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  1. I received an e-mail from RCI in December 2015 stating that formal nights are no longer in force.Since then I have been on 8 RCI cruises.I wear either a LS shirt or a knit shirt with a sweater and slacks or black chinos. I always see men allowed in the MDR wearing tee shirts.
  2. We bought cumin recently in the Caribbean
  3. Life in my opinion was much better before the internet age.
  4. I am so fortunate that I have never been into jewelry and love my Timex watch.
  5. Our favorite hotel is the Chateau Frontenac
  6. Nothing is about me.I said to the OP if she or he finds a way to travel to Israel without flying I would be interested in reading it.
  7. I could not do that either.I cannot fly or be on a train .I did not believe that one could travel to Israel without flying.I was just curious to see if perhaps someone came up with something.
  8. Not for people like myself who are not able to fly for medical reasons.
  9. The OP stated looking for a cruise not involving flying.She or he lives in Toronto.
  10. You are correct.I meant Entenmann’s.In 1972 you could find me at the junction Monday to Thursday evenings about 6:00 at a restaurant the name of which I cannot remember.
  11. The best Black and Whites at Zarro’s is solely your opinion. For me it is at any Ebingers bakery.I am sure that there are bakeries in Boston that sell equally good ones as well.
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