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  1. Called n seeing about it. Thanks fo the info.
  2. I knew that existed but mine are thru a crazy price I got for the 21 days, lets just say its about 4200 total for both of us or around 105 pp per night. This includes all 4 perks plus a gift card of 200. And its in a 1A room. It was thru one of the large box stores.
  3. Both classes of ships are great. The Reflection like others have mentioned is bigger and has not been refurbished, couldnt really tell last year when I was on it but was a bit dated on some things. The summit newly revolutionized should be in great shape. I like the M class and mostly sailed on the Constellation a bunch of times. I prefer the Reflection but mainly also for the specialty dining options, mainly Lawn Club Grille. The S class ships (Reflection etc) dont have the huge atrium or center point which I actually prefer I find.
  4. That is all the wait and see of this. There are probably so many plans and contingencies being bounced around right now. Its working with CDC, countries etc. Will be a while before we get any info on that I fear.
  5. Will have to wait and see, what happens the next few weeks will be the interesting part. Will the virus level off and keep declining, from info I am getting from the health system i work for looks that way, well in NH anyway except for border of Mass where there was a small spike last couple weeks but rest of state is good. I have mine for Nov 13 (10 day) and then Nov 23 (11day). So looking forward to that. Will be new to me, longest I have been on is 13 day cruise. So will see how this goes but on the Reflection which is one of my favorites.
  6. It needs to be added to your planner, if you can get thru to Captains Club they add it and you can do the upgrade. On board is easier right now probably. The wait times are long, very long getting thru
  7. Perfect thanks for the responses, I figured it was something like that.
  8. I looked around but couldnt find the info, which I remember seeing. When doing a Back to Back out of Fort Lauderdale, I know you debark, but are you taken to a special area and can get right back on once they allow boarding? First time I am doing one.
  9. Nothing unusual. One of my cruises I have repriced 4 times since booking because of deals. Im pretty sure I am as low as I can get for my back to back.
  10. Thanks. My link was from my trading account and couldn’t find it free. Of firewall security.
  11. I see it just as a starting point of what we can expect when cruising starts. The details still need to be addressed for sure. The action plans I think they are waiting to see what guidelines cdc and other agencies give. But ncl is the first to even show what will be the new normal soon. Still a lot more info needs to be addressed and will be I’m sure. Figure this is a very fluid document overall of rules.
  12. Agree, to many people impatient and will demand a refund for the time they are not able to get on since they are use to 11am etc. "Oh know are not able to board to 215!" i demand a full days refund. Cruising will not be the same moving forward for the given time. New protocols steps etc. Things have to change. Agree, its a very broad outline, But good to see the temp readings at every port, tho in carribean being out in beach all day in sun might be an interesting test, along with will celebrity give the iced towels before you board anymore.
  13. Cant post a link to the article since its behind a firewall/security but from Dow Jones Newswires. So here is the article but I change it to my own words so summarized somewhat Point 1> screen crew members' temperature constantly and check passengers' temperature before embarkation and disembarkation, upon returning to the ship from a port of call and before all meals in dining venues as well as activities in public areas. Point 2 > fog staterooms and public areas with hypochlorous acid, Staff members will serve passengers at buffet and beverage stations, Point 3 > Passenger will check in online and have staggered embarkation for social distancing, Point 4 > onboard activities will have reduced capacity. Point 5 > Rapid testing kits Point 6 > creating a new onboard role of public health officer, and crew members will receive new health and safety training, Point 7 > only visit safe and open ports of call. Point 8 > Air filters upgraded to medical grade Mostly common sense stuff it seems. This will be the minimum needed. Still spacing and ship capacity needs to be approached along with how to handle it.
  14. I Always make my own beef or chicken broths. Simple to do, just throw it on stove and let it go for a 1/2 a day. Also been experimenting more making them with insta pots Definitely come our richer. I cook a chicken a week, and just save up the bones. I always have a few containers of both in freezer to use. The store brands all have to much salt added to them.
  15. Personally I think they will take every other person and make them walk the plank. I heard that from someone. Who knows what. Lots of venues are tight theater pool lounges. All will be affected all we can do is wait and see what will happen
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