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  1. We did a shore excursion a few years ago. It was the one that took you inside the Louvre and lunch on the first level of the Eiffel Tower. We also drove down the Champs Elysees and past the Arc d'driomphe. Well worth the cost and the bus ride.
  2. Or he could be like lots of people.... not complainers and not looking for something for free.
  3. David Abel is a self confessed Celebrity cruiser. He says he loves Celebrity. I believe this is his first Princess cruise. He is pretty much recording what is going on and is not bashing Princess. He is not complaining. His videos have gone viral and because he is saying good things about Princess to millions of people Jan Swartz heard about him and did something nice for him personally. Princess as a corporation is doing what they can for people, such as getting more tv channels, counselors, letting passengers outside for a short time, etc. There are no previous guidelines on what to do in a situation like this. I am sure in hindsight there might be some things done differently but that is not unusual.
  4. It also seemed to me as though they were packing to leave ship. The itinerary she posted for that cruise ended Feb 4. I figured they would be on their way home and she would have uploaded more posts by now. I hope all is well with them.
  5. A few years ago we were going on a TA on the Royal Princess. it left from FLL. While in line (we were a short ways just inside the building) we overheard an older woman talking to a port employee. What we heard was that she was at the wrong place. She was going on Royal Caribbean. She must have told her driver she was going on Royal and he took her to Royal Princess. She was by herself and had no luggage with her. I assume she had handed it over to the longshoremen. I'm guessing she was in her 70's or 80's. Don't know what happened after that as our line was moving quickly.
  6. I would suggest starting a new thread on this same board because you are looking to find out hotels. This thread is about transportation.
  7. We have been on several cruises during Super Bowl. We have never been able to see commercials.
  8. We were on a cruise and one couple we played trivia with in the morning ended up having used to live in my neighborhood two doors down from where one of my kids bought a house. They had moved away years ago but still kept in touch occasionally with the people my child bought their house from. Another time we had dinner one night and the lady I was sitting next to told me that two of my neighbors while growing up were her aunts. Another cruise we met a couple who had the cabin next door to us. They told us that on day one of the cruise they bumped into one of their cousins. They did not know they were going to be on the cruise.
  9. I have read on here that a few people were able to do it, depending on the agent. I however was never able to do so. If you end up with dh OBC he can go to the casino, play a round or two on a slot machine and then cash out.
  10. When we did a British Isles cruise in 2015 and a med cruise in 2017 the onboard currency was US$
  11. You are right. I don't stay at room service type hotels. Mainly Hampton Inns. Only a couple of times a year. I still think that it is not the right thing to do.
  12. In 2015 we stayed at the Park Plaza Victoria. It was very convenient. HoHo bus (I think it was City Sightseeing) had a stop right out front. Very easy to walk to Buckingham Palace. We will stay there again this summer.
  13. I have never seen dirty dishes outside a hotel room. I have seen it on Princess. It is disgusting. They sit there on the floor for hours on end. I asked our room steward once and was told they were not supposed to leave the dishes there on the floor.
  14. I have a Europe cruise in October 2021. I am booked through my TA under a group booking. Price is for a BD cabin and then a two category upgrade so I have a BB cabin (mid aft). Also a small amount of OBC. I contacted her to see if I could get this sale. While I was on the phone with her she tried to change me but said she couldn't do it. The computer wasn't allowing her. She ultimately was able to get me the sale WITHOUT the $200/person airfare credit (so it is the Best.Sale.Ever and not the Europe Best.Sale.Ever). Not sure if she was doing something wrong or what. She is a top agent for Princess and some people on this board use her. Anyone else have this happen?
  15. I have never ticketed early and have only lost my seats when it was a change in aircraft. FYI - Delta updates their schedules every month so there is the potential for changes. Usually I just see the flight different by couple of minutes. One change affected my seats because it was an aircraft change so they changed the flight number and the seats.
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