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  1. We are fully vaccinated. I chose #3. We are chomping at the bit to cruse but want everyone to be vaccinated.
  2. Maybe you are thinking of Royal? They have a diamond plus level at 175.
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone. I had three rooms together(one person will be a no show). In order to keep 4 balcony rooms together I needed to book a 4 person room so that is what I did. So, for 10 of us we can spread out now having a 4 person room, a 3 person room and two 2 people rooms. We will be 6 kids and 4 adults.
  4. I have 2 people in a 2 person room right now. If I want to move them to a 4 person room and add an additional two people(making it 4 people in a 4 person room), will I be charged a fee for moving the first two people?
  5. I thought I would report back: I was able to use the funds from my canceled Dec. 2020 cruise and apply to my new Dec 2021 booking and did rcv the $600 OBC. I was told I can also apply this promo to a previously booked cruise, but at the going rate and I would lose the $100 OBC that was included.
  6. Also, are we able to use the credit from a canceled cruise and just transfer to the new cruise and get the OBC that comes with the canceled cruise?
  7. Hubby and I both rcvd the RU2 offer today. Can this be used on a cruise that is already booked? Also, does this cover the 18% gratuities or is that covered in the offer?
  8. The only reason we wanted to go back is because we were married there 25 years ago. We were supposed to get married in Nancy's Garden but things didn't work out. Later, we tried to find the garden but never did. We thought we would try to find it when we were supposed to be there in May, but guess not.
  9. That would be my guess as well. We are not beach people so would not be thrilled.
  10. Any guesses as to what a change in itinerary would be? We are booked on the May 1 Dream cruise that was supposed to go to Key West. We only chose this itinerary because we had not been to Key West in many many years. Freeport and Nassau are pretty crappy ports, but again we had not been there in years. We will likely just cancel.
  11. Sorry to jump on your thread but I have a similar question. My Nov and Dec. cruises were paid in full using gift cards. I plan on taking the $600 OBC option. I do not have a cruise picked out and will likely wait until next year. Do I go ahead and opt in for that option online or just wait until I have chosen a replacement cruise? Will I get refunded(in gift cards) anything over my deposit or does the full amount just sit there attached to the booking?
  12. I don't know. Were your cruises longer than 5 days? They said they would do shorter cruises at first.
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