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  1. Serious question, as I'm trying to understand. Just what is "absurd"? And why is that so? Thanks.
  2. And while discussing those compromises - remember that the vast majority of business class ticket buyers are NOT couples that want to be able to converse during their flight. The bulk are folks travelling on business, who first and foremost want privacy and the ability to get a good night's sleep. For those customers, "pod" seating arrangements work wonderfully.
  3. Selection is extensive. Included wines are quite acceptable, and the premium wines go up to vintages with four figure prices. In addition, there is the option for a Vintage Room dinner. Last time we had Screaming Eagle among other gems (seven wines in total for the evening), previously have had Opus One and Insignia with the VR dinner. And, these are available at any time in the MDR if one wishes.
  4. The OP never qualified the question as to NCL vs (fill in the blank). I probably cruise on the same line as Heidi13 along with others of that type. The only times I have to pull out my key card is to open the door to my room and to show at the gangway. And yes....those other lines are nickel and diming in comparison.
  5. The sommeliers on Crystal are quite knowledgable on wines, and the head sommeliers do regular "field trips" to vineyards and other training to become very knowledgable about both the wines they serve and the industry as a whole. There's extensive training beyond just "selling" a bottle. What the qualifications are on other lines, I really can't say.
  6. As I have mentioned in prior threads, the airline that was used in the past has little to no relevance to what the current air contracts are and what you might receive in the future. You are dependent on the contracts in place when your ticket is arranged. As for whether you have day or night departures, that would depend on the airline and routing that you receive. There is little way to know, as there is service from DPS at all hours.
  7. Many cruiselines give you the AMEX credit or their own deal. I believe that few will let you stack them anymore, but YMMV.
  8. And HUACA will probably net you the same result after the 10th try as after the first. You most likely have a severely restricted, bulk rate ticket. The fare rules likely rule out any changes after ticketing. Perhaps reading the fare rules may shed some light -- oops, I forgot that most cruiseline bulk tickets don't give you the opportunity to find out the rules.
  9. Completely depends on what your sense of entitlement is.
  10. Since you have the non-DL card, others have given a nice summary. One thing to remember is to sign up for the included Priority Pass membership. The Amex version of PP allows for guests at PP lounges - plus the plat card gets you Centurion lounges, Aspire, Escape and some other cards. Use both the Amex lounge finder and the PP app to find what lounges you can use and the specific details for each. (The Plat Card by itself doesn't get you the PP access - you need to request and use the PP card, either physical or digital) As for cancelling the DL card - why not figure out the benefits from holding the card vs the costs. How much would you save in baggage fees. What's the companion ticket worth? Nothing wrong with holding both. One thing to consider - even though you have the DL card, you don't need to put your spend there. Look at where you get the most bang for the buck, and I'll tell you now, it's not from earning SkyPesos. (There are cards that I have where I put little spend, but hold for the benefits. And others where I put the spend because it gets the best return. Crunch the numbers.)
  11. Do you mean the Delta American Express Platinum CREDIT card, or the American Express Platinum CHARGE card? World of difference, and folks often think they get the benefits of the latter from the former. Let me know which and I'll give you the details for that one regarding lounge access.
  12. Reading my morning aviation blogs, I came across this blog post from Gary Leff. https://viewfromthewing.boardingarea.com/2019/05/08/how-much-would-you-pay-to-avoid-connecting-and-how-long-is-too-long-to-wait-in-an-airport/ Although the post was interesting, I really enjoyed delving into the underlying study which was posted here: https://www.bayut.com/mybayut/making-the-most-of-a-layover/ One interesting factoid was that for an international itinerary, USA travelers would, on average, pay a $115 premium to fly non-stop. UK travelers would pay $83. There was also a lot of other survey data on preferred connection airports, idealized connection times, activities done while on a connection and much more. They do say that "Data were neither weighted nor statistically tested and are purely for exploratory purposes." Interesting nonetheless.
  13. That plastic polution is coming from Asia and Africa - and all the virtue signaling by Oceania and whomever else isn't changing that. Or making even a microscopic dent. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2018/06/90-of-plastic-polluting-our-oceans-comes-from-just-10-rivers/
  14. Delta does not fly between Rome and Amsterdam, so your Delta-issued ticket will likely be on a code-share operated by either KLM or Alitalia.
  15. While the roadway approach to T5 is separate from that of the other terminals, T1 and T3 are immediately adjacent to each other on the same approach road. Even if it isn't T1 (as determined by signage at the building), you can get the driver to go forward another 150 feet and be at T3.
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