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  1. It’s cyclone season at that time and it is in the tropics - they can be quite turbulent and certainly create conditions where tendering is not possible as happened last year It was quite hot and humid when we were in the tropics The hail storm that hit Sydney on the day we arrived was significant and caused a lot of damage around the city (millions of dollars worth) - it was particularly bad - however Sydney will often get late afternoon thunder and lightening storms with occasional hail Having said that the weather is variable and I wouldn’t let it put me off cruising that route at that time of year
  2. Overall Deck 7 Obstructed views are very good - not a major impact and with easy access to the Promenade. We don’t hesitate to book E1 guarantees and have never been disappointed with our cabin It’s the E2’s on Deck 8 you have to be more aware of as they are serious obstructions
  3. Must be contemplating chartering the ship or a large group all in Penthouses - one of my “Lotto Win” scenario personal fantasies
  4. Yes and perhaps when the OP has done that they can post the information for the benefit of the rest of us
  5. Shirin Bon Voyage and safe travels - nice to be escaping our cooler winter temps in Sydney I’ll definitely be interested to hear how you find Etihad Business Class as we’re flying that (albeit on an A380 to Abu Dhabi then a Dreamliner to Rome so hopefully good seat types on those fit outs) next May to Rome before our cruise. You’ll need to take your own PJs as Etihad don’t provide them Looking forward to hearing about the Baltic’s as that’s 2021 for us Enjoy your time on Serenity - you are indeed getting around this year
  6. Today it’s “My Pleasure” on Crystal Symphony with crew member Sylvia Bald https://blog.crystalcruises.com/crystal-symphony-sylvia-bald-home-is-where-her-family-is/
  7. This was already posted as the Crystal Insider article back on 28 June @
  8. Sure they’re comfortable - with plenty of storage space for two guests - I can never understand the comments from those who claim there is just not enough storage space in them. Are they as big as some competitors - no way, we were most impressed with the standard cabin on Seabourn Encore however the hard product benefit could never make up for the soft features deficiencies. Remember that by and large once you leave your cabin on Crystal everyone is treated equally in terms of access and service Only you can answer whether you need and can justify a balcony and the additional cost - will you use it? and if so how often? I assume you realise that the actual interior of the room is the same for both those with or without a verandah I see you are sailing on Symphony - the E2 category cabins can be very obstructed view - have you reviewed the photos of views from E2 and E1 cabins on Roy’s site - https://limitedviewcabins.wordpress.com/ ? The E1 are my favourite as the obstruction is more subtle and typically dependent on the angle you are looking out of the window We like Guarantees - but we would always book tns lowest category we’re comfortable in so not E2 guarantee for us. Of course with guarantees hope for the best but be prepared to accept exactly what you ordered and paid for
  9. Episode 10 of Culinary Adventures - this time it’s Caipirinha time and a tourto some of the ships bars https://blog.crystalcruises.com/culinary-journeys-episode-10-crystals-caipirinha-gets-a-new-twist/
  10. Go to the relevant page on the Crystal website - then choose Onboard and then across down to the View Entertainment button (see screen shot below) This will only appear when the list is available - around 6 months out but not always that specific timing of course
  11. I’d guess it was a typo (thanks auto correct) and was meant to be “Lighter”
  12. No that’s not the case at all - I regularly charge 2 iPhones and an iPad at the same time using a single 4 port USB charger with cables to each device although 1 I charge on a wireless charging pad connected to the USB charger - and I charge my Fit Bit using the fourth USB socket on the charger There is enough Amperage output on the USB charger to do so concurrently
  13. For free - on BTO nights with accompaniments in Waterside Restaurant - the servings aren’t big so if you like it I suggest you order two servings To Purchase - pretty much anytime you like and have the $$$ Most importantly they serve it with the correct type of spoon - Mother of Pearl, which despite the view of some, is important Heres a menu from our Symphony cruise last August that will give you an idea of prices The second shot is of a serving from the Connoisseur menu
  14. So a dual USB socket is installed in the standard rooms on Serenity now? - that’s certainly new and will be very useful I’d certainly be interested to understand if it is something they’ve installed in all rooms I can’t believe all the gear people bring on board to facilitate charging - I’m certainly a connected addict with iPad and iPhone and Fit Bit and survive quite comfortably with one 4 port USB adapter with variable plug types that are easily changed - $12 off eBay
  15. Just a guess but if it was really rough maybe it was the impact (difficult for people to stand at the cocktails) on the associated Reception that is held on BTO night? Still seems very unusual though It would be interesting to know at what point they decided to make the change - I feel for the kitchen as I’m sure a lot of preparation goes on for BTO menus - I guess a 24 hour deferral wouldn’t be an issue for them
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