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  1. Suggest that you don't send the payment "right away", but just during the normal billing cycle time-frame. Paying at mid-cycle can be a negative and generate red flags. Here's a recent blog post that might be informative: https://viewfromthewing.com/paypal-shares-people-committing-fraud-looks-like-fraud/ What Ramsey is trying to get across is that you keep your balances at zero -- and for those with minimal self-control, it's easy to let that full payment slide. So he goes the opposite extreme and wants you to pay ASAP. Just pay in full at the regular billing time.
  2. 2019: Four first class tickets on Cathay Pacific. One half to Hong Kong, the other to Australia. Retail equivalent....$30,000.
  3. They won't enforce the dress code, why expect them to deal with animals. Still remember my one and only Princess cruise where a couple wheeled around their pooch in a baby stroller. Yuck.
  4. Double check whether that applies outside the USA as well. Amex Gold was only giving 4x on restaurants in the USA up until a few months back - now worldwide.
  5. It was for what DL contracted - which was to get you to HNL. They were NOT obligated to get you there in time for your cruise sailing. Yet you want them to compensate you for your inconvenience and missing the first night. Sorry - it doesn't work that way, even if you might like it to.
  6. In Miami, NCL has their own dedicated facilities. CBP staffs people for the "regular" schedule of 7 day loops, and then fills in with extra staff for those ships that are not on a weekly schedule. As for the "cost less"....I would wager that NCL pays far more than Regent for their docking privileges. It's not about the cost to the passenger - except when you want to think that way. Many large ships can't sail under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and thus can only use The Rocks. I guess all of the port authorities should change their procedures so that YOUR cruise isn't affected in ANY possible negative way.
  7. When there's not much to do around the ship, of necessity you spend more time in your rooms.
  8. Mad Dogs tend to operate from the low number of the B concourse. Know as Little Beirut.
  9. Seems like this was a set of delays beyond the control of Regent. At just what EARLY time should Regent tell guests about a problem that hasn't even happened yet?
  10. It's all our fault, because we won't adapt and change OUR ways to fit the entitlement mentality of the few.
  11. Come for the food (be it as it may) and stay for the indifferent customer relations.
  12. Let's see. We have no information on what day of the week you arrive, whether there are any other ships in port, what ship you are arriving on, and where your destination is. So to quote NBT above, it depends. Also, I assume you meant "non-stop" rather than "direct", which mean different things. Further, I doubt that that one flight is the ONLY way you could reach your destination.
  13. Of course, you could have made that clear from the start rather than: Specificity is always appreciated.
  14. I guess you have never seen the fog delays at SFO. l would rather risk a connection at MSP in winter than expect to get a no-problem morning departure from SFO.
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