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  1. Don't have a favorite "port", however cruise destination favorite has to be Alaska. Beautiful place to visit, couldn't pick one port. Did a cruise tour there, Mt McKinley, was a beautiful and scary trip up and down.
  2. Number of bag for a longer cruise may be up to the Future Cruise consultant. ( I believe the platinum perks while on board rest in their hands) Anyway on my 19 day TA cruise we got 2 bags each, We also did a back to back (10 and 15 days) combined this into one cruise (all under same reservation number) and we got one bag each for the leg of the trip. (25 days 2 bags each) 10 day cruise just last month 1 bag each.
  3. Free at Sea perks/packages such as the dinning, drink, wifi and shore excursion perks.
  4. Wow, congrats. I have a bid on spa balcony and spa mini for a cruise next week and haven't heard anything yet. When is your cruise?
  5. Once again, thanks for the bottle of booze you left Joe and I for the second leg of our Sun cruise. (Has that been 2 years ago already)
  6. Upgrade is offered from Balcony to Spa Balcony, Spa Mini Suite, and all Haven categories. I'm crossing my fingers. 🙂
  7. Yep, deck 7 stair access. Found my way down there on my last Sun cruise.
  8. Just curious, any idea what is happening to that area after March? The Sun is one of my favorite ships.
  9. I went and looked and didn't see the other area of deck 6 😞
  10. I can't really explain where you need to go to see the other, and it's really weird on the ship also. Part of deck six was like an add on at one point. I believe it's called the "Oslo" deck. Check out the deck plans on NCL under the explore tab. The Oslo deck you get to from deck 7. On deck 7 you take a set of stairs down.
  11. There is no guarantee you would get upgraded to a handicap accessible cabin. I believe if you get upgraded, you get what is available. If you need the handicap accessible cabin, I would suggest you not gamble on the upgrade.
  12. Only the 10 day, got to get back to work. Crossing fingers for upgrade.
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