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  1. Thanks very much .I truly appreciate everyone’s well wishes.My father had very bad skin cancer .
  2. I was so dark that I no longer looked to be Caucasian.
  3. Thanks Dani.I was a sun worshipper in my younger days.I began suffering from that decision a few years ago.
  4. I have had 10 surgeries since 2014 ,all squamous cell.I had a skin graft for one.I have a cousin who is a Dermatologist. When I was initially diagnosed my Dermatologist referred me to a Surgeon.I called my cousin and she said he is the best in NY and likely beyond NY.He is an excellent doctor.He gets me to feel relaxed which is not easy .
  5. Thanks for your personal wishes but I am not that optimistic .The best treatment that I have is FaceTime with my grand kids.We are planning to do three hours tonight because people I am having skin cancer surgery tomorrow morning .
  6. I saw a group of 4 guys wearing Dodgers tee shirts.While they could be brothers it is not that likely because one was Caucasian ,one black,and 2 Asian. They were seated next to each other.
  7. In actuality we do not know for sure if we are vulnerable or not.Aside from my many medical problems that I am dealing with I was at my doctor for routine blood work and the finding was that I have another issue that I was not aware of. Many people do not go to doctors and therefore have no idea if they have a problem that would make them vulnerable.
  8. The thing is that many people were not wearing masks and they were seated together. Plus this was a stadium with a retractable roof that was closed due to inclement weather the last two games,therefore ,it was no longer an outdoor venue.
  9. I never walk out of a show no matter how boring but I have fallen asleep at a show. I was in the first row from the stage at a production of The Fantastiks.Apparently I fell asleep and one of the actors tapped me on the head with a sword.It was very embarrassing ,I attempted to talk to him after the show to apologize but he was not interested.After that I never sat that close again.
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