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  1. Funny post found on Twitter: Airport Codes 2020 Edition IAD - I Always Donmasks MIA - Masks In Airport DUB - Did U Bringmasks MSP - Masks Super Popular DFW - Dope Facemask Wearing MCO - Mask Cover On LHR - Look Her Royalmask RDU - Right Did Umaskup YVR - Your Visagecovering's Rad
  2. Pondering.... Since posts about the river ships have been deemed off-topic for the overall Crystal board, and Since posts in "The Bistro" are supposed to be off-topic, Does that mean river posts are appropriate here? You logic question for the weekend. Discuss away, folks!!
  3. That would be my guess. And as such, they would likely not be covered by special Covid accomodations, nor would they fit under the published ticket changes that the OP posted about. But, unless the actual fare basis is known, and shared, the best one can do is guess. Tickets are not tickets are not tickets.
  4. Saw this a while back and thought of the lines between lectures: Let the frolic begin.
  5. As long as you don't stop there on a Sunday, as has happened on some itineraries. Le Select, for the original Cheeseburger in Paradise (unlike the franchised tourist traps elsewhere in the Caribbean). The Airport -- especially watching from the roundabout at the top of the ridge.
  6. A filter that operates at 200 degrees C. I can see THAT working well on an aircraft, or even a ship. For all those that complain that the A/C isn't working enough.....
  7. Given that Genting has several cruise lines, a shipyard and numerous land-based operations, attributing that loss to Crystal (and the pricing statement) has less credibility than gas station sushi. The only thing that is apparent is that there is no definitive support for any such conclusions.
  8. Reading over your post, along with the article, several times each, I am struck by one question. What makes you believe this is true? That conclusion, "apparently", seems to have no rational relationship to any of the data presented. But I am willing, and anxious, for you to show me where I miss the connection.
  9. And for examples of keeping aircraft in both ready and storage condition: https://airwaysmag.com/airlines/etihad-airways-a380-ghost-flights/ https://finance.yahoo.com/news/cathay-pacific-considers-drier-storage-020618038.html
  10. Best that you check the specific verbiage on the DL website - and print it out for your files. Any confirmation here would be insufficient for that question, IMO. Also, the various criteria have changed over time, as have the dates for applicable purchases and dates for applicable travel. There is no one blanket policy for all tickets, purchased at all dates, for travel on all dates. In addition, there have been different criteria depending on whether the credits were due to a passenger cancellation of a ticket or the airline's cancellation of flights.
  11. For the benefit of everyone else, Vueling is not a fly-by-night discounter. It is the largest airline in Spain in terms of fleet size and number of destinations served. In addition, it is owned by IAG, which is the parent of both British Airways and Iberia. Well, perhaps the reason no one is answering is.....no one knows. I for one don't, so rather than just give suppositions drawn from a hat, I said nothing. If I had even an informed guess, I'd post with that disclaimer that it is not dispositive. I'll remember to post "I don't know". Should boost my post count into six figures.
  12. As the first one for "The Bistro", I thank you for your comments. FWIW, I was hoping for something clean and very Crystal - so if at all possible, I'd hope we could avoid any mentions of "watercooler" in the name. Let's be distinctive and sleek. Also, a thanks to Shorex, who drew attention to the "watercooler" threads in other forums. I think that grew interest in having a Crystal version. Just my two kopeks.
  13. Remember - there is a huge demarcation between domestic and international products. International first is significantly different than domestic first.
  14. Not in any free search tool that I know of. KVS allows for filtering by aircraft type, but that's at least a $35 contribution. And a learning curve. Since you don't mention where in "Europe" you want to go, that becomes a big guess. You might want to research what carriers use the 787 and which don't. I can tell you now that Delta, Emirates, Lufthansa, Swiss and others don't have 787s. And even the ones that have 787s don't all use them on routes you might be taking.
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