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  1. I am almost certain to follow your lead on booking something from LA at some point.
  2. Look to Israel as a leading indicator when it comes to COVID and vaccines. Israel experienced some upticks in their case loads as vaccinations progressed. Now the case rates are quite a bit lower and the serious cases/deaths even lower. My belief/hope is that the US will follow the Israel pattern as vaccinations continue to move forward. Vaccinations make us about 2 months behind Israel. Like our CA governor says, my guess is that will likely be running fairly normally by the middle of June. Time will tell if this really comes to pass.
  3. I think the zero risk tolerance level really pervades government thinking. The public doesn't understand risk management at all and the easiest thing for the government to do is to accept no risk at all even at the expense of other things. We all have biases. Your bias is to accept no risk. That is fine. Others can have different reasoned opinions (biases?) that you may not to agree with. I actually thought the post by @Hlitner was pretty good as it makes an attempt to quantify the actual risks associated with a restart of cruising. Humans seem to have an e
  4. I have had two small cancers removed from the left side of my face in the last 18 months. I wondered if my driving north during my afternoon commute for too many years played any role.
  5. I hope this cruise will work out for you with respect to all the COVID restrictions! It looks like your departure port is from Australia and Australia may be one of the last countries to relax travel restrictions. https://www.timeout.com/sydney/news/international-travel-for-australians-will-not-resume-until-2024-economic-report-suggests- Earlier this year, department of health secretary Brendan Murphy said he was hopeful Australians could travel overseas again in 2022, as Australia’s vaccination program reached completion and countries around the world achieved herd immunity.
  6. I have nothing until the end of April next year. If things open up, I would look to see what's going on and go during the fall. The alternative will be a land vacation somewhere local.
  7. I wonder if the ship will provide a discount if you simply want to stream the view onto the normal television? Good thing these big LCD's don't emit much radiation or you would need to wear sunscreen like sitting out on a real balcony!
  8. This whole thread is a political discussion. All politicians, including DeSantis, act in ways to serve their perceived political interests. Nothing new here.
  9. makes sense in terms of the time required to create maximum effectiveness.
  10. A bit of good news for sure. I wonder if the CDC felt foolish in terms of standards that make no sense when compared against air travel? These terminals never are empty of people/passengers.
  11. Great point. It looks like Sinovac is the worst performing vaccine. This puts the crew at risk and by extension the whole ship. I am not sure the CDC would accept Chinese vaccines as proof of vaccination if they demand all crews and passengers to be vaccinated to restart sailing. For economic reasons, the government might push maritime workers to the front of the list like health care workers.
  12. What are you sad about? That they need to wear a mask on the cruise? That they are taking a cruise in accordance with all applicable government regulations? That you can't go on the cruise and want to? Something else? Just curious.
  13. Are you channeling your inner Orwell today? With apologies to the late, great author - "All posters are expert, but some posters are more expert than others." I thought about posting this adaptation of Orwell's famous line from "Animal Farm" after reading @navybankerteacher, but your post pushed me over the top! 🙂 I didn't know that before you mentioned it. I guess the bankers are factoring in a risk premium in these loans. Could you imagine what the rates might have been if money was tight? Wow! Here is a story on the loan some of which is convert
  14. For sure, this is a country by country decision which will influence where cruises are being offered. The relatively high level of vaccination I would think that as long as they cover the operational expenses they are good from a cash perspective. Of course, the cruise lines may even be willing to take a loss on operations if they view it as an investment to keep themselves relevant in the minds of travel. Good thing the world is awash in cheap money... Maybe not long term, but it helps the lines today!
  15. I have yet to experience a perfect vacation, but I have had many including cruises that were really special. For me, some level of novelty in terms of experience/destinations seems to make a difference in how I feel. I hope I never get to the point where it's all so familiar that I fail to feel any emotion or excitement in travelling. BTW - I appreciate all the comments on having a positive outlook and recognizing that travel is simply a part of life and therefore never perfect.
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