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  1. Remember Insurance only covers the outcome financially - not in terms of your health - if you get COVID then the impact can be significant and long lasting - so it's part of a risk assessment whether one is prepared to put oneself in a position where there is a potential increased risk I think the first point is a show stopper for us - if we pick up something en route to the ship and can't board, and can't return home then we'd want to have travel insurance to cover those costs - whether it's available and what cost remains to be seen Re point two - in the past one could make a choice on whether to self insure - that option wont be offered moving forward. I do wonder just what scrutiny the specific of the policy will be subject to by Crystal before allowing boarding - as you have said the devils in the detail and if someone doesn't check the detail and coverage for COVID related claims then things will get interesting Sadly as it stands I'm not hopeful of a return to cruising myself while the protocols are as they are. That doesn't mean I don't agree with them being required and put in place given the current situation and I expect some will be happy to (attempt to) comply in order to return to cruising as soon as possible
  2. I suspect it’s just a question of timing as each line releases updated versions based on CLIA and other bodies recommendations
  3. You need to expand each section on the website to see the details
  4. What form of payment did you use to pay for the cruise? If by credit card have you considered lodging a dispute with your credit card provider? Sadly given you paid for it so long ago you may run into an issue with the amount of time that has transpired (different card providers have different time periods) - although from memory Crystal Australia weren’t accepting credit card payments when they first started up so it may have been a bank transfer Interesting they talk about being in line but give no indication of when that will be - and NSW Fair Trading just seem to have accepted that.... Its interesting Crystal refer to their general conditions - but I don’t believe they have any reference to the time for any refund to be made after cancellation If you didn’t elect to cancel and Crystal did I struggle to see the relevance of the last paragraph above as you didn’t cancel of your choice. Did you cancel before Crystal cancelled the cruise? - if so given the relative short notice there would be penalties incurred which will impact your refund
  5. The media release from Crystal Crystal Clean+ 3.0 Protocols Introduced for Crystal Fleet Crystal updates health and safety protocols to incorporate CLIA guidelines for COVID-19 testing for all guests and crew and more MIAMI, September 24, 2020 – Today, Crystal introduced an expanded set of health and safety measures for its Crystal Clean+ protocols to include requirements for COVID-19 testing for guests and crew, mandatory travel insurance, in-port guidelines and more. The new Crystal Clean + 3.0 protocols build on Crystal Clean+ 2.0, the initial set of enhanced health and safety procedures which the company released in July. The Crystal Clean+ protocols go beyond Crystal’s already stringent practices to further safeguard guests’ and crews’ well-being and offer travelers peace of mind when they return to cruising the world again. Crystal Clean+ 3.0 guidelines feature noteworthy updates in the company’s pre-boarding and embarkation procedures, social distancing requirements, shore excursion policy, crew member standards and practices and more. The new Crystal Clean + 3.0 protocols are tailored to meet the unique needs of the luxury traveler and incorporate the current recommendations provided by Cruise Line International Association’s (CLIA) to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). As per Crystal Clean + 3.0, guests will now be required to complete a COVID-19 test prior to departure for their cruise and provide a printed copy of their negative result at check-in—failure to comply with this requirement will result in denial of boarding. In addition, guests will take a second COVID-19 test upon arrival at the pier and must test negative prior to boarding. Guests will be required to purchase travel insurance, which can be purchased via Crystal or a third party. While on board, Crystal guests are asked to observe social distancing of at least six feet (two meters) of those outside of one’s travel party including dance partners, and as a result Crystal’s Ambassador Host dance program as well as Crystal’s Junior Activities programming and in-suite babysitting services will be suspended until further notice. In order to safeguard the guest experience and ensure consistent safety precautions throughout their journey, guests will only be permitted to disembark the ship in port if participating in Crystal’s shoreside activities or excursions and shuttle buses into town will not be provided when in port; guests who do not comply with this requirement will not be permitted to re-board the ship. As a part of Crystal Clean + 3.0 program updates, Crystal has also enhanced the health and safety measures for its crew to further safeguard their health and well-being. All crew will be tested for COVID-19 prior to leaving their home location to join the ship and must receive a negative result; they also will take a COVID-19 test at embarkation, quarantine for seven days upon arrival, and take a test at the end of that seven-day period and receive a negative result, before beginning their duties. In addition, crew will be tested periodically during their rotations. The comprehensive list of Crystal Clean+ guidelines, including the new 3.0 additions, can be found on Crystal’s new Health & Safety Hub on the Crystal website. Crystal Clean + 3.0 measures were released across all brand experiences – Crystal Cruises, Crystal River Cruises, Crystal Yacht Cruises and Crystal Expedition Cruises. The Crystal Clean+ protocols are predominantly consistent across the entire Crystal fleet, with some specific nuances to accommodate the differences of the individual ships and Crystal Experiences. Crystal is committed to being in full compliance with CLIA guidelines as well as the CDC (for Crystal Symphony, Crystal Serenity and Crystal Endeavor), EU Healthy Gateways (for Crystal Esprit) and any local or national regulations set by European cities and states (for Crystal River Cruises) and, as such, will update these protocols according to their recommendations. Crystal has voluntarily extended its suspension of global voyages until December 31, 2020. All Crystal ships across the fleet including Ocean, River, Yacht and Expedition offer nearly double the space per person than ships of a similar size, which is among the highest space ratios in the industry and their social spaciousness will be further augmented through the Crystal Clean+ program’s evolving public health and safety measures. Further, Crystal Endeavor and Crystal’s River ships are all-suite and all-balcony with most staterooms on its two Ocean ships featuring private verandas for fresh airflow. The safety of guests and crew members is Crystal’s number one priority and the fleet will resume service only when the company’s expert team and global health and government authorities indicate that it is safe to do so.
