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  1. You seem to be misreading my reading my responses. I never said there were no redeemable features, only that the current situation isn't working right now for a significant set of students in my area. While we can agree to disagree, I do find the current situation catastrophic for a certain set of students in my area.
  2. How ironic to be resuming after the holidays when compared to "normal" years. I wish all well in this resumption of sailings.
  3. I have not thought of traveler's cheques for quite some time! Amex says their cheques are good "forever." https://www.americanexpress.com/us/travel/travelers-cheques/index.html
  4. As usual, you are making a cavalier dismissal of a problem and situation that you really don't understand. Virtual education, as you said early on isn't for everyone in all situations. I see the problems first hand with keeping people out of school right now when they don't have a strong support system at home - let alone an English speaker. I find it amusing that you are now making even more caveats regarding the Australian virtual system with statements regarding in-person community halls and meeting places. I am sure help for students is available in these alternative in-p
  5. While this too is an issue, I think the environment is a bigger deal. Our district is giving out computers to all kids that don't have on at home. Below is an example: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/01/maplewood-new-jersey-school-reopening.html The students who most need education are receiving the least. An estimated 3 million children nationwide — many impoverished or homeless—are going without any form of school. With the notable exception of New York City, many of the nation’s large urban school districts remain remote, including all the ones in
  6. I am not worrying about the average kid. I am worrying about those immigrant kids with parents lacking formal education and don't speak English. Looking at this study of indigenous kids in Australia it's clear of the importance of early education for those more likely to find themselves for whatever reason in a disadvantaged position. https://www.ncsehe.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Educational-Outcomes-of-Young-Indigenous-Australians-Report.pdf These findings have important policy implications. First, they suggest that the orthodox view that education
  7. Now I understand the point you are making. It's a tough balancing act as tourism is the principal industry of PV and similar places. I feel the same way about our area. The Northern Baja coast from Tijuana to Ensenada has its own unique culture that is neither solely American nor Mexican. Happy to that you give back. I think you'll find that sentiment all across Mexico where foreigners have embraced their adopted communities. Other than for their employees, I agree with your sentiment! No worries. I
  8. i can't speak for the "extranjeros"/gringos, but most of the Mexicans need to carry on with their normal life to keep their families fed.
  9. Did you know that the term Latinx is not really used by "Latinos?" Most don't even know that the word exists as it isn't Spanish. https://www.pewresearch.org/hispanic/2020/08/11/about-one-in-four-u-s-hispanics-have-heard-of-latinx-but-just-3-use-it/ However, for the population it is meant to describe, only 23% of U.S. adults who self-identify as Hispanic or Latino have heard of the term Latinx, and just 3% say they use it to describe themselves, according to a nationally representative, bilingual survey of U.S. Hispanic adults conducted in December 2019 by Pew Research Center
  10. Is "white" a code word for tourist? I agree there are lots of tourists in PV from all over the world. That doesn't mean it isn't a nice place to visit. I know many Mexicans who also like to vacation there and know a few who own condos in the area - mostly in Nuevo Vallarta. Probably the highest ratio of tourists to locals I ever saw was in pre-COVID Venice. Even after the day tourist leave it's still crazy. Wow! That was an experience. if you want to find Mexicans in PV it really isn't hard as the city has more than 500,000 people. Perhaps you just didn't get to the corr
  11. You are correct, I should have said extremely unlively. San Diego public schools are already not that great. I hope you are right and I am wrong. However, my gut suggests that social promotion will rule the day and kids will be missing out on a big chuck of their education.
  12. My sister is my remaining sibling in Seattle and has lived her whole life (in mid 60's) in the area. She is totally on board with what is going on in the city and committed to its "wokeness." She lives pretty close to the city's mayor and when the demonstrators came through last summer, all the neighbors put out supportive signs. I always wonder what she'll think when the first rock goes through her window?
  13. How is PV doing with COVID now? I was speaking with people in last night in Veracruz and they said the pandemic there is reaching new heights in terms of people being sick. My mother is from San Diego, but I spent the first 19 years of my life growing up outside of Seattle on Mercer Island. Having family in San Diego made it a natural choice for university and I never went back to Seattle after school. While the physical beauty of Western Washington is amazing, the city itself holds little attraction to me these days.
  14. While I am not sure of Canada, mutual defense was one a key founding construct in the US constitution and rationale for government. This was been largely forgotten as government has grown in the US to emphasize other things. My own personal belief is that the values of shared sacrifice fell away with the emerge of the baby boom's emphasis on self. We see 60-70 years of this coming home to roost today. While probably not what you meant in terms of threats, defense is the only mandatory function of the US federal government. https://www.heritage.org/defense/report/
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