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  1. Cafe al bacio. The coffee bar. That is where the gelato is on most ships but I guess edge does not do it that way. But I know for sure all S class ships.
  2. Tbh I find the ice cream in the ov just as good. The gelato is nice but I don’t go out of my way to claim it. All the captains club benefits are on the card now which I find much easier than the papers they had a few years ago.
  3. one spa world is Steiner its there official name I guess. Same as edge
  4. The spa is changing in May or so on the Ships. Canyon Ranch is being booted off. They are bringing in One Spa World or the old Steiner. Would not look into it to much until getting feedback on the change.
  5. Got them on my last cruise didn't even notice until around day 4 that the phone was blinking. Took a cpl minutes to delete them not a problem. Was more amused at the times they came in since the vm system was on a different clock.
  6. I figure saving 36% off from what Celebrity is quoting kind of overrides any freedoms that are perceived lost. Especially when the TA I use is always reachable at any point.
  7. Its a learning process of dealing with TA's and cruising. As much as most think a TA can do everything for you it is also pertinent to do your own research. Glad it worked out for you and you saved money. And doing an extra beach excursion is an extra bonus in my book.
  8. I only will book Aqua if it comes out to the same as Concierge. Which I can get almost every time. I use the Persians every day and really enjoy them, especially after a long sun day, melts the lotion right off your body going thru the different rooms. I do find blu better service overall then main dining room but food is equal in quality to me. Prefer blu breakfast to the OVC by a mile since I prefer to sit down order and figure out my day instead of searching for whats in the buffet. The perks might be useless to you but to others I find them very useful and help the overall experience/relaxation of the vacation.
  9. I wish they would bring back "walking the plank" for chair hogs and others. And also lashing one to the mast for cutting in lines and being rude. I do not for see these things being brought back but would definitely help with a lot I think. And this is meant as being a joke people for all those who think its real. I guess my one thing I wish they really brought back were better bourbon selections, I do miss the really good towels they use to have, but probably had to do away with since people took them home with them Otherwise, as much I as i remember the late night snacks and the midnight buffets, part of the overall experience I can see why they are not needed for me anymore. The overall experience for me now is just as wonderful as my first cruise, tho a little different now that everything is over searched out on the internet now for me. I go into each cruise with the same excitement and leave them feeling completely refreshed. I look forward to changes and different experiences on cruises.
  10. I guess I been lucky with the multiple TA's I have used. I have friends that are and I start with them, but then also will check others I have used in past to see if anyone is offering good deals or group rates. I tried a new one this past year but rebooked with someone else shortly afterward since they were pretty much unresponsive on a couple inquiries. Lucked out with a great rate now that is fully refundable for my Nov cruise. TA's are tough to come by, good ones anyway, Also I agree with most here, any money saved can be used elsewhere, unless you have tons of disposable income. I have cxled and rebooked multiple times on shore excursions, some for 5 dollar savings. It really does not take any time at all. The overall with the TA not doing there job is a different subject. I know the business well enough and know how to deal with the ins and outs of it. Most of the time the research I do on my own and know what is wanted. Why would you say its petty, Saving money is saving money, if the price is lower then dont you think its money you should not be spending. And saying it might exceed budget is totally off track. Hey i can afford suites I don't do them because the room to me is just a place to sleep and store clothes. I do get a balcony for my 15 min away a day from everyone but otherwise the xtra room is not important to me, but i know its important to many others.
  11. Completely agree, I have to have a big breakfast tho, but its mostly all protein, 2-3 white egg omelet of ham and spinach and bacon mainly along with the roasted tomatoes or sauteed mushrooms if i can get them. The full day is only grazing, some fruit or tuna/egg/chicken salad (no bread) to dinner and even then its only really eating the proteins and veggies. Drinks usually good, maybe wine or bourbons but nothing crazy. I do drink a ton of water or tea, tea forte and have it over ice a cpl times a day.
  12. Last few cruises didnt gain anything, do stairs as often as possible, I dont eat much flour/wheat based products, so a lot cakes breads etc are skipped.
  13. I never get those emails but then again I never check spam folder. I keep 3 emails, one for bills only and purchases, 1 for personal friends etc and one that is more my spam one where I need to put an email into a website etc. to gain access. Keeps everything nice and clean since I go into the spam one about once a month to delete all. Even with my booked cruises I never noticed the purchase extra things emails. Probably just delete them if I get them in my non spam emails. Cruiselines are out to make money, especially now have to figure out how to maximize ship spending because of cxls etc happening. I can see a lot more of these type of emails happening in the near future.
  14. I didnt have the drink package show up on my last cruise to about 2 weeks out. I had the paperwork so was not worried. The only confusing thing was mine showed both Pall and Call on the express pass but that also cleared up and when I got my room keys everything was all set.
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