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  1. Spotted this half way along the Flam Railway, interesting way to park your bike!!
  2. And preparing for the sail away from Alesund!!
  3. Thank you for your great review and photos, we were on the cruise the week before you and the photos certainly bring back some lovely memories of a beautiful ship and fantastic locations. Some of the locals of Bergen and Alesund:
  4. We were on that cruise the week before and I must admit that the whole 7 days from start to finish was fantastic, great food, lovely ship, beautiful ports of call. We spent most of our drinking time in the World Class Bar and sampled some delicious cocktalis.
  5. Just back from our first Celebrity cruise on the Silhouette and I found the standard of food on all the places where we ate (MDR,Tuscan Grille, Oceanview, Al Bacio and Mast Grill) to be very good. Stand out items for me in the MDR was the Scallops Rockerfella, French Onion Soup, Blue Cheese Souffle, Beef Wellington, Sirloin Steak, Sea Bass, Crème Brulee, although I didn't order one (my wife and son did) the Lobster Tails looked very appetising. I know there have been several posts from seasoned cruisers regarding the decline in the standard of food but I generally found the food to be of a very good standard, particularly the beef/steak dishes which were so tender and very very little fat/gristle
  6. We tend to take everything plus the kitchen sink when we go camping with our tent, so I'm not going to take any extras on a cruise, just my daily medications.
  7. My wife, son and I will be going on the Norwegian Fjords cruise on the 25th August, I booked this particular cruise back in November last year and will be in a Concierge Class stateroom, this was when a third passenger went at half fare offer was on. The main reason for booking a CC stateroom was that for the 3 of us the total fare came to around £3,000, which I thought was good value for that type of stateroom and strangely enough was (at that time) cheaper than a lot of the standard balcony staterooms. I chose a (hopefully) good location towards the aft of the ship that only had staterooms above and below and not an obstructed view from the balcony. The choice of an embarkation lunch in the MDR was also a deciding factor as our son has Aspergers Syndrome and is uncomfortable in a crowded environment and we wanted to get him slowly integrated into cruise life without the hustle and bustle of the buffet.
  8. Not exactly dress code related, our son will be coming with us on our Norwegian Fjords cruise, he is aware of the dress code for evening meals and will dress appropriately ……. but at some stage during the day I'm sure he will wear shorts and tee shirts, which I'm getting a bit apprehensive about as he has a passion for tattoos and his arms and legs are covered with them. I'm worried that he may get some unwarranted adverse comments about his tattoos.
  9. Many thanks for such a comprehensive document, I've printed a copy for reference, it will be very useful for my son who likes to try different cocktails. Not sure though if I would feel very asking the bartender if he has a Buttery Nipple or a Screaming Orgasm
  10. Very true, as a child and teenager I suffered from very bad asthma, so bad that on a couple of occasions my doctor drove me home from his surgery, then when was about 18 it disappeared completely and have never had an attack since then although I do keep an inhaler handy when I get a chesty cold
  11. Have to agree with previous comments regarding age restrictions, I tried to book an excursion on the Flam railway including a walk at the top, it said only for those under 65 years old and I'm 67 (although a fit 67), when I went to book it my details had been automatically greeted out
  12. A bit off topic but if you are going on the cruise departing on 25 August I think that the port time in Flam had been extended to a 6.30 depart time which give you a bit more leeway to arrange your trips
  13. It's 6 weeks from today until our cruise and when I went into Manage My Account and checked on my Express Pass the Print My Luggage tags link had been activated which enabled me to print them off, so I would think that it is 6 weeks from the date of cruise. I was also able to print off my docs which is entitled Guest Ticket Booklet.
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