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  1. Are gratuities included in the Dining Package?
  2. Do they still make walkie-talkies? Compared with todays technology, it would almost be like talking through two tin cans connected by a string. Would be comically annoying to other passengers.
  3. So, you feel that it was worth the travel agents time for $3000 savings. You bet.
  4. Just looked at our October 16th cruise. Big price reductions for all categories. Not sure if this is applicable for all dates. Of course it it probably meaningless, all things considered. I mean the ship may not even sail, or be so empty we wouldn't want to be aboard, not to mention the obvious heath concerns. We have till June to decide, but we will cancel and have the option come October to rebook if we feel comfortable.
  5. For what it worth, was told the same thing for our cruise. I thought if I down graded to an inside and saved money, I would be upgraded at no cost to an Oceanview of higher. Not so. Went from a (C) to a (B4). It is an October cruise and I really don't care about a balcony, but it was free so why not. I was told by O, upgrades per the special, vary per cruise and category booked. Now I will transfer to my TA and get additional credits.
  6. Its worth the time to check out if your booking has new specials. We just rebooked an Ocean View (C) for a Balcony B4) at no cost. This is for an October sailing. Of course, as always with criusline offer, there are some conditions. in this case, it was the St. Patricks Day offer, but it did score us a balcony.
  7. We are due to dock at 8:00am in Rome ( Civitavecchia), Italy. Our flight is not until 2:50pm. We will schedule a private transfer to take us to the airport. We don't need to leave at 8:00, but just how late are we able to remain on the ship. We would rather kill time on the ship than at the airport. Any advice will be appreciated.
  8. I got it. Thank you all.
  9. We are due to dock in Rome at 8:00 am. As of now, the only non-stop leaves at 10:30. Very tight timeline. Did anyone experience the ship docking early.
  10. If it is true, I will gladly drive the. hour and a half to see it happen. Seriously though, as was stated, no realistic place, at least to date, for this to safely happen.
  11. We have been fortunate to have done both. A Venice/Florence/Rome land tour or a Rhine River cruise are both awesome vacations. Though at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. One is on land, the other on water. One is with major cities with major attractions and so much to do, the other is small towns with intimate experiences with relatively limited activities. One is a stationary cabin, the other is with ever an changing hotel room. Either your wife or yourself may need to make a compromise. Money and time can easily resolve the issue, but rarely are available at the same time. Either choice is great.
  12. Can the O Life $600 OBC be used towards gratuities.
  13. Time is the most valuable commodity when docked in Livorno. We booked a private driver for the day. Picked us up at the ship 8:00 am, went straight to Pisa, got tickets for the tower and climbed. No crowds as the buses where not there yet. A brief stroll through the local market and then on to Florence. Did a walk around, though no museums. Then gelato at Vivoli's. We were then taken to a winery for a brief tour, tasting and a bite to eat. Then back to the ship. Was it some what of a whirlwind? Yes, but we like it that way.
  14. Its probably my imagination, but has the popularity of river cruising reached its peak, leveled off, or even started to decrease. It just seems that there is less interest in it than there seemed to be a few years ago. Did the cruise lines push the cost factor too far. Or maybe the low water levels that have been experienced over the last couple years scared people away. Are there too many ships and that lessened the demand. Is there a lack of media advertising or is it just that the newest has worn off. Is it that there are such a small number of river ports to visit compared to ocean ports for seasoned travelers to visit. I would surely do another river cruise, I think they are great, but for now, my next is an ocean cruise.
  15. Since travel agencies are technically obliged to not discount a cruise fare, cruise line allow refundable credits to be issued by a TA to make a fare more attractive. If given the choice, would you take an $800 credit or take reduced price of the $800. The answer is obvious and the cruise companies know it. That is why they do not allow it. The refundable credit is like money in their pocket. After all, appears to be free money to spend while cruising. Unless you use it for expenses that you would pay anyway, such as gratuities, it is easy to overlook that its really just another prepaid item as food, room and entertainment. Now a non-fundable credit is a totally different issue.
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