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  1. I love Barcelona partly because I can drive there from home but you can easily see the highlights in a day from a cruise ship whereas you can only do that in Rome if you have a tour like Rome in Limo offer. In your position I would fly to Rome have a few days there and "do" Barcelona from the ship
  2. If you go on to your MyNCL you can upgrade your Free at Sea minutes to the unlimited pack or unlimited with streaming. I did for my 7 day Oct 2022 cruise on Gem but my package was in €s so wouldn't help you. I don't know if the price varies by ship.
  3. Thanks for that. That announcement was made in March last year, there has been no update since then but we are hoping that the ports will open again within the coming months, certainly before the end of year. The cruise lines are petitioning the ports who are turn putting pressure on the government. http://www.portdebarcelona.cat/en/web/Port-del-Ciudada/cruceros
  4. The shows on the big RCCL ships are great, we live the ice shows, the high diving shows and the main theatre but on the smaller ships like Brilliance and Jewel we have walked out of shows because the performance was so bad. After a particularly bad Elton John impersonator we learnt to sit at the back so we could escape quietly . I have never had that problem on either NCL or Carnival . Food, service and cabins I found tended to be better on the smaller RCCL ships but across the fleet on NCL was a close second, having said that my husband loved Guy's Burgers on Carnival but the fami
  5. Can I ask where you got this information from? I live in Spain and have not seen any such announcement re Barcelona port being closed for the whole of 2021 and believe me I have been looking. I have a cruise booked from Barcelona for 23rd May and don't expect it to sail but I would have thought that June or July would be able to start with EU Schengen residents only if they can get enough guests from that client base
  6. Rick Steves cruise ports books have a comparison across line but it would breach copyright to show it here I'm afraid. Perhaps if you don't get a relevant answer it might be worth buying the book.
  7. When this all started many people said that they wouldn't cruise if they had to wear a mask or social distance but as time has gone on a lot of people have changed their minds in where they draw the line. I don't mind the social distancing, I can put up with wearing a mask but if I can only do ship excursions I will have to consider my position. I expect mask wearing will drop off once everyone is vaccinated but it will be up to the CDC I expect not the cruise lines. I would put my money on March 2022 unless there is a big improvement in vaccine availability
  8. It looks like the remaining Carnival cruises for May are going to be cancelled imminently, they have been removed from the website
  9. There are videos on YouTube with post refurb ship tours
  10. For my cruise in December it gave the first named passenger a 50$ discount on every excursion booked so on the day where I have two excursions booked I received a 50$ discount off each of them. I hope this helps
  11. I've had 6 cancelled due to Covid so far, I'm expecting to lose another one yet. I have 4 booked that I believe have a good chance of going starting in Sept 2021 through Oct 2022 plus I am waiting to book to sail on Leonardo 1 once the itineraries are released
  12. Here in the EU we can't see the whole of the population having been offered the vaccine before the end of the year but you never know the production plants may speed up
  13. I asked NCL direct if they could do it to apply to a cruise booked through them and they said that they could not. The T&Cs prohibit the change of currency. I had some US$ FCC from a previous booking and wanted to apply it to one of my other cruises which are all booked in €, it was not permitted.
  14. This only applies if your cruise is cancelled by them now
  15. Just one thing, it is a 97% survival rate but the problem isn't the death rate it's the number of hospital beds that it takes up and what the media are referring to as "long covid"
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