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  1. Skewed to people with disposable income for travel? Lines home port cruise ships in locations for the same reason people rob banks! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sutton's_law The good news is that like with everything else it's only going to shift to Asia over time.
  2. This is certainly the case in the US where we will have lawyer upon lawyer arguing all sides of the cases. Sounds like a new torrent of billable hours and settlements in the offing. All sides will be bring litigation. People will also use the lack of vaccine or their inability to take the vaccine as levers to stay home from work.
  3. This is a really poor example of bias by Facebook. As you may know, the real dispute between big tech and Australia was about payments to big media (I think Newscorp was a big driver) more than anything else and throwing a "bone" to governments to allow them to say they stood up to censorship. Anything caught up in the hastiness of Facebook's actions was simply temporary collateral damage - e.g., government notifications. These accidental actions embarrassed Facebook further and made them look even worse in the public eye. Cracks in big tech - Microsoft in particular - along wi
  4. “Forty-two!" yelled Loonquawl. "Is that all you've got to show for seven and a half million years' work?" "I checked it very thoroughly," said the computer, "and that quite definitely is the answer.
  5. Depending on how it's done, a digital record can be harder to forge than a paper one. The popular method these days depends on the same technology -blockchain used to establish ownership of digital currencies like bitcoins. Lots of discussion on the topic: https://www.zdnet.com/article/making-the-case-for-covid-19-vaccine-passports-a-shift-to-data-democracy/ https://www.ledgerinsights.com/blockchain-immunity-passport-covid-19-open-university/ Some people worry about the privacy aspects and how this could evolve into something like China's social credit syste
  6. I got confused by your statement below and thought you lived outside the area. Oceanside is a great town and while it is gentrifying rapidly, it still maintains some traditional character not present in other parts along the coast these days. Thought you lived outside the US reading this.
  7. New data? Completed analysis? Political expediency? What does "Occam's Razor" suggest to you?
  8. I would suggest a healthy skepticism of these media outlets is worthwhile. While not fake, the media has traditionally represented a particular opinion of viewpoint. The American public tends to support this view as they have been burned by advocacy pieces from big corporate media with little to back them up and later dismissed as fiction - no Russians, Chinese or Iranians needed! https://www.thenation.com/article/politics/trump-russiagate-steele-dossier/ To me, the attempted discrediting of new sources is really about maintaining power and relevance by big everything. Add
  9. That's too bad as the site is rock solid for me especially if you like looking at data as much as getting answers. I like the fact that it allows one to make direct comparisons as well as slice the data along different aspects. The breadth of data is simply without parallel to other sites open to the public. A good example of the democratization of data that is possible when the net gets applied well. All our related research and data Charts Biweekly change in confirmed COVID-19 cases Biweekly change in confirmed COVID-19 deaths Biweekly confirmed CO
  10. If you want to see all things COVID, this site provides the most comprehensive data that I have seen - including vaccine delivery. https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus Here is an example covering averaged daily vaccination data for selected countries.
  11. We like these cruises as we are happy just relaxing on the ship. We also enjoy the rhythm of the ship that seems to set up after repeated days at sea.
  12. Just like camping! Leave the campsite better than you found it. About 1/3 of my entire post history have come in the last year. I joined in 2007. I have certainly been stuck home more than I like for quite sometime!
  13. Got both my passport and passport card today as well - February 24. I mailed mine in on the 19th of January. The cards and books seem to have different production lines as they were mailed separately. I am pleased.
  14. That is certainly your choice. This report from the World Economic Forum published last May suggested the COVID pandemic would last 2 years. As reference, I believe the 1918 Flu pandemic lasted 3 years so we should feel pretty good if things are rolling along pretty good in Feb-March 2022 although travel restrictions will be the last things to fade away. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/05/coronavirus-pandemic-last-2-years/ Personally I plan on getting the vaccine. Why you might ask? I want to go travel again and think a vaccination will help get travel sooner a
  15. No worries. My going off topic typically relates to humor or in reaction to something I read previously posted. For example - why did the Roman Empire fall? It's an interesting question that caused me to post something. Celebrities and advocacy reminded me of the whole ridiculousness of celebrity worship and some of the ridiculous things they will promote for a buck.
  16. Actually, I would be shocked if people weren't thinking that trust in institutions wasn't a factor. It seems pretty easy to make that conjecture even by a layperson like myself. What I haven't seen is any reports or sturdies as to its relative importance. I am sure the social "scientists" will get to it some day in a rigorous manner. Share away if you have good references.
  17. Of course this site is for entertainment. What else could it be? Maybe a few cruise company employees are lurking in the background but that is the rare exception. With respect to your statement, I view all of the real analysis of COVID coming in the future and as such I will stick with my opinion. You are free to yours as well.
  18. Of course! I made separate two points that you combined into one. #1 celebrities rarely are effective in lobbying. #2 celebrities will do anything if the money is right including sponsoring toilet paper. A few celebrities do seem sincere and appear to "do the work" necessary to be credible in advocacy, but in my view that is the exception rather than the rule.
  19. How so? When do you think I made this hypothesis? Today? Your presumptuousness really knows no end! Congratulations! What a star you really are!
  20. It is quite the sensational story! Here is another one which is quite sensational related to school administration. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/oakley-union-school-boards-resigns_n_6032526cc5b673b19b6919c1 All members of a San Francisco Bay Area school board resigned days after they were heard making disparaging comments about parents at a virtual board meeting they didn’t realize was being broadcast to the public. The four members of Oakley Union Elementary School District Board had stepped down by Friday amid growing outrage that began with the board’s Wednesday mee
  21. Things do move faster right now. It seems that there were many issues that led to the fall of the Romans. The following list provides a number of reasons - including the acceptance of Christianity as a contributing factor. Interesting list to skim which seems relevant today in my quick read. https://www.history.com/news/8-reasons-why-rome-fell#:~:text=1.,encroached beyond the Empire's borders. I agree that very few of the impassioned speeches by actors in front of the congress make a difference. This is especially true for a topic as unnecessary as cruising when
  22. Thanks for this insight! An amazingly straight forward system as compared to what's going on in the US with all kinds of "set asides" for various interest groups and ensuring "equity" of distribution to underserved communities. It's no surprise that the UK is going faster than the US. Congratulations to the UK in taking a pragmatic approach based on patient risk!
  23. I think it's more of the fixed departure time everyday in the morning that gets me. On cruises it only happens on the last day. Like you, we often time book travel before and after cruises depending on where we are going. Cruising is a comfortable way to travel, but it will only provide impressions of areas rather than a feeling as if you really visited - at least for us. Maybe some of the expedition or river cruises leave a different impression but as I haven't tried these I can't really comment.
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