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  1. Take a look at the title of this thread, and read the first few pages (before it went off topic).
  2. Re: Pretend Cruise. Has anyone looked into virtual reality travel?
  3. Why won't they just scan for the chip that is placed in our bodies when we are injected with the vaccine?
  4. I imagine cruise lines occasionally offer last minute cabin upgrades at reduced prices. If so, how do they prioritize who would get such offers first?
  5. How do you show the agent that you are eligible for these discounts? Does it show up on some kind of profile the cruise line has for you, and the agent has access to?
  6. So status level cruisers do not get a discount code that they can use with a travel agent. If status only gets you 5% off, you are likely to get a better deal with a travel agency. If status gets you 10%, the advantage of using a travel agency may be minimal. If status gets you 15%, it is likely that your best bet will be to book direct. Is this abut right?
  7. This thread is taking place in the NEW CRUISERS area of this forum.
  8. So you're saying that if you have cruised enough with MSC to achieve status that gets you a 10% discount, they give you some kind of code that you can use with any travel agent, and then negotiate lower from there.
  9. What kind of perks have you been getting? And what do you mean when you say that suites don't need additional perks?
  10. Thanks for the info. But why the negative remark about mainstream media? I'm not trying to start an argument, and i really do appreciate the info. But the knee jerk reaction to someone having a problem with mainstream media is to label them as being a conspiracy theory type, and immediately dismissing what they have to say. Please, no offense meant.
  11. They're virus free. They could start allowing people back into the country before having all of it's population vaccinated.
  12. New Zealand could benefit from requiring everyone to be vaccinated before entering.
  13. To get those, do you have to book direct?
  14. Thanks! So, what exactly does the frequent cruiser status on a given cruise line get you (if it doesn't give you discounts on cruises)? Just OBC? No fare discount? No cabin upgrade?
  15. I have 2 major grocery stores close by. One has a reputation of taking the virus seriously and enforcing mask rules, and the other store, not so much. It seems that Americans, as a group, like having a choice in this matter. Now, of course, there's no contract tracing to show how many people got the virus in the store that doesn't enforce mask rules. When it comes to requiring vaccinations for trips or for entering a country, they're not going to need to do much contact tracing to figure out that not requiring vaccinations causes problems. So, if only some, but not all countrie
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