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  1. I just want to point out that some of the European airlines are not allowing cloth face maks. We will be on Lufthansa in November and they are one of the airlines requiring medical grade masks. https://www.lufthansa.com/de/en/faq-hygiene
  2. We are new to Oceania. Today is the day that reservations opened up for our upcoming cruise. We're booked in just a regular verandah cabin so I understand that there are lots of people ahead of us. I forgot all about it last night so didn't get on the computer until 9 this morning. Other than for one restaurant, there were no reservations available before 8pm any night and most only had 8:30 - 9 pm left. Not the end of the world, but not our ideal time to eat. I was just wondering if the times can ever be adjusted once you get on board. Is that even a possibility? Thanks for your help.
  3. I know someone from the US who arrived in Amsterdam on Tuesday by plane. He says they were not even required to show vaccination status and that no one is wearing masks anywhere. Is there a disconnect between Delta and the country officials?
  4. I just filled out the EU - PLF (Passenger locator form) this week for our flight into Rome in late October. At this time - and it probably will change - the form says you can either present a negative test OR proof of vaccination to get into Italy. You don't need both. Just to be on the safe side we will probably have test results anyway.
  5. We are booked on the Rome - Venice trip November 2 - 9. Just got the following itinerary change from Oceania. Since we have a hotel booked in Venice, I guess we will take the transfer to the airport and then travel to our hotel from there.
  6. One year we went on a holiday cruise. I always bake lots of cookies and candy to give away so I brought a tin to give to the cabin steward. We also tip extra so this was just a gesture. His English was not great and I don’t think he understood what I was giving him. He just seemed stunned. I was afraid I offended him. But he came back later in the cruise to thank us. I think someone explained that it was a holiday tradition and he told me he was not going to share with his roommate. His reaction was much better than when, many years ago before cell phones were popular, I read here on Cruise Critic that the staff really appreciated getting prepaid phone cards. So I bought a bunch and handed them out the first night as an extra. They were NOT popular. Now it’s just cash.
  7. I received excellent service from Custom Air today. I had sent an email last night and by the time I called this morning they had already given us a tentative new flight. No more Alitalia (thank you for the update on them btw) but also no more non-stop flight. Now we are scheduled American with a stop at JFK. I'm not unhappy except they wanted to charge us $600 more to use our local airport for the trip to JFK since it's a secondary gateway unlike MIA. Not worth the extra money. We had upgraded to premium economy and it looks like American's international premium economy is decent - we both are tall and need extra legroom for long flights. I would not have accepted premium economy on Delta. It's the worst. Thanks again to everyone for the advice and help.
  8. We booked directly with Oceania so no TA involved. I checked the Alitalia record locator that was on my custom air itinerary. So it shows our passenger info, same flight but on a different day than we originally booked. The return on Lufthansa so far is the same. The flights are expensive so we decided to do Oceania custom air. I usually book my own. Kind of upset Oceania never reached out about the change. We live a couple of hours from Miami but figured it was worth the drive to get the nonstop. Now I may have to rethink. They also have us booked through Munich on the return from Venice with only an hour connection time. I’m not sure how that is going to work.
  9. Thanks. I found that email address and sent them an email. Did some research and it looks like the non-stop from MIA - FCO that we confirmed isn't flying anymore except on the day we are now booked. I guess I need to see how else they can route us but I'm sure there aren't any other non-stops.
  10. Sorry in advance - first time on Oceania. We made custom air requests that were accepted back in May. I have the confirmation from the custom air department. I went to check on the flights today and see that our flight on Alitalia to Rome has been moved to two days later than requested. Besides the fact we are meeting people there and have non-refundable hotel reservations, this is simply not what we requested. Who do I contact to get this made right? And we won't be charged the deviation fee again will we? Thanks for the help!
  11. I always thought that concierge only got one bottle of sparkling wine at the beginning of the cruise. I had no idea that you could get a bottle every day! Is this a recent change?
  12. The only one of the cruises near us is the Mariner from Port Canaveral. That is scheduled for August 11. Can they really organize the passengers in less than a week?
  13. We are booked on the Marina November 2, Rome to Venice. First time on Oceania and I have to say the communication has not been great. Basically silence. I just called our cruise rep at Oceania to ask if our final payment date had been changed from 90 days to 60 days and was told that for this particular cruise they have not made that change yet. Also, asked when we would be expected to show our vaccination status (no problem for us, both vaccinated) and was told they haven't figured out their health protocols yet so I should receive an email from them later. He thinks. Finally, asked (because this is my first Oceania cruise) how I pay my final payment. Would I get a reminder? Got the answer he could send me a reminder but seemed like it's not a normal thing. Is this normal? I had the date on my calendar so I would have made the payment anyway, but is this what customer service is like?
  14. Thanks - that's good to know but disappointing.
  15. We were on the Summit in 2019 with only the lowest level (Surf equivalent) internet and were able to use wifi calling. It worked fine.
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