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  1. I was on a cruise when the Eagles won the Super Bowl .It was televised on a large screen .
  2. I find call on Saturday mornings about 11 and always get through. Good luck
  3. There is a team presently from Canada and at one time there were 2 teams in Canada.
  4. Thanks. Re the documentary ,I have met a lot of people who are basketball fans but have no idea who Roger was.He had an amazing life . My first name is Lenny and my name appears at the end.
  5. I hope you like it.I was never really into football but the son of one of my childhood friends was a QB with the Dolphins and Jets.Whenever he played I would watch the games.
  6. My name appears in the credits as being a contributor to the film.I spent many hours in discussion with the Producer of the film.I do not gain anything from people seeing the film but everyone who saw it thought it was great.
  7. The documentary was about Hall Of Fame member Roger Brown who played for the Indiana Pacers.We were friends in high school. The documentary is Undefeated: The Roger Brown story.
  8. Aruba,Bonaire,Curaçao,Grenada,Barbados,St.Thomas,St.Kitts,St.Lucia
  9. I played semi pro basketball and had the opportunity to meet many guys who played in NYC and Philly. In 2011 I contributed to the making of a Basketball documentary that played in many cities as well as PBS stations and is currently on You Tube.
  10. The Caribbean for 2 weeks. When I am on a vacation I never post on CC.
  11. I have been a Mets fan since 1962 and always expect them to win.I am partial to Philadelphia,not for baseball but basketball.I know 2 guys who were great players,Billy Cunningham and Ed Pinckney.
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