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  1. The nice thing about your decision is that their is no wrong choice. The are both good cruises.
  2. David and Julia, please send me an email at mvpinboynton@gmail.com. I am traveling today, but will get back to you tomorrow.
  3. I certainly do remember you two. That was such a wonderful cruise. We met some lifetime friends on that one. We so enjoyed visiting your overwater bungalow before the cruise. With that cruise being 15 years ago, the photos in the review are very small, but they still bring back the fond memories. T'hank you for your kind words. I have been on five Oceania cruises. I do believe that you will thoroughly enjoy your cruise with them. They are my favorite line.
  4. I did the Celebrity around the horn cruise in 2011 and loved it. I did a HAL around the horn plus the Falklands and Antarctic in 2018 and loved it too. I do prefer Celebrity over Princess, but not by much. Being Elite + helps a lot. But having said that, seeing the King Penguins on the Falklands was one of the biggest thrills we ever had on a cruise. But, you can never be certain that you will be able to get into the Falklands. When we took the Celebrity SA cruise in 2011, I had to decide if we would do the around the horn or the Antarctica/Falklands itinerary. I was concerned about not getting to Antarctica, especially since they were only there 2 days. So we did the around the horn and was able to see lovely Chile. It was the correct choice that year, since the date I would have gone wasn't able to get to Antarctica due to weather. With the HAL SA cruise, they spend 3 days in Antarctica, which greatly improves the odds of getting there; which is why I picked it. With the Princess cruise only able to be there on the one day, you need to decide if it is worth the risk to do it. Having been there, I would. You can see lots of photos from our two cruises on my website that is linked to in my signature; or you can find it by Googling "Mike and Carol's Cruise Reviews". Here are a couple of King Penguin pics. There are a couple videos of them in the review.
  5. you are correct about way more positives. The few negatives can be hits or misses on any cruise. I was very pleased with the cruise.
  6. Sorry you won't see the mosque. It is an amazing place. Jerusalem is just awesome! The Dead Sea was most interesting, but it keeps getting smaller and smaller. Glad you will get there before it dries up.
  7. Thank you for posting the link, since I am not allowed to. I see that you are going to be going through the Suez Canal this year. We did that a couple years ago and just loved Petra, Oman and the UAE. Awesome places. The Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque is obviously on everyone's "must see" list when in the area. If you get a chance, you should try to go back to it at night, since it is a much different and truly amazing.
  8. Thanks Anne. Rio was much nicer than I expected. I have lots of trips this year, but the 3 week Safari is what has me most excited.
  9. For some reason I haven't been receiving notifications of posts on this thread, so have not replied. Thank you so much for the very nice comments. They are appreciated. I am also looking forward to cruising with Azamara again one of these days.
  10. I am happy that all of their ships have been upgraded. It really made a difference.
  11. I have just posted a review to my website with lots of photos of a recently completed South America cruise on the Azamara Pursuit. I visited ports in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. The main reason I wanted to do this cruise was that it spent 2.5 days in Rio de Janeiro. It was as amazing as I had hoped it would be. I also have the menus from the restaurants and lounges. This is the first Azamara cruise that I have been on since 2010. The Renaissance class ships are comfortable, but they have never been a favorite of mine, since they were very dark and old looking. With the Pursuit being Azamara’s newest ship, they had done an outstanding renovation job before they put it in service. I couldn’t believe how much I liked this ship. Much of the dark wood, dark carpets and dated patterned furniture upholstery had been replaced with much brighter and newer looking decor. I found the Pursuit to be a very pretty and comfortable ship. I will happily cruise on her again. The review is located on my website, which is linked to in my signature. You can also just Google “Mike and Carol’s Cruise Reviews” to find a link to it. I hope it is helpful for those of you that are planning a vacation to this amazing part of the world; or that it brings back some fond memories to those of you who have been able to visit these places.
  12. Thank you so much for that. I didn't get a notification of a reply, so I am glad that I checked.
  13. We will be boarding the Pursuit next week. One member of our party plans on making specialty reservations for the 3 cabins. Is the cabin number for each cabin adequate or will he need to have the booking numbers also when he makes the reservations?
  14. Five years ago, we had a port stop in Lisbon and thoroughly enjoyed our tour that spent part of the day in Sintra. When we did another cruise in Sep/Oct that started in Amsterdam and ended in Lisbon, we had to spend more time in Lisbon, so we spent three days there. On the second day, we had a tour with same guide we used from Top Ten Tours in 2014. On the first day in Lisbon, my son and I walked all around town, so we wanted to see places we hadn't seen on the first visit or during our long walking tour the day before. One of the places he took us to was the National Palace of Queluz. I had not heard of it before and apparently most people hadn't, since there were very few tourists visiting it. The palace is drop dead gorgeous and has a lovely garden. It also had something I had never even heard of called the Tiles Channel where the royal family could ride a boat or gondola on that was covered in beautiful tiles. You can see a bunch of photos in my review that is linked to in my signature; but I will put a few below. If you have time while visiting Lisbon, I would highly recommend going to see it.
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