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  1. Or just call celebrity and hopefully get less confusing answers than here. The 14 is a surcharge Per day on overall pkg cost. Like said above only applies if you booked a cruise after oct 10. Of this year. It would already be applied if you have classic pkg and purchased a cruise after that date. Grats charge is now 20%.
  2. I would be good with a flat rate. I’m on reflection Monday n hoping to try it.
  3. Not sure why yours was stuck. I get the same thing but navigate along the top and get to calendar in one click
  4. I was hoping they would run this again like they did last year. I can live with if I have to forfeit the deposit of 25/50 for the room. Couple cruises I have been thinking about for next year and this might work in helping me decided. Ill be on Celebrity thru the 29th on the reflection so will see if I can get the additional obc for booking on board.
  5. I usually take concierge mainly for location. Perks wise it’s nothing at all. On m class there is noticeable since the rooms are different sizes as many have mentioned. I’m also at the point now the room is not that important I only sleep n store clothes there. Tho to be honest I tend to find comfy chairs around the ships n take naps. Showers many times are in the gym. Like those better overall.
  6. On my sailing coming up I booked and cxled a tour 3 times because of pricing. costs me nothing, just some time looking thru the cruise planner.
  7. It works better on shorter 7 day cruises. When going with longer 10+ does not seem worth it overall. Im fine with premium.
  8. You can martinis at most bars the speciality cocktail ones at the martini bar are not on classic but might be better to just pay the overage I think the martinis are 12 at the martini bar. You just pay the difference plus 20%. So would be lik 3.60 I believe. If you only plan on the occasional better way to go. Might be wrong on price of the martinis at martini bar. Updating looks like martini bar is 15 for them.
  9. Its working on some and not others on ones Im checking. I was looking again at the repo from Boston to Ft Lauderdale on the Summit in Oct but not showing up. Other cruises I checked it did so Im not sure what is going on. I might reach out to my TA to get some pricing since the web site is as usual consistent with how celebrity customer service when calling.
  10. Has not worked on the ones I tried. I tried on the Boston to Ft Lauderdale on summit next Oct and also Various Reflection ones in Nov. Ill try later, I noticed Celebrity always puts the info out there but website never updates at the same time on pricing.
  11. Im trying to understand what the two perks were. You chose the OBC of 150pp and cruise credit? Not sure what cruise credit is. The perks offered or from everything I have seen are Drinks, OBC, Grats and Internet. I might be reading it wrong but what is cruise credit, I have never seen that. Do you have the original email from when you booked or what was sent to you when making the reservation? The info should be on that
  12. The credit usually takes 5-7 business days I have noticed with celebrity. It will show. I have cxled and rebooked a bunch of excursions on my cruise because of saving money. Doesn’t cost me anything but costs celebrity a lot I’m guessing with normal transaction fees
  13. I like Murano but would do LCG. With it only available on 2 ships the Sil and Ref always a welcome choice. I have never had problems with weather when there, I only usually go on the ships in the Car so its usually good overall. Nothing wrong with Murano but I wouldn't want to do it first night since to me that is completely casual, kind of rushed overall night for many. New cruisers searching ship, 100's questions by everyone. Meeting your favorite bartender etc. I am doing the LCG on my Ref cruise on Nov 18th first night. Murano was not offered as a discount only other choice was Tuscan. I have never had issues with Tuscan but have seen many people who over the last few years are not fans of it anymore. I will probably go to it on the cruise if I can get a good deal. But only will go to LCG, 1-2 nights and Murano one. Ill do Sushi on 5 probably at some point if I can get a good deal on an all you can eat thing.
  14. I Agree but the apex n edge are still priced at an overall pp a day higher rate so they don’t need to put a huge surcharge for refundable rates when adding in perks.
  15. That's what I have been seeing on a few I have priced out for next year in Nov. The prices are getting crazy and I saw someone mention the only deals to be had is if your flexible and able to do last minute when prices are down. I looked at similar cruise I am going on this year The final price is almost 2k more than what I am paying for similar cruise on Nov 18
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