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  1. Remember to turn roaming off or turn Flight mode on when at sea - I don’t believe TMobiles international roaming covers you whilst at sea and operating on networks like Cellular at Sea (you would need to confirm that though as things might have changed)
  2. Supposedly not long to wait now - and I’d expect details at that time through your TA I have recently seen one case of a detailed itinerary (and booking being made) for an August 2022 Endeavor itinerary - but that was an exception. Boy those Endeavor cruises are not cheap! But I would expect the detailed itineraries to be available on the release date
  3. They’ve chosen them - T Mobile - they have an international roaming plan but the question is will there be hardware limits because of their iPhone handset model. The other issue may be what carriers networks TMobile allow roaming onto. This isn’t a cost issue it’s a technical coverage issue
  4. The issue will be what bands your iPhone model has versus the frequency bands the carriers use here There will almost certainly be some that are aligned however you may find you don’t get the best coverage or speeds - but they should be more than adequate
  5. Hopefully you have travel insurance to cover this situation I hope your property and friends and family are ok
  6. Oh yes please do stop in Lisbon tomorrow - our friends boarding there would be most disappointed to miss the crossing 🥺
  7. I m afraid it’s really the only way to get the answer I look forward to meeting you at the Meet and Mingle on this leg as we head to Auckland
  8. I didn’t sit behind a pillar during a performance - I did want to see the shows however here’s a couple of pictures of the theatre on Seabourn Encore - as can be seen there are many seats which have their views blocked by the pillars Why would any cruise line build a ship like that and then put chairs behind the pillars?
  9. Only Crystal can answer this one - you or your TA need to ask Crystal and confirm what is possible for a late embarkation as it may involve the local authorities
  10. Clue please - it’s the last word I’m struggling with... So you’ve been tempted by the exploits of passengers on one of those mega ships you were docked with last week? I hear there was a bit of “full contact yoga” happening on one of the balconies!
  11. This week it’s Quebec http://blog.crystalcruises.com/autumn-in-quebec-city/
  12. Safe travels and fingers crossed they haven’t marked your immigration entry as “Not suitable for entry to the UK” or some such thing I think with the current state of the UK they’ll pretty much accept anyone who can contribute to the tax pool so you should be alright!
  13. No - it wasn’t a “bad suggestion“ at all - perfectly normal to do so - we’re just adding our views based on our experience and why we feel that way It’s frustrating we can’t nominate a selection who members know are proven - but that’s Cruise Critics call and I understand why they don’t allow it - the same policy applies on some other social media platforms when it comes to TA recommendations
  14. Wow - that would have me a little worried about the return process - but I guess the fact it’s unexpired and it’s your own country you are returning to will make it easier for him Enjoy the cruise and the new experience - I look forward to hearing your impressions as time permits
  15. Yes I agree 100% - ironically this listing and locator seems very random on those listed and they are not necessarily those with the most experience or highest service Besides linking based on a post code makes no sense these days - my TA is in a country half way around the world from me
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