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  1. Yes it's definitely thru the air, but an example from the grocery store today. Before I put my items on the belt, she asked me to WAIT so she could wipe the entire belt down then did the same as I walked off. DID it help prevent covid spread PROBABLY not.... But it definitely made me feel better.
  2. well I would definitely go for this idea. 6night cruises with 24hrs of cleaning inbetween. Cruise lines would lose some revenue BUT it would do a LOT to boost customer confidence and all around cleanliness. 👍👍👍
  3. Example.... I am diamond triple plus and have a $19,000 Super Duper Suite booked, can anyone tell me if the weather in ft Lauderdale is less humid than Miami ???I Is the beginning bragging or our negativity ???
  4. I laughed so hard because I can totally relate to the picture you painted of you being animated and hands flapping ...is me to a tee. And the more animated the more he knows I want to go 😁 because it's not so much the money as "getting a deal, aka our money's worth" After all the years of selling him on "the deals i got", he now expects a deal and a show from me 😃
  5. Leaving it as a bed, sounds good because I would feel less bothersome to the room steward. I envy nappers, never ever been able to take one except when really ill.
  6. Thank you the the idea , I really like . And seems like it would be far less trouble 😁
  7. After 30 years together, it is pretty much the way it is and compromising is neither one of our strong suits LOL
  8. Yes I would certainly tip extra. And in my experience they happily agree to most request. I just didn't want to be THAT PERSON who the crew says, can you believe this... Pushy Americans So if that request seemed totally out of bounds, I would have scraped it.
  9. We have been on harmony and are going on symphony next year. When we were on harmony because my DH likes to watch tv into the wee hours of the night. I would end up (beds are separated into twins) grabbing my top sheet and pillow and sleeping on the sofa, because with the closest door open it blocked most of the light and sound. (No he's not an ahole, I sleep 8-9hrs a night and he sleeps 4-5, plus he is already doing something he doesn't want to , By taking time off of work to cruise with me) (he would NOT stay OUT either bc it's the tv watching he enjoys) My question is ... Since I know I will end up on the sofa IS it possible to ask the steward to just make up the sofa FOR me? I know it would be added work for the room steward during the turndown, BUT it would be so nice to have a bottom sheet ,etc.
  10. Yes I see your point. My cruise 1 1/2 years away, no change but you can charge low price to get money now KNOWING we (rcl) will cancel anyway and cruise planner items are not transferable just refundable. BUT that would imply cruising still not at 100% by April 😥
  11. Mine are both the same. Personally I'd happily hand over my money if the Refreshment package was a decent price like $20. But at $30 I'll hold on to my money for a year and a half. And then just pay as I go. They got me to buy the udp because the price dropped from $215pp to $179pp But at $30, and cans of water, it's a No-Go.
  12. Sorry for your loss. You should be proud of yourself for contemplating a trip. I know it must be so hard to think of doing something you probably really like, without him. But I'm sure he's smiling down upon you. If I hadn't planned a cruise immediately after my mother's(best friend and only travel buddy at the time) death, I doubt I would have done 7 since. The best of luck to you. 😁
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