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  1. I used the search function but could not find the answers. Did see something about an additional fee, not sure if this is part of it or not.
  2. Stick all the kids in a room with your brother. Have just the parents in the other room. And don't get connecting.
  3. Another follow up question: Does the specialty dining restaurants ever do any sort of specials or promotions during the cruise? I RCCL they do things like 1/2 price on the first night of the cruise or sometimes late seating. Different things to get people in at less at slower times
  4. I understand that But does everyone have the dining package? We got the 3 dinner special included, so I looked at buying another 3 nights but it is almost $500 for our family of 4. I see no value in that. I thought about just doing an extra pay restaurant and pay, That is how I came up with the original question.
  5. We have an upcoming cruise on NCL. I was browsing the planner and noticed almost all pay restaurants are now ala cart and quite expensive. It used to be one set price around $15 - $30 per person or some nominal fee that was sort of reasonable. With the ala carte style you wind up paying just as much as you would at a restaurant off the ship. I cannot image spending $150 $200 per meal for a party of 4. Do many do that?
  6. I have had them a few times. We use the balcony mainly for drying swim suits, cloths & storage of shoes, misc items. It also serves as a door between our cabin & our kids cabin. We get a high floor, during the day you get noise from the pool area which I like. Rarely do I see anyone sitting out on there balcony across the way., there is nothing to see Except a wall of balconies.
  7. I believe they have the same indoor policy as other lines However I remember there were much more people smoking in general. Mainly because there were many Italians & Euro's on the ship And it seems all Italians smoke cigarettes. still...….
  8. Does anyone go on a cruise without playing with their device 24/7 anymore?
  9. I missed a port day on RC 2 years ago. Do I need to boycott them?
  10. It really doesn't mean much on your next cruise either...
  11. 17 people is a lot to coordinate on a ship or anywhere. I hope you are not trying to plan for everyone to be together all the time, because it won't happen. Your best bet is to let everyone do their thing than have meeting times & places later in the day.
  12. There is nothing wrong with MSC. Just the RC loyalist don't like it because it is not RC..
  13. People will tell you Southern Caribbean is better than the rest. That is because the of the location being farther away and less frequently visited. The only way ships that travel originate from Puerto Rico or voyages longer that 1 week, People tend to favor something they have not done as much as the rest. If the Western Carib/Mexico islands were in the Souths place. Everyone would tell you how great Cozumel & Belize are...
  14. Pretty much all the port stops in the Caribbean/Mexico are the same. Sure there are some cultural, language, topography(hills vs flat) differences. But almost all offer the same excursions, shops, & touristy stuff. Unless there is something specific you want, it really does not matter what route you choose.
  15. Then you have not been around here very long, Some of these people live RC 24/7 Would not be surprised if they have the Crown & Anchor logo tattooed on their body...
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