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  1. I'll add this video to the thread, as it ties in with the theme. He has several concerns, but looks like they essentially double billed him and then tried to force him to take a Future Cruise Credit to resolve their error. Finally, they agreed to pay him back, but said it would take months. The fellow was forced to dispute the charge on his credit card.
  2. Just remember that Hotwire hotels are often non-refundable unless otherwise specified. And you don't know for sure which hotel you'll get until you book. But that said, I've found some great deals there. In terms of the hotel I got, it had very good pre-covid ratings and candidly poor since then. I think they shut down their restaurant, bar, pool and such, so people weren't thrilled. But at that price, I can live with a few inconveniences.
  3. My GF and I are fully vaccinated, but we haven't really done much in almost 2 years. I admit to being a bit paranoid about covid, and cancelled a November MSC Europe cruise, which I think was the right call. Got a great deal on this one, booked just before Always Included began. I believe that I have $350 spending cash, midship balcony, wi-fi, drink package, (paid up for the extras) and it will actually force me to get out of the house for a change. GF is probably more of a risk taker than I am, despite the fact that I'm an ex-cop who has been shot at and charged at with a knife, and she's been itching to go somewhere and do something. A bit concerned about the potential for lack of distancing during NYE celebrations, but hopefully we can avoid the corona. Found a South Beach Miami hotel on Hotwire for $100 (they're asking $420/night on their website), so that will be nice pre-cruise. South Beach is usually pretty lively. Should be fun. Hopefully, it won't be cancelled.
  4. Damn, lol. Well, I am on my 2nd glass of wine. Maybe the moderator can move it to the Celebrity forum?
  5. LOL, well that's probably true. My first cruise was on Celebrity, so there are definitely differences. MSC isn't all bad. It's just that their customer service is atrocious.
  6. We have cruises a few months apart on Summit and Millennium. From the pictures and videos I've seen, they seem to be almost identical. Will there be any differences, or will it feel like we're on the same ship again? If there are notable differences, what are they? TIA.
  7. I'll even take it a step further. I know the military issue is a sensitive subject, but generally, I don't even have a problem with someone flat-out lying or fibbing to get a discount. Example: I thought about getting an expensive new computer. They offered a $100 discount to students, but did not require proof or an .edu e-mail address. I am not a student or educator, but I claimed the discount and received it. Was it a win for the computer manufacturer? Yes. I'm quite certain they still made a substantial profit on the computer they sold to me. Was it a win for me? Yes, I saved $100. Would I have bought it without the discount? No. So was it fib/lie? Yes, absolutely. Do I have good morals? Yes. Will I still get into heaven? Well, if St. Peter denies me entry over the student discount issue, then perhaps not, but I'm assuming that won't be a problem.
  8. One thing I noticed about the military rate, the sailing I looked appeared to include the "always included" package, or certainly they weren't clear that it didn't, imo. But apparently, it's a cruise only package without the drinks and extras.
  9. Any known covid issues yet? Apparently they had a major outbreak, said to be perhaps 100 cases, on Virtuosa.
  10. I cancelled my Nov. 11-night sailing out of "Rome" about 1 week before final payment for a full refund. I presume that they kept your deposit, or more?
  11. I'll add a personal comment that anyone can disagree with and I expect that some will. Private businesses can offer perks or discounts to whomever they wish and use whatever criteria, be it loose or strict, to qualify said individuals for those discounts. They can offer discounts to students, teachers, healthcare workers, cops, firefighters, paramedics, military, whomever they want to. And if one is permitted get a discount, that is fine. I've seen some call it "stolen valor" and in this specific context, I disagree. If someone lies about their military experience, that's a different story (i.e. I was in Iraq for Operation Desert Storm when they actually worked for Starbucks). As I previously mentioned, my GF was married to a military man for many years. She receives a military pension, has a military dependent ID, can enter most military bases. She stayed at home and tended to the family while her (then) husband was transferred around the world and of course she (knowingly) upended her life to support him, the family and his military service. Did she personally serve? Obviously not. Should she be extended a discount? That's up to the business offering the discount.
  12. Just to revisit this, I had a conversation with a travel agent today about certain discounts. For example, I'm a former police officer but do not qualify for law enforcement discounts, as I didn't retire as an officer. Did have bullets fly my way, but didn't retire. But to the point, this large travel agency, which shall remain nameless, requires proof of military service (or law enforcement) to be submitted, where the cruise line itself does not and may, but probably won't, ask later. I thought that was interesting.
  13. I didn't take brands as being cruiselines. I named some brands that I like. I'm guessing they use it to see where to advertise. My answers were Audi, Tumi and Ecco. Actually, all of those brands are a bit upscale but not too upscale and could be helpful in determining advertising, partnerships, products to offer, etc.
  14. I have two upcoming Cruises, one out of Miami which is a New Year’s Eve cruise, and also an Alaskan cruise about six months later. I hadn’t opened Celebrity’s app in a while, but I did that this morning and the Alaska cruise populates as would be expected. But when I try to open the New Year’s Eve cruise, it does show that the reservation exists, but it shows that they don’t have information that they are still working on it. I wonder if this means anything? Final payment is rapidly approaching on the December cruise, so I hope that they have not changed or canceled it but just not announced it yet. MSC did that to me a couple of times and it was really annoying. They knew that they were going to cancel the cruise but they just wrong everyone along for months on end. Maybe I am reading too much into this.
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