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  1. Oh ok ty, I have never bothered with internet on a cruise (I finally have DH 's attention LOL) But this summer we will be doing our 1st hal cruise and got the internet with the explore 4
  2. So I'm guessing this meaning internet in Alaska will be frustrating at best, yikes.
  3. If you could elaborate on this or share the name of this program, I'll Google it. TY 🙂
  4. This is the 1st time I booked thru a BIG box ta, do I fax it in myself to hal as usual or do I HAVE to send it thru TA? And will it be like everything else bc I booked thru TA, NOT visible on hal's website, just hoping stuffs there once onboard, or will it show up??? Ty
  5. We do #1 in May and I would recommend #3 because going back the same way in the train lost most of the appeal, don't get me wrong it was awesome but wish I had done rail\bus
  6. 3 follow up questions (DH will ask me) It will be 1st hal cruise for us. where do you get the smoothies and oj, on Eurodam? I'm assuming it's just concentrate oj? Explorer 's cafe menu mentions iced and hot, No frappes or frozen?
  7. Thank you for all the replys, especially the link fatcat.
  8. Hi, I am weighing the pros and cons of the quench package. I like the idea of NOT "adding it up as I go" We usually ONLY drink 2 or 3 Beers, TOTAL for 7 days So going alcohol free is no biggie My decision truly hinges on 4 questions -- Cost of a 16.9oz bottle of water, if bought without package -- Are CANS of soda included in quench, (hate fountain drinks) -- Are Dr Pepper cans included in quench -- Cost of can soda, if bought without package THANK YOU in advance to all replys
  9. YES and attracting new customers is only growth when you ALSO retain your present customers. (My example would be to look at direct tv, they ONLY treated their NEW customers well and NOW are struggling , of the 2 dozen customers i knew; they now have ZERO.) I love to interact on the boards but, I'm putting my money wear my mouth is and have my next 2 vacations planned ON LAND
  10. Thank you for the reply. I feel much better. Ty again
  11. On all the other 4 Cruise lines we've been on ,the selling point of booking thru the cruise line is 1st and foremost, the ship will ship NOT leave you because your on one of THEIR excursions. I've already booked and most are nonrefundable because of train or helicopter caveat. But I don't actually see that phrase in their website. (That they will wait) does anyone know if indeed , the excursion runs late they will wait. Because one is scheduled back at 845pm and all aboard will be 930pm Ty
  12. We don't have a beverage package. I am not interested in the water package celebrity sells. This will be our 1st celebrity cruise. I usually have rccl deliver a box of 12 - 1 liter Evian to our cabin. It is all we need. But it doesn't look like celebrity has this. So can someone tell me the cost to simply buy 1 - 1 liter or the price of a 16.9oz one TY Ps I can't lug it on board my self (long story just not an option)
  13. Any thought about either grand Hyatt or Hyatt regency
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