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  1. And note, all of you calling Crystal or insisting that your TA call Crystal has the effect of taking people away from actually processing all of the necessary refunds and credits and moving them to answer guest questions. And the answer most likely would be "it's in the works", telling you nothing new. Just my $0.02.
  2. How dare you spoil the fun all the conspiracy theorists were having? To say nothing about the "well I'm entitled" crowd. Oh the trials and tribulations of being grounded in reality. In other words -- thanks, Vince.
  3. You mean that part that reads: "Please check UK Terms & Conditions details for details." Which means all the parts for payments and deposits afterwards doesn't apply for those in the UK.
  4. The first question I would be asking is...what does my actual written documentation state? Too often, and not just with this situation, that "understanding" turns out to be quite different than what the written contract states. What's that old like about verbal contracts being worth the paper they are printed upon...
  5. Credit passes through to the ticket holder. Refund to the purchaser, generally as a chargeback to your credit card.
  6. For some general information on AA, from an AA document: American will suspend 60% of its capacity in April as compared to the same period in 2019 and is planning to suspend up to 80% of its capacity in May compared to the same period in 2019. These changes are due to significantly decreased customer demand and government travel restrictions related to coronavirus (COVID-19). The reduced April schedule will be reflected on aa.com Sunday, March 29, and the reduced May schedule will be loaded Sunday, April 5.
  7. Let's go to the policy as stated on the WN website: (important parts enlarged and colored) -=-=-=-=-=-=- If you decide not to travel, as long as you cancel your flight at least 10 minutes before its scheduled departure, the funds used to pay for a nonrefundable ticket are normally valid for one year from the date of purchase. However, in recognition of the current travel environment, we are extending the expiration date of some travel funds: Customers' funds that have expired or will expire between March 1 – May 31, 2020, will now expire June 30, 2021. Any travel funds created because of a flight cancellation between March 1 – May 31, 2020, will have an expiration date of June 30, 2021. Also, any travel planned through the end of April can be changed online for up to 60 days from the original date of travel without paying any difference in fare if you are traveling between the same origin and destination. -=-=-=-=-=-=- I think we now know the details on this, as I had posted earlier in another thread. The policy has three prongs: 1) If you have expiring funds (in the March through May of 2020 timeframe), those are being extended to June of 2021. 2) If there is a flight cancellation in that same time period, the funds created will have that same June 2021 timing. 3) If you had a flight in April, you can change it to another one with the same origin and destination for travel in a period up to 60 days later. Now to your case. You don't fit #1, as we are not talking about funds soon to expire. You don't fit #3, as you didn't rebook to another date within 60 days. Do you fit #2? Apparently not. You did not have a "flight cancellation" - you chose to cancel a flight. And as such, you fall into the category of the standard WN change policy. Now, you may not see the difference, but WN sure does. And you get the normal "one year from purchase" credit. I believe that "flight cancellation" means that your flight has been cancelled BY WN. And that has not happened. You may think this is not being fair. In all honesty, you are getting a fair deal, and at least as good or better than what other carriers are offering. Note....I am not an employee of WN, nor do I have special insight. But from several cases I have seen, this is the way the policy is being implemented. Additional thought....it is also possible that WN technology has not caught up to the situation, and you will later find a different expiration date. But at this point, I would not be counting on that (though I hope to be proven wrong).
  8. A couple of interesting articles to read regarding refunds: https://viewfromthewing.com/name-and-shame-27-airlines-making-refunds-more-difficult-to-get-for-cancelled-flights/ https://viewfromthewing.com/heres-how-lufthansa-is-skirting-the-law-to-avoid-refunding-tickets-for-cancelled-flights/ https://viewfromthewing.com/two-more-airlines-breaking-the-law-by-refusing-to-refund-customers-for-cancelled-flights/ https://viewfromthewing.com/airlines-are-breaking-the-law-by-refusing-refunds-for-cancelled-flights/
  9. Doesn't have to be for a flight to Europe. If you get dollar-amount travel credits to your account, they can be used for any flights being sold by that carrier. Note the sold part - you can often get tickets operated by a different alliance/partner carrier. As for the UA rules -- rather than pass along information, the best source for the current situation would be....tada....the airline website itself.
  10. Much depends on the actual ticket you are trying to purchase. Is this a consolidator ticket that is being resold by your travel agent, is it a ticket direct from the airline, is it part of a package? Those facts, plus the fare rules of your ticket, determine just what the specifics are for payments, refunds and the like. There is no one blanket answer. One thing to remember...until such time as you actually pay for a ticket, you have nothing more than a reservation. Which can be cancelled, modified or whatever.
  11. Really interesting, as the agent could have easily credited SkyPesos to your account with little difficulty. I wonder what the rate was that they made the exchange. The good news is that you only paid for the upgrade (unknown what kind) and not the whole thing with SkyPesos, so you did get back your cash outlay 1 for 1 in credits.
  12. Interestingly, they are quite liberal on "changes", while "refunds" have been made harder. Guess they want to capture as much traffic & revenue as they can by offering folks reasons to stay with UA.
  13. Remember how the folks on the Diamond Princess were DEMANDING that the government fly them home. Imagine the howls of indignation and protest if borders were truly and completely closed, with citizens unable to return to their home country. Thought problem: You are a citizen of country X but are physically in country Y. X decides to close its border to everyone, including citizens. Further, X has a national health system that you were relying upon but now can't use. Still further, you are in Y, which won't treat non-citizens in its health system, or at extreme cost. Now, what would you think about your country prohibiting your return?
  14. United changed their refund rules - it was formerly a two hour time change, then went to 25 hours, and it is now, I believe, a 6 hour number. 45 minutes is within the MCT for Dulles, so that criteria is not violated.
  15. So, if you have already cancelled your ticket, the extension only applies if the funds were going to expire up through May of this year. An expiration beyond that date will not be extended, at least for now. This leaves a nice little semantic issue that isn't clear. That term "flight cancellation" - does that mean that WN cancels your flight or that you chose to cancel out? Not clear to my eyes. Hope that it refers to cancelled tickets by both WN and passenger action, but I await clarification.
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