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  1. I'm not familiar with the term open passage. Is that the same as a guarantee?
  2. I may be a bit thick headed here but I'm not clear, is it your name that's incorrect or your fathers?
  3. More importently, be back to the ship at least 30 minutes before departure time. They won't wait for you if you are late unless you are on a ships tour. As previously mentioned reputable tour operators know the ships schedule and will get you back on time.
  4. If you are military or a veteran you can buy it through USAA and it is very inexpensive.
  5. You sound like an excellent candidate for My Time Dining. You and your party can get a table for four and come and go as you please.
  6. I must have missed something. Who said anything about a 2 day cruise on the Celebration?
  7. Every cruise I've been on for the last 10 years had the stations set up as islands so it was not a problem. You could just go to the station for the items you wanted and, if there was a line, it was very short.
  8. There was quite a discussion on that other cruise website. One of the posters went through the process. After having to pay hundreds of dollars for taxes, booking fees, port fees, and other fees, he wasn't able to get a cruise, it was always booked up. Don't fall for this.
  9. You are not supposed to bring drinks onboard. From the RCCL website: Guests are not allowed to bring beer, hard liquor or non-alcoholic beverages onboard for consumption or any other use. There will be others on here say they have but it is up to you if you want risk it in spite of the RCCL policy.
  10. I think we need to be more clear here. At many, if not most, ports you will need a picture ID (driver's license or other picture ID or passport) to enter the port area to get to your ship. To board the ship, you will need your sign and sail card or both.
  11. I think I am going to get some for an upcoming cruise on CB. Pardon my ignorance but what cruise line/ship is CB?
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