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  1. Happy birthday. I remember when I was 70 .I was on a cruise and never heard of a pandemic.
  2. One more from me. On a cruise in 2018 we were in a lounge for the muster drill.A couple sat down and asked where we were from.We replied NY and he said NJ but that he went to college in NY.We went to the same college but he was younger than me .He replied that he had. A cousin who graduated in my year and asked if perhaps I knew him. It was one of my best friends in college who I last saw when we graduated.He got on his cell phone and dialed a number and said “do you remember Lenny..........from college ? We had a brief conversation that day but when I returned home we had a 2 hour conversation .
  3. Something interesting re high school.World B.Free and Howard Schultz,former CEO of Starbucks were in the same HS graduating class.
  4. We did an Alaska cruise with HAL, 7 days land followed by a 7 day cruise.It was one of our very best vacations.We visited Denali National Park, had the opportunity to go dogsledding and panned for gold. It was my wife’s retirement vacation.
  5. One of our daughters and husband live in a condo in Manhattan.No laundry in the apartment.They also do very early laundry when there are not likely people in elevators.
  6. We never cruised with more than 8 family members but we have been on a group cruise . Friends of ours who live in NJ were cruising with 60 neighbors.People were allowed to invite friends.My wife and I went along.
  7. We live in a condo with 1560 residents.There are always people outside.
  8. One day my wife and I were in an elevator.We were getting out and a couple was coming in .I was wearing my Born In Brooklyn tee shirt.The woman asked where in Brooklyn I lived.We grew up in the same area,same street,about a block away.I was not going to ask her age .Her us and asked my age and it was the same as his wife.I asked her name but it was not familiar to me.
  9. I would like to be the CD on this cruise.I cannot sing ,dance,juggle or do magic. Can I qualify ?
  10. I have met people on cruises that went to the same schools as me in the same years that I did not know before.
  11. I cannot answer for her.We have only been married 53 years .Many people in our area also wear masks in cars.
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