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  1. Just announced this morning, instead of sailing the Med from Rome beginning May this year, the newest RCI ship will be sailing to the Greek islands from Israel with only vaccinated Israeli citizens on board. Crew will also be vaccinated. Not yet clear to me whether unvaccinated children under 16 will be allowed, but I believe so. Bookings are to begin March 9.
  2. A plus is that there is no membership fee..
  3. On an RCI cruise from Galveston we observed a recliner included as baggage while debarking.
  4. The Retreat sun deck on Equinox is only accessible to guests by stairs. Tho' there is no bar, the servers there go down one flight (from inside their service area) to the Sky Bar to make drinks. I believe the light lunch menu is the same as on Edge and the service is wonderful.
  5. Cruises shown for Jan. 2 and 12-20, 2023, then nothing until Feb. 18. Where is she between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18, 2023?
  6. Can I please get some input on this hotel? Pictures look good.
  7. Way too early a flight from MIa for arriving in Port Everglades! But I believe SAS will offer you a shuttle for about $15 pp. They only operate originating in FLL but do offer service to/from ports and airports for both Miami and Fll.
  8. Wino, I can always count on you for accurate cabin information. Too bad only the S2's on deck 12 have a covering over the balcony. We like to have total cover as we can sit out during any weather if we wish and do not have to sit out in the sun all the time. Guess we will stick to those side facing S2's.
  9. I was inquiring about the aft facing sky suites on deck 11, not the corner suites. So the answer is we don't know as these can be moved around? And how about any cover over the aft facing sky suites?
  10. When I had the classic package I got affogado's many times to get another "free" gelato.
  11. Do these sky suites have any covering over the balconies, please? And which side on deck 11 has the window washing equipment? I've seen a picture somewhere that makes me think it is on the starboard side. But that could be wrong of course.
  12. That is not correct. Call back and talk to someone else. We have booked Sky suites in the past and have 3 booked for future cruises. If you have already made the reservation, call One Touch at 844-418-6824. They can fix this.
  13. Back in May, I tried to wear a mask while doing the elliptical in my gym and couldn't do it. Too hard to breathe. After my second vaccination I am going to try the gym again and will mask for other machines and free weights. Hope to have this "problem" next January on my Equinox back to back!
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