  6. and the new Health & Safety hub https://www.crystalcruises.com.au/health-and-safety-hub
  7. Yes sorry about that - mid 2021 - the CEO of Qantas has said “Qantas don’t expect to resume international flights until June 2021” They’ve sent all their A380’s and most of their Dreamliner to long term storage in the US It’s hard to say on ports opening by mid 2021 - of course everyone would love for that to happen but it’s hard to see it happening for a couple of reasons: a) Remember it’s winter here from April onwards so not so good for cruises in NZ - so why would cruise lines consider relocating vessels here or including our ports as stopovers on longer itineraries? They might consider Pacific Island cruises if the islands open up (by no means guaranteed). They may decide to leave it til our spring 2021 in September or October b) The CEO of Air NZ said recently he didn’t expect the Aust and NZ borders to open until at least March 2021 - so if airlines don’t expect to fly trans Tasman, which would be one of their busiest routes, then what chance is there of people being able to move between Aust and NZ by ship? If Aust and NZ won’t allow their citizens to move between the two countries (without quarantine) I’d say the chances of anyone else’s citizens coming or going without quarantine periods is pretty much zero These are just my thoughts - no one knows and there’s no doubt that tourism operators would love for borders to open but just when Australian States will open up to each other and the international borders open is very much up in the air...
  8. Here’s another “entry” in her blog
  9. Oh there's a huge amount of water to flow under that bridge before then... What about WC 2021? That's not cancelled yet and I guess there may be some still holding out in hope of that sailing, or some of the segments (if it were to proceed in some form I can tell you pretty confidently they won't be stopping in Brisbane or any other Australian or NZ port in Jan or Feb 2021) I find the move away from the 90 day no deposit period an interesting move which doesn't make things any easier. My guess is they will see how they go with the 30 day option and if people don't book they'll have to reconsider I have a booking under the 90 day offer and I will probably let it lapse when the deposit falls due and I'll take my chances that there is a spot for me available when I am confident that it will actually be able to sail - there's way too many factors in play for me to put money down in the foreseeable future including: Whether the cruise proceeds - and that has many factors in it including Crystals ability to deliver the itinerary as booked What the onboard and shore protocols are - ie can I enjoy the experience Can I fly out of Australia to go on the cruise. Currently we need a permit to leave the country and there are very few flights operating eg Qantas is not expecting to fly internationally until mid 2020. I have booking to travel to/from the cruise but that by no means guarantees the flights will occur Can I get Travel Insurance that adequately covers any overseas travel? Paying for the cruise is the least of my concerns - so I'm resigned to taking my chances on space availability If I miss out then there are always other cruises (hopefully) and even other cruise lines to consider
  10. Yes and it’s not like they can even head out for a relaxing 18 holes of golf when at sea ☹️ I think different Presidents would have different priorities - the current incumbent seems to have a very different approach than their predecessor
  11. Well seeing as we’re talking about Mr Wolber and what he is doing - I see he will be speaking to Australasian TAs next Monday as part of CLIAs Luxury Cruising series I wonder if he’s taking questions? https://www.cruising.org.au/CLIA-Events/luxury-cruise-showcase
  12. Thanks for the concern/support - but there are others with much more on the line than me - I just want to see the supposed refunds being handled in the order of being requested - which is clearly not happening Mine is more a frustration at how something like mine where Crystal agreed to the refund back on 18 March could still not have provided the refund. I've received several other refunds requested after that one so having this one still outstanding is frustrating
  13. Of course those dates are pure fiction - I have one showing a refund on 03/18/20 - and am still waiting on it to appear back on our Visa credit card.... At best they are the date that Crystal "processed" (what ever that means) the refund as opposed to the date any payment was actually authorised Having said that the document is accepted by the credit card companies as Crystal's commitment to make the refund and thus it's very easy to show how overdue the refunds are
  14. I’m now so confused about who is offended by what! I don’t know whether I’m offended or not I thought we were all entitled to our opinions on here
  15. Yes Nancy is correct - in Australia it’s not unusual for merchants to charge a fee for credit card payment, especially on larger amounts. This can be around 2% (usually higher for AMEX - it varies but is governed by law that it can’t exceed what the merchant gets charged by the card supplier Not all TAs charge the card fee - so it’s another incentive to shop around. I’ve paid for Crystal, Seabourn and Regent fares via my agent but with the charge made directly by the cruise lines without a surcharge. I would avoid making the actual payment through a third party’s account such as a TA Also in the early days of Crystal’s Australian office they simply didn’t accept credit cards so payment was by bank transfer - so that has caught some Australian customers out in these circumstances
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