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  1. The group might be put off by your defiance. But seriously, if you're going in January it might be too late to book Woodwind. They fill up early, six months ahead is not too early to book them.
  2. Several people have noted they were called to the naughty room to show that a suspicious item was actually allowed. It sounds like they won't open the bags themselves to inspect them. However our experience was that we had one suitcase that arrived at the cabin several hours after the others. Inside was a note explaining that the naughty room people had opened and inspected it but found no violations. Something must have looked suspicious in the x-ray. I don't know why it was different for us, maybe because we were in a GS?
  3. There has to be, there were other people on the elevator, why was the friend the only one to receive the tongue lashing? If it was simply to shame her for taking the elevator instead of the stairs then why didn't everyone in the elevator get tongue lashed?
  4. It's nice to see how great the ship staff was, assisting them all along the way, and the medical staff sounds very competent too. I think the rest of the story is off the ship. I hope they had travel insurance to cover the medical costs and their travel expenses to get everyone home.
  5. They sell drink packages when you board the ship. Usually I don't notice any deals but last month on boarding day they were offering buy-one-get-one-half-off on the deluxe package. They used $63 as the "full" price, so the total was $94.50, or $47.25 per person. But you take your chances if you wait until you board to purchase.
  6. I was on the second week and I noticed this same thing. I was surprised. There were some reminders to fill out the survey but never did anyone ask for a specific score.
  7. Adventure of the Seas now has a Suite Lounge instead of a Concierge Lounge, it's not available for D+.
  8. They do sell lanyards, even the first day, but the shop might not be open until the ship leaves port.
  9. When you get off the ship there will be people offering taxi services. Just tell them where you want to go and they will show you which taxi to get into. The taxis are regulated so prices are fixed, ask the price before you get in.
  10. Sapphire Beach is very easy on your own, when you get off the ship find a taxi dispatcher/organizer and tell them where you want to go. The car seat makes it a little harder, I don't know if it will work in the safari taxi. On our way back from the beach we had a regular 15 passenger van as a taxi. It had seat belts, should be OK for your car seat. There is no fee to enter Sapphire Beach. The taxi will drop you off at the Sapphire Beach Bar, just walk through the building to the beach.
  11. I like how you think, but if the person is a no-show they refund the drink package anyway.
  12. Go on Amazon and search for "Royal Caribbean Luggage Tag Holders". These are plastic sleeves which hold the luggage tags, along with wires to attach the holders to the suitcase. Put them on the suitcase after your bags arrive in FLL. Be sure to get RC tag holders, other cruise lines have different size luggage tags.
  13. There are some trees and palapas and other shady areas where you can move your chair. The cabanas have become extremely expensive, especially if you are going to be gone half the time for excursions.
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