Haven't been on LB or RCI at all in more than 3 years and now considering LB again when cruising restarts.
  4. Thanks for the info. We usually use Celebrity's insurance as we also have an annual medical and evacuation policy that is very reasonably priced.
  5. All basic cocktails, wines up to about $20 a bottle at home, most of the specialty coffees and beers are all covered by the classic package. I suggest you wait until on board and see how the classic works for you before paying to upgrade. The cost will be the same per day as if you purchased now. Except I believe there is a slight discount if you upgrade at a bar on the first night.
  6. Depends on how much more aqua is pp. No to concierge. With aqua you get a separate dining room,, Blu, for both breakfast and dinner every day. Better service. Also you can ask for something off menu 24 hrs. in advance if you wish. You also have the option of ordering from the MDR menu on S class ships, and I believe on M class as well. We figure up to $400 pp over veranda is worth it for aqua.
  7. I have done several back when we thought nothing would keep us from cruising that wasn't covered by insurance. Now, no way would I take NRD.
  8. Thanks. I can live with wine.
  9. LOL. That' s the reason I didn't wear mine on RCL Harmony!
  10. A few years ago when we sailed the relatively new RCL Harmony of the Seas, there were wrist bands to use in lieu of seapass card if you wished. No big deal to us. Whether RCI still does this on the mega ships, I don't know as we left RCI for good after our first X cruise 3 years ago.
  11. Is Delta currently serving any drinks in this class, please?
  12. It is much easier to call Celebrity Air as the website does not always display correct information, according to the agents there. And not always the correct prices either. Easier to let them look up available flights on your required dates.
  13. The Celebrity "Cruise Care" coverage begins on the first day of travel which is defined as first day of purchased travel. In other words, if purchased airfare thru' X that day and following days are covered through the last day of the cruise. If air purchased independently, then first day of the cruise thru' last day of cruise is covered. . So you are saying that coverage for illness (which apparently does not exclude Covid19, )also applies in various ports. That makes sense.
  14. Today I browsed thru' Celebrity's many page FAQS concerning their Cruise with Confidence plan. When I reached the part about travel insurance, I read it all. Their "Cruise Care" policy explanation of coverage used the wording "if you are quarantined for Covid19 while on your trip" to explain what was covered due to your quarantine. I am surprised that the wording is not specific to "your cruise". To me my " trip" includes travel to the cruise and every port included in the cruise. Any one have comments on this, please?
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