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  1. I'm not a fan of Always Included. I'd rather pick and choose my perks a la carte. Plus, it was nice when they offered promotions with low cost or included add ons. Generally it seems to jack the prices up to the point that I don't look very hard at Celebrity's offerings. Usually, we prefer MSC, although there are trade-offs. I find that some of the MSC Voyager's Club offerings are discounted up to 20% legitimately, which is meaningful. Plus, their status match is nice.
  2. Do you have any thoughts or opinion on 10244 (aft balcony) on Magnifica? After posting I found a deck plan that makes it appear that this cabin has some obstruction from a steel wall. Correct?
  3. I'll take it a step further. With the Easy package, the included Prosecco (standard and demi-sec) are good to very good. The rose and both reds and whites are drinkable, but not by a lot. So if your main drink is Prosecco, you will be in good shape. The other wines in the Easy package are "tolerable".
  4. I work for a major Wall Street firm. I was just reading some research from a biotech team. I'll just include snippets of the report as they relate to the USA base case scenario. Base case: Daily vaccinations rise from 1,500,000 today to 2,500,000 per day. 75% of the U.S. population age 12+ expected to be vaccinated my mid-summer. The team noted that the U.S. has purchased 900,000,000 vaccine doses, only needing 30 million to 60 million more to cover the full U.S. population. Base case anticipates 80,000 to 100,000 new coronavirus cases by May. So far, we've purchased 200 million Mod
  5. In my experience, if the cabin is not available, usually it's because the cruise had been cancelled, is expected to be cancelled, or subject to some kind of change. I'm having no issues exploring cruises located a bit farther out.
  6. Some of you might recall that in 2019, the ship MSC Opera, plowed into a pier in Venice, collapsing much of the dock and sending people literally running for their lives. Just in case you wondered what will happen to the Captain and Officers of the ship, it would appear that they are going to jail. https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/captain-and-officers-of-msc-opera-to-be-jailed-over-2019-accident
  7. Usually that means it's going bye bye. Possibly not, but probably so. You should know fairly soon, but that's what happened to mine before it was cancelled.
  8. Not sure if you missed anything. They did ask for a photo, but promised absolutely nothing.
  9. I uploaded a photo as a "leap of faith". Hopefully, they'll do something, since they asked for the Captain's Club number. We'll see, but I won't hold my breath.
  10. They may grumble, but it's the "luck of the draw" and they understand that some fares are longer while others are shorter. I've not heard anyone grumble when getting short fares from the airport, but I'm sure it's happened. Oh well.
  11. I've seen photos of their wine selection, but most are several years old. I'm interested to see if anything has changed. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hadn't seen that, but obviously, yes, you are absolutely correct.
  13. While MSC is my favorite cruise line, I have had some really crazy errors on their part. I'll link you to a previous post below. That said, once you get your cruse more or less looking like you want it to look, do not call them. There's at least a 50% chance things will get messed up. If your cabin is good enough, just leave it.
  14. Flights booked San Diego to FCO (Rome) round trip, hotels booked, we're ready to rock and roll. Enough of this covid. We've got to get out and have some fun! Don't get me wrong, we will get vaccines, we will employ proper safety protocol, we will follow MSC's guidelines precisely. Fortunately, everything (including flights) can be cancelled without penalty just in case there is a change of plans with MSC or the airlines or government authorities, but if we can be on that ship, we will be. Looking forward to it! As a side note, the airline I booked with is offering change or cance
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