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  1. We were on the Summit this summer and our travel agent had noted in our file that we were celebrating our anniversary. We had reservations at Tuscan that night and they made it very special for us with not only the cake, but a nice card and the waiter and maitre' d fussed over us. I think it's always worth letting them know! No, it's not a huge party, but considering how many people they have on board celebrating birthdays and anniversaries they did a very nice job of making it special.
  2. We were on the Infinity for one of their very short cruises (filler before a charter) last spring. It was a port day and since we weren't getting off the ship I decided to get a facial. They must have not been very busy because the attendant practically jumped on me when I walked up there to make the appointment and then offered me a 90 minute facial for the 60 minute special port pricing. Overall it was a very good facial and the upsell wasn't too bad (recommended products and then had them waiting for me at the front desk, all bagged up like I was going to take them - which I didn't) but it was not a true spa experience. I understand the Persian Garden was not included, but she made me change my clothes in the actual tiny treatment room and I was not allowed to go into any other areas of the spa. Sure, I got a good deal on the facial but part of being in a spa is the relaxation, which I did not get in any way. Plus the attendant kept reminding me that she gave me extra time and was obviously angling for a bigger tip. We had been on an RCL cruise a few weeks before that and the spa experience there was so much better. I'm not sure if the profit margin is too low for Celebrity to care or what, but the spa seems like an afterthought for them.
  3. My husband and I were on the Summit in July to Bermuda and found the two-tops being so close to be very uncomfortable. We're not unsocial people but sometimes you just want a private conversation with your companion. One night we were seated next to a couple about our age. They were there first. As we sat down we smiled and said hello, like you do, and then proceeded to eat dinner and chat with each other. The other couple never spoke a word to each other the entire meal and only spoke to the waiter to order drinks and send some wine back the wife didn't like. They never even looked at us or tried to talk. They finished before we did and as they got up the man said (very sarcastically) "nice to speak with you" and then walked away. We were kind of taken aback - they never gave off body language like they wanted to speak with us and certainly never tried to make any conversation. The next night the same couple was there when we were seated but this time they were two tables down. Another couple, this time a little older, was seated next to us and struck up a conversation. We chatted nicely throughout the meal. The first couple shot us dirty looks the whole meal. Unfortunately, in an effort to have more two-tops it's almost like you are back to sitting at a table with strangers again!
  4. I hate to discourage people from using the bus on Bermuda. Riding the bus is part of the experience of being on the island. And it's a lot cheaper than a taxi. The buses are clean, the people were nice, and while it was hot it wasn't unbearable. We took a private taxi tour also, so it's not all about money for me. I enjoy seeing the "real" Bermuda.
  5. We were on Bermuda a couple of weeks ago and took the ferry and buses all over the island. The longest wait we had for a bus was about 15 minutes at the big bus terminal in Hamilton. There is a big map there and also an information kiosk. The bus system is easy to navigate. My only caution is that none of the buses we were on was air conditioned and it was really hot (over 90). But the breeze from the open windows helps. The Bermudians on the buses were extremely polite and helpful if you needed advice for where to get off (for the caves or a beach).
  6. I was on the Summit last week and used wi-fi calling all week long. I had the Surf internet only but wi-fi calling worked just fine. Interestingly, the connection was better (to the same phone number) using my husband's Samsung Galaxy S9 than with my iphone. I found the Surf internet worked great for everything except streaming movies and tv shows.
  7. We were in Bermuda last week and had a private tour with Quinton Bean. He was great and he showed us so much of the island we would never have done on our own. I asked him about other guides he refers people to when he is booked (and he is always booked way in advance). He said he has several people he refers groups to, but I believe "Ms. Grace" is his sister, who is also a qualified tour guide. The family owns several taxis and since he is so particular I'm sure whoever he recommends is great. If you do get lucky and have Quinton as your guide, make sure you work out all the details in advance. We had assumed we would only be on a 4 or so hour tour plus lunch, but once we got in the taxi he said that he planned on a 6 hour tour for us. It was a little too long. Also, you might want to have an idea of some things you really want to see. We didn't want to do shopping, the caves or beaches and didn't come with a list so he had to figure out what to do with us. It was great and we saw and learned so much - but he can really personalize the tour if you want.
