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  1. Monday’s Reflections Sundays BTO Dinner in Waterside Mondays lunch in Waterside We ate at Churasscaria last night - only a small number of people were there, including Herbert the Hotel Director and some fellow officers, and it was an excellent location to celebrate one of our groups birthday. We sang Happy Birthday several times and in what was a very nice touch the Head Waiter quickly arranged a Birthday cake for the table. We had honoured our friends wishes and not organised any cake or table decorations in advance but I think she was very flattered with the attention when the cake was produced The service attention was great, another example was we had 3 Dairy Free people on our party - they did a number of the skewers without cheese and butter eg Short Ribs normally have butter and Chicken has parmasan, so they could have those meats - they also provided Dairy Free ice cream as an option for dessert. We enjoyed the range of salads and variety of meats. We were dressed in BTO clothing so we could continue onto other activities These examples of going over and above the norm are exactly why we love sailing with Crystal That was, for us, a great venue for dinner on BTO attachment1.en 39.pdf attachment1.en 40.pdf attachment1.en 41.pdf
  2. Sorry - no can do - you can use OBC like a cash credit with the option to refund it Theres lots of ways to use OBC though, here’s some ideas (but not an exhaustive list): Spa Tours Wines Flowers Extra visits to Specialty Restaurants Purchases at the shops
  3. Strange that they don’t continue to use the Crystal brand though - I thought that’s one of the reasons they bought Crystal to provide a global umbrella for luxury travel That begs the question in my mind if it is going to be changed in a way to accomodate a larger number of guests - or cater for Asian tastes - I can’t imagine them being to add a casino to it though
  4. In the casino on Crystal Serenity - next to the walkway through it on the starboard side I’ll check on Symphony tonight as I don’t recall seeing one in there The alternative is just getting cash from the cage for use at the tables - and then changing your mind as to how you use it (wink wink) - no $5 fee then
  5. Yesterday we took a Panoramic tour of Shanghai - under a tunnel to Pudong and viewing the new building there including the Pearl TV Tower which dominates the skyline not by height but due to its unique profile We went up 88 floors to the viewing floor of one of the high rises and enjoyed panoramic vistas including down to Crystal Symphony. There are taller buildings but this was high enough. We didn’t have time to do the Sky Walk which allowed those brave enough to walk outside with a harness on. The lift was super fast I’ll have a go at getting some photos posted later but the internet is very slow at the moment
  6. So many great photos to post from our tour in Shanghai yesterday and special dinner in Waterside - I’ll try and get them uploaded during the day We did really enjoy our day in Shanghai, it was our first visit, and it’s an amazing story of growth and development that is tastefully done Today is a sea day - so lots to do or it may just be a “recovery” day
  7. This time of year is apparently a good time to visit before the heat and stifling humidity of summer hits We had good weather for our visit - no rain and not humid - after the last few ports no humidity was a blessing
  8. Sundays Reflections - a sea day Saturdays Waterside Dinner menu Sundays Waterside Lunch menu attachment1.en 37.pdf attachment1.en 38.pdf attachment1.en 36.pdf
  9. Dinner was in Waterside last night - a double order of the Scallop appetiser and Salmon for me for main course. The White Fish photo is a bonus as they did initially bring it to the table but being such a discerning dinner I spotted it wasn’t Salmon - very proud of myself. The correct dish was produced very quickly so there was no great disruption to the flow of the meal The show was the Illuminate light show which is very good - boy does that give the ensemble a work out - they are so talented and versatile
  10. We are took the shuttle to The Bund which is only 5 minutes drive away but the bus route we needed to take made it a 20 minute trip - it was only 5 minutes on the way back. Then a further 10 minutes to go through the Chinese Immigration checkpoint at the foot of the gangway. A word of warning if visiting Shanghai on Symphony - the initial mandatory visit onshore to Immigration involves a lengthy walk through the terminal - the good news is you do it only once as further trips ashore are a simple case of walking off the ship and onto the shuttle or tour buses The day started with a hearty breakfast - poached eggs - my favourites but for some reason only available in Waterside, so we made a special visit there this morning We’re doing a Panoramic Highlights tour this afternoon but took the free shuttle to The Bund this morning and enjoyed a walk along a part of it - many Chinese tourists were there and a constant flow of wedding parties having photos taken. Shanghai is certainly a city of many and varied architectural styles As you can see Crystal Symphony is right in the city - we are lucky as she fits under one bridge that prevents many larger ships reaching the city. They dock near the container terminal approx 1 hour out of the city
  11. Tipping is not obligatory on Crystal so it’s very much a personal choice It would be unusual to tip in cash during the cruise - say for a waitress bringing a drink but I’ve seen it done on rare occasions However people will tip cash to certain staff at end of the crew or you can use OBC to pay gratuities - just see the reception staff Another option to consider is making a contribution to the Crew Fund which is used to the benefit of all crew - we’ve moved to that rather than trying to tip everyone but still give to a small number of specific crew like our cabin attendant
  12. The only limited view you’ll experience in a Seabreeze suite is if you are vision impaired or in the bathroom There is no obstruction
  13. Have a great day/evening at Disneyland and it’s great that John & Devon are able to join you. They are a lovely couple and Johns a very entertaining magician It sure is good to be here after yesterday’s delays due to the heavy fog Here’s the view from our window - hopefully the day clears up - we have a 60% chance of rain
  14. If you have been following the history of Crystal or sailing on any of their ships you’d have heard of Genting who bought Crystal from NYK several years ago Currently It owns Crystal Cruises, Dream Cruises, Star Cruises, Resorts World Manila, and the Lloyd Werft shipyards From 2000 they owned Norwegian but have now sold out of that company They’ve got a strong background in this market
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