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  1. Since this is your first cruise I think you should wait and try the included dining venues before buying a dinner package. You may be quite happy with the included dining. We cruise often and usually only have one dinner and one lunch in specialty restaurants.
  2. You would not be allowed to bring fruit on board.
  3. After you have made your reservation at Murano (do it as soon as you can), then go to the MDR , find out whether you have cleared the wait list, and then advise the person taking requests that you will not be using whatever dining you have been assigned that first night.
  4. You definitely have assigned stations for the drill and you have to check in with the staff there. The film is shown at those stations. Or not shown, depending on which ship apparently.
  5. No changes from RCI version that I can see.
  6. Interesting. I did not know that about gelato in Luminae. I mayl do this when in a suite in the future.
  7. I believe Jelayne meant that Luminae is open for lunch on sea days, rather than port days. All the pastries and cookies at Cafe Al Bacio are no charge whether you get coffee there or not. You cannot eat in the main dining room for dinner unless you arrange to through you wait staff in Luminae as that is your assigned dining room. The gelato is for a small fee, but the ice cream in the buffet area is excellent and no charge. You can order pretty much any drink you wish with your package. As noted above, if you get anything costing above $15 you will only pay the difference plus gratuity. Some wines will be above the price point, but few drinks are above $15. I suggest you go to the World Class Bar for exotic drinks that do not exceed $15. They only make the drinks on their special menu. That bar is just down the way from Cafe Al Bacio on deck 5 mid-ship.
  8. I have read that Zeniths get 25% off specialty dining. Can Zeniths dine in Luminae for a charge, and if so, what is the charge please?
  9. Thanks for this live report. Glad to hear they have "fixed" some of the cabin problems.
  10. Have the desk chairs that do not fit under the desks in these cabins been replaced with chairs that DO fit under the desks, please? The picture that displays on screen when I look at booking still shows clearly that the desk chair sticks out into the room. That picture also shows the very large Hoppen rocker which I thought had been removed from these cabins. Is it true that the rockers have been removed, but no other seating has been added? I am only looking at possible Edge booking because it is less expensive than a similar Equinox in the same time frame.
  11. Thanks so much for the quick responses.
  12. As Elites we have received helipad invitations.
  13. Please advise rate per person gratuities for these two classes of cabin. I usually have gratuities as a perk so not familiar with rates.
  14. Was Eli your tour director for the Antigua tour, please? We took this tour with Eli about 10 years ago. It is one of the top 4 or 5 private tours we have taken over about 20 years.
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