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  1. I always book the same side of the ship, between fore and aft elevators, to keep myself oriented on how to find the room.
  2. If you are on the first leg of your B2B you won't be able to be tested 24 hours to 3 days before your second leg and won't be able to provide test results to board the second ship.
  3. Pinnacles on Liberty are a fun fraternity. When I was on Liberty in February there was a group of Pinnacles in the SL every night, having a grand old time. A dozen or more, with their chairs arranged in a big circle. They mostly live within driving distance in Texas and spend a lot of time on the ship, they all seemed to know each other from being on board so much. Some are on for several weeks at a time, one person is on the ship every other week. I feel bad, they're all stuck at home now, and who knows how the SL will operate after reopening. The people spending weeks at a time
  4. Maybe they raised the price so that all the people with 125% FCCs will have somewhere to spend their money? Lots of people have to use their FCCs before they expire. A cynic would say that's a great time to raise prices.
  5. FYI the maximum you can book in a room through the website is 4. I booked a two-bedroom grand suite on Oasis for 6 people and the 2 additional people actually go on a separate reservation number for the same room. I booked it via the NextCruise office while on board a ship, otherwise you have to call to do it. (But you should still be able to see the rooms that hold more than 4 people, I was able to see the cabin I booked and saw that it could sleep 8 people, just couldn't book it myself. Price for passengers 5 and 6 is same as for #3 and #4.)
  6. I think the real issue here is that the OP used a gift card to purchase OBC, and then when the cruise was canceled the OBC was refunded as FCC, but separately from the cruise fare. One cruise resulted in two FCCs. Now she can't use those two FCCs for one cruise, and she can't get her OBC back. This needs to be treated as an exception to the "One FCC per person" rule.
  7. Yes, I was looking at cruises yesterday (for summer 2021) and saw at least one with this itinerary. Edit: Found it, Allure of the Seas has 9 sail dates from May-August 2021 that hit Coco Cay and Labadee.
  8. Like some others, a complicated situation and everything will be completely up in the air until a couple of weeks before sailing: Have a cruise booked for end of February 2021. Four people, one cabin, $1,000 NRD paid. Two people are not going, will cancel them before final payment. Won't get a refund but also won't get penalized, RC will apply the $500 deposit for those people to the balance due. But RC will still hold $1,000. Can't cruise later in 2021. Still trying to decide if we'll go. Even if they do sail, the restrictions coul
  9. You won't get scolded, you'll get thanked by me. The information has changed over time, so even if you find an old post it is quite possibly no longer accurate. I have the exact same question as you and now it is answered.
  10. Can FCC be used towards the cost of a cruise that is already booked, or only for a new booking?
  11. Adventure of the Seas doesn't have hibachi but they also don't have hot rocks because Izumi is in the Royal Promenade, with no ability to cook anything there.
  12. There is a "Gulf Coast Departures" board on Cruise Critic which includes Galveston and there is tons of advice about shuttles, taxis, Uber, etc. Check it out, you'll find it very helpful! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/316-gulf-coast-departures/
  13. I recently took a boat trip (Key West Express) from Fort Myers to Key West and there is no cellular service, you are too far from shore and a large part of the trip is along the Everglades.
  14. The original FCC with the original conditions is reactivated.
  15. My favorite part of the Windjammer (and really any buffet) is when people put the tongs back into the serving tray and the handle of the tongs is touching the food. There should really be a dish to hold the tongs in front of each serving tray so that the tongs don't rest on top of the food.
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