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  1. If I don't get it I am perfectly fine. My PVP was going to check Monday.
  2. I know but in April when the same happened, Carnival announced the cancellation on March 6. Then they made it retroactive for March 1 and I was surprised when I rcvd my deposit back.
  3. I cancelled one of my 14 day cruises 2 weeks before Carnival cancelled it. Has anyone had any luck being able to get the $600 OBC that would have been received for rebooking in this situation?
  4. That sounds good to me. We prefer to take a drink to our balcony anyway.
  5. It is 25% of your cruise fare in non refundable OBC. When my hubby and I did this we both took it so had well over $1k.. Make sure you use it on an expensive cruise (we did a Panama Canal cruise). We did the casino trick to get cash back for what we did not think we would spend.
  6. Okay, were you able to choose your room number? I went through the motions yesterday and it said it would assign the best available room.
  7. Great! Since I have a TA for two of my cruises I would like to L&S, do I need to have her do it for me?
  8. Oh, another question, when reading about the L&S it says you need to have the same itinerary. Is that really the case? I read where people were able to change cruises as long as it was same amount of days.
  9. I can't seem to find the link you are talking about. Would you mind linking to it, please?
  10. Oh I did not see that. I am speaking to a RC rep right now(on hold).
  11. So sorry if this has already been asked and answered. I have a cruise for Oct 2, 2020 and final payment is July 4. Am I allowed to do the Lift and Shift for this cruise and move it to next year or does it have to be cancelled prior to doing the L&S? I am not wanting to throw anymore money to the cruise line at this point so will just cancel if I can't do the Lift and Shift. TIA!
  12. My TA cancelled my cruise for me on March 2 (will lose my deposit). Since I booked with gift cards, my refund will be given back as gift cards. As of yet I have not rcvd them.
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