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  1. We had considered HAL's train excursion but thought it expensive for what it was (not least as going in one direction, you'd be facing the mountain side, rather than looking at scenery. Further research turned up a couple of bus tours up the summit, which stop several times for photos. Booked with Klondike Tours.
  2. Start the planning now. There's ports to research, pre & post cruise touristing to plan. Some things you might want to book early. For example, the "big trip" at Skagway is the train ride into the mountains. We looked at that and decided that the excursion was poor value for money, not least as it's staright there and straight back. So, a bit more research found a bus tour going on the same route. Half the price of the ship excursion and it stops several times for photos. I booked that a couple of weeks ago for our cruise in May - just to make sure we werent disappointed. Then, when you've done that. Take a break. Go on another holiday. Do something else. If you keep researching from now till August, you'll not only get bored yourself but you'll bore everyone else around you. Then when it's nearer the time, start planning again to fill in the gaps.
  3. Thanks to all. In the event, we decided on a change of plan and will now do a HAL excursion which includes the glacier and whale watching
  4. We'd originally thought that we would do ships excursion to include a probable visit to Glacier Garden as well as the glacier but responses to my thread request for info now means we'll probably just go to the glacier on our own (the Garden not being that great in May). So now, I'm wondering if there is any practical difference between the two companies offering a shuttle bus (such as greater frequency or bigger buses, that may move a queue along quicker)? I understand both are priced the same - currently $45. Our ship will dock at 13.00 and we intend to go straight to the glacier. There are three of us travelling and the shuttle bus appears to be an easy way to get there and back (obviously we're not sure exactly how long we'd spend there). Another option would be a taxi, I suppose. Are these readily available at the cruise port? And, importantly, is it easy to arrange a return trip from the glacier? Thanks for any advice you can offer. John
  5. We're there at the end of May and had been leaning towards Glacier Gardens which now doesnt seem a good option. And there seem to be few online reviews of the Rainforest Garden to convince me that'll be worthwhile either. We'll rethink our plans and maybe just get the shuttle bus or taxi to the glacier and then spend the rest of the time in town. Appreciate the advice , thanks everyone.
  6. Thinking of booking this company's White Pass mini-bus tour, in preference to the train excursion. Has anyone used them, plkease, and can recommend? https://klondiketours.com/product/white-pass-deluxe/ TIA John
  7. We'll probably do HAL's shore excursion here. They offer two, both including the glacier. One then offers a visit to the Rainforest Garden whilst the other goes to the Glacier Gardens. We are keen gardeners (in the UK) and would welcome advice as to which garden we might find the more interesting. Yes, I know these are always tricky sorts of questions but any thoughts greatly appreciated. By the by, one tour also offers the state museum while the other offers a salmon hatchery. We've no preference about these. Our only other plan for Juneau is to take the Mount Roberts Tramway - planning to do this late afternoon when it should be quieter as other cruise ships leave early that day.
  8. Our upcoming Alaska cruise is part of a longer holiday put together by our agent in the UK (Canadian Affair). The beverage package is included. When I saw that, I queried it, as I don't drink alcohol and my partner does only sparingly. However, the deal the agent has with HAL includes the package so there was no way we could get a reduction. Still, we'll use it for soft drinks, coffee, water and the partner's glass of wine with dinner and just regard it as part of the cost of the whole holiday.
  9. Thanks all. The walking tour link is most helpful and I think I see that being our focus for the day. I like Len's picnic idea, although I'm still open to a lunch restaurant recommendation. Best wishes from Northwest England. John
  10. Our ship will be docked between 10.00 and 18.00. We're thinking that we may not do any excursions and, so long as there's enough to keep us occupied, just spend a relaxed time in town. I already have a note of the Totem Heritage Center and Creek Street but what else would you recommend, please? I'm also looking for somewhere nice for lunch - always a part of our relaxed days on holiday. TIA John
  11. Many thanks for such prompt and definitive responses. We're at an early planning stage which should see us fly from the UK to Vancouver, probably spending a few days there before boarding the ship. Afterwards, we may have a couple more days in Vancouver before a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer. That ends at Calgary, from where we'll fly back home. Should be a great trip.
  12. Apologies for the post - I'm sure this must have been asked before We're considering an Alaska cruise next year but I'm confused by what appears to be contradictory statements about the dress code on HA's website. On the one hand, in its "2018 What you need to know before you go" booklet,it says "Gala nights.....for gentlemen, collared shirt and slacks are required in all fine dining restaurants." So far, so good as far as I'm concerned - that's what I would call "smart casual" which I'm happy with. However, in their FAQs, it says "What should I pack .....on gala nights, men wear a jacket & tie, dark suit or tuxedo", implying an old fashioned "formal night" which is not my idea of fun when on holiday. Can anyone help me clarify what is the actual situation of a required dress code for men. TIA John
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