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  1. Okay, so will they just reprice if cruise is not paid in full? Thanks!
  2. So I haven't sailed carnival in quite a while. You used to be able to get a price reduction when price dropped prior to final payment with early saver prices. It sounds like now you can only get non refundable OBC, is this correct?
  3. I smell smoke on my balcony nearly every cruise. Nothing is ever done unless the smoker is right next to me. I am just told they will look for evidence, but it doesn't stop.
  4. We like to watch the pier runners getting back on the ship.😊
  5. I know you can't know for sure but...on the Vista when docking in Cozumel, Mahogany Bay and Belize is there a certain side of the ship (port or starboard) that routinely faces the pier? Yes I know it can change for any number of reasons.
  6. What are you all doing with them? Mine is just in the closet taking up valuable space.
  7. Thanks, I was hoping one of our members had previously used this benefit and would have first hand knowledge.
  8. Diamonds are supposed to get a one time upgrade. What I might like to do is book an ocean view and upgrade to a balcony. I am not quite diamond, so my question is...can I book an ocean view stateroom and then once diamond..upgrade free to a balcony...or do I need to be diamond prior to booking.
  9. It was nice. I think all the cruise lines are getting rid of or reducing incentives. I wonder if you can still get shareholder benefit?
  10. Thank you, that was useful info. I booked a cruise, thinking I could book the next cruise with something beneficial for myself and the two rooms (grandkids and their parents) I would also be booking. The not so little, little's prefer carnival so was hoping to get OBC for them to help with excursions.
  11. Thanks for answering. My other question is that you used to get two "friends and family vouchers" that could be used for two other rooms. They would get the same benefit or discount. Has this part of it gone away?
  12. I believe I read that you can no longer book a future cruise while on the ship. Used to be you could get some benefit for doing this. I also read that after your cruise, you will receive some kind of offer a week or two later. What kind of offers are we talking about?
  13. Well the seats are showing in my itinerary. All seats are showing "confirmed" under the "manage my booking" in the BA site.
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