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  1. Have a wonderful cruise. Looking forward to your reports and your always great photos. Enjoy!
  2. I too am disappointed in the itineraries. Only a few (Norway, Black Sea) are of any interest. Seems like a lot of repetition, with 4 ships in Europe from spring through fall. We are booked on Oceania Tokyo-Singapore at same time as Azamara's cruise and I prefer our itinerary. Not rushing to book anything here.
  3. If we do go, I sure will. But I agree that right now it looks like too much of a hassle to deal with (both with Canada and DH - LOL!) Sorry you will miss your opera.
  4. Paging Mackdogmolly, Could this be another wrinkle in us crossing the border into Canada? https://www.lonelyplanet.com/articles/canada-vaccine-passport? DH is very reluctant to consider our trip, scheduled for late September. I'm taking a wait-and-see attitude, since all hotels booked with free night certificates. And there are the logistics of getting the 72 hour Covid test because plans are to leave home 2.5 days before crossing the border. I remember when my biggest travel stress was forgetting to pack something....
  5. See screenshot of orgiginal invite in post #2976 - said there would be a recording. In the past they have offered the points for watching the replay. And this says you will get the points for watching.
  6. Sorry, I posted that you could watch the upcoming webinar, but see that someone already posted that. My CC emails are coming a bit late. Now I need to look out for the email "PUP is turning one", although I think we did all the ones that didn't require booking or sailing, except for the first social media activity where they put in the wrong Twitter handle.
  7. We have been in these cabins on the Nautica, as well as on the Azamara Journey, another R ship. We like the extra space, especially when we are sailing an itinerary that is either port intensive, or where the weather won't be that conducive to having a balcony (our Nautica cruise was British Isles and Ireland). We have been able to deal with the movement of the ship. However, do be aware that you will hear anchor noise if you are tendering. Our recent Azamara Journey cruise was in the Baltics, so the itinerary, which included 3 days docked in St. Petersburg, made it a good choice to have this cabin. All that being said, for our booked Asian cruise on Nautica, we've decided to take a verandah for some fresh air and private space on sea days, and we did the same on our booked Azamara Med cruise because on this one the added benefits made the verandah a much better deal.
  8. Ok, but still have to do the testing for each border crossing, correct?
  9. Betsey, One more thing. Will you have to do that ArriveCan thing each time you want to go to the opera? I am assuming so, so that will be an expensive pain. Sheesh.
  10. In normal times he's been fine, especially since we retired and no longer have the worries about work. But now it is just his anxiety about COVID, so I have to try to respect his feelings and make the best of it.
  11. Well, we are a no-go now because DH has announced quite firmly that he does not want to travel anytime soon. He just doesn't feel comfortable what with the uptick in cases and variants. No point in arguing about his feelings. However, I have negotiated traveling around NY state within a day's drive if we ( meaning he) want to return home. I will see what I can come up with. He also just had a conversation with a well traveled neighbor who took a short road trip in-state and said it was very limiting and not convenient eating out,etc. There goes my 6 nights across the border. C'est la vie. I 'm sure most of my free hotel nights are going to end up expiring. Atleast it wasn't real money. I had been hoping to use this as a springboard for a trip to Longwood Gardens during the Christmas season and a few days in Washington, DC but that doesn't seem feasible now. Remains to be seen. So first cruise scheduled for October 2022 on Onward. Prior to that we have planned a private week's tour in Italy for next April, and the guide will not require any deposit until next year so we can see how things go. Very generous offer. We might add on another small group tour for 10 days with a different guide, depending on schedule, but will get appropriate travel insurance if we do add that on. DH is willing to commit to this since it is further off in time. Not always easy when your partner doesn't quite share your travel gene, but we've made it work for 36 years so we'll get through this too.
  12. BTW, I just saw that the ArriveCAN application fee is $65. Not trying to make your day......
  13. We aren't leaving until 3rd week in September, so I guess we can see what happens in the interim and figure out the testing situation. It's just that we are leaving on a Tuesday am, and plan to cross the border on Thursday pm. So that means getting the test done late Monday- seems everything here is by appointment, so who knows if there are late appointments. My worry is getting stuck at the border crossing and being outside the 72 hour limit - well, that, and just getting the results once we are on the road. I might be rethinking this trip....... Hope you can make it go more smoothly for yourself. If we can't make it across the border, we might have to look you up in VT. 😁
  14. Yes, I was just thinking about the reentry requirements and wondering what they might be. Oh, and they require plans for possible quarantine in case you get a (false) positive. I had been thinking about adding on a day at the beginning of our trip but that would really add to the stress of all this. DH was always a bit of a reluctant traveler but by 2018 I had finally got him to turn that corner. Now with 2 years of no travel, who knows. This won't be fun if I have to make him jump through a bunch of hoops. Thank goodness I accomplished my 70th birthday trip of 5 weeks in Australia and New Zealand in October 2019. My biggest concern is the turnaround time on the tests which could really mess things up. Not the stress one needs. Remember when travel was FUN?
  15. Paging Mackdogmolly - don't get too excited just yet. Have you seen the requirements to get into Canada? Maybe it will be easier for you since you are close to the border, but we will be on the road just under 72 hours before we plan to enter Canada. And if the timing isn't perfect and we get to the border too late...... https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/flying-canada-checklist/covid-19-testing-travellers-coming-into-canada#getting-tested And you have to register at ArriveCAN https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19/splash-arrivecan.html 😔
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