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  1. I have sailed a few times on Royal and found them to be very similar to NCL quality wise but the entertainment is, I think, a little better on NCL. With the drinks package bear in mind that this covers drinks up to 15$ each. You can buy two drinks at a time if you wish but the drinks package does not include bottled water or speciality coffee. We normally make dining and entertainment reservations once they open up online - 90 days prior to sailing I hope you have a fabulous time
  2. Thank you for the link. I do try to find previous posts rather than just starting a new thread everytime and CruiseCritic being filled with the same questions again and again. I apologise for reviving an old thread however given that there has been no sailing for 6 months most threads giving actual experience are aging anyway
  3. Thank you for this information. Is the show the same for both complimentary and paid options do you know?
  4. From my experience I can tell you that if you cancel under the Peace of Mind policy it will take up to 3 weeks for the FCC to appear in your account so you wouldn't be able to use it to rebook straight away
  5. The double latitude points don't apply to all sailings I was told. I didn't get them on my Dec 2021 on the Joy but I did get them for Epic April 2022 and Gem Oct 2022
  6. Pullmantur have been posting on their Facebook page that they are coming back. They are asking opinions on what customers want or would be happy paying. Given that all their ships were scrapped I wonder if they managed to clear their debts. Either way they are going to need new ships, perhaps one of the many Carnival Corp ships that are being sold or a couple of the older Royal ones?
  7. I think you can change your free at sea perks right up to a couple of days before sailing
  8. I had applied my 125% to a cruise I subsequently cancelled and still haven't received the full 100% of the refund FCC nevermind the extra 25%. In my case it is only a few Euros so I have written it off in my mind
  9. So I get that we tip for service e above and beyond their normal jobs but what is included and therefore would not attract a tip? I would assume that part of the butler's job is to top up the coffee machine, ice bucket and deliver the afternoon snacks but that unpacking for you or serving an in room meal would be over and above, would this be correct? For the concierge isn't it his job to make reservations for shows and dining along with priority embarkation/disembarkation, in which case what would be over and above?
  10. We have just booked our HJ suite on Joy for December 2021 at a very reasonable 2,000€ each. I expect this will be our one and only time in the Haven as it is normally way out of our budget. Thank you NCL
  11. I am currently booked into a balcony cabin on the Joy but am thinking about upgrading (paid not bidding) to a haven suite, will I get double Latitude points? I only ask because of this: Earn 1 additional point per night for booking in a Concierge, Suite* or The Haven. *Full fare suites booked when reservation was originally made.
  12. NCL haven't, they are still maintaining that they are resuming on 1st November
  13. Meinshift II had masks in every cabin FOC for the guests use according to Morgan's version Unofficial report on his experience onboard a couple of weeks ago
  14. Nope, paid and refunded in Euros. I have written to Customer Support asking them to look at it
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