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  1. Suites under the carpeted forward part of the OVC are quiet. We have stayed in a couple that were fine. Don't go further back than say 2125 port or 2126 starboard
  2. My TA from a large agency in Orlando has been very responsive to my questions thru' e-mail. He also has sent confirmations of two cancelled cruises, one by X and one by me before final payment. I have requested refund on each. Since he sometimes works from his home anyway, that is probably what he is doing currently.
  3. No need to double anything then. Go for it.
  4. Thanks. I must have been thinking of the Delta Air credits which are good until May 2022. I am mostly getting refunds, but some FCC will apply. Hoping the next roll out of suspensions shows up before my May 13 cruise!
  5. I thought FCC from both Celebrity cancelled cruises and Cruise w/ Confidence was good to use up thru' Dec. 2022. Is that not correct, please? I have read a few comments saying FCC is only good for one year.
  6. It doesn't matter how low the your special "deposit" is if you must cancel a cruise. I just did so with a $100 per person deposit, but was charged back the entire "required" $250 pp. One hundred per person is held as penalty and the remaining $150 is FCC. Of course, as like so many on these boards, we may never be able to use the FCC as we are older.
  7. Thanks so much. I scrolled down further than what I had previously printed and there it was, a slightly different number for each of our tickets.
  8. The wording in my e-mail says you need to know your cancelled "ticket number". All I can see is the code for the record locator. Is that my "ticket" number, please? If not, the only other numbers I see are the flight numbers, times and seat numbers. Please help Delta fliers.
  9. Evidently I am not making myself clear. I am asking only about refunds for Celebrity's travel insurance called "Cruise Care". I did not cancel utilizing CWC. Anybody else out there?
  10. So has anyone yet gotten Cruise Care refund?
  11. And what did we learn from Princess, please? I do agree that just knowing how many tested positive is not enough information.
  12. I did not cancel under the CWC system. One cruise was cancelled by Celebrity. The other I cancelled before final payment date.
  13. I have read that this travel insurance thru' the cruise line is being refunded as well as other costs on cancelled cruises, which was a pleasant surprise. However, I am asking here if anyone has actually seen this refunded? My confirmation of cancellation showing return funds did not included the insurance amount.
  14. I suggest that the menus in specialty restaurants be projected on to a screen where all can see, or more than one screen in different positions. No paper menus at all. I believe that on the ships that utilize the app, menus are displayed there now.
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