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  1. Strange as Chinese New Year was hardly mentioned here - the Australia Day thing was driven by us but Rick was certainly planning to acknowledge it but the props are something we provided and were very happy to do so - we had done in 2018
  2. Australia Day onboard was a lot of fun - starting with the morning show and going well into the night around the ships venues We hosted an Australia Day dinner with friends and there was lots of laughter. Our friend John George is a magician and we saw his show and he did some magic during dinner - you really can’t get closer to the performance than Crystal provides Our friend Skippy was everywhere of course. We also participated in a few World Games events and managed to squeeze in the Icons show which really showcases the Crystal ensemble and band - so much talent there! Then Skippy wanted to visit a few bars - where he partied hard!
  3. Menus and Reflections for 27 January Lunch 27012020.pdf Dinner 27012020.pdf Reflections 27012020.pdf
  4. Happy Australia Day and thanks to Rick and Stacey for helping us celebrate Skippy modelled one of the 2020 World Cruise Medals!
  5. Another fun day - (Saturday 25 Jan for us as we’re on the US side of the date line still) Our day starts with the Morning Show - yesterday Stacey was very happy to wear the Olympians Gold Medal Another sea day and full of activities including Trivia where we won again with 11 out of 15 correct. We had to work hard yesterday to make final decisions on a number of the questions The afternoon saw World Games Scrabble - no joy for me but a friend won Gold (waiting on confirmation of that but she had a huge score) We ate at Waterside - we tried for Churrascaria but they couldn’t seat our group of 5 in the time frame we needed so they quickly found us an alternate venue Then we enjoyed an ensemble show on Soul Music then a NY Comedienne Cory Kahane who I thought was funny Crystal have done a great job on providing a range of non alcoholic drinks - we’ll done Ross and the Beverage team! They are very popular and the Lonely Mule in particular. I am seeing a big demand amongst our group for these drinks and people are very grateful to have them rather than the old sickly sweet mocktails. Maria the Bar Manager explained there were lots of others and just to chat with bar staff who were trained to deliver non alcoholic alternative drinks that provide similar flavour experiences I think I said it in another thread so I’ll repeat it here - I said to my wife I could not think of one negative experience we’ve encountered on board yet - so a big shout out to the crew who make sailing Crystal such a pleasure
  6. Good attempts but it’s Wang and Calgary (we think based on the formally designated geographic boundary) Thanks for trying to get them and in today’s Trivia - we won again with 11 - one point clear of two other teams - so a good result for us
  7. I actually said to my wife this morning that there was NOTHING I have experienced on board that is not perfect - we are very happy Crystal Campers
  8. Shirin i am trying to be good so only ate 2 sandwiches - so I just took the standard offer - my wife had the strawberries Im ambivalent about it now - my preference would be serving platters but I can live with either way unless a large group of us just want sandwiches
  9. We had a “busy” Friday on board as we headed to Cabos to drop off a sick passenger for medical attention We played Trivia and our team won - with 13 correct from 15 - a great start We ate so you’ll see food photos then we partied with the opening of the World Games which are fun events we compete for medals and we saw a great Saxophonist perform before dinner then after dinner a Latin dance show and a late night in the Avenue Saloon I’ve included today’s list of activities - have a look at the range of things we have available to keep us busy on board Looks like I lost a few photos got lost on the upload - I’ll fix those later on
  10. Enjoy - you can guess what we’re currently doing on Crystal Serenity - enjoying Richard & Irina entertain us
  11. BTW that’s not correct this is Anna’s first Crystal appearance - she was on Symphony in May in Asia. Russ Grieves knows her from Azamara days I’ve seen Kym Purling so many times on Crystal I can recite his life story - he’s talented but I am over seeing him I’m afraid - of course he’s making an appearance on our current cruise on Serenity Bernard Walz, the pianist, certainly appears on both Crystal and Seabourn
  12. I agree with a real 14 day cruise - although I wouldn’t do something that short. We are doing a 7+7+12 in May and while it will be nice to stay on board on changeover day I wonder about the vibe on such short cruises
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