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  1. My father came to the US from Liverpool in 1913.If you saw the dinner menu you would think you were looking at a 2019 menu .I recall him saying that the food was very good.
  2. I hope you are right but I just do not think so.People living in Manhattan are leaving for the suburbs or NJ.
  3. Yes,on our 1973 cruise a list of all passengers and where they were from. I totally forgot that.
  4. For our very first cruise we went to a travel agency that we booked land trips with previously.All the cruise documents were given to us in the store, While there may have been individuals who were TA’s I never heard of any.
  5. Exactly the same as our Cunard cruise in 1973.Nobody was selling jewelry or tee shirts.No works of art to sell.The majority of the passengers were elderly .My wife and I may have been the youngest passengers on the cruise.
  6. When we took our first cruise in 1973 there was only a MDR ,no buffets,no specialty restaurants.There was a much larger choice of foods and the quality of the food was much better.They changed menus every day even for breakfast .They allowed passengers to take menus home with them as souvenirs if they wished. We kept ours till we moved from Brooklyn to LI.I wish I still had one .No inside cabins,no balcony and no suites.
  7. My first cruise was in 1973 .I miss the First Class entertainment .Everyone was polite on the ship,no shoving,no arguments.Everyone had porthole cabins.There were no balcony or inside cabins. No chair hogs surrounding the pool.There were Bon Voyage parties on the ship where your family and or friends could spend up to an hour.Food was great and there were so many food options in the one dining room. This was a Cunard ship.
  8. When JFK was assassinated I was also in a class in college when a Professor came into the room I was in and literally screamed.I had a job interview scheduled for 9 AM at Two World Trade Center on 9/11/01 and was upset that it had been rescheduled.My friend Howard who arranged the interview died that day .
  9. A friend of mine,Frank Tepedino played for the Yankees from 1967 to 1972 That was the only time I rooted for them.I grew up 5 blocks from Ebbets Field and rooted for the Dodgers from 1953 till 1962 and then became a METS fan. I have been to Oklahoma City.One of my childhood friends relocated from Brooklyn to Tulsa but he never mentioned the statue .
  10. If you are in Manhattan on a weekday you can take a commuter bus to Brooklyn for $ 5 per person.If you board the bus at about 11 A M you may be the only people on the bus and it is quite likely that the driver will describe the areas that you are passing.My suggestion is to take the BM-3 bus that will take you to Sheepshead Bay.
  11. Okay Mr. C ,how much would you like to wager ?
  12. One day instead of quoting Webster people may quote ldubs😀
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