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  1. It seems that these rules apply for domestic flights only and that international flights are governed by other rules codified in treaties. Is my interpretation correct? Does anyone know what the differences might be generally? Regardless, the race to the bottom continues unabated.
  2. My understanding is that they are mostly descendants of the Spanish diaspora that left the country during the 1930's revolution. Michael Portillo, who served in Margret Thatcher and John Major's governments, is descendent of a Spanish university professor that also left the country at that time. People may also remember Portillo from the BBC Great Train Journey series. Manu Chao is another French citizen that sings in Spanish. His father also had a death sentence put in place by Franco's government. Regardless, lots of people record in Spanish as the market is quite large. It's probably #2 after English in the West. Laura Pausini, for example, has made way more money recording in Spanish than English. She is so popular in Mexico that she served as a coach in the Mexican version of the Voice rather than in Italy.
  3. I just went to a new to me winery that I liked called "Relieve Vinícola." Great view and being on the west end of the valley it was cooler. They have an associated restaurant that we didn't try but it looked nice. Really, the popular review sites are your friend when it comes to picking locations to visit. Going there you can also hit up "Casa Frida" which is popular for drinks and food.
  4. Actually, the better/faster road goes through Todos Santos on your way to La Paz. This is especially true from Cabo San Lucas side of the cape. BTW - the nearest port stop on the Sea of Cortez side in BCS would probably to Loreto. Sorry for the shattering of your Hubby's dream. If you are in La Paz, heading out to one of the beach bars on Tecolote Beach would be a great alternative unless you want to simply be in town. A stop at Balandra is also along the route and is super pretty.
  5. Glad to see some reaction to this thread and the fakery that is the Hotel California in Todos Santos! BTW - in my opinion, the best cover of the song was done by the "Gipsy Kings." A portion of this cover is used in the movie, "The Big Lebowski."
  6. Just curious, did anyone vote for CDG? It's super rare to find such unanimity in any CC question!
  7. Is she a neighbor of Meghan Markle and her husband? Maybe Oprah? I doubt your daughter heads to the tourist shops on State Street too often. They are more likely to be infected by COVID from cars driving on the 101.
  8. I am not sure how familiar you are with Santa Barbara, but literally thousands of cars from the LA area and other parts of California go to the area each and every weekend. How many are tested? How many are vaccinated? I would bet the cruise ships would have a higher % of vaccinated passengers than the public at large. I have no issues with the city making its own decisions, I just wonder how impactful it will truly be in terms of driving COVID cases? That's my view as well. I guess the local government wants to show that they are doing something.
  9. I am glad you mention this point. The notion of one or two and done seem to be fading fast. The topic seems to be morphing into, "Are you willing to cruise while being consider fully vaccinated?" My answer is yes assuming the cruise isn't cancelled and I get to the port. I won't be testing this until next April. Who knows what the world will look like then?
  10. Fair enough. But they provide some service options such as bags that are available for free on legacy carriers to many customers. Change fees are something else where they do well - at least historically - relative to the legacy carriers.
  11. I agree with you that COIVD negatively effects cruising. The question is whether one believes these negative impacts are offset by the positive aspects of cruising. That is a decision that everyone should be able to make for themselves. With respect to vaccination, the definition of what constitutes vaccination is even under question. Vaccinated fully once, booster shots up to date, which vaccine, ... I think we need to start figuring out how to live with this. I think @Hlitner's approach has been pretty good. Don't live in fear and adapt as best you can to the "reality on the ground."
  12. There really are two warnings - Money Back Mexico and Diamonds International. Diamonds International truly has a notorious reputation when it comes to overpricing jewelry - sometimes by a lot. Search the internet if you want to know more.
  13. I agree with what you are saying. Practically speaking a near infinite number of "decent experiences" are available to all if they understand what they like and have sufficient time, health and accessible wealth to pursue them. I also agree with your statement of the joy being of an a cruise ship is an experience. I really haven't tired of this while I know others have. I really hope I never do...
  14. I am sure by now you have heard of "breakthrough cases" of COVID. Remember all the state politicians that went to DC on a flight and many got COVID? All were vaccinated and 6 out of 57 (~10% infection rate) got COVID. If that's not a good example, look at Israel. They have one of the world's highest vaccine rates and yet cases are exploding again. Another factor to consider is the efficacy of the vaccines. What did the crew receive. Was it a Western Vaccine or Chinese? It matters in terms of efficacy and the level of "breakthrough cases." It's simply going to happen regardless of the process. The real question is does the process minimize the outbreaks and impacts of those impacts? I feel the cruise ships are doing their best.
  15. In the chaos that is today's reality, this seems to be the most practical advice. I am thinking I might even expand upon my existing practices which always include a flight the day before for a nearby cruise. For a cruise requiring a long haul trip, I typically plan to arrive in the port area at least 2 or 3 days in advance.
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