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  1. I find it strange that a teacher would bring presents for a student.Am I the only one ?
  2. They were HAL employees . This was on the Zweiderdam cruise from Anchorage to Vancouver .
  3. I was a passenger on a HAL ship in 2010 when a male passenger in his 50's punched a woman in her 80's in the face because he felt she was not walking fast enough when we were disembarking.All of a sudden about 30 armed officers appeared and took the guy down. I would think that all cruise ships have security officers. Several years ago there was a movie about the hijacking of a cruise ship by both officers of the ship as well as passengers.I always believed that this could be a possibility.
  4. I have lived in NYC most of my life and cannot recall ever going to dinner after a play. (my best friends wife is also Lois R)
  5. The city may never sleep but I do not know anyone who will go for a dinner meal after a show that ends close to 11 PM .
  6. Whatever you decide to do I hope you have a wonderful time .
  7. Tee shirts. I have 50 so far from every place we have traveled to.
  8. It can be very crowded. It would be best to have a reservation.You might want to eat early and have a relaxing dinner without worryin about getting to the show on time.
  9. I highly recommend it . I have been there several times and the food and service has always been great. There is a museum there as well.
  10. Do any cruise ships have Handball Courts ? I have been playing competitive Handball for many years and was wondering if there are any cruise ships with courts ?
  11. Your hotel is fairly close to one of the best restaurants in Manhattan ,One If by Land Two If By Sea and even closer to a landmark restaurant Fraunces Tavern.
  12. I advise people to thoroughly research a cruise before booking.
  13. I never knew ships went to Monterrey,very interestinh.
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