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  1. Crystals Press Release on WC 2023 Photo Link: Crystal Serenity at Sea Video Link: Crystal Cruises 2023 World Cruise WILD KINGDOMS & EXOTIC DISCOVERIES SET FOR CRYSTAL CRUISES’ 2023 WORLD CRUISE Epic voyage visits 73 destinations on six continents on one of Crystal’s most extensive World Cruise itineraries ever MIAMI, March 26, 2020 – As Crystal temporarily pauses its global journeys, the company is looking ahead toward future explorations with luxury travelers with the announcement of its 2023 World Cruise. One of its most comprehensive global explorations ever, the 2023 World Cruise is now available for booking beginning today. The extensive Wild Kingdoms & Exotic Discoveries world cruise aboard Crystal Serenity is packed with spectacularly diverse destinations – 73 in all, including five maiden ports and 16 overnight cities spanning 40 countries – with a focus on the world’s greatest wonders and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The journey explores idyllic islands from Tahiti to the Seychelles and Maldives; eco-diversity in Papua New Guinea and Big Five safaris in Africa’s Serengeti; famed spice route locales such as Bali, Ternate, Java, Sri Lanka and Zanzibar; ancient wonders including Ephesus, Petra, Bagan and Machu Picchu; and beach holiday hot spots including the Dalmatian coast, Bora Bora, Yasawa-I-Rara, St-Tropez and St. Barts. Taken in full, the 140-night journey embarks from Miami on January 11, 2023, ending in Barcelona on May 31, with two alternate disembarkation options in Venice and Athens for 128- and 119-night itineraries, respectively. “We know that travelers and those with a heart for discovery are looking forward to the journeys the future holds beyond the current global health crisis, and we are delighted to unveil one of Crystal’s grandest journeys yet. The 2023 World Cruise is a culmination of so many of our guests’ ultimate travel wish lists, a truly multi-layered global odyssey,” said Carmen Roig, Crystal’s senior vice president of marketing and sales. “Travelers continue to share with us the experiences that intrigue and inspire them, the places and cultures they want to explore with Crystal, and we’ve listened to them and created what may be our most extraordinary journeys to date.” Also offered in nine separate segments ranging from nine to 23 nights, Crystal’s 2023 World Cruise features in-depth regional exploration, allowing guests to deeply immerse themselves in the cultures, cuisines, histories and adventures of thee destinations. Among the highlights are: · Access to the sites of three of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Turkey’s ruins of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and the Temple of Artemis and Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza. · Access to 70 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Quito, the capital of Ecuador, UNESCO’s first world cultural heritage site; Yangon’s Bagan Archaeological Zone and Monuments; Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro; Croatia’s Palace of Diocletian; the Trulli of Alberobello, Italy; Easter Island’s Rapa Nui National Park and many more. · Five maiden calls in Gladstone, Australia; Madang and Wewak, Papua New Guinea; Ternate, Indonesia; and Haa Alif Atoll (Utheemu), Maldives. · Overnight stays in Panama City, Panama; Callao, Peru; Easter Island, Chile; Bora Bora and Papeete, French Polynesia; Sydney, Australia; Rabaul, Papua New Guinea; Bali (Benoa), Indonesia; Singapore; Chennai/Madras, India; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Mahé/Victoria, Seychelles; Barcelona, Spain; plus double overnights in Yangon, Myanmar; Mombasa, Kenya; and Venice, Italy. · Focused destination segments in the Caribbean and South America; South Pacific and French Polynesia; Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia; Southeast Asia and India; the islands of the Indian Ocean and Africa’s east coast; Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula; and the Dalmatian Coast and the Adriatic. All guests sailing aboard Crystal’s Full World Cruise enjoy valuable savings, including combinable 2-for-1 fares, Book Now Savings of up to $14,250, Combination Savings and a $1000 per person Air Credit applied as a discount. In addition, other savings that may apply include 2.5 percent Crystal Society savings, 2.5 percent early full payment savings, 2.5 percent onboard booking savings and/or reduced cruise deposit of 15 percent per guest for those already booked on a 2021 or 2022 world cruise. Other exclusive perks include a welcome reception aboard Crystal Serenity on the eve of departure in Miami, As You Wish shipboard spending allowance up to $2,500 per guest, private town car transfers between port city airport and the ship on embarkation and disembarkation days and World Cruise shoreside gala events. Crystal’s 2023 World Cruise has already been extremely well-received by Crystal Society members during their exclusive booking window and opens for sale to all guests today; fares for Crystal’s 2023 Wild Kingdoms & Exotic Discoveries World Cruise begin at $46,699 per person. With more than 30 years cruising to the far reaches of the world, Crystal has a long tradition of implementing and maintaining the highest health and safety policies at sea. Please visit this link to learn more about Crystal’s Health Protocols.
