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  1. Apparently O will be providing transfers to Marseille. Details to be coming soon.
  2. Thanks Hank. I appreciate your advice.
  3. I’m not worried about lifting, as long as there is room. We will be having a great tour of the area the day before, so won’t need a car for that. It is a gorgeous place. I also like driving in Europe, so I can stop when there is something to see. But not this time.
  4. I don’t d look at car rentals. With the current shortage, they were around $300. I wish I knew how much luggage you can take on the train. I will look at the airport bus. That does souplike a great option. Thanks for the info.
  5. Our November Oceania cruise starting in Monte Carlo, just changed to Marseille. We are flying into Nice and spending a couple days there and plan on touring with one of my favorite guides in the area. I still want to do that, but will need to find a way to get to Nice on the morning of the cruise. A car service is around 500 Euros, which is not logical to use unless another couple or two on our roll call want to do the same thing. I know that there are busses and trains that are quite reasonably priced, but is it a convenient and easy way to get there with luggage? I haven't looked into Uber yet for the long drive, but it might be handy if there is a good airport to airport transfer and then use Uber for the short drives from my hotel and to the port from the airport. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  6. I don’t know which port; but. Would be very surprised if it was the old port, since it is small and full of small crafts.
  7. Now that is weird. Just like the issue Pearl64 had, my post showed up as do-crusn . CC (Host Jazzbeau)., we have a problem.
  8. Just got a notice from O that our Nov 7 Riviera cruise will now leave from Marseilles rather than Monte Carlo and Barcelona has been replaced with Palma de Mallorca. It seems like O is making changes on some cruises, since I saw an earlier post regarding a change from Venice. We are flying into Nice and staying there before the cruise, since it was convenient to Monte Carlo. Now we have to find a way to go 120 miles to Marseilles. It is too late to change flights, plus I have a private tour the day before the cruise from Nice with one of my favorite guides. I just hope that the cruise still sails.
  9. Cruisemom42, Thanks so much for the Albergo Del Senato recommendation. It looks like a very nice hotel at the perfect location. A pretty reasonable price too. We will be there for 3 nights in November.
  10. There is a lot to be learned on these wonderful boards.
  11. Great idea! Thanks so much for the excellent suggestion.
  12. Definitely looking forward to it.
  13. Hi Orv, So nice to see your post. There hasn’t been much reason to be on the boards for the last year, with no cruising to be had. Plus I have been busy with a new lady for the last 10 months. She is my new travel partner. When I searched, it didn’t have that option; which I thought was strange. Maybe it is different on the phone.
  14. Thanks so much for confirming.
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