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  1. The vaccine card is not going to be proof for US people. I cant see it being that. Its a piece of paper with a checked box initials. Nothing official. I have access to 1000's of these cards, work in Healthcare and I can give them away to anyone. I actually have 2 of them because when I got my second one I forgot my card so they just gave me another. The proof is going to have to come from medical records or something official, to the governments comes up with a universal document, and good luck with that with any governments agreeing on that. Will wait and see what they require.
  2. Simple uploaded a drink I ordered from the Martini Bar one day and a blurb. All set and thankyou everyone who needs to tell us you are not doing it, I find that useful information overall. Overall I will be at elite plus now on my next cruise if it happens in Nov. Will see not holding my breath but have a back up plan for an AI if need be.
  3. The vaccination card right now is just a piece of paper anyone can copy. Until they figure out a universal way for a card will this be useable. I am vaccinated and it is listed in my medical record but I wont in any way share the record with a cruiseline. Not sure how an official way can be shown on the vaccine currently, passport not a good idea not everyone has one etc.
  4. Disney can be more forth coming overall since they have many other streams of revenue. The mainstream cruise lines primary revenue streams are on board operations/sailings. They need to play it month by month now. Not sure what to expect on any fronts at this point. Yes vaccinated but no one knows how the ports will allow ships in etc. To many unknowns and no guidance can be given. The lines have no reason to put out maybes etc since this would probably lead to many overall frustrations from people. Once they have more facts/hard data they will release it. Im okay with the month by mon
  5. Basic Marketing strategy 101. Most dont even figure out the true value of the perks etc. Many just dont want to worry about any costs etc. They just see a value in it. All companies do Fuzzy math in different ways.
  6. Nothing she said was wrong, this is a new vaccine, no one knows yet how long it will be effective, ie booster every year etc. 95% is great but still not perfect. And this virus affects people who have other issues severely. The propaganda if anything is everyone thinking this is the cure all. If you do best of luck but I will stay on the side of caution until more is known.
  7. Been on Reflection a few times, never noticed the extra crowds people have seen or felt overall. I like the layout of the S class ships and this one is no different.
  8. They do, If Im not in AQ where I get the Persian Gardens I usually tend to buy the pass and they do add the 18% on top of the price listed.
  9. aquaclass/Blu is definitely better but not 1100 better than main dining room regular balcony room I look at the prices and figure it out. Location of rooms is not a factor to me since I only use it as storage for clothes/shower and to sleep in truthfully. Blu is one aspect I like but I do use the Persian Gardens daily and if not in an AQ will get a cruise pass for it and use it. All really depends on price for me when looking at the different classes of rooms on the ships. Have not been on the E class so cant say anything about them. I prefer the S class overall still
  10. Pricing for the next cpl years, I think is anyones guess. If and when cruising is allowed to start from the US I would not expect to see many discounts in the market. Right now prices are very high and have not seen any deals anywhere. I have my cruises that I lifted and shifted from last november if I tried booking them now it would be 5000 or more for a basic balcony cabin on the Constellation currently, then what I paid. Before I use to try to find TA's who had group bookings and that was usually the best for me. I will be participating in the bidding if my november cruises happen as I
  11. Dammit I'm going to stomp my feet and pout because Celebrity asked for a photo but I get nothing in return it seems. How dare they! Ill just post here about my time being wasted doing something for nothing.
  12. Like others said call back not sure who got there information but this is from there website on mock bookings.
  13. Its all value to me. If I dont feel its a good value when comparing to other lines/vacations then Ill book elsewhere. Mostly Celebrity will come in about same or better overall when I finish it out. Am I happy with all the changes not really but I also usually end up with most of the perks anyway. The only one I am not a true fan of is the included internet but its minimal. I rarely look and bothered with the Celebrity perks on status level. I use them as needed but I dont purchase products/services because of them. Just a nice extra thrown in. Have tried a few other lines and just tur
  14. None of the major lines have come out with what how or when yet. All speculation. This is a whole new thing the industry is dealing with What cruising was before the pandemic to when it starts up again will be completely different I would assume. Think masks are just the min will be the norm But no info out there but if the fitness centers do anything like what some land bases ones are doing then it would be make reservations for a time to be in fitness center so amount ppl can be controlled. Mandatory wiping of equipment after use, or be removed. Spacing of equipment to allow use. Not
  15. But but it’s posted on a message board so it must be true and all factual.
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