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  1. Sorry Bissel, but you must be unfamiliar with the meaning of a ‘first world problem’. I was trying to add some levity — perhaps the better term would be perspective—to the dilemmas that many of us face—those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to not only travel, but those who can also afford to go on luxurious cruise lines. No lecture intended, I am just so saddened by the coronavirus situation in our country. To me it means disappointment about cruise cancellations. To many (137,000 families) it is the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, (millions) and all of the manifestations that come from this pandemic. I, too, ask questions on this wonderful site, but today I am devastated and frightened by the state of our country. Mom C
  2. I’m always embarrassed to say this, but it’s true. Yours is a FIRST WORLD PROBLEM. Sometimes we need to step back and realize that our problems are so trivial when considering our country’s problems today. That being said, I have chosen the Splendor since at our age (and past travels), the ship is our destination! Mom C
  3. Gbphipps— when I look at the roll call for Serenity Oct 29, all I see are posts about the original itinerary from Canada. Where can I find your new roll call??
  4. Thank you. Your suggestions are very helpful. Mom C
  5. Thank you. Your suggestions are very helpful. Mom C
  6. Because of the great deal being offered on the October Serenity out of Miami, and because our cruise from Montreal to Miami in October was canceled so we got a 125% future cruise credit, we have booked a suite and a back to back Miami to San Juan and back to Miami two week cruise. (that was a run on sentence). My first time having a butler. Would some of you who have experience in this area please give me some suggestions on what a butler can or will do for me? Thanking you in advance for your insights. Mom C
  7. I have just booked my first cruise with Viking. I know this is the ‘ocean’ board but I can’t find the river cruise board. Thus I need your help. i just booked a cabin for the Inaugural season of the Mississippi River cruise—November, 2022. Final payment is due December 31–OF THIS YEAR!😯😯. That’s 23 months prior to our sail date. is this normal for Viking or is this the result of the current situation and the lack of money that cruise companies are getting? I know none of us knows this for certain but I would ask if this is normal, and what their final payment due date usually is. Any other thoughts on this? Some of you have sailed many times with Viking and I need your opinion. Would you make final payment 23 months in advance? Thank you in advance. Cruise Critic people are great sources of information. Mom C
  8. I read on the Crystal website that a person can cancel up to 48 hours before the cruise and get future cruise credits. This applies to cruises prior to January 1, 2021. Could someone tell me what their policy is if THEY cancel the cruise? I know some of you have experienced this. Thanks once again for the wealth of knowledge that you so willingly share. Mom C
  9. Dang! I was hoping Regent was virus free. My daughter lives in LA and she said the Splendor was anchored and not at the dock. We wondered if anchoring instead docking had to do with whether a ship had any cases of Covid-19. I worry how long cruise lines can last since they will have missed three months of revenue once this latest ban ends. I feel for them. Mom C
  10. I have not read that COVID19 has affected either passengers or staff on any Regent ships. I hope that is true. Does anyone know for sure? Mom C
  11. My husband and I are both over 70 (the most vulnerable group for this new virus) and we are currently booked on the April 1 Splendor. I do not want to cancel this cruise, but I know what the CDC is recommending for those of us in this group. What are those of you in our age group doing? I’d love to hear your thought process. Mom C
  12. Thanks for your quick responses. That puts my mind at ease. I love to dress nicely but don’t want to pack cocktail dresses if I don’t have to. My husband loves to wear dress slacks and long sleeve shirt—sport coat on dressy nights! Mom C
  13. I just booked yesterday on Splendor for the April 1 cruise so I haven’t gotten my documents yet. How many formal nights will there be? Also, is the dress code still long dress or cocktail attire for women and tux or dark suite for men? Cruise lines have gone country club casual, but I’m unsure what Regent guests are doing. Also, I like to put on my makeup at the desk. Is there a free standing makeup mirror that can be used there? Thank you in advance. Mom C
  14. We are sailing on the Star Princess January 3 out of LA. We are allowed to board at 12:30, but I wonder when cabins are usually ready for guest use. I haven’t sailed with Princess for many years so I would appreciate input from those of you with a recent sailing on the Star. Thank you, MomC
  15. And no slippers, correct? Is there a top sheet over the blanket/comforter? Thanks for the current post. How about the MUTS? What movies? Mom C
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