  8. Are you talking the general one or the Captain's Club one? Last week the Captain's Club first event was in the afternoon on Tuesday (I'm pretty sure). Then the Select level and above Senior Officer's party was at 7:45 on Thursday (second port day in Bermuda). All the senior officers were at both of these. There was also an opportunity for everyone to meet and greet and take pictures on Monday evening (first sea day) but I don't think drinks were served at that one.
  9. Sorry - we never got there for breakfast. I saw someone in the MDR with a large bowl of oatmeal so I know they still serve it there. I have to say the smoothies at the Aqua Spa looked really good and you could pick your own ingredients.
  10. Food is so subjective. You might love what I just hate. I'm not saying it was bad but it definitely could have been better. I'm saying I have had better on other ships, including Infinity just a couple of months ago. It is definitely not gourmet but you can always find something good to eat (and sometimes very good). I thought the Ocean View was very poorly run and the "steamtable" food was mediocre. But you can always get a fresh omelet in the morning, the pastries are good and there is lots of choice. For lunch the Indian food looked pretty good but the Asian food was very poor. But they have carved meats, pasta made to order, fresh pizza and always a salad bar, although I thought the choices in the salad bar were limited and the lettuce bowls and many of the toppings were always empty. They have pretty much the same thing at dinner. The desserts are good (after a while the cakes all tend to taste the same) but the breads are freshly baked and there is always fresh fruit - although limited to pineapple, watermelon and cantaloupe. I talked in my review about the room service breakfast. They were below average and cold. The dining room was good enough. The quality was like that of big chain restaurant. Once again good breads, the soups are good, and follow the recommendations of the waiter. For example, on lobster night (which is ok, plain frozen lobster cooked well and not rubbery) they also had beef wellington and roast leg of lamb. I asked the waiter about the lamb and he said it was not the best but he brought me some along with the beef wellington. The beef wellington was fantastic - the beef tenderloin was tender and perfectly cooked. The lamb was way overdone and chewy but flavorful.The desserts are usually good with some misses. We found the best place for lunch was the Spa Cafe in the Solarium. They had limited choice, but the tuna and chicken salad there was very good and they had a nice green salad. The hamburgers from the pool grill were much better than the ones in the Ocean View. We only ate in Tuscan Grille. I found the food a step above the MDR but the beef was not top quality but the pastas were very good and the desserts were excellent (try the spumoni donuts). I always feel like any time I get food I don't have to cook it's a treat! But seriously I felt like overall the food could have been better. You probably won't get to try something new and exciting. It certainly didn't ruin our trip, but off all the good things I tell people about our cruise, I can't say that the food was fantastic.
  11. Were you on the port side of the ship? We were on the same cruise on deck 8 and at sailaway I could smell someone smoking but could not see it. Maybe your complaint did some good because we used the balcony a lot and I never smelled it again. We were on RC in March and there were people smoking on balconies all around us. It was very disappointing.
  12. We just got off Summit. The smoking area was on deck 4 port side just outside the Rendezvous lounge. Right outside and in front of the door. There were quite a few smokers. Every time the door opened from outside the smoke smell drifted in and the Rendezvous always smelled like cigarette smoke. Not as bad as the way the smoke drifts from the casino (also known as smoker's lounge) on RC, but still pretty bad.
  13. It was really only an issue early in the morning. Otherwise the cabin is great and a great location. Also, if you have the same room steward, Joachim, he is fantastic. Our room was spotless and he is so nice and pays attention to when you leave the room so he can service it. Have fun!
  14. We just told them we wanted to be by ourselves and they seated us that way every night. But warning - at least on M class ships, the tables are so close together that even if you are eating at a table for 2 you feel as if you are eating with others. If allergies are an issue the other people may be too close. Just talk to the host and he or she will fix you up!
  15. We didn't go to too many of the game shows they had, but I'm pretty sure there wasn't a Liar's club. They had a version of the Newlywed game and one called Are You Smarter than a Ship's Officer. That one was great - and the officers were really fun. They also competed in some pool games too. I have never seen the officers so active. I think the games and activities vary according to the staff. Our cruise director was new and came on board with us but he was really great once he figured out what was going on. The activities director was Nacho and he was fantastic. We played a lot of trivia which was hosted mostly by a great guy named Dominick and music trivia hosted by Russ. The only complaint about the trivia was that it was too hard. We are usually pretty good but one time we lost with 5 out of 15 correct to a team that had 6 out of 15. But both guys made it a lot of fun!
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