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  1. MomC


    I have not sailed with Oceania in several years. We have a penthouse suite. Does that come with a certain number of free minutes? What are the current internet plans when sailing on the Sirena on a 12 day itinerary? I have some OBC I can use. Or did I see where the internet is free? Thanks for your help. Mom C
  2. Yay! You made my day!😀
  3. Does Princess still require passengers to muster outside on the deck or have they moved that process inside? Thank you.
  4. How do I make dining reservations for specialty restaurants prior to boarding? Is it done by cabin category with suites being allowed priority, then mini-suites, etc? And what are those dates? Thanks for your help.
  5. Do all minisuite passengers qualify for club class dining? I haven’t sailed with Princess for many years, but we are booked into a minisuite in January. Also, we are a party of 6 and 4 of us have mini suites. Can our friends sit at our table even if they are not in a minisuite?
  6. Thanks! It saves some room in the suitcase!
  7. I am assuming the answer is yes, but would love to have someone confirm that. We are in a continent suite on deck 8 on the Journey. Thanks so much.
  8. I too have sailed on Seabourn, Silversea, and Crystal. They, indeed, are luxury lines. I am sailing on Azamara Journey next month. I do not expect the cruise experience to be comparable. I knew this when I booked. I also did not have to pay the luxury line price. I will still enjoy the cruise experience; it will undoubtedly surpass the experience of RCI, Princess, Holland America and NCL which I sailed when I was younger and couldn’t afford a better experience—I enjoyed all of them at that point in my life. If, however, you paid for the premium liquor package, then I can understand why you are upset when what was advertised was not available. Just remember that we usually get what we pay for—I don’t plan to purchase the premium package. While I prefer Grey Goose and my husband Jack Daniels, we can live with Smirnoff and Seagrams Seven. Perhaps Azamara should refund your purchase price for the premium package.
  9. Could you elaborate on what you visited in each port in Cuba? How about the nightclub you visited? We are sailing there in November and are not sure what to see. It looked like you were on private excursions. Thanks! Mom C
  10. Thank you! We are on an 11 night cruise so if we divide that increase then it’s only $20 a day per person. I have read about the barrel chair debate on the Star. I think we need the extra room PLUS a chair to sit in! Mom C
  11. We are on the Star in January. We booked a balcony cabin but just saw where a mini suite is only $206 per person higher. This seems like a great deal. Has anyone been in both cabin categories and could comment? Thanks, Mom C
  12. I have used butlers on other cruiselines to pack and unpack my husband’s luggage as he suffers from dementia and this is hard for him. It saved me from having to pack and unpack for two. He not only did a great job, but did it in such a way that we still had 30% of the suitcases unfilled. In my opinion, he deserved the generous tip I gave him. My only complaint is that he couldn’t go home with us to pack us for each trip!🥴🥴
  13. My husband and I are flying into Newarkfir our cruise in April. Can someone recommend a car service which is dependable? We fly out of LaGuardia on our return. Will the same car service company pick us up at the cruise terminal in Manhattan and take us to the different airport?
  14. We are booked to sail this itinerary in November on Seabourn. Sorry you were so disappointed, but your criticism seems a bit overblown. Not being allowed to swim when clearly this was a tour operator problem? Missing the first three tenders because of the lack of an announcement? Being directed on a street one over from the more scenic one? These are minor travel difficulties. I would count my trip a success if I had to contend with these problems! Count yourself lucky that you didn’t have to battle the thousands of passengers as on your previous cruises. Azamara offers a quieter, more tranquil experience. Having cruised on 15 different cruise lines, I prefer the more intimate experience of small ships. Having travelled to all seven continents, your problems seem overblown to a seasoned traveler. To each his own. I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures though.
  15. I looked in the On Board Experience FAQ section under gratuities which didn’t have the explanation of adding tips to bar bills. I have no problem doing that. I expect to have a very positive experience on our Princess Cruise—we are platinum status so we have sailed many nights on this line—but it’s been 5 years since our Alaska cruise on Princess. Thank you all for your help! Cruise Critic is always the best source of information!
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