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  1. I didn't feel quite well and did not want to go on the excursion we had purchased. Shore excursion desk said if I went to the medical center and saw the doctor THEN they could refund my money. I did so because I remembered reading here that at that time it cost $95 to see Dr but my excursion was a little over $100 so between my dh and myself we came out ahead. The dr. told us his exam (as far as excursions go) was good for 24 hours. The next day I still was not quite myself so got refund for that one too. Sounds like it is a Princess policy... just not one they advertise.
  2. I had an issue last week or so. I booked flights through EZ Air for Alaska. Two changes of planes in order to get to Fairbanks. Booked it many months ago. American Airlines. No notification but I noticed on my personalizer my flights showed me changing planes in Texas. I didn't think I had that so I checked further and discovered on American's website that my FIRST flight from home no longer existed. That explains the changes. Unfortunately the last leg has a 7 1/2 hour layover!!!! No thanks. I looked on EZ air but no alternative combination of flights and prices looked good. I called Princess who advised me it was changed about 5 days before. I asked if there were any other flights for the last leg that were earlier so I wouldn't have the long layover AND that I would not have to pay more. She called EZ air department and to my surprise they put me on a flight much earlier and didn't charge me more! Color me happy 😉
  3. Enjoying this! Seven years ago we did a r/t out of Seattle and used Chilkoot in Skagway. Similar to Dyea Dave tours. You will enjoy that port, especially early in the season the mountains will be pretty with snow caps.
  4. We took that tour but had our own hotel. We were dropped off at the train station (if you have Princess hotels they will bus you there directly after they let the other people off at the train). Most people on our bus had their own hotels so a long line for taxis at around 1 pm. No taxis around. Luckily we were about 3rd in line so didn't have to wait too too long for a taxi. For us, that was the one and only drawback. It was not like an airport with an endless supply of taxis.
  5. One thing not mentioned is that if you use a TA that discounts the fare (not one who gives it all as OBC) then your travel insurance costs less because your price of cruise is less. More savings!
  6. They always ask if it is an "upsell"... meaning it will cost you money. If it is free... then no they do not tell you. You can contact Princess or your TA if you used one to have it marked "no upgrade" or mehta upgrade only ( that is where they can move you from inside to outside or balcony etc).
  7. Paul.... hope you are having a great cruise!
  8. Sorry to hear that. I'm enjoying reading this thread so let us know how the rest of the trip goes.
  9. Yes, they cost extra. It is so easy to bring your own. We put our stuff in a ziplock bag and then inside a plastic container.
  10. It is $3 to wash and $3 to dry. They do have a dispenser for detergent, dryer sheets, etc. When we cruise we bring our own detergent pods and dryer sheets. Much less expensive.
  11. TheRabbit - Thank you for posting. So many people are praying for him. This is a great community. They are both in all of our thoughts and prayers.
  12. I am so very sorry for your loss. Heartbreaking, indeed.
  13. OP - Please update this thread once you have heard back from the Executives or it has been resolved. Thanks.
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