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  1. Many people on CC and other message boards post their full name and city where they live.That is just as unsafe as listing your e-mail address. Although I joined CC in 2008 I rarely posted here preferring cruises boards that had a PM feature where you can post freely.
  2. I have been on 20 plus cruises and have only lost twice playing slots .I would venture to say that I win ninety percent of the time in land casinos.I have never won more than $900 on any day/night. If I am up $800 after cruise day one I take it home.
  3. The reason why we went to Bermuda initially was that a cousin of mind was in a band in NY.Believing that they would never make it big he formed his own band and got a job as the house band for a hotel in Bermuda. He told me that the sand was pink. I had to go and see that for myself.The band he left went on to be a mega super group .
  4. Holland America is there for 3 nights. We will either get a balcony or a lanai cabin ,sit and listen to the music.
  5. I get optical migraines and I have to limit my cheese and chocolate because both set it off. Wine also is a no no .
  6. We love when the ship docks on Front Street.We do everything that I am physically able to do.Then we take the ferry to Kings Wharf. On Front Street they have Clubs that play music all night long.
  7. I have never been to Europe but my father was fluent in 6 languages and often spoke about being abroad.
  8. Bermuda,we have been there 10 times.The first time was in 1973. St.Maarten,my favorite island in the Caribbean.I prefer the Dutch side.
  9. I have never traveled to Europe ,Asia or most of South America. I have gone cross country in the US stopping in 43 US cities and cross country in Canada stopping in more towns than I can count.
  10. My favorite Italian restaurant in Manhattan is Rao’s.In my opinion everyone should go there at least once.It is an experience that you will remember forever.
  11. My favorite Italian restaurant in that area is Volare.It has been around forever or so it seems..
  12. The only play that I saw numerous times was The Fantasticks.I saw it in NY in the 60’s,in San Francisco in the 70’s and again in NY in 2007.
  13. I have a disability and cannot do stairs either. I use a cane and when boarding a ship somebody seeing me walk with great difficulty always offers assistance,usually a wheel chair.
  14. I had a cat for 19 years.We adopted her and the name on her cage was Punky .Believing that to be the name she knew for her first 6 weeks we continued to call her Punky.A visit to the place that we got her from a few weeks later we found out that Punky was never her name just on the cage for some reason. Our daughters decided that she should also have a human name and she became Pennina.However,we never called her that.
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