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  1. In my view, I don’t have a specific problem with refundable deposit versus nonrefundable, particularly if they are offering value for the nonrefundable deposit. The problem I have is not informing people that there is another option, and not informing people that the deposit is nonrefundable. As I mentioned, it was never really stated that the deposit would be nonrefundable. $200 will not cause me to go into bankruptcy, but I think they should’ve clearly pointed out that that portion of the deposit was nonrefundable.
  2. As mentioned, booked a 2021 cruise on Magnifica. Super cheap inside guarantee, and while we don't want an inside cabin, I figure I have at least a 50% shot at an upgrade. Do you agree with those odds? This cruise comes shortly after they stretch it, adding 200+ cabins and a couple of restaurants. So far, we've only been on MSC's relatively new ships, which have been very nice. This ship seems a bit older and not sure if they'll do much refurbishing during the "stretch", or if it's mostly just a stretch and not a lot else changes. I know MSC has stretched a couple of other ships in the past. Anyone have any experience with their stretched ships? Any other thoughts or comments, including thoughts on our inside GUAR roll of the dice?
  3. My loyalty points expired once and it was definitely annoying. We had a cruise booked that would have kept the 3 year clock running. MSC changed the date of sailing, the itinerary, the number of days drastically, even the continent (from Europe to South America) and never bothered to notify us in any way. Good thing I checked my online booking prior to the penalty period. I called MSC because I didn't want to lose my status points, plus I was annoyed at the changes without notification. They assured me they wouldn't take my points away, as the fact that we couldn't sail was due to their schedule change. Then, they took them away anyway! I've taken several cruises since then, including 2 in 2019 (Barcelona and Miami) with 2 more booked, (2020 and 2021) and worked my way back to gold. But I do understand that it can be irritating. Frankly, as mentioned, MSC's "status" doesn't really provide much of a benefit, so not the end of the world. There are pros and cons to MSC's loyalty program. Pros: 1. Status match. 2. Easier to reach a higher level. 3. Some of the Voyager's Club sailings are a great deal with double points and up to a 20% discount. Cons: 1. They can expire. 2. Benefits are of limited value. I've worked for one of the big Wall Street firms for 3 decades. We have certain status benefits, usually starting at $1,000,000 in total assets. If total household assets fall below that, due to withdrawals or market conditions, there's a grace period, but at some point, some of those perks may go away. So I guess I understand that perks don't necessarily last forever in every instance. Still, I remain annoyed that I lost my MSC points due to the issue described.
  4. So I booked a short cruise last night and placed a deposit which appeared to be fully refundable. This is not my first rodeo, as I’ve taken many cruises, so I looked very closely to make sure that my deposit was fully refundable, as I figured I have little to lose in the event that I need to cancel. There was no mention of any sort of penalty upon cancellation so I booked the cruise. Immediately after accepting payment, I received a message that the $200 deposit was nonrefundable. I didn’t take a screenshot the first time, so I went back and did an identical duplicate booking and if you look at the attached photo this is what I saw. There was no mention that I could see of any portion of the deposit which was nonrefundable. I’m not really putting up a stink right now, because I figure it’s not relevant unless I have to cancel, but it seems to me that this is pretty misleading. Do you agree or is there something I’m missing?
  5. We were there a couple of weeks ago. Due to the short time and late arrival, we just walked around Old San Juan, found a outdoor restaurant with live music, and had cocktails and appetizers.
  6. Not sure, but if you sailed recently, I've noticed that they often seem to forget about the 100 points you get for "confirming your details". So you could message Voyager's Club, reference the last sailing and state that they offered 100 points for confirming said details, you clicked through to do that, but you don't believe they were credited. I'd guess that you'd have a 50/50 chance that they'd add 100 points.
  7. I have not done yacht club, but I would presume that would be fine. I just got off of Seaside and I wore either slacks or nice quality jeans and a dress shirt most nights and a suit on elegant nights. But I don't think dockers and a polo shirt would have been at all out of place.
  8. I think they did a great job on the party. They obviously but quite a bit of time and energy into it. I would recommend it.
  9. Both are very nice. We preferred Divina, but that was about 3-4 years ago. We got off Seaside about a week ago.
  10. We had this package and yes we paid the gratuities, which did get annoying/old after a bit.
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