  2. Exactly the same process used by my Los Angeles based TA - the payment is directly to Crystal - they just pass on the credit card details
  3. It hasn’t been cancelled by Crystal - yet - but standby The Crystal’s reps advice is good I think as it opens up different options but you will have to decide if you want to wait for that or act now Will It happen? - I wouldn’t bet 1 cent on it happening I’m just waiting for it to be formally cancelled The Dubai originating Cruise has been canceled - but that’s because anything starting in Dubai definitely isn’t going to happen
  4. I think it’s a little early to call the bottom of the markets just yet...although some commentators are I don't know if they’re eligible for US bailout support but I would be very surprised if they are - who knows maybe China will bail them out as a HK listed company - pretty much anything is possible these days Genting HK stock may have risen yesterday but like most stocks, and certainly travel industry related ones, it’s still well down - down significantly over the last three months and it will be a long road back. It’s not a frequently traded stock based on the volumes in the chart below
  5. No - I understand the difference between cancellation and refund, I think we learnt pretty early in business school - that’s why I specifically made the point that the cancellation and the refund of monies paid happened on the same day in those two cases - so if what you say is correct, and I doubt it is, about manual intervention then clearly they were able to achieve it very quickly. Of course agreeing to a refund is one thing but handing over cold hard “cash” is a different matter - there’s no doubt that most businesses are trying to hold onto cash right now by offering credits - but that option should be one for the customer to make I seriously doubt that that Qantas Hotels website which I’m sure does normally handle thousands of bookings is taking a lot of bookings these days - so is more than likely experiencing negative cash flow. I won’t guess at the status of the rental cars site but I suspect that’s also getting more cancellations than bookings As I said earlier where the money comes from to fund refunds is not a Crystals guests issue - that’s what Corporate CFOs are there to deal with and why lines of credit and other financial options exist. There’s no doubt running any business just got a lot more difficult but that’s not a unique to Crystal issue I get it these are exceptional times, changing every day - and extremely testing on everyone - my initial point is simply that 90 days is a long time and in my humble opinion is too long - we clearly disagree and that’s fine Larry - we could throw all sorts of curve balls into the “what if” mix but I hadn’t thought of that one - a CC withholding a credit in an account...I guess there are many others - but until Crystal transfer the money to a credit card account it’s untested
  6. So I'm missing the bit where waiting 90 days guarantees payment - or any other number of days for that matter. I didn't raise the issue of Crystal viability and ability to stay solvent - that's a completely different topic. My issue is the time taken to process the refunds and I do note some are more than happy to wait 90 days - or until least May at least No expectation of Australian law (which isn't that great BTW) providing protection - my tickets, at least for the refunded cruises I'm thinking about are US transactions
  7. 90 days = 22 June so good luck with your May expectation Some countries are in lockdown so no walking around for everyone - or indeed going out of self isolation "Soon" is relative - clearly we have different expectations I'm not impacted by WC cancellation - but I don't think 90 days is appropriate for refunds - Crystal's cashflow, if that is the reason for the delay should not be their customers issue
  8. Processes and systems must be very different in the US then if that is considered acceptable I cancelled a hotel booking via Qantas Hotels online and received the refund back on my card that night I cancelled a rental car booking made with a UK based global booking company and received the refund back on my card that night Both are substantial booking agencies - clearly they use online systems and processes to achieve this as opposed to manual processes I am definitely prepared to cut Crystal and any supplier some slack in these times but 90 days is pushing it - 60 days is somewhat ok and 30-45 days should be the target for Crystal. Sure they need to coordinate cash flow and checking of transactions but that does not take 90 days - so the only reason could be a lack of resources or systems which don’t support the volumes of refunds being experienced. My suggestion is that Crystal is upfront in their communications on the reasons for the delay
  9. Wow that’s amazing the US doesn’t require those returning from overseas to self isolate for 14 days. Certainly Australia and NZ moved to that last weekend Anything to help flatten the curve as infection rates climb exponentially
  10. Thanks for taking us all along as far as you could... I just came across this promo video Crystal released on the 2020 WC - oh how different it turned out to be...but it might be nice to look and see some of the beauty WCers enjoyed on the first 4 and a bit segments
  11. Crystal have released this promo video for WC 2023 - enjoy and think happy thoughts about future cruises!
  12. Ha - advice still stands 🙂 Conserve that Grapefruit juice! Our local Costco sells those Tito’s jugs - at least in normal times - I’m not going anywhere near Costco these days - it’s Toilet Paper hell!
  13. At this point it’s easier to pour the Grapefruit juice into the Vodka bottle! I assume you haven’t seen a letter confirming the cancelling of Lisbon to Dover yet have you?
  14. Larry and Monica - sorry to hear that news but unfortunately these are not normal times for anyone. Hoping that you can get away to Sydney and into Canada as scheduled. You know you’re always welcome at our house in Sydney if you need it
  15. Just thinking about a LAX foreigner immigration line and having say a 6 foot separation between people - with normal traffic I reckon that line would just about stretch to Las Vegas! 🙂
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