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  1. WCB is covered except for 1 of the drinks in the Premium Pkg when i sailed last November. The 15 and below is correct and never needed to go over it. Drank my fill of specialty teas (not really a coffee person in warm weather) and WCB drinks. Tho I am expecting changes in pricing and other areas once cruising is aloud to continue. But Ill suffice with All Inclusive Resorts for the time being looks like.
  2. Taking away space that was not used. So in general will place the suite guests up there which in turn opens up more space for the regular balconies, Can run it many ways. Honestly in my 12-13 cruises on S class ships I only wandered up there once or twice. Was always empty. People Im sure use it but it can be argued multiple ways 1)taking away space for guests and also adding space since taking shifting suite guests from the common areas to an inclusive area. i doubt they will have any trouble filling cabins, well corona is whole different discussion but in this move I see it as a net win for both suites and regular cabins overall.
  3. Ill book aqua based off price, I do use the Persian gardens every day when on the ship so that is a bonus and the breakfast I do prefer in the AQ Blu dining room overall. The room to me is not that important, I look at rooms as a place to store my things and sleep in. The rest Im good with, tho do at least prefer a balcony overall. Any Aft balconies are great and been in both regular and concierge ones. Have not been on the M class for a while, mostly have sailed S class the last few years. Im booked next year, lift and shift from this year on the Connie for 21 days B2B but in reg balcony room. Would have liked to get a AQ room but the price Im paying about 100 pp per day with all 4 perks Im not going to complain. Ill probably play around and bid for an upgrade when it gets to that time, would at least like a Concierge room since those are bigger, 440ish days away, sigh.
  4. Go on the assumption at this point everything is on the table. Question would be who would be buying these ships needs to be answered? Can understand the less efficient and older ships maybe, but more likely I think orders might be cxled on newer ships or indefinitely put on hold. No one knows when and how demand will be after all this. Europe ones are barely open, US does not have a timeline etc. To many unknowns out there.
  5. Maybe someone else will use it and I get free points. I guess that was my problem never looked at the port guides and didnt feel like searching C's site. Found everything on trial and error. I knew 5 off the bat only one could not figure out except guessing was the 2 one on who would you see.
  6. Doesnt really show up in history. I just know I got mine because I knew where I was at before I started doing them. This activity I know wont show up on my points to mid October I know
  7. Good glad it worked, I had to do it 2 times to get the right answers. not that hard to find the info
  8. Found that, most answers I knew but who would you see on Hydra? Can see all of the above no idea what answer is
  9. Haven’t had any trouble with all the different mediums I use from iPad, iPhone, iBook and windows laptop (work). Mostly use chrome but safari Mozilla and edge had no problems.
  10. Shhh. Why tell other people what is total common sense It’s important to keep the illusion up that the food will disappear and it’s first come first serve only.
  11. Not going to comment on the itinerary but the ship, many say it does seem more crowded. I was on the Reflection 2x last year and never noticed the extra people at all. No waits for anything, yes the Martini bar is crowded at 6 but all of the ships are. The reflection is personally my favorite overall. It is kept immaculate clean. Others will moan and groan that it has not been updated, but to me I dont have an issue. Was supposed to be on her for a B2B in in November but with how things are lift and shifted to the Constellation for next year. I think you will enjoy the ship and the cruise itself is in my bucket list to get to the Fjords overall
  12. I would chalk this year up as done at this point might have some of these short style cruises but until the world gets its hands wrapped around this disease don’t expect much. Many ports closed off still almost no lines sailing etc. no reason to speculate in general any type of travel now is not going to be fun. I moved my cruises to next year in nov. hoping to do an all inclusive but there not opening to late sept. I’m fine having a beach and hotel to myself and travel partner. . So lots not happening in any form of travel.
  13. Didn’t dress up actually posted my Halloween one as dressed up as Scooby doo making a Manhattan See if it gets points or taken down
  14. It’s normal marketing surveys done by so many companies. They need to reach out and see how the customer is looking at the product and where they put value in. Get them all the time with different things from other companies. Of course this is for the company and see where they can charge and put in price points. The company is for profit and answered to its stakeholders. Tho now times are very different so the consumer is changed moving forward I would assume.
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