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  1. Thank you all for such lovely words in your posts. It is comforting to know your thoughts at this most difficult time for me and our family. I would love to be able to reply personally to each of your posts; but at this time it is just too difficult for me. It is difficult enough to read the kind words. Some of you mentioned songs that relate to losing someone. For those of you that know the Garth Brooks song “The Dance”, it has been a favorite of ours over the last several months. It brought tears to our eyes whenever we hear it; but also reminds us of what an awesome dance we had. If you aren't familiar with it, look it up on YouTube, since I am not allowed to post the link.
  2. For those of you that have met my darling Carol on a cruise or anywhere else, I am so sorry to have to tell you that she passed away yesterday. Although I am saddened beyond what any words can describe, I am so grateful that Carol didn’t have to endure a long and painful death from cancer. That would have been so much worse. We were so blessed to have found each other. We had more love and happiness in 30 years than most people have in a lifetime. Having this wonderful woman in my life has made me a much happier and better person than I ever thought possible. Heaven has gained a very beautiful soul. Below is a photo that we had together on the January Edge cruise. It was unfortunately the last cruise that I will share with the love of my life.
  3. You are most welcome Barbara. I liked the 3 HAL cruises I have been on and look forward to more of them. In 2013 we did Canada New England cruise on Celebrity that was great. You might want to look at that review for recommendations.
  4. I'm glad that you found the review helpful Doug. I didn't do the behind the scenes tours, so I can't help you on that one.
  5. I have gotten a cold regularly after a cruise, but not this one. I hope yours gets better quickly. Carol's pneumonia started before the cruise.
  6. Thanks Annie. The Signatures change every night and are the same in all 4 MDR’s.
  7. Bummer, but someone’s got to do it. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks Marilyn. As I followed your recent live thread, I was surprised at some of the things I missed on the Edge. Carol had a very bad cough during the cruise and didn’t get to do too much this cruise. When we got home, she had a previously scheduled doc appointment. She didn’t have a fever and her lungs were clear; but to be safe, they did a chest X-ray. It turns out she had pneumonia. We we certainly hope to cruise with you and Henry in the future. If it is on the Edge or Apex, we will splurge on a suite.
  9. Since I'm not a gin drinker, I can't give you definite answer; but all the bars seem to be very well stocked with many varieties different alcohol.
  10. The link is in my signature, which is under the post if you have signatures enabled. If you don't and you don't want to enable them, you can always find it by Googling Mike and Carol's Cruise Reviews. I am not allowed to post my URL on CC; and I try to abide by forum rules.
  11. The globe is my avatar. My signature is under the post if you have signatures enabled. If you don't and you don't want to you can always find it by Googling Mike and Carols Cruise Reviews. I am not allowed to post my URL on CC; and I try to abide by forum rules.
  12. Glad it helped. We have friends from Leeds who will be on the Feb. 10 cruise with you. They just had snow this morning and are looking forward to visiting with us here in South Florida for a few days. before the cruise to get away from the cold.
  13. We have just completed the review of our January 13, 2019 cruise on the Celebrity Edge. Our previous Edge review for the Nov. 27, 2018 2-day pre-inaugural cruise was focused on getting photos of every one of the over 60 venues on the new ship. As a result, I didn’t get much time to actually slow down to enjoy the ship and find out what cruising on her was all about. This was a much more enjoyable experience. It allowed me to find out what I really liked and disliked about the Edge. I was also able to get photos of areas of the ship that I missed on the first cruise. I really like the Edge and the new innovations that Celebrity has put into her. After coming back from the cruise, I tried to think of all the positives and negatives before writing the review. There were lots of positives and very few negatives. In the seven weeks, since we were first on the Edge, Celebrity has been working on trying to fix some of the issues that were voiced here on Cruise Critic, as well as on other social media sites. Some of the things that bothered me on the first cruise weren’t an issue at all on this cruise. I will look forward to cruising on the Edge again and its new sister Apex, when she arrives. I will, however, wait until the pricing becomes more attractive. After my most enjoyable brief Edge suite experience in November, I would really like to try that again on the Edge class. I have included in this review copies of all the dailies for our Eastern Caribbean itinerary, which I hope are helpful. I have also included menus for all the lounges, restaurants, spa services and room service. The link to our cruise review website, where the review can be found is in my signature. I hope that this review in conjunction with the prior Edge review will assist those of you that are planning to cruise on this marvelous beautiful new ship. If you have already been on her, I hope that the two reviews will bring back some fond memories. Enjoy!
  14. That is so funny that you mentioned that ice wine. We were sitting next to a couple on the next to last dinner who were drinking that. They told me that it was extremely good and they get once on every cruise. So I asked about it and was told that there was a charge for it over the premium package. Hmm, well if it was that good, I should probably try it, so I asked how much the wine was. He said $21. Since that was only $6 over the $15 premium limit, I ordered it. It was good; but when the bill came, I was charged $21. I assumed that the sommelier was telling me the total price, not the uncharge. I will no better next time. They were small glasses too. I looked up the price of that wine and it was $47 a bottle. I liked it, but I wouldn't pay that much for a bottle of it.
  15. Have no fear, they still put ice buckets in the cabins. They aren't in my review pics because I take them when we first get in the cabin and we haven't yet asked for them.
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