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  1. I have just finished season 3. At the end of season 2 Timothy went home and wasn't sure he would sign another contract. I guess he came back to the Royal as he is in season 3 but Emma, his friend, isn't there. Someone earlier in this thread said he isn't in season 6. I'm really enjoying it.
  2. We canceled FCD (one each) that we knew we would never use. We did this on March 20. It is now June 1. We have not contacted our cc company because Princess does NOT give you an email that you canceled it 😞 If we call them they can see it is cancelled and the date but the only thing I can show the cc is that I purchased it. I guess we have to wait 😞 Our July 1 cruise, which we had FCD for deposits and had paid $$ for excursions, was cancelled by Princess. Doesn't look like they have made it that far in refunding.
  3. I am enjoying watching this. So far I have seen the first five episodes. It saddens me to think that cruising just won't be the same again. Those were the days.
  4. I think I read on here a few weeks ago about someone who had the Costco Citi Visa card and their claim was denied. Don't know if it was the same person. I would love to hear if anyone reading this used that card and was able to get the refund.
  5. According to a couple of posts at the beginning of March it was supposed to start sea trials. I think the closure of Italy stopped that from happening.
  6. I too book through a TA. I have a folder where I put all the important emails. I checked and found one email confirming the booking of excursions. Most was with OBC but just under $50 was still owed. This showed that I paid it. However, many months later, in March, I rebooked my cruise at a lower price and lost most of my OBC. This meant I had to pay for the excursions that I had used OBC. This was several hundred $. I never received an email confirmation but I know we were scheduled for the excursions because the personalizer shows it. I just went to my deleted emails and restored over 2,000 (a lot of cruise critic ones!) to check to see if I accidentally deleted my confirmation. Nope. So I guess I never received the confirmation and all I have is that my credit card was charged.
  7. Ours was in phase 2 when they paused through June 30 but also included several July cruises of the Enchanted. Because we hadn't paid final yet, we don't have to fill out any form as there is no "choice". We have a FCD and then the amounts we paid out via credit card for excursions.
  8. I didn't realize that was all that was needed. My dh called credit card company about something else and asked about disputing. The rep said she would wait til after the cruise line's deadline passed 😞 When dh told me this I told him she is wrong based on everything I have read on here. I also told him their time frame keeps changing.
  9. We are waiting for a FCD we cancelled on March 20. We knew we would not use it before expiration. We also had a July 1 cruise on the Enchanted cancelled by Princess. That is the one with the shore excursions. I think it will be many months for that one... assuming they don't run out of money before they get to us! 😞
  10. I printed out my travel summary so I can see all the excursions and their prices. My problem is that some of the excursions were paid with OBC and some with $$$. I know at least one was paid with a little of each. I guess I would have to call my credit card company to see if I can dispute the charges even though my paperwork doesn't totally match up.
  11. My July 1 cruise (Enchanted) has been cancelled by Princess now for several weeks. Besides my FCD I have some $$ spent on excursions (final payment didn't pass yet). I have read of other people (on other ships) going on their personalizer and cancelling their excursions. I went to my personalizer and see the "button" that says "cancel". What happens if you click on it? I have never cancelled a prepaid excursion before. I figure if I cancel it then I should have some proof to submit to my credit card company instead of waiting months and months for Princess. Does something pop up on the screen that I can print out to submit to my cc company? At this point my upcoming voyage still shows but when I click on the green excursion button it says there are no excursions. At the port stops where I have already reserved I can see what I reserved so there is that cancel button. Also, does anyone think that cancelling them will screw up my FCD being posted back to my account? Thanks.
  12. I have been reading it but not all posts. From what I have read, most have not. If anyone has it has been in the single digits and probably you could count it on one hand 😞
  13. dickinson


    We requested a refund of a FCD in the third week of March. Still waiting for the $. Sadly, I have no confirmation as Princess does not send out an email confirmation that you cancelled it. Several weeks later I called Princess. The rep can see it was requested and said to be patient 😞
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