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  1. Disembarked on Friday, Dec. 13. Hoping to see by Wed. Dec. 18.
  2. So, that's the question. I have my statements from our cruises showing amounts to go back to our credit card of record. Should I expect about 3-5 business days, or more, please?
  3. Thanks for the reminder. Saved a bundle on a total of 3 different cruises. Also had a military discount on one cruise.
  4. On S class ships, plans were to downsize the Sky Lounge and add 3 or 4 new suites as on Reflection. That didn't happen on Equinox as they ran out of time and didn't finish the "revolution" . Silhoutte will be revolutionized in January. Then we will see if X goes on with the original plans or, due to a lot of outcry from faithful cruisers, they decide to forgo those plans.
  5. Yes, the wine quality is better than the CC HH . All the martinis at the Martini bar are over your limit. No problem with the usual frozen drinks.
  6. Nachi Cocum is in Cozumel, not Costa Maya. At Costa Maya DIY. Go to the port ( just bunch of shops) get outside to the parking lot and walk across to the taxis. Grab one to the beach in the village(Majahual). It's $3 pp to get there. Lots of beach bars and clubs up and down this lovely little place. Lots of natural shade, lots of loungers for rent. No hit or miss about the clarity of the water here. Never seen it anything but crystal clear and been there many times over several years. Taxis are plentiful to return and the return ride is only $2 pp.
  7. Peaches-Thanks for the info. There was no extra charge on Silhoutte two years ago. May not bother with dinner next week.
  8. Of course many of these items are included in all cabins and many more included with any veranda cabin. The "Premium bath amenities" no longer exist. All are in large, refillable plastic bottles. If you want binoculars, bring your own. The ones in cabin are tiny and scratched.
  9. But there is live music all over the ship every evening. Different types of music rotate between venues. There is usually classical, jazz, pop, and folk.
  10. This shows a charge of $15 for the seafood tower for two. I just want it for me, not to share as husband doesn't care for seafood except shrimp cocktail. So, can you please inquire if the tower is included in the cover if just for one person?
  11. No health form to fill out anymore. They just ask you the questions. Everyone has their own Express Pass, but as noted above, you can board with just your passport and credit card.
  12. Ship tours are a good way to use up excessive OBC from the cruise line. Otherwise, we take private tours. And the ones I have booked are definitely 20 % or more off, not 5 or 10 %l
  13. 39august

    Butterfly Farm?

    Several years ago we went to the Butterfly Farm before we went on to West Bay. It was quite nice with some other animals and birds. Seems like it was $7 pp entry fee. Is it still around? Anybody been lately?
  14. From time to time Celebrity offers discounts on shore excursions. Not sure that they are the less desirable ones, as I have booked a few that I was looking at anyway. Keep checking and you may find a sale for your cruise. I received several e-mail notices that a couple of my cruises had the discounted tours.
  15. Does Silly have the app? And can you get drinks other than wines in Wine Masters, please? We could on Reflection last Feb.
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