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  1. My husband and I are both over 70 (the most vulnerable group for this new virus) and we are currently booked on the April 1 Splendor. I do not want to cancel this cruise, but I know what the CDC is recommending for those of us in this group. What are those of you in our age group doing? I’d love to hear your thought process. Mom C
  2. Thanks for your quick responses. That puts my mind at ease. I love to dress nicely but don’t want to pack cocktail dresses if I don’t have to. My husband loves to wear dress slacks and long sleeve shirt—sport coat on dressy nights! Mom C
  3. I just booked yesterday on Splendor for the April 1 cruise so I haven’t gotten my documents yet. How many formal nights will there be? Also, is the dress code still long dress or cocktail attire for women and tux or dark suite for men? Cruise lines have gone country club casual, but I’m unsure what Regent guests are doing. Also, I like to put on my makeup at the desk. Is there a free standing makeup mirror that can be used there? Thank you in advance. Mom C
  4. We are sailing on the Star Princess January 3 out of LA. We are allowed to board at 12:30, but I wonder when cabins are usually ready for guest use. I haven’t sailed with Princess for many years so I would appreciate input from those of you with a recent sailing on the Star. Thank you, MomC
  5. And no slippers, correct? Is there a top sheet over the blanket/comforter? Thanks for the current post. How about the MUTS? What movies? Mom C
  6. Thank you for being so helpful with suggestions on visiting Todos Santos. Mom C
  7. Can someone tell me if there are magnified make up mirrors on the Star Princess in the mini suites? If so, are they attached to the wall in the bathroom or are they free standing so they can be moved? I prefer to put my makeup on at the desk. Thank you for your feedback. Mom C
  8. We are sailing on Star Princess in January and would like to visit Toto Santos—our university has a satellite campus there we would like to visit. Should we go from Cabo or LaPaz? Do you know of local tour companies? Thanks in advance for help on this. Mom C
  9. Thanks for the information. I was afraid that might be the answer. LAX is a mess these days with construction. San Pedro is a great port to disembark from. I’ll find a car service to pick us up that can take us directly to the curb at LAX. We are no longer spring chickens and don’t want to lug our bags very far.
  10. We are sailing on the Star Princess in January and would like to have them book a private transfer to LAX for us. We just got off a ship in Miami today aboard another cruise line. We booked the private transfer through the ship and it was a very smooth experience. They had our luggage gathered with our name on it and escorted us to the car. Was this your experience with Princess? I can book our own private transfer, but if we get special service as described above, we would book it through a Princess. Look forward to hearing about your personal experience. Mom C
  11. Not sure that I have no right to judge diminishing standards, Samina, but I notice no changes in the bathroom paper products. TP is TP and tissues serve the purpose. Having cruised on over 100 cruises, I am a certified cruise specialist taught to judge cruise lines and ships in numerous categories. And you?. I forgot to mention that three of our five desserts had no taste whatsoever the first night, but the ice cream with chocolate sauce was great as always! We do not have sparkling water in our cabin, but it is still available on board. Just saw the show with the singers and dancers tonight (formal night). One of the best shows I have ever seen in my 35 years of cruising. Great talent, great music and fabulous choreography. i find great advice on this site. I look forward to answering any questions you might have, as well as sharing my observations! Mom C
  12. Always nice to come back to a Seabourn ship, in the case the Sojourn. First of all, very happy crew. A sure sign that ship management is doing their job. Two differences that are not to my liking: the new ‘filtered’ water. As my daughter said, it TASTES like filtered water. My water consumption will be way down this cruise. Guess that means I will be taking my pills with a tasty alcoholic beverage. I know why this policy was implemented and one can’t argue with the change, but it’s a fact: the water is now a lowlight. Second, I see cutbacks from previous sailings. Example: the # and type of shrimp in the appetizer shrimp cocktail. Instead of 4 jumbo shrimp, there are now 3 medium shrimp served on a plate with just a dab of cocktail sauce. Same item at the Colonnade for lunch. They always used to have nice medium sized shrimp with cocktail sauce in a big bowl. Now they have a salad with tiny shrimp and no peel and eat shrimp. Now I am not fixated with shrimp, but it was always something I enjoyed since I live in a land-locked State. It’s a cost saving measure I’m sure. OK that’s my first 24 hour observations. Not an unhappy cruiser, just one who sees changes.
  13. Can I purchase distilled water on the ship for my CPAP machine?
  14. Do any of you have recommendations for parking one’s car near San Pedro pier when going on a cruise from LA? Also, the daily charge? Thank you in advance. Your recommendations are always helpful! Mom C
  15. We are taking a cruise in a month and have over a $1,000 OBC. Since we have visited the Caribbean islands several times, we won’t be going on any excursions. I am not a big spa person so I need suggestions on how you like to spend your OBC. Any tips? I’m thinking some decadent wine. I welcome your suggestions. Mom C
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