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  1. Changed again I guess, as this bounced. I did get a call in to CC without much wait time and they sent the surveys.
  2. I have good luck calling about 7:30 AM.
  3. We much prefer the bed by the closet also because it makes the whole cabin seem larger, with more open space. . And you can sit on the sofa and look out at the balcony, almost like being out there.
  4. The Spa Cafe was open on embarkation day on Equinox last week.
  5. Just back from b2b on Equinox arriving home Oct. 17. No masks for the 100% vax adults. Crew is masked. Great cruises. Crew are so happy to be back at work and can't do enough for you. Lovely food everywhere. Oceanview Cafe great, not crowded at any time that I was there, and crew serving did not seem to slow anything down. Actually, you pick up your own plate and flatware, just as before. Just hold out your plate for what you want. Or bowl as it may be. Ice cream was great. Luminae was outstanding. Since suites were sold out, there was a bit of crowding in the retreat lounge at times, but Jonathon and Yulia,, concierges there, were so helpful and pleasant. We began going up to Sky L:ounge for before dinner drink for the second cruise. That was never crowded or noisy, Again , service was outstanding. Best check in and departure ever. We did not care that most islands required X excursions. I don't believe the ABC.s did, but they did require masks to be worn everywhere. We did not get off the ship at all. There was the normal entertainment options as well as Beyond the Podium presentations. Lots of games, etc. with the cruise director's staff. Our best cruise so far after cruising for 20 years!
  6. It seems I saw sun screen on Equinox last week. Have no idea about aloe vera, but that would probably be in the make up sales area if available.
  7. You can get a massage on Celebrity after sail away first night also. You should be able to book it in your reservation on line.
  8. On Equinox Sept. 26 and Oct. 8. Two shows every night save embarkation day, with just one at 9. Music as usual all over the ship. My favorite entertainment is the "Beyond the Podium" presentations. Several of those each cruise. As well as game show type entertainment every evening after the first show. Dance band late at Sky Lounge each evening and Silent Disco and Fulll Moon party at 10 PM a couple of nights.
  9. On the 9-26 Equinox there were 1367 pax. No covid cases on that cruise. I don't believe there will be full capacity even by January. But I hope so for all those employees affected.
  10. We did not get a survey for either of the 2 cruises we just completed. Can anyone please post either the CC or One Touch e-mail address, so I may report that we need to get the survey, please?
  11. All interesting information. We just did the 12/9 night . Fabulous cruises!!
  12. Why is Equinox currently on a 3 night cruise? No one we asked on last week's 9 night had a clue why suddenly Equinox is on a 3 night cruise? Are they trying to attract a booze cruise crowd? I surely hope not. The whole ambiance of that ship will be changed for the worse.
  13. Same answer re: Luminae. If you are on an S class ship, you may order from the Luminae OR Main dining Room menu